My Thoughts on the Other Bikes

We’re having a blast here at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas for Chopper Live: The Revenge. I got a chance to inspect the other bikes. Here’s what I thought:


  1. You guys have the others hands down. Only one to get done in time and the only ones to ride your bike to Vegas. Not just another snap togahter bike

  2. Jessie’s bike is also a copy of Sr’s or vice versa and Jr’s has a grill from a 32 ford or whatever doesn’t really appeal to me. Love the gas monkey bike!!

  3. Richard: Plain & simple…gas Monkey represents the working middle class man. The bike is awesome! Smooth, clean, all Americana, and hauls ass. I’d give a years wage for the ride. Great program…keep alive the era of chop, cut, and rebuild. You guys have class. Next time your in Michigan stop by the house and enjoy a good homebrew. Show ya what good beer is all about! Perry

  4. I had tuned out all this bike build off BS that is till I saw a glimpse of the bike GMG built. I don’t twitter or do any of that other crap but you have my vote “HANDS DOWN”. Outstanding, pure Harley and USA construction.

  5. Gas Monkey built a true chopper custom old school. Best of the four. Also it is a bike the many are capable of owning not a Fifty thousand plus yuppy machine that did not even have a chain on it on the first show. These guys know what is real , one has mouth and money; the other has the skill factor, and their tastes are the same, CLASSIC!!!!!!! Lee Clark , Elkton, MD,

  6. Just gave you guys a vote. I’ve never in my life voted for one of these things. Thought you deserve it the most. You guys riding that thing home??

  7. Really enjoy your show and wish you the best of luck. I’d like to see you win just cause you brought an old, basics bike with a few twists. Good luck!

    ps wouldn’t mind seeing you win just so JJ can lose, something about that guy rubs me the wrong way. might be that i think he degrades the image of the actual frank and jesse james.

  8. Win or lose you guys rock your bike is what a chopper should look like and that is a bike not a hot rod racing bike or a futuristic alien bike again you guys have the best show on tv go gas monkey wooh!!!!!

  9. Hey guys!! Here is my take on the bikes.

    FRED- Old School and laid back. Functional with the GMG soul. Road tested and proven by the miles. MY TOP PICK!!!!!

    AUTO CAR- Well what can I say it may look cool as a toy that some kid can buy from W-Mart and made in China but it ain’t no chopper son.

    OLD MAN SENIORS ALUMINUM BIKE- After the build-off champ is crowned this thing should be weighed on a scale and sold as scrap!!!! I think if recycled it could make one hell of a big beer can!!!

    Jesse Hybrid Bike- I will say that Jesse built some great bikes over the years and last year I dug his build. This year not to stoked. Not sure what he was going for but chopper guys and OLD SCHOOL cats
    just are shaking their heads.

  10. The only bike I would want to ride is your’s, I like Jr’s bike but I wouldn’t want to ride it anywhere. Keep up the good work. JC

  11. Jesse James sure seems to have alot contempt for you fellas over at GMG. That’s a sure sign of feeling threatened huh!! Keep it real guys, you got my vote!!

  12. Has everyone forgot about the original chopper build offs. Gas Monkey was the only one to ride to the event. I remember that was a requirement. Who wants a paperweight. I love bikes that can be ridden.

  13. Hey guys you did a fucking awesome job and you beat out Jesse and Paul Sr you guys should have got 1st but you know how this shit goes! GMG is on the map!!!!!!

  14. Loved FRED. Fred been my motto since ’73. OCC has always been a juvenile style (if you can call it that) in my opinion. I would rather ride stock Honda or Sucksuki. Wish Junior would show up at my club on that thing.

  15. Did you guys hit jessie cause he kept lookin at the ground like u beat the shit outa him. Great job on ur bike. U had the best hands down u should have won. O well at least urs was ride able unlike the rest. Great bike u guys had me laughing alot. Have fun partyin at vegas!

  16. The fact that you guys took 2nd is justice. For a chopper build off not only did your entry meet the obvious criteria to proverbially kick “Old Beat Down Jessy James” the day after you kicked him out of the Hard Rock Hotel?!!

    You guy’s ROCK.
    Hey Rich, send JJ & OCC some bling…maybe a chromed pacifier.

