No. 1 and No. 2 Firebirds: We can’t make this sh*t up!

Gas Monkey Garage Holy Grail Firebirds

What word would you shout if you got your hands on the first and second Pontiac Firebirds ever produced? Badass? Unbelievable? WTF? Or something more expletive?

Here at Gas Monkey Garage, you know we love old cars, especially if they have a story to tell. Last week, Part 1 of 2 of our Holy Grail Firebirds episodes aired on the Discovery Channel. See it HERE. The Gas Monkey community is like a family, and when something exciting happens to us, we can’t wait to share it with you. And we’re more than a little excited that we found the guy who had the #1 and #2 1967 Pontiac Firebirds sitting in his garage. As soon as we got the lead, we spent days on the Interwebs researching these cars, their history, you know, the whole enchilada. Here’s what’s so badass about the two Firebirds:

1) The serial numbers for these Firebirds are 100001 and 100002. (Click numbers to see the build sheets)

2) We bought the cars from Chuck Alekinas, a former UK and NBA basketball player, for $70,000. Chuck had bought the cars online and kept them in his garage until we found out about them and showed up at his door. That price alone for the No. 1 and No. 2 Firebirds is reason enough to be excited about this.

3) These cars are Factory Show cars, as evidenced by the trim tag which says “Show1” for the No. 1 car and “Show4” for the No. 2 car. Factory Show cars usually don’t survive, so this is a pretty big deal. (Click Show1 and Show4 to see Trim Tags)

4) When Pontiac introduced the Firebird in ’67 they promoted 5 distinct models and called them the “Firebird Magnificent Five” with the engines being the main difference. The two Firebirds we found are two of the original cars that made up the Magnificent Five.

5) We found some pretty interesting features. The No. 1 car had cruise control and a clock mounted on the hump of the transmission tunnel. Usually, they’re mounted to the console. The No. 2 car is the first (HO) High Output car ever built.

In other words…


  1. Love the show. Love all the old cars and trucks u restore or turn into hotrods. U shoild find some early 60’s camaro to do.

  2. Do y’all like.Plymouth’s? My husband has a beautiful relief 1967 Plymouth GTX. I think y’all would like it. He’s also in the middle of a restoration of a 1965 Coronet (true California car) all steel body. I will send pics of the GTX. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your show.

  3. Hey I have a 1953 and 1956 f100 in my pasture factory v8’s if you hire Tom and Jordan and give a makeover to my 1960 f100 and 1960 custom I will give you the 1953 and 1956. A deal and you know it.

  4. Love the Firebirds. You never specified the size of the motors for each Bird. The first one (red convertible) looked like a 326 cui 2 barrel. The second one (silver coupe) had HO stripes but it looked like it had chrome valve covers which usually came with the 400 cui. Was that a big block with the 4 speed?

    Thanks, Gary

  5. I thought tom was lazy, and didn’t belong. but i still think firing him was wrong. just sayin’
    The other homeboy, well, he was a staple on the show. Did he mess with someones ol lady?

  6. Well, you just fired the 2 most talented car guys under Arron. Sorry, new guy is a bit of a tool. Could have talked to Tom about coming in on time. You’re gonna lose viewers, including me. Business 101.

  7. wow unbelievable that still exist …….. what a find.
    ‘m curious how they look finished
    would like to have one of them ……..: (

  8. “Show car” doesn’t mean it’s a concept car, which are usually destroyed. In this case, it means the cars were used for public display and would receive special attention when being built. These cars were not destroyed when the show(s) were over, as they were often put back into circulation for someone to buy.

    As far as I am concerned, Hot Rod got it right. There’s a significant amount of hype going on that’s somewhat dishonest. These cars are not prototypes and aren’t anything special other than having the novelty of being early production vehicles, although the HO has some collector value. Pontiac folks have been aware of these cars for years, so they are hardly barn finds either. The show could have been up front and honest and the public would have been just as impressed. The public deserves better.

    • We never called them prototypes. Go back and watch the show. All we say is that these are the No. 1 and No. 2 Pontiac Firebirds, and that’s reason enough to be excited. We also never called it a barnfind. If you go back and watch the episode, you’ll see that we say “garage.” Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially when the “journalist” neglects to do any fact checking.

  9. I love you guys. The way you tell the guys at the shop to get back to work makes me laugh every time. Have not Sean the firebird episode yet but k will later

  10. Wow..been watching this show since day one..gotta tell you the past two were bad. First off..get that guy that built the cars off the show. He is personality at all. We watch the show for the cars..and the mechanics. Firing two because he does not like them or cant work with them is crazy. Also I enjoy watching A-Rod build cars not this other guy. Please go back to your roots..don’t let this show turn really fake like Pawn Stars and Counting Cars.

    • Jason Aker is a HIGHLY SKILLED concours restoration expert, and also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Aaron is not a concours restoration expert, nor does he claim to be. Aaron still builds cars, but to get those Firebirds done right, we had to bring in the experts.

  11. Disappointed . Hot Rod Magazine did some research and unfortunately the Firebird Holy Grail Cars are not as they are hyped up to be. Are defiantly not prototypes at all. They are the first and second off the assembly line. That’s it. Prototypes usually are proprietary to the manufacturer , no titles either. These cars sold as a pair on eBay recently for like 13000. The worth of these car and restoration fees are much less than portrayed on the show. To Gas Monkey I like your builders and have respect for your designs and craftsmen ship. Don’t let producers of a how talk you in to being dishonest about these things. It’s your reputation on the line. If you wanna follow the hype of the show and he producers suggestions then your failing as car guys. You have gotten this far doing what you do don’t deviate for any reason, If thought about bringing a build to your shop at this point I would have to second guess because a little research proves all I have spoke of about the Firebirds in question. It’s not all about TV fame. Just Saying. from a true fan.

    • If you read our post you’ll see that we didn’t make anything up. These are the No 1 and No 2 firebirds. We even posted the build sheets and the Trim Tags to prove that. The Trim Tags even prove they were Factory Show cars. We never referred to them as prototypes. We called them what they were: The no. 1 and No. 2 cars. That is why they’re valuable and that’s why we were excited about them. We were not dishonest, and had that “journalist” reached out to us or to the car owners or to Discovery, we would have happily provided the build sheet, trim tags and all of our research. But they never asked. I’m assuming Fact Checking in journalism is dead. JD emailed that “journalist” and he never replied. JD wrote a comment on the blog post and it was removed. I personally emailