Merch Is Here!

Ladies and gents, you’ve been asking and we are ready to deliver.  The first wave Gas Monkey Garage merch is now available!  You can click on the Merch tab on this side, or just click here.

Let us know what you think!


  1. love the show and the cars i live in south dakota now i moved up here from missouri and i am here to tell you you all need to make a trip up here there are tons of cars up here that you wont believe i am the general manager of D’luxe wash and lube in aberdeen and i had a guy bring in a 89 t bird super coupe with 20k on it for me to detail which i did he asked what i thought i told him its a nice car but i really like muscle cars so he brought me a 30th anniversary camaro i did a couple things to it again he asked my opinion and i said cool but old school muscle is more fun since then hes brought me a 76 nova a 72 mustang big block and a 73 mustang boss 351 clone asked me to look them over and i asked him if he would care if i tweaked them a little he said no problem so i changed a couple things here and there and tweaked the engine a little needless to say he almost always has a new project for me lol but like i said there are alot of real nice projects around here and nobody really knows that so if you ever want to head up this way feel free to drop a line i would be more than happy to show around to a couple places with a few gems

  2. AWESOME show !!! I rebuild and restore Model A Fords from time to time. No hotrods but I love to see what you do. I own a 1930 Model A Deluxe Coupe and I put approx 12000 miles a year on it !

      • I LOVE the show; I’m a huge classic car fan!! I wanted to get some merch but noticed y’all don’t have the “Gas Monkey” logo on the tees.. I understand it’s a work in progress. I think a hoodie would be seriously dope!! I’d buy the first one, and a nice fit womens tee is a must too!! Can’t wait to see what y’all come out with.

  3. I love the Show ! Down to earth people that actually really know and love cars. Im hopeful that you will also be producing some tank tops, and women shirts that have the MG logo on it!

  4. LOVE the show and the cars the guys choose! Like nothing else on TV…awesome!

    Also, THANK YOU for listing the manufacturers for the t-shirts…too often the sizes of the mfrs. run differently and I have to return items. I’m really glad you offer Gildan…very good quality!

    I hope you’ll add the monkey for a logo on a shirt, and offer them in a color other than black…I’ll be waiting and ready to order!

    LOVE the show and can’t wait for the next project! The Olds was my favorite so far…bad ass.

    • Ed, thanks for the feedback – and we’re glad the info is helpful. We’re very pleased you are liking some of the merch, and we’ll do our best to add to it very soon. Keep it Fast N’ Loud!

  5. Hello Richard & Guys:
    Love the show. Grew up in Denton, raced at Green Valley, and Dallas Int. Got into radio as a DJ and have lived in Wichita Falls for last 40 years. I want to share a story that just about made me fall out of my chair while watching the Gasser show this week.
    The 55 Chevy owned by Dennis is what caught my eye. I noticed the close up of his 1982 Texas license plate “Mad Man”. I have owned that Texas plate since the late 80s. It took me years to get it because someone, probably Dennis owned it before me and would give it up. I have the plate of a 2007 Corvette convertible, but it’s been on others I’ve owned. I want to call you next week to see if you will share this story with Dennis. I would like to talk to him to get the history of how he came by the Mad Man plate. If he needs a new one, I would send him one of mine.
    I’ll be in touch next week. Keep up the good work!

    Mad Joe

  6. I looked at ur merch and noticed nothing had the “monkeys face” logo. I hope y’all aren’t getting away from it. Everyone has the “skull n bones”.

  7. I know you have some new shirts in the works, we would love the chance to be one of your “go to shops” for your custom printed swag. I’m sure things are crazy with all that you guys have going on, so if you ever get a free second, please check out also, check out our facebook page and you will see that we also share the love of cars (Promoz Rat Rod Shoppe Truck).

    Promoz Screen Printing, Inc.

  8. Love the show, love your work. I live in Fort Worth and need an old car something horrible! I’d like to pick up something I can work on myself, but time just isn’t something I have a lot of. I work a full time job for an insurance company, and I own my own business. When are you guys going to start advertising your cars on your website?

    Check out my site, if you like shooting life-sized, bleeding zombies! Better yet, shoot me an e-mail if you want to go out and blow one up! I’ve got a guy over at a tactical range here in DFW that’s cool with letting me use tannerite to finish one of these guys off! If you’re interested, give me a shout!