  17. Y’all rock! Way to go! I love that y’all whipped ass with your freakin’ H. O. T. T.— pink bike!!! Classic! Sexy and fast. Fred!

  18. Heres the thing guys,pjds bike didn’t do anything for me.seniors bike was cool pushed the envelope in construction but he didn’t do bike by himself. anyone can pass off work for someone else to do.the only 2 that did that was you 2 knuckleheads and Jesse ,yes Aaron had some help and so did Jesse but 98% was completed by you 2.honsetly it came down to these 2 bikes,if you break it down to build even though he took extra time jesses bike was only one built from scratch.anyway love the show and the stuff you guys put out will watch every week and love to see gas monkey garage when in big d.
    Thanks for show ,John

  19. Richard. Aaron… First of all I voted for you. Like the second the voting started. Has everyone forgot what a chopper is????. It’s exactly what you built. Not a sportbike not a theme bike. And second Richard … You nailed it a Buell is exactly what I called Jesse’s bike the second I seen it. If you had to register your Harley VIN number to vote. You guys would have won. I’m sure you guys understand way too many people out there just looking at the big purty bike. What I would given to be in Dallas to leave with you guys on the ride. Thanks for the great show. Aaron you are 1 goofy son of a bitch. that’s what I love about you.

  20. Good luck guys. Will be watching the finale in about 1/2 an hour. As a throttle twister I appreciate that your bike looks like it rides great! Hope you win. Brrraaaaap

  21. I thought you guy’s won. You showed up with the only chopper and it was the only bike with more than 5 miles on it and it’s older than Paul jr. But you did beat that hasbeen so that must feel pretty good! Will be watching your show good luck….

  22. I was rooting for you guys and voted for GMG. While you may not have won, you beat Jesse James and Paul Sr. You got to be proud of that!

    Congrats on kicking ass in Vegas!

  23. OK so I’m not gonna lie but I’m not a huge chopper kind of guy, I’m more of a sportbike kinda guy, so I liked Jesse’s bike best, but I love fast and loud I love the cars you guys do, and honestly I did actually like the transformation you guys did on your bike, I loved the way Arron explained it as a sleeker light and faster something to weave through traffic, and honestly you guys finished first. SR’s bike looked cool too but the front was ugly, and JR’s bike I like the grill part the tank and seat. the front and rear fenders were ugly. but for me I would have said Jesse then you guys and maybe SR then JR. but just cause I’m more towards the sportbike side, I personally own a harley sportbike… 08 Buell XB12s

    And P.S. I think your bike sounded the best and was the most practical and realistic… that bike you could replicate and sell. the other bikes would cost way more than they are worth to build, yours is handcrafted to me, bc you guys not have the 500k cnc milling machines like JR and SR and youre not cocky like jesse. jesse was my fav builder before I heard of gas monkey bc of his handcrafted skills but his mouth wow, I lost alot of respect for him.
    Gas monkey for the build and professionalism and working with what you got. and if I as more of a chopper fan you would have been my fav bike

  24. Loved and voted for your bike. I used to do a ton of custom fabrication on cars and I can appreciate building something that is meant to be ridden. What the fuck is the point of building something you can never enjoy. Anyways, love the bike, hate you guys crushed the yamaha 😉 woulda made a nice cafe racer. keep on keepin on. Hope to swing by your shop the next time im in Dallas

  25. Even though you guys didn’t win first place, you still get to go home with your heads held high!! A-hole and Gramps lost AGAIN! More than that, they lost to the so-called “new guys”. That’s a double burn!!

    Fred is an awesome bike and the color was perfect! I especially liked the twin cherry tail lights. Sure Jr.’s ride was stunning, but Fred looked more rideable. A bike you could actually use.

    I think you guys are great! When Scott left, I sure wish I could’ve come work for you. When you offered $10,000.00 for that Lincoln, I shook my head and said, “That’s too much.” For a 61-63 in that condition, maybe $9500.00. But for a ’64? No way. I have forgotten more about cars than most can remember.

    You guys keep doing what you’re doing. You have my envy.

