Merch in the Works

You’ve been asking for shirts, hats, stickers, and more… and we’ve been hard at work deciding on the best designs to offer. We’re happy to announce they’re being produced this very second and will be up on the website any day now!



      • Hey guys I have a really old truck and I hope that you guy could buy it. I really hope you guys could do 4,500 that’s all he wants he is a really old and needs the money he has a body a frame and tires so I hope you guy could help the old guy out please he could use the money for hospital bill. The number is 254-290-1278

    • dude your show rocks you and AAron and the boys make some cool ASS Shit! and the monkey is just too cool ! I hope you get some shirts and stickers soon and definelty keep the gas monkey garage on the tude because i cant stop watching the show even the re runs….

  1. you show is great,good talent,keep up the good work and keep the show going.

    Please inform to all maybe on a show when we can buy t-shirts.

    nice to see a show that doesn’t try to just throw a car together like some Arizona shops do…….and expect some outragus amount of $$$$ at there autions.

  2. Hey Guy’s

    I must say your show is awesome as hell.
    I just wish we had a show like that to watch
    While I was working in Iraq. I am a mechanic
    As well and I love what y’all do.keep it up

  3. Whats up gearhead?Love the show.You guys know your stuff when it comes to what is cool in a car.Looking forward to the next show.Have a ? about your jewelry.Your bracelets.Who made them or where did you get them?Ryan C. Shreveport La.

  4. My fiance is a car and gun lover . . . we enjoyed the mutual passion and are excited about the merchandise launch! LOVE watching your show and the fact that you appreciate and respect your employees and have fun all at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Hey shop, I have enjoyed watching your show. I just got back from Missouri Saturday from picking up a clean unmolested 1961 Cadillac. I have several MoPars Fin Cars in my personal collection to restore so my question is have you guys ever touched any ’50’s Mopars? I’m driving to Dallas in the morning to pick up a mock up 14′ shark from a buddy of mine who attained it from a shuttered Joe’s Crabshack and also who owns Classic Car Liquidators in Sherman Texas. Anyway I’d like to stop by the shop and give a shout out on my way back to Houston.

  7. Love the show, want a “T” with the logo on the garage. ….Richard the business man in you has got to be screening “get my shirts on the web so I can make some money”.

  8. Make sure that you order big shirts for big guys that like . Xxxl and xxxl. Button up mechanics shirts are great ideas and patches for are club jackets. Also all sizes of stickers. Thanks.

  9. will be in dallas in july to visit my son , would love to come by your shop to check out what you guys are working on . and get some shirts etc.

    • We’re slammed with filming until September 1, but if you’re in town after that give us a call. Thanks for watching!

  10. I sure hope you’ll have Gas Monkey patches for club jackets! I’d be very proud to have one. Do you have a Facebook page, cuz I’d sure love to “like” you ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Fast ‘N Loud is awsome……my favorite car show. I’ve always been a car guy and do most of my own work. I’m finally getting to my back-burner project; a ’40 Merc Coupe that I’ve owned since ’65 and drove in HS. It’s getting a frame-off redo, 3/4 race flatty, louvers, pin stripes, dropped, etc. I heard a calendar might be in the works. I hope so.

    • Sounds like a great project – send pics when you’re done! We do have more merch in the works, so stay tuned for announcements. Thanks for watching!

  12. Hey Rich, Where do you get your shirts? You had a cool mechanic shirt with a skull and cross bone, and a t shirt with that same logo – with media on it ? I am trying to up scale for my lady – PS great show!!!

  13. Just wanted to say , the show is great and it is nice to see someone build a real AMERICAN Hot Rod !! I am looking forward to wearing the gear and to let everyone know about the show. Maybe a GMG hot rod in my near future !

  14. My husband loves your show. Any idea when the t-shirts with the monkey face logo from the show will be available? What about coffee cups or other office merchandise?
    Liz Kemper

  15. Huge fan of your show. You guys are seriously fun to watch! I saw Richard wearing an awesome t-shirt with “Gas Monkey Garage” in large print on the right side of the t-shirt in Episode 4, Double Trouble Galaxie. Any idea when that t-shirt will be available for purchase?

