1. SUE!! Give those ASS MONKEYS HELL! All they do is bring you JUNK!!!! /If there was a battle between the ASS MONKEYS and Sue Martin, SUE WOULD WIN HANDS DOWN! WAX ON, WAX OFF!!

  2. Sue is awesome. She reminds me of my wife. The wife is from Korea born and bred. Hardheaded when she wants to be and would choke a fly if she thought it drank from her coffee cup. But that’s why I married her. She keeps me running straight. Been doing it for 37 years. Hang in there Sue. Keep those Ass Monkey’s straight!

  3. Hello to all of you. Love your show. I have a 1997 BMW Converible for sale. I have tryed to get in touch with you several times. Please call. 912 548 4492. This is due to my health.

  4. Sue love you on the show.the banter between you and Richard just makes me laugh and just so you know we always hope to see you every episode giving mister ass monkey a swift kick in the ass.we root for you every time.
    I know you are in Texas but my question to you is do you do interior for a 1964 1/2 to 1965 mustang?we are wanting to restore one and I want you to do the entire interior.is that something you would do?i live in Oregon and I would ship the car to you or bring you to Oregon.i don’t want anyone else but you to do the interior on the car.you are the best and that’s what I want,the best.love you on the show and I pray I can get you to do the work.

  5. I really like Sue. So brash, tough as nails, opinionated and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She reminds me a lot of my wife who also is from Taiwan.

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