  26. Congrats on the 2nd place finish and placing ahead of that a$$hole jesse james. The bike is a true tribute to every grease monkey out there without a million dollar budget. On time, reasonable budget, and not a trailer queen. You’ve earned your place on that stage. Ride hard FRED…………

  27. I still think your bike was the best! The other guys reminded me of that character Stuart on Mad TV yelling “look what I can do”…yes…and all it took was a few million dollars worth of equipment. You cats built a bike that people will see and say “you know, I have that old shovelhead in the barn…maybe I should pull it in the garage and get off my ass”. Its a bike that your average joe could afford to buy and/or build (that carbon fiber spring thing probably costs more than my car). Great job guys.

  28. Richard ive been wrenchin on cars since i was 14. I eat sleep and breath the shit!!! I watch all car shows and not to blow smoke up your ass but gas monkey garage is the best by far dude. Why? Cuz old school rules my brotha from another motha!!! I owned a 72 firebird the speedo was factory 165!!! Now thats muscle!!! I got alot of respect for you guys!! The guy that left your shop and then showed up at pjd wasnt true gas monkey!!!! I would kill to be a part of gas monkey garage!!! But im losing my fight with this spinal disease and cant boogie like used to? Told my woman if i could have one wish it would be to hang with you guys at gas monkey!! Oh yea my woman thinks your good lookin? LOL you guys keep doin what you do and ill keep watchin wishin i was there burnin the midnight oil with aron makin them old school classic!!

  29. Richard and Aaron,

    Congrats on building a great bike, the only bike that actually rode to the competition! Anyway, the kids and I at my after-school youth program loved your bike, what you did is the pure essence of what “chopper”/”Bobber” is suppose to be and don’t let anyone else tell you different. stay cool.

  30. Sweet bike! I am glad y’all had the balls to build a real bike Jesse tried it last year and that blew up on him this year he sold out to pressure I go no love for his bike this year, but yours was the real deal y’all stayed true to what Harleys are. Juniors bike was voted for the non purist People that don’t truely ride or understand what the word chopper or bobber realy mean his was a cartoon bike worthy to be in Roger Rabbit or somthing stupid like that. Anyway y’all keep it real and don’t sell out to the man.

    Later Bro’s
    Lucky (UBMC)

  31. Couldn’t have said it better myself. First thing I thought of JJ bike… “so he built a buell lightning?”

    Congrats on 2nd place Still can’t believe JR got 1st.
    After the cameras turned off, how many guys did it take to turn that tank around and wheel it out?

    At work now, can’t wait to get home and keep workin on my project bike. Long live FRED Fuckin ride everyday!!!

  32. You guys did an outstanding job, thats the way bikes are supposed to be built. Not by computer designed egg heads. I did not see any other bikes in the build off that were safe to ride.

  33. hey!!…just wanted to say you and aaron are the coolest and most real dudes on tv…and i hope fast n loud is on for many many yrs., bro’s!!!…you guys keep it real..and funny with no BULLSHIT!!…and im pissed off man!!!…last night i watched the show and i never ever vote for anything on tv..but i HAD TO VOTE!!…i voted 3 of course and was fuckin pissed when you guys got 2nd!!!…you deserve 1st, i know it , you know it and the non-retards know it!!!…fuckin A man!!…keep doin what you guys do and the MILLER LITES ice cold!!…HAHAHAA..peace brothers!!!

  34. You guys must be really happy with 2nd place, what a great bike! You built the kind of bike I love to see!
    A bike that was built to ride! A real bike built in a real garage not something I need million dollar CNC machinmes and a team of engineers to build.
    Shouldn’t have let JJ piss you off though and just told him to put his money where his mouth is!

  35. Enjoy your show, you made a standup ride-able bike. Glad you came in ahead of Jesse and SR. Sr’s front end looked like crap on his bike and had hours of a 1/2 million dollar machine building it for him. Jesse’s is Jesse, he is full of himself but a damn good blacksmith. Think you crossed the line on family attacks though.

  36. I thought you guys built an awesome bike. I voted for Fred. I agree with you though on your thoughts about the build off. It should have been a bike that you can ride all the time. I thought you guys did great should have won.