    • O.M.G. Those zombie targets are too freakin’ funny. Awesome! We may be in touch.

      We’ll have our inventory up on the website very soon – hopefully you’ll see something you like there!

    • One of our team members just posted your site to the Run For Your Lives Facebook page. You should be a big hit over there!

      • Awesome! Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate you spreading the word, and I’ll connect with them tonight for sure!

        Hey, we really do need to take a couple of these things out to the country and blow the crap out of them! I’ll bring the zombies and the tannerite, you bring your guns and ammo and find us a place to make things go boom. We can do this up Gas Monkey style for sure!

        I’m right down the freeway guys, I live in Fort Worth like I said, so you let me know when and where and I’ll be there!

  9. Great show, just recently found it. I’m looking for some help finding the value of my 1967 Jeep Gladiator J3000 Pick up, original parts and has been in a garage all but but 3 years. It is a V8 and never wrecked. I have not been able to find a value and have not been able to find one like it. Wondering if you have a value on it or can tell me where to find a price? Appreciate any Information you can give me. Thanks.

  10. great show can”t stop watching even replays about everynight got me looking for an old ratrod love the shirts can you produce one with the logo on front and nothing on back ,thanks

  11. I was excited to see that you had merchandise for-sale!! I wanted a shirt, but was disappointed to see that all designs come in black shirts only. Please offer other color shirts!!!

    Thanks for reading,

    Tina Gatwood

    • Tina, we’re just getting started – and we definitely hear you and everyone else who has spoken up. Stay tuned for more deisgns!›

  12. dear gas monkey
    i was watching one of ur episodes yesterday and you were in bentonville and i live an hour from bentonville ar i live in huntsville . i have a 1969 mercury cougar xr7 can u find a buyer u can look at a piture of the car on my wifes facebook look under angela harris with apicture of the car black with lime green flames or u can find me under my email on facebook [email protected] thank you michael harris here is my phone number if u want to contact me . call me at 479 738-1168

  13. Hey Richard, what kind of gold 3/4 helmet are u wearing in the Gasser episode? Is it a Biltwell? looking for an old school lid for riding. Thanks…

  14. I’m with billy, gas monkey mafia would be sick. I love the show and the whole concept of the flip. Shirts look great. I’ll be ordering several this weekend. Can’t wait to see what’s next in merch.

    • Gas Monkey Mafia does have a ring to it. Someone on Twitter coined the hashtag @GetMonkified, which we really liked, too. Y’all are freakin’ creative. 🙂

  15. @ billy walls ….pay attention Richard and Arron ………WHAT A COOL NAME FOR THE FAN CLUB ….this could be huge $$$$$$$$
    “GAS MONKEY MAFIA ” !!!…love the show !!!!

  16. Hey guys, Richard and Aaron awesome show, real down and dirty, not this clean make-up mechanic show. Sent some Custom graphix for you guys to take a gander at. “Id love to work with that monkey” What? I meant monkey design.
    Hope to hear back with some comments. I would sponsor the shirts, no problem….Thanks..Keep that Monkey Rollin’

  17. Are you kidding me? I just watched a torch jockey lower a Galaxie 500 by “cutting the coils”. Didn’t anyone ever tell you cutting the coils throws the alignment out of whack, puts a lot of stress on the ball joints, and has been determined to be a dangerous practice? You probably used lower blocks on the rear axle, too. This show is an embarrassment to any guy who considers himself to be a auto enthusiast. I’ll never admit I ever watched the one episode.

  18. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a ’72 Impala 4 door hardtop. It is all original and runs. Contact me if you are. Love the show by the way!

  19. You guys have the best automotive/hotrod show on now.I have been around cars/hotrods all my life.For 21 Years I built street rod radiators and cooling systems at Walker Radiator Works in Memphis,Tn.I live here in N.W. Arkansas now and still tinker with Old cars from time to time.Keep up the great work and get that long tongue monkey on a t-shirt.Thanks Ice.

  20. I’m letting you know what I think about the merchandise. Good start. I would reallly like to see a LOUD Gas Monkey shirt! That monkey logo is way cool! I’ll be checkin’ back

  21. Coolest show on t.v. Are you guys taking orders to do a custom car Gas Monkey style? I have a specific 50’s rat rod in mind that I want built.

  22. Don’t write anything negative in these comments because they will be eliminated. That’s why all the comments are so great. They were probably written by the staff!

