NASCAR Releases Stage Lengths For 2017 Season

NASCAR fans can take solace in knowing the start of the season is just over two weeks away, but when the cars return to the famed Daytona Motor Speedway it will be to an entirely new season format. In a move that NASCAR claims will make the races more exciting every race will be ran in three segments with the winner and top 10 finishers of each earning championship points. It’s left to be seen whether this new style will make the racing more exciting, but it will at the very least add additional work for crew chiefs as they struggle with how to attack each unique track this season. The three stage winners will all also receive playoff points. Below is the segment breakdown for each race of the 2017 season in chronological order.

Raceway: First Stage/Second Stage/Final Stage*


Atlanta: 85/170/325

Las Vegas: 80/160/267

Phoenix: 75/150/312

Auto Club: 60/120/200

Martinsville: 130/260/500

Texas: 85/170/334

Bristol: 125/250/500

Richmond: 100/200/400

Talladega: 55/110/188

Kansas: 80/160/267

Charlotte: 115/230/400

Dover: 120/240/400

Pocono: 50/100/160

Michigan: 60/120/200

Sonoma: 25/50/110

Daytona: 40/80/160

Kentucky: 80/160/267

New Hampshire: 75/150/301

Indianapolis: 50/100/160

Pocono: 50/100/160

Watkins Glen: 20/40/90

Michigan: 60/120/200

Bristol: 125/250/500

Darlington: 100/200/367

Richmond: 100/200/400

*Number indicates lap on which the segment ends.


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