  37. DUDES. Awesome build. NOw as for that wannabe Texan jessica james. I agree with evrything that was aired that yall said. As for Kaufman backing down,,nah dude was right. the only reqason jessica came to our beloved state was to chase Sandra around. THe dude is a colossal dick. Granted his craftsmanship is excellent but that still doesnt make up for the douchbag factor he has. RR, I was hoping you would have busted him in mouth. Let some some transplanted idiot from the land of fruits and nuts call you out nationally? damn dud eyou should have popped him one right there. GUARANTEED ratings for GMG.
    Loved the Bike love the show. Do you stillhave that White T/A? Yeah we should talk you do.

  38. Richard, you guys are great your bike was spot on, I love the rebuild and new tweaks to it. I love your show, you and Aaron are a great team… keep up the great work and I am looking forward to seeing more shows.

  39. Love the GMG show, You and Arron are funny as hell. Looks like ya’ll have a great time doing it. Fred is too sweet! Arron did a great job. It’s a shame someone as talented as JJ has to be an even bigger assclown. I feel that Discovery channel should have tossed him JUST because he wouldn’t meet the deadline. But like ya’ll said you beat him with a pink bike named Fred!


  41. You were spot on with your comments of each bike. I for one loved the bike you two built. Its classic and looks like something you would see on the road. Not something in a museum. You two are classic. Thanks for the great TV moments this year. Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and kick ass New Year! Loving you from the the Central Valley in California!

  42. Jesse is a punk! flat out…I lost so much respect for him during this whole build off. Richard I think you hit the nail right on the head, The little ego-tisticle punk from California is following his ex-wife around like a lost puppy dog….HE LOST TWICE in the build -off. I told my wife from the beginning of the build off it would be you guys or Jr that took the win. It was called a “CHOPPER BUILD OFF” not A ridiculous P.O.S. CAFE RACER BUILD-OFF,,,.

    My hats off to you Gas-Monkey garage, proving you have more skill and tallent than the punk-ass up the street says he has.

  43. Dear Richard and Aaron,

    My wife, son, and I texted (voted) for your fine motorcycle last night. I know Aaron worked extensively on it and I want to let Aaron know that he is a stand up guy in that he worked all night long on it to make deadline and he still kept his composure when the entire event was postponed etc.

    I wish to let you know that I was upset at the way Mr. James acted last night. My wife and I have sworn off any viewing of his work or shows. What a complete asshole he was in the way he wished to fight everyone, and his jacked up attitude.

    If you watch his car show, you will feel very sorry for his lead worker whom he treats like absolute shit. This guy is like a dog, and there was one episode where his lead worker’s wife was giving birth in the hospital, and Mr. James was on the edge of firing the lead worker. It was so sad to see that lead worker beg and beg to not be fired. In actuality, that worker deserved a couple weeks off when his wife was close to having the baby, but instead, he had to gravel and gravel and gravel for just to keep his fucking job.

    The American public did a disservice to not vote your fine motorcycle first place. I really appreciated the way you took a sort of “frog” (named FRED) looking bike and turned it into the king of the entire show. That bike is nothing like the original form. I also liked the way you kept the name “FRED” on the front and it was cool what you said the letters stood for too.

    Anyway, thanks for making a motorcycle. That was cool. I wish to also thank you both for all your efforts in speaking to the public and being decent. You know, you are role models to all of us out there, and it is best you avoid any sort of fights with others that are assholes. Best to ignore such people and feel sorry for them. However, if a bully pushes you or hits you, be prepared to hit back, only harder.

    take care, and thanks, we appreciate what you do at Gas Monkey garage, and you give the common person some fun in how you act in front of the camera.


  44. Your bike was the only pure bike, hands down! And the fact that you rode it there is the icing on the cake…pink icing, I must say! Some of these idiots don’t even do that going to Bike Week. Nothing but trailer queens! Well, the trailer queens got beat by the trailer trash…way to go, Gas Monkey Garage!

  45. Congrats you guys bulit the only bike people could see them selfs building with tools they could actualy afford. Also i know a place i cali that has a old junk yard that a city block long with all old cars its way out of the way but might be worth a trip.

  46. GREAT SHOW, GREAT BIKE GUYS, & Lots of laughs. You had the best bike there in my opinion. love the show , I haven’t missed an episode yet. I think Jesse is a very talented person that needs to get over himself. He built a nice bike last year. Jr. & Sr. make stuff that looks like it should be in a “Mad Max” movie. Its ok if you like that kind of thing I guess.