  16. Hey guys love the show I just got back from Afghanistan And started watching the show I’m stationed at fort hood in Killeen Texas I was looking at the merch. And I think you should come up with a button up work shirt with you logo I would buy one if you guys would have them made

  17. I want a frame off restoration we ย Rebuilt drive train we do the inside all factory and has a 402 big block engine all matching numbers Restored all back to factoryย If any questions please call me at any time my name is Michael call me at 214-477-9896 thank you

  18. Love you show you guys are f****** funny I got a badass harley which 100 skulls and flames painted on it black with red flames and skulls and I would love a 4 inch square gas monkey sticker for back fender keep up the good work boyz

  19. Love the show guys!!!! Can’t wait to watch it every week. Could you please do up a shirt like the one I’ve seen Aaron wearing with the Gas Monkey logo on the bottom right side, like the one with the car, but I’d like the logo there. If you could do that, that’d be so awesome!! Thanks guys and keep up the great work on the show!

  20. Love the show. You guys crack me up and I think the break out star is going to be the upholstery lady. She is so funny! My husband & I landscape and we wear a lot of baseball hats out in the sun. Would love to have a GasMonkey hat to add to my collection. That Gas Monkey with the tongue licking right down the brim of the hat would be sick awesome!

  21. Hey guys,

    love the show, and would love to trick out my nova. for the shit, the gas monkey logo with somthing on the back.something like ” we mess with the best and still have the bannana” just an idea.

  22. out here in norcal, love the show cool raptor pickup. to bad you could not save the 64 galaxie big block/4 speed black on black would have been a bad ass road race car. keep buying up those fords, i have a 50 and 61 ford pickup so i was also wanting to see what you guys were going to do to that 51 f1 you bought. I NEED GAS MONKEY SHIRTS, JACKETS, HANKERCHIEFS WINDOW STICKERS AND OF COURSE A COUPLE FUCKING HATS, IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK?

  23. Love the show but yall need to add some stickers to the merch or some monkey head decals like the one you put on the aussies car. I would totally put that on the front of my truck!

  24. I would love to see some Poster’s, stickers and maybe some model cars of the cars you’ve done so far hell the sky’s the limit for y’all, kick ass show and if you ever wanna find some good deals on cars come on over to North Carolina or let me know!

  25. Can’t wait for some badass Monkey Garage t-shirts, so I can give you guys some free advertising. I absolutely love the show. That bagged Lincoln was the sickest ride yet. Hopefully you’ll get locked in for a Second Season!

  26. Ya gotta get workinh on the decals. The RED Monkey you put on the Aussie ride is thumbs up. Hopefully you make it in smaller decals. 8 inches or so. great art work.


    FUN TO WATCH & to see what makes you guys tick .

    Ready to order 3 tee’s and see your next episode !

    Looks like there is fame and fortune in your future …

  28. How about some shirts wtih pics of some of the cool cars? Maybe the gaser with that hot chic on it. Something with style, maybe a pitcrew shirt, hey where’s the calendar at, it’s almost 2013!

  29. Enjoy the show. Just ordered a triple extra fat t-shirt with that long tongued monkey. You have some serious talent in your shop. I know that Discovery has a tried and true formula for creating drama by putting time limits on projects, ie: American Chopper, Overhaulin’, etc. I think the formula is actually starting to become a turn-off and you may want to approach the producers and tell them so. It’s your show. Keep up the good work!

  30. Hey Guys, I just wanted to say I love your show..I enjoy playing with cars, and watching others do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think Richard’s beard is sexy I got my boyfriend to grow his like it.. ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the good work and the shows a going, love watching!

  31. hello, RICHARD show is great I’m an old school boy an you guys put on a show we have been looking for can’t wait till you come up with a design for your shirts we travel to MICHIGAN nascar track an we sure would like to get shirts too wear well let me know when they arrive an yes my RV sure would look good with a bumper sticker on it well hope the show stays on the air for a long time we enjoy all of your employees too ! have a great day an buy some more cars good day.

  32. Richard and Aaron-I remain a loyal fan of you both, of FastN Loud and the Garage!! I was wondering if you plan on selling hoodies at some point. Can’t let cold weather cover up the Gas Monkey!!

  33. Love your show…you guys create some sick rides! Growing up with 2 older brothers who were both “car guys” I was always exposed to this stuff and loved every minute of it. My 2nd car in high school was a 62 Chevy Nova II- 2 door- canary yellow. I loved that thing… and all the looks I got while driving it. Married to a gear head now and he loves your show as well. I think I’ll have to get me a t-shirt just to show my love for Garage Monkey!


