Meet us And Support The American Fallen Soldiers Project at Leake Auction

GMG at Leake Auction

We’re really excited to help raise money for The American Fallen Soldiers Project. I’ll be at the Evolution Custom Auto 3-car auction next Saturday. Come on out and support a great cause while while checking out some badass rides. Hope to see you there!



  1. Richard, thanks for being a great person. I work for the USAF and too many people wont take the time to do something for our fallen/wounded soldiers. I myself am a big sponser/contributor to the Wounded Warrior Program. Just proved to a couple of my Airman buddies that GMG is the S#*t and I just wasnt talking it…like usual! Thank you again sir and have a cold-one for us.

  2. went by the shop today and was surprised to see that Aaron really does work on the cars and knows his stuff. this shop is for real and not just some tv crap. who can make a wagon cool? gas monkey can. Richard sorry we did not get to meet you maybe when we are back in April for pate swap meet we can stop in again.

  3. Would say love the show and all that blah but little cartoonish at times but anyway the charity thing is a nice gesture ,sure to check out your bar /grill next time in tx !

  4. I love your show. I am a disabled veteran and have just recently landing a job working in the produce department of Walmart in North Richland Hills. I am currently staying in the deluxe motel six with my wife and 3 kids. I lost a job I had earlier because the company went out of business and didn’t make payroll (long story blah blah blah). I have always been proud of what I do. At least I am working again even though I took the job because I can walk to it. We are currently using a neighbors beat down drivers door crashed in car. I need to find a safer vehicle for my wife and kids from someone with the understanding that we are starting our lives again. My wife (Belinda of 22 years), my daughter (Allison aged 12 with the voice of an angel in the varsity choir), and my sons (tony and ben – twins- age 10, and the most awesome kids you’ll ever meet), all said that I should e-mail you because I love your show so much. Keep up the amazing work you do and let me know if you have any suggestions with my quest.

  5. I am a disabled Vet fighting agent orange and most all I can do is watch and wish. Was and owner operator lt see to
    Landstar Heavy Haul I did 3.5 million with no tickets not nothing. Just wanted to say hi to all of yo and could you guys please wear some safety glasses when grinding. Love the and the reruns. God bless and thanks for the show.

  6. iPhones hate them they type what they want. I was leased to Landstar heavy haul around 19
    Years with a total of 39 years working for myself and did 3.5 million miles with no tickets or claims. Proud of my record. Just wanted to say HI to all of you and keep up the good show. Watch all the re-runs to. Agent Orange ain’t taken me out yet. Be safe and keep up the good show. Love it. Kenny G

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