  47. Loved the show last night – love you guys but I wouldn’t have given you #2. Jesse’s bike, even if not finished and even if it will burn the rider’s butt off, is beautiful. OCC bike lacked imagination and theme, but it is also very cool and innovative. Your bike needed more detail, more nostalgia, less white space. I would have loved to have a hard core summary of the details of each bike (by an unbiased expert…) before the final vote, not just all the videos and smack talk. Gas Monkey was the only group with any sense of humor….

    • GMG rode their bike to Vegas. That counts for a ton. If you can’t (Jesse) or choose not to (Sr and Jr) then you shouldn’t win. It isn’t a fairground queen contest to see who can tow in the coolest bike. Jesse used to ride to these competitions, now he’s like most of the rest of them. If you can’t/won’t ride it to the contest, you lose.

    • I can’t disagree more. The Gas Monkey bike was perfect. The bike has what it needed, basics and that is all. My bike is a rigid shovel running a morris magneto jockey shift and foot clutch, no battery no extra crap. The fact that the Gas Monkey bike was ridden to the competion instead of ridden makes it an immediate winner in my eyes. The part that was painful for me was to see the frame converted to a rigid. My frame was converted in the 70’s some time, but the old original frames are getting really rare. None of the other bikes were any good, Jesses bike last year was a million times better than this years build.

  48. Watched the buildoff and have seen most if not all F&L episodes. Great stuff. Congrats, I feel great for you guys. You nailed it. I feel bad for JJ but, hey he did it to himself. And you can tell he wears the depression in the open.
    Anyway, looking forward to being in your neck of DFW next week to visit. Maybe you will an Apache for another walkin guest.

  49. Congrats on a great build. You should have won but hey you did good and you made a bold and positive statement about yourselves, your shop, and your bike building capabilities! (You had the only “real” motorcycle up there) and I’m sure all the bikers out there know that. Big fan of the show too.

  50. Hey guys, dont sweat that punk Jesse James. Is just embarrassed cause he is no longer relevant. No one cares to listen to the b.s that comes out of his penis garage. I have to admit, watching y’all get under his skin was the best part of the show last night, I thought he was gonna start crying lol. He’s just a pansy who needs a good ole country was whippin.
    Good luck guys and I look forward to future episodes of Fast & Loud.

  51. I’m a Big fan of Fast’N Loud. Please keep this show as real as possible and don’t let all this fame go to your heads. I think this show will be around a long time. By the way good interview.

  52. I know you guys are most likely bombarded with media and “fans” etc. But as a one owner body shop guy that does it all. I want to truly congratulate you guys on coming in second. That means first place over jesse and Sr. I honestly agree that Jesse’s bike looked out of proportion, and Sr’s would look good in a Judge dread movie, but again, no real style there if you ask me. And they mentioned Anodizing the bike. If i’m correct they anodized the tank etc to look like chrome? Well anyways. Regardless of the show, I know editing. You guys seem honest and down to earth. Keep on Keeping on. Ronnie From Illinois.

  53. I agree with u totaly. In our eyes your bike won. I personaly think that it is fixed. Great job GAS MONKEY. If there was ever a dream job for me it would be working with all the experts at GAS MONKEY. Youins prob have millions of people that want to work there. I hope Disc drops all of the American Chop and lets us watch all the work uins do. Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!!!

  54. My comment almost verbtim Richard- “Jesse built a Buell”. Your bike was the best and I say that for several reasons. It was something that us, with no CNC or other high-tech machines, can build. In addition to that, the show was billed “chopper build-off”. That’s not to say it was easy or cheap. The bike was exemplary on all levels! It was a real chopper. In my estimation Gas Monkey had the only, true-to-the-term, chopper in the show. It was very reminiscent of the “Easyrider” shop (on 610N in Houston) of the 70’s. Excellent build and the value of such and effort is noted and acknowledged. Thanks for the quality entertainment!!!

  55. since you guys were put out there as just car guys because of your show, are you going to start including more bike jobs in your show?