  34. Just ordered a shirt but really want other merch I can use to rep y’all cause I really only wear tshirts around the house. I know you are working on it and Hope it gets up on the site soon!

  35. Love the show …DVR every one. I am with Owen on the skull…. would rather see the Monkey. It is so great that yall welcome people to the garage and then post the pictures. Greatest group of guys ever… keep up the good work

  36. you should make a t-shirt that says arron stop dicking around and get back to work lmao or to many cars so many ideas lol gasmonkey pimpin lol

  37. My daughther was living in Dallas, Tx when she asked her dad to take care of her two pitbulls while her and her family move to Birmingham Al. Dad told her the only way his would even concerd would be a shirt from Gas monkey Gargage. Not only did she go get the shirt Aaron autographed it for her. It was also is 50th birthday had Aaron do a video saying hey and Happy Birthday to her dad. That had to one of the best parts of his birthday, thanks guys he loves your show and wants a shirt for everyday of the week. How can I order more, So I don’t wear this one out washing it everyday . He is a member of a car club and on his birthday they had a parade by our he for him the other best thing besides all his friends and family celebrating his big day . Thanks again GASMONKEY. Girl time for me. Brian Rozemas loving wife . Rachel

  38. Just wanted to say the show is bad ass. I currently have a 1934 Chrysler imperial
    Airflow cv model with title. Would be great for show its a rare beauty.
    Anyways keep on makin quality shows

  39. Hi

    When trying to order some shirts, it marks that I need to choose another shipping adress.


    Don’t you do shippings to Belgium? Or does it just mean that some of the shirts I put in the shopping cart are not available for the moment?

    Thanks for your feedback



  40. We love the show my husband has always drove truck and wanted a project car he always put the kids first now his 55 birthday is coming up and our son and I went in together to buy him a 1967 ford f100 he has been admiring this truck for awhile it was just sitting and we offered him 1000.00 for it and the guy took it the truck has a 302 in it so its in our pole barn waiting for April 29 to get here to surprise him I think he will love it Richard and Aaron have been an inspiration to get the flame started again and it’s time for him to enjoy what he likes

  41. image sitting here looking at a 79 trans am in fair condition , can’t tell if its a bandit edition but when the guys gets home ill know more , he says it runs great and no leaks in t tops , he’s asking 3000 for it so i was wondering if it would be something you guys would be interested in ?

  42. My husband and I love the show! We’re working on our 85 monte carlo she just got an upgrade from a 305 to a 350! We also just had an adorable baby boy and his nickname has become monkey so we were thinking (if there is one) we need a gas monkey garage monkey! Hope thats something your coming out with!!!

  43. Hell yeah!! This woman what’s some bad ass stickers.
    And some kick you in the face gas monkey hoodies , something guys
    Sport that here in Portland . Like I said Hell yeah!!! Can’t wait!!

  44. I wanted to add to my recent post. I would like to buy watches or jewelry with the gas monkey logo on it. Maybe something like the skull with rubies, in a woman’s ring size. Just throwing some ideas your way. Thanks again for a cool show!

  45. i realy hope yall make gmg logo sticker with the tounge hangin out. i need a GIANT gmg logo like u put on the merch. van and monkey buisness dragster. i gotta have one and some mini’s for my toolbox !. and i hope u can ship to troops at apo’s, cus this fan is outa state for awhile ! – keep on doing what u do best !

  46. I am in dallas for work and hoping to meet Richard and Aaron. Me and my husband are huge fans of the show. Any chance i can take a tour of the shop while I am in town?

  47. Ive got a 1977 GMC c10 shortbed all original with original 1977 454-BB runs great but it need flywheel thing replaced which i got the parts. I also have a carburetor For the 454-BB. Ive got a overdue lean in SULPHUR SPRINGS TX MIGHT CONSIDER A 2FER??

  48. dear Richard,your definitly a momtorheads moterhead,I know your busy but I have a quick question,I have a friend that has a “71”Cuda it has a440 six pack in the car now,the car had a slant six originally,I”m going out their this weekend to see what lurks within,as far as I can see now their was no holes in the front floor boards,all glass,bumpers and trim seem to be all there,any idea what its worth,or are you interested?looking forward to hearing from you will take some pics this weekend.Wayne Saint Clair Mich.