  23. Just checking out some merch and couldn’t help but think of how big of a seller the t-shirt from last episode (the shirt Richard was wearing at the auction of the galaxie)would be!!! Hopefully its in the works for sale soon! Great Show!!!

  24. The show is epic!! What about Gas Monkey button up shop shirts? Maybe something with a patch that just says “GAS MONKEY” and the logo off the building on the back.

  25. Hey GUYS ,

    Awesome show. I’ve recently come across it & I’ve now T-Vo’d th season !! It looks like an Awesome Shop & Richard .. You & Alex seem to be somme Cool Mo-Fo’s !! Rock-N-Roll !! m/ . Awesome Awesome Show , have I said that already … lol .

    Totally trickin’ out th cars bro ! I just watched th one on th Galaxy 500 … Cool lookin’ car .. love th lace Idea ! Even though it’s ‘Ol School , it’s was a new Idea to Me ! F’n Rocked it Bro’s ! Hell I love all of th shows that I’ve seen & You guys can’t kick ’em out fast enough !! I’m lookin’ forward to th 4th of July marathon !

    Best New Show !! It’s a Helluva lot better than any other Car show ! I Dig th way you guys scour th landscape for th Diamonds in th rough & You’re in a great location – Texas doesn’t see a lot of Weather that is notoriously bad on Cars – Snow especially – road salt & Ice Melt Killz … Th Silent Killa’ s !

    I love to see you guys flip a ’63 Vette ! Or either just to take your time on that ’63Vette build & Crush on it ! My number 1 favorite car. Then there’s th ’57 Chevy …. Would You Guys ever consider doin a ‘Ol School VW Bud & Slammin’ a V-8 in it ? either in th Front ( you’d have to remove th front seats & drive it in th back seat) or put th engine in th rear .. not sure how much work is involved relocating th V-8 to th rear of a Bug … But … That would be a Phat Bug ! Nutty F’n Rock-N-Roll !! m/

    Oh ! Question … After watching th Galaxy 500 show … I saw th T-Shirt that Richard , you are wearing … Will that one be available to purchase ? I was a pretty Bad -Ass lookin shirt ! Any long sleeves planned for th future ? Livin’ up here in Virginia it’s gets a lil’ chilly during th winter & I wanna show th Love for th Monkey ! ….. Um … well You know what I mean !

    You Guys Rock … F’n best New show on th air …


    whoops … sorry didn’t mean to write a Novel … lol

    F’n Rock out with your Cock out Brotha’ !! I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ th next New Show !!

    • Richard/Admin …..

      I totally F’d up … I meant to type in Aaron & not Alex …. sorry … Ma’ Bad . I shoulda’ rolled one after typing this !! lol

      Lookin forward to th next Show & Bad Ass rides !!

  26. enjoy your show. i have a 1979 macho trans/am. number 151 of 200. it is already fast and loud, although it has been neglected for the past 4 years, (parked in a pasture)for which i am thoroughly ashamed. any way that’s another story.
    The car has a 1968 pont 428ci engine, Doug Nash 5 speed, a/c that works, roll bar, long list of extras.
    For sale, Best thing is it’s close, Decatur Texas. send me E-mail if interested!!!!

  27. Dud like your show,I have a super clean 2004 H.D Electric Glide Standard with lots of extras like a tour pack and lower fairings plus a lot of black power coated parts The bike only has 15000 miles on it. I am looking to use it as a partial trade on a 55 56 or 57 Chevy street rod. Please let me know if we could work out some kind of deal. Can send pics if you are interested. Thanks Larry Thompson

  28. We have a 65 rambler classic in good condition (not sure why it doesnt start) i also know a fast an loud heaven to buy nice cars for colorado.
    If at any time you need to contact me you can call this number…
    (970)599 6225 or email me at my email address

  29. Need a monkey for my ride .it fast and loud and needs a monkey for the back window .. awesome show watch every week in the garage in newhampshire. Keep it real … Jim

  30. Question re: Appraisal.. My Father who passed in 2009, collected early model year Mustangs. All needed to be sold to help pay for his care in Assisted Living due to his Dementia. All but 1, I still have a 1968 Shelby Cobra 350. It is being stored in underground cave storage near Kansas City, MO. As his daughter I am totally unsure what this car would be worth either at auction or selling outright to an individual. I do have the “Marti Auto Works ” stat sheet on this VIN. Could you possibly refer me to someone with the expertise needed to appraise this car. My father was a stickler to be sure and only put “original” parts in restoring this car. It does run and is driveable. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

  31. hey guys i love your show!
    my husband just found the 1947 plymouth car he was going to fix up when he was 16 years old. he sold it in 1983 after we got married. it sat in this guy’s garage for 30 years help! my husband still doesn’t know how to fix them up.
    do you know of anyone or do you make house calls? this could be a neat addition to your show.
    thank you,darra
    ps my husband loves the show ,thanks you all motivated him to find this car!