  56. Wish I knew ahead you were going to be in scottsdale would have stopped by and had a beer with ya. Hey 2nd place isnt bad at all considering youre competing against so called pro bike builders.
    Best thing about it is you beat Jesse and I’M sure he’s pissed…….
    Here at T.E.S we’re the same way we build old vintage Harleys that we take pride in……

  57. i must admit that when i first saw the previews of your show, i thought you guys looked kinda weird. but after watching the show, you guys are pretty cool. i’m always pulling for you to get some righteous dollars for those bad ass rides that y’all build. it sucks when you put those dollars into it and don’t get a fairly decent price. i’m always sitting here sayin’ “get more money”, but i know you gotta get what you can get. i also think your bike was cooler than those “other” dudes. rock on!!! aaron is waaay cooler than i thought, too. fuck jesse “rude ass punk” james too!!! i think he has some self-esteem issues…

  58. You guys have a good show, and put out some pretty nice cars, maybe you put out world class bikes, but Fred wasn’t one of them. I’ll give you credit for riding it to Vegas but thats it. Fred is just an average bike that you can see anywhere. I built a bike 100x better and I’m by no means a bike builder.
    You guys basically came in 2nd in a popularity contest. Would like to see these other world class bikes you say you built

  59. I an so glad your bike kicked ass,I think the bobber look is the only way to fly. You didnt take 1st because it is a popularity contest. Last year JJ should have won since it was the only streetable scoot. Keep up the QUALITY work and Pilgram Media better lock your show up long term since it is a hit with REAL garage builders and not the MEGA $ so-called maychanics. Congrats….

  60. You guys were robbed. It is about choppers after all. And you had the only truly built to ride chopper there. Great bike. And, AND, you beat Jesse. How cool is that?

  61. We pulled for you guys all the way! We loved Fred! As 70+ year old former bikers, we appreciated the look, the fact that you rode (what a concept!), and finished in the allotted time. We used to always ride to runs, and watch the “big boys” trailer theirs. It is still a source of pride for us. Bill has had cancer twice and back surgery and we can no longer ride, but we still love it. You guys were the most positive and we’re glad for your win. 1st would have been better, but 2nd ain’t bad, huh!

  62. This was posted on the wrong blog entry, and I directed at Aaron, but it applies to you both.
    Aaron, you ‘n Fred…destiny.
    Great job, I texted my “3″.
    The wigged out sport bikes were a waste of time,
    and I think P jr. paid homage to ya’ll with his design.
    Thanks for you ‘n RR for showing not only a killer scoot, but a washtub fulla balls behind JJ.
    That ol’ boy needs to hook up with that doofus from West Palm if he ain’t in jail.
    Put the horsesit ‘n hay on yer garden and rock the hell on.
    Ya’ll are the real deal.
    I’m a bearded, shitbag, dirtbag, old independent piece of biker trash, involved in MRO’s, so value my opinion as you see fit.
    Ya’ll both welcome at the house anytime, ah-ite?
    Bring your other builds out into the daylight once in a damned while.

  63. Great job on the bike. You guys should have won. Nice and clean just like they should be. Must have felt good beating JJ. Cant stand theme bikes. And that pos JJ built WTF was that! Love the show. keep it up

  64. I really enjoy watching your show! Aaron you built a beautiful bike, keep up the good work, lots of folks out here love your style, keep it up! and tell Richard to keep away from them dam auctions,as your name gets out there, you’ll have paying customers knocking on your door!

  65. Hey guys congrats on your 2nd place win … I would have placed yours first though….Big fan of the show and watch all of them but i have to download them as we are around 6 months behind here in the Uk (Scotland) lol…… Aaron grease monkey to grease monkey before you guys part with Richards cash you should check those engines out a little better……Pull a plug ……lift a rocker cover!!! only kidding im sure you do….keep up the great work!

  66. got more substance from r.r. comments here than from the whole two hour live show. even with limited detail leading up to the contest, i was certain that the harley custom would be the only result i’d be proud to own and enjoy riding. results show others saw the logic you used to get there. and, the thinking that gets the other builders to their, sometimes cool looking, monstrosities, precludes them from remembering what you never forgot. i think aaron said just this during the build-off.

  67. Congrats on getting 2nd place in the build-off guys.
    Although the show was quite lame. I wish it was more like the Biker Build-Off from 2002-2006. Looking forward to more Fast N’ Loud! Keep it real, don’t let it turn into American Chopper!