  49. My boyfriend is a huge fan of the show. I will soon be traveling through Dallas on my way back home from California. Is there anyway I can get a large tshirt signed by everyone? Or maybe just a few people? Anything would be fine honestly!

  50. Great show guys!!! Keep up the work!!! Every show keeps getting better!!! The Ferrari F40 scaried the crap out of me!!! But great friends always saves the day!!

  51. Amazing show! My father, daughter who is 4 and I love it so much. You guys are awesome, keep doing what you do! and FYI Richard, you are soooooooooooooo sexy ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hey I’m a big fan!! I’ve had this car for 10 plus years and I’m interested in getting rid of it. I have a 1964 super sport convertible impala. I’ve had it stored in a building. I’m a retired mechanic myself and my plans were to restore it. But I’m disabled now and my health wont let me. Thanks for your time.

  53. How about making some billet emblems or badges of the Gas Monkey logo? If you made them different sizes (2, 3, 4, 5, etc… inches high) people could put them on anything from a bicycle to semi-truck.
    Somebody give me a โ€œHell yeah!โ€

  54. I really want to know where I can get a gas monkey t shirt in moncton new brunswick. A wonder if I can get one with a picture of the aliens that abducted your mechanic I think his name is Tom maby him and some aliens going in a convertible or somthing. Lol

  55. Hello guys,
    I watch the program every week here in the netherlands.
    I was wondering when there is a webshop where i will buy t-shirts.

    Keep on going!!!

    Greetz Michael Groeneveld ( greenfield )

  56. @RR I would love to get some larger decals of the GMG logo. Not just a plain old sticker either but a decal so it looks like it was pinstriped on. I’m sure that would sell faster than you can order a beer after a hot Texan day! Oww!

    And the “MEN’S BLACK SHORT SLEEVE TEE WITH GAS MONKEY GARAGE WHITE MONKEY LOGO” would be even more bitchin if the monkey was higher and more centered on the chest. I know I would own quote a few of those to show off my love for monkey business.

  57. Appreciation for several other wonderful write-up. The area altogether different could any individual get that type of facts in this great solution of creating? I get a business presentation in a few days, that i’m on the search for similarly info.

  58. YOU GUYS REALLY ARE A BUNCH OF ASS MONKEYS, THERE IS AT LEAST TWENTY PEOPLE OUT THERE SELLING shirts, hats, stickers, AND Gas Monkey merchandise, using your name and making tons of money. You need someone to handle your merchandise and to chase off the people exploiting your name. Someone with (ten years) experience. email me [email protected]

  59. My husband loves the show always watching it so we ordered some tshirts so we can support from the UK and so he can be a beer assistant on holiday But still no shirts over a month later they only just been picked up by a courier from the merch distribution.
    Upset fan now and the wife has a headache over hearing the disappointment! Please can someone do something as the distribution place don’t care or respond to us.

    But keep up the good show we love it over here but won’t be buying no more merchandise as we wait far far to long might get it for Christmas not for our special holiday we about to take.

  60. Hey guys, awesome show, and you guys are way cool.
    How some small metal Gas Monkey badges that can be mounted on car engine bays etc, something like SO-CAL do.


  61. There is an auction this Saturday June the 28th…they have a 1956 BuickSuper2 door hard top…also a 1957 Chev.BelAir 2door hard top.thought uou might be intetested hav pictured also. Can call and talk to my husband # is 580-286-0999.

  62. Hi Richard and Aaron,
    Yet more of your great shows,now being shown over the pond in England,Where can I get a Gas Monkey decal to put on my Mobility Scooter?

  63. Hi Richard,

    We love the show over here in the UK.
    How about producing some diner style mugs with the monkey on them?
    (Save me six)



  64. Love the merch, especially the awesome t shirts, great quality and excellent designs, may I ask one question,
    Do you have any plans to make any t shirts with the gas monkey logo on the right hand sleeve just so us here in the UK can show off the badge through our drivers window?
    Keep the show and the merch coming, huge UK fan here!

  65. Been watching the latest episodes with the Oklahoma 405 street outlaws calling you out. Chief has been saying some down right evil things about Gas Monkey Garage and Richard. The way I see it, the Oklahoma 405 guys are lots of talk and not much else. Gas Monkey Garage, please show them what happens when you mess with Texas.

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