  32. The show is awesome and I love the business model. It allows you to see and touch so many of the world’s greatest cars. I like the merch but I really want to see something with that awesome Monkey from the Gas Monkey Garage logo. Keep it going!

  33. Hey there, I recently purchased a GMG shirt 12 days ago. i received it today and when i just now opened it i realized you sent me the wrong size! then i take another look and its not even the t-shirt i ordered! please help i would like the shirt i ordered and maybe a freebee for this mishap? but i have the receipt on hand in my e-mail.

    Thank you,

  34. Just received my GMG shirt! I love it! Very good quality and a GREAT design. Hoping to order a couple more, as well as see some new merchandise added; (re; hats; decals).

  35. I just tried to order a couple of shirts and found out that you don’t ship to Oregon? You guys have something against us West Coasters?

  36. Show is awesome. Glad to see Merchandise coming out. Would like to see mechanic shirts with your logo. Sure you’ve thought of that already and with your rising celeb status should come to fruition.

  37. love the prints on the merch you should put the black and white prints on black dickies short and long sleve i think you would sell alot i know i would buy alot

  38. Hey, i love the show and watch it every wednesday. my favorite character is Aaron. He can turn any car into a BEAST. do you guys do custom restorations for clients or do you only find cars to restore?

  39. Love,love ur show!! Turned my lover onto it and now he is hooked! I can watch ur show even the reruns again an again. You guys are not only very seriously talented, you are humorous and easy on the female eye!!! Now let me go buy some of your merchandise !!!!! XO

  40. Love the show, DVRed all of them so far. But you guys need to get some decals or stickers of that crazy monkey for us to purchase! I would love to slap one on the back of my h3, for everyone on the road to see. Keep up the good work.

  41. Your show is the most genuine and interesting show I’ve ever seen. Rescuing cars and bringing them back to such amazing imaginative levels of coolness makes me want to find a car and add my own vision of style to them. Thanks for the inspiration and fantastic show.

  42. I absolutely LOVE your show. As a kid my dad always had a project in the garage. My first car was an ’83 Camaro Z28. I’ve seen many show cars come and go. Even now, 20+ years later, he has a beautiful ’65 Mustang Fastback sitting in his garage. Although I didn’t spend the time in the garage that I wish I had, I still developed an appreciation for all classic cars and passion for American Muscle…I like them Fast and Loud!

  43. You guy’s f’n rock!! I actually stumbled on the show one day while surfin. It’s so awesome that ya’ll are atually n big ‘d’. I was born n raised n” the grove” , it make’s me proud to know that there is such awesome talent right here in my home twn!! Keep buy’n and build’n and i’ll will definitly keep on watch’n and support’n!! Maybe some time i’ll drop by n meet some home town hero’s if thats kul w/ya’ll
    one of many your fan


  44. I can’t say enough about your show and showmanship in your cars. You guys do awesome work and I look forward. I love the raw real feeling of the show makes me want to go out there and find a car to restore. Come out to the Woodward cruise this August boys. Us Michigan boys love our cars we just can’t afford them! Ha! About the merchandise I love the look but you guys need to get a mechanic button down shirt with the gas monkey name and logo on it! (i could draw you up sonething and mail it to you) Can’t wait to see what you fellas have in store next season!

    • Thanks Chris. That’d be badass if you could draw something up, you could post it to our facebook page instead of mailing it to us.

