Tony Taylor | Meet The Monkeys [Video]

We asked out fans on FacebookTwitter and Instagram what questions they had for Tony Taylor. He picked his favorites and sat down in the hot seat. Check it out:


  1. LOVE the show! I am extremely interested by cars but sadly, don’t know nearly as much as i would like to. Tony, I would to see more of you on the show, Nevertheless you guys are Bad Ass. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I just recently started watching your show, but I have become a big fan. I know you buy slightly used vehicles lol, but how much would it cost me to drive to Dallas and let you turn my 2013 Scion FR-S into THE Gas Monkey FR-S? Im just curious… as watching your show gives me ideas.

    • Slightly used is a bit of an understatement sometimes, Philip! Thanks for your interest but that’s a way newer car than we typically work on up here.

  3. Re: 65 Beetle, where did you find it? Where is Elliot? I’m a VW collector/enthusiast and would like to make contact w/him.

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