  68. Followed the show all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada. I have always been a Harley Fan and found your build to be far better than the others. I like Paul Jr’s approach somewhat, not a fan of Sr (needs counselling) or Jesse James (needs a kick in the ass), but at the end of the day you guys did really well and showed what could be accomplished in a short time with fewer resources.
    Congrats from Nova Scotia

    Fred was Dam COOL ! , And I enjoyed seeing JJ get his ass handed to him by one Hot Pink Bike .
    Killer Job , Keep it coming .
    I’m a Vietnam Vet and here is a saying you can us of mine anytime , and this is what I would have told JJ nose to nose .
    you said back it up hu , “Pal I’f I mark off a square foot of ground to stand on . Ain’t no MF on the face of the earth going to take it away from me , Do I make myself understood !”
    But give it alot of thought , it may be your last MF!

  70. Your Bike was the best. Unfortunetly, the show AGAIN was a popularity contest. They didn’t showcase the bikes at all. A lot of hard work went into them and never made it to TV. Where is FRED now? Is FRED for sale?

  71. I only seen one real bike! That was Gas Monkey. Jesse is a big baby…I think him and Sr. got together and built the same bike. Jr is just retarded. Who wants to ride a theme bike? For real! Its just my opinion! I really don’t give a damn though! Thanks gas Monkey for building a motorcycle!

  72. The only thing this build off shows is that america has no taste. GMG’s bike is the epitome of a classic chopper. The thought, engineering and style are perfect. But no one cares about that anymore and thats why the economy sucks. No one takes pride in craftmanship. Go bedazle your mopeds you tasteless freeks. I for one am soooo happy that PJD and Occ will never again foul my television with they’re garbage.

  73. My two favorite bikes got 1st and 2nd! I really like Jr’s design aesthetic and I like the classic Americana feel of GasMonkey bike. Any chance we can see Paul Jr and Gas Monkey do a project together? EPIC

  74. It’s easy – you both won. All the way around you won. Great Bike. And having fun with most of the others had to be great too. Life is too short not to enjoy it and others when you can.

  75. Just wanted to say you rocked at the build off. Got to say Hi and shake your hand the next afternoon in the hallway at the Hardrock and wanted to thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my lady and I. Your remark on Jesse “well at least We beat Jesse James” was priceless. Good luck with your future on the discovery channel.

  76. Guys. I think the contest to me came down to if I could take one bike home and ride it day-in and day-out it would have been yours. Well Paul Jr. makes works of art you guys made a bike that I would ride to the rubber burned off the tires. Great Work. It realy was the only chopper there.

  77. My two cents on the bike build off. First, sweet ride. Second, Since this was a chopper build off, I only saw 2 choppers on that stage. Sr and JJ brought naked bike customs. Not sure what they were thinking.

  78. I LOVE the bike you guys built! It is sooo clean and trick and that’s my dream bike style. It showcases the motor and just enough chrome and paint to tie it together. I like Junior, but I don’t think his heart was in it this time; Jesse and Senior showed up with sport bikes…what??? JJ and Senior are too full of themselves. The work you guys put out is real world and will be driven and ridden. Keep the faith guys!

  79. Hey Guys Congrats on the win, coming 2nd out of 4 being the “new” guys is awesome, also i wish u had won, U were the ones that really went for what a Chopper really is, back in the 60’s and 70’s when Real bikes were being chopped , U didn’t hear about a “theme” bike, you just had a harley and you “chopped” it to your own liking, and cruised it until the tires fell off, and that’s what you guys did, for me that’s the true spirit of a chopper, really the only REAL chopper there was yours, congrats again

    P.S. If richard wants to go for another bull run i have a “06 viper ready to roll!!! 😀


  81. Hey I voted once for you fom my phone and once for PJD from my wifes phone i liked both bikes and wish ya’ll much luck… F-Jesse James he’s a tool and has been… I like Sandra Better anyway….

  82. Hey guys i pre downloaded the series here in holland just to see if you guys would win with your real raw CHOPPER. And realy cool of you 2 to drive it out to vegas. You guys are winners in my opnion when i heard you guys talking about tweaking the cams and such, i didnt even need to see how the bike was gonna look like you were winners from that point on.
    I wish i was near the shop when you were a guy down to help you out
    Greetz from holland. And keep up the great work

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