  45. Hey Guy’s really enjoy yer show, I am in E. Tn, jst chk’ing 2 see if there is anything in particular u might be interested in, There is a lot of oldies around here. Hit me back @ my email , Thanks , and go monkeying with another monkeys monkey,

  46. Guys u rock
    Watching your show made me start to redo a 70 nove super sport my dad got me when i turned 16 in 1985 the car hade 22000 miles on it i drove it for three weeks put it up in the garrage until 1 month ago started working on it with my dad and bring it back to life any time in va let me know free place to stay plenty of beer and a good time seeing this side of the country .

    stay safe build tuff
    thanks for your show

  47. Just got a shirt in black, which I plan to wear to the annual Hot Rod Hustle in Asbury Park, NJ (and I will probably buy another one, when more colors are available, too!) 🙂
    Looking forward to new episodes in September. I’m the gearhead in my relationship; my husband’s just along for the ride 😉

  48. First and foremost love the show, now that that is out of the way, I just purchased a 49 Ford F-1 rat, all that is missing to make this machine complete would be the Logo decal that I have seen on many of your builds. If available, I am very interested, and would promote your shop with the rest of my Gear head buddies,. Like I said the Logo would top off my ride and All of Arkansas would see it, as i plan on this rat to be my show truck for next season, Thanks

    • You mean you don’t like wearing black in 108-degree heat? We love it! Ha. We’ll let you know once we get new merch. Thanks!

  49. Great SHOW, love it.. makes me work even harder on my car, working on a sweet 91′ caddy deville right now, and all she needs is a nice Gas Monkey DECAL on her Butt…. PLEASE GET SOME DECALS??…
    ill be like a driving gasmonkey commercial. THANKS

    • Hell yes Brett, we’re coming back full bore in early Fall. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for an exact date.

  50. I’m from NY, and i gotta tell you, i seen the show for the first time last night, and im blown away to see cars that old in that great of shape! NY uses salt in the winter, so we dont keep cars for very long, and to see some of the cars around in Texas, make me wanna pack up the fam-damily, and head west! Great show, you got a new fan guys!

  51. My ol man Harold saw you hauling a chromed out Fairmont, I think going west on 30 one early morning he got your attention ya’ll did thae lights and hand signs, very kool. If you’re ever in Arlington let me know. We hang at the Showdown, Cooper and Pioneer. We will buy ya some beers. Come visit Arlington. Close to the stadium. later Monkey.

  52. GAS MONKEY I’m from Western NC and love the fast n loud show. I can’t wait til September 3rd when it comes back on. By the way, Aaron, where can I get one of those awesome V2 (v-twin) t-shirts that you were wearing?

  53. Hey Guys, greetings from the Chicago area. I have to admit, I was a little iffy on the show at first, but you’ve won me over. I’m watching a mini-marathon this morning and laughing my tail off as well as diggin’ on the cars. The fenderless Model A is a trip, looks just the way it should, and it doesn’t need a small block Chevy in it. The constant parade of bitchin’ cars that run through your show is killing me. Now, excuse me while I go kick myself for not taking the ’53 Chevy my brother-in-law offered me for free (and I had the 350 and Turbo 350 to drop in it). One last thing, if you make it up to Chicago for some reason (hell, maybe Richard will need a designated driver) shoot me an e-mail,
    I’ll be there.

  54. Hi y’all! Absolutely love the show. You guys rock! I have my Dvr set, so I never miss a show! My brother fixes and restores old cars, and his current project is a 1930’s Ford Model A. He taught me to appreciate muscle cars, and have I passed that on to my son! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  55. I really like gas monkey, well, I can’t drive anymore, I’m only 30 years old. That really bothers me. I’m gonna wait until I can drive again, hopefully, that won’t be very much longer. I’ve waited almost 11 years, but I’ve got nothing else to do all! I can’t work anymore, all because I rode with a guy who I only met one time. He died in the accident we were in. Along with everyone else. Although I can’t drive anymore, I’m not going to kill myself. I’m not going to hell.

  56. Hi Guys! My husband and I just recently started watching, and we are now hooked and excited to see every new episode. I am looking to potentially get a shirt, but I was wondering if you have any infant or baby clothing in the works? Keep those beautiful cars rolling!

  57. I love what Great things you guys do with the cars. I live on the road 200+ days a year and see old cars all over the south east just sitting and rotting away. Its nice to see ya’ll dragging them out . I’ve been trying to by a 69 roadrunner for 4 years now, its sittiing with a 48 olds. They just want let them go . Well Thank for all that yall do.. Keep up the good work. RObert

  58. Funny thing my girl friend is not into cars/trucks but she loves your show. In the car crash derby episode or the one where Richard made 100k on the black and white cobra looking car you had really cool car stickers you put on that borrowed car at the race track. My girlfirend wants a cool sticker for her truck. In addition to shirts, please make some stickers.

