Mega Race | What You Need To Know About Chief’s Car (So Far)

Mega Race

Well, fans of both Fast N’ Loud and Street Outlaws got to see Gas Monkey Garage’s Mega Race car and what it took to build (and then fix) over the past few weeks. However, it’s now Big Chief’s turn to showcase what the Street Outlaws have planned for Mega Race in the first Street Outlaws episode highlighting the build. Monkey from Midwest Street Cars said it best when he pointed out to Big Chief that it took about two years to build the CroMod and another two years to get it right. Now both garages only have the allotted six weeks, which is no small task.

Big Chief had his mind set on a 1970 GTO, similar to The Crow and according to last night’s episode he managed to find “the very twin turbo Pontiac door car racecar” that was a six second car back in the 90s. They’re going with a different set up though — a Pontiac engine, Rossler Transmission and Mark Williams rear end rated at 3,500hp. It was all hands on deck at Midwest Streetcars Automotive to try and get their car completed in the first episode of two.

Although a fully finished car hasn’t appeared on the show yet a sneak peak has appeared on the Internet…

For more on the GMG Mega Race build:

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  1. That’s what I like about this kind of stuff. You can’t walk into a store, buy a bunch of parts off the shelf and automatically win. There’s a lot of sweat equity involved and just because you have a VIN number that doesn’t mean the parts will fit or even work. I love it. 2 years to build and 2 years to dial it in? Yikes

  2. How can Chief say he has the fastest street car in the nation when he had to build it? You can’t say his last car was the fastest because he could not beat Ty. Ty won 3 out of 4 and only lost when has care caught on fire at the green light. I don’t know why Gas Monkey would want to race a punk like Chief. Gas has had one drag race on an airport runway against “Road kill” and beat them bad. That is all the racing like this they have done and Aaron drive. Mow Aaron has quit and Richard got his Pro mod driver to drive. The guy works for Gas Monkey now and Gas monkey furnishes his car. Now chief wants to cry foul. What a cry baby He challenges Richard , sets the rules and knew that Aaron would drive. I believe someone paid AAron to quit. If a side show featuring Aaron come out I won’t watch it.

    • Homer Hammerhead are you retarded? The only reason GMG beat roadkill was because THEY CHEATED. Just like how they cheated on this mega race. You think that motor is under 500ci?? They skinned a Challenger and put it on a promod chassis, that is NOT a VIN number car! Its not a 67-72, and Richard AGREED TO BE BACK UP DRIVER when they made the rules.

      • What idiot would ask a total rookie to run a 3500HP car right after another driver ran him off of the road???? THat was Chief just spouting sillyness asking Richard to drive. And the Pontiac was a former race car that used to run low 6’s. Cmon, these things are run to make people get excited but to ask richard to drive after chiefs accident is not the smartest thought in the world.

    • Homer Hammerhead, Chief said that Kye Not Ty was faster and told him you have a bad ride and you have my number. There is one thing about Chief he’s not a liar like Richard. Gas Monkey was supposed to build the car not hire someone and use Gas Monkey’s builder as helpers. Richard also had a larger engine than the rules allowed witch make him a cheater and a liar. Alex is a Pro Stock driver not Pro Mod and still can’t beat a street racer off the tree. Richard is a punk ass nothing and I would love it if the bottom dropped out from under his look at me world. He treats his employees like shit and makes them all day and night. Now Richard is a 3 time loser.

  3. I love both shows but I think Rawlings is a show boat and he is kinda cheating with having a pro team build and race his car when he was supposed to be driving. Whatever happens it will be a good race.

  4. gas monkey hiring outside his garage to build!
    Chief cant old a candle to kyle k.
    luv both shows but not a creative matchup!

  5. GAS MONKEY FOR THE WIN … cant believe the Bearded Wonder quit and wont be apart of Big Chiefs monumental ass spanking , although he will be doing a little spanking of his own it would of been a great for his fans to see him involved in the GMG mega build team .

    • Aaron quit because he got tired of Richard pushing him and the crew to ridicules deadlines. Richard is in bed with his wife or boy friend while Aaron and the crew are sleeping in the trunk of a car.

  6. i didnt see any video of big chief building his car one minute they were doing the suspension next thing the motor is in and there putting fenders on it so actualy built his car?

    • Per Chief, they worked on it through the night when the camera crews went home to sleep. They wouldn’t let anyone else put the motor in that car. If you watched street outlaws you would know this.

  7. nice race. shows that the truth wins out — cheaters never win. those guys were contractors, not employees and Richard himself needed to drive.

  8. Man I though u guys was go pull it out but I still lost $2500 on y’all, can’t win em all but keep doing ya thang I love da show, and the show offs, I da same way!!!

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