  59. Richard / Aaron,

    Best show on TV fellas, well done! I think Dennis might spend more on his hair than my old lady.

    Richard – Gotta let you know I’m planning on beating your 31:59. Doing it in a 59′ Cadillac restomod fitted with a twin-turbo LS7 motor. I’ll ship you down the first 30:45 t-shirt made

  60. hey gas monkey boys this is for all of u u guys rock my whole family loves your show we never miss any shows and even watch reruns lol any ways I need decals for windows we have been
    waiting for u to come out with them really alot of ppl up here in mn loves u guys and there is
    alot of gold mines of old cars here shoot my dad farm has a ton of frames and stuff of old cars there he don’t do any restoration or anything they are just sitting there in the woods on his land

  61. So it’s late at night and I’m wide awake, layin’ in bed watching one of my favorite shows that I DVR – (Fast n’ Loud) and my husband raises his head and says, “are you watching a car show?” I said, “Hell Yeah, I Love this show!!!” The guys are hot, smart and funny and I learn stuff. I love Christie – she’s a great addition to your team. And then there’s Tom and Sue… they make me laugh out loud. Keep up the great work – y’all kick ass!!!

  62. I am not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or figuring out more. Thank you for excellent info I used to be looking for this information for my mission.

  63. My son asked for the “V-neck short sleeve grey t-shirt that Richard wears, with the small logo on the front”…? I want it to be a surprise, so I don’t want to ask him to point it out to me. I don’t really see anything here that fits that description. Help?

  64. Hey guys, how about some new Ladies shirts? Would LOVE to see some more choices for us female fans (such as long sleeves.) I want to add a GMG shirt to my Xmas list!

  65. What’s the meaning if the Skull rings? I saw his buddy, Jay Ricky, big time developer, had the same rings? Just wondering? Anyone wonder the same?

  66. My husband and I love your show, but would love to see you do a 1970 Buick Wildcat. It’s a beautiful car when completed. We own one and a 1952 Buick Special. One day they will become our daily drivers.. Good Luck on future shows.xoxo

  67. damn it! I was really hoping for a coupon code. My son’s 11 month birthday is coming up and he’s ask for a GMG shirt. $37 for a cotton shirt is steep.

  68. Love the “Old is Gold” logo. I’d like to see more merch with that design! Especially for the ladies 😉 Would also love, love, LOVE to see you do a Datsun Deluxe from the 70’s!

  69. Hey love your show i am one of your biggest fans can u tell me where i can get the scull rings or website that richard wears on the show thanks.

  70. Hi guys!

    Fan from Holland over here! I would like to buy some merchandise. Are you going to restock V-neck shirts for men online soon? I really like the ones Richard wears during the episodes on TV.

    I hope you can help me out! Thanks!

  71. Looking forward to the Gas Monkey Rocks sho . About to buy my passes & noticed a promo code, what is the cod . I’m ready to purchase asap & bring my 2009 Dodge Charger R/T!

  72. Love the KITT car episode (ok the dream thing was a bit corny lol) but very cool to have this 40 somethings year old adolescence revisited! Keep up the great work – would love to see you work on something with boost pressure 🙂

  73. My boyfriend wants a v neck tshirt like you! Where can i find that? Can Not find it in the merche right know! !

  74. Richard can I get a cast autograph of separate autographs signed by all the monkeys? I’m a huge fan I just have you N Arron’s and want to have them all!!! Go GMG

  75. Richard,
    What can I say I love love love your show!
    Watching the show where you are fixing up a Dodge Dart and just so you know I grew up on Mopar and when my dad would take me for rides I would yell go faster daddy go faster! Anyway I fell in love with the shirt you are wearing. V neck with small Gas Monkey logo on the side. I can’t find it anywhere and I’m hoping to get a 2x. Please tell me they are still available. Love this style and would also like to have one for myself only in a womens medium.
    Love what you do and love the guys in the garage.

  76. Hi to you all over there! Hope the president result was what you wanted! Lol!
    Am in the uk, and am looking to get some tee shirts, but want to buy genuine gas monkeys kit. Anyone over here that sells genuine gas monkey shirts?

    Keep up the good work

  77. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a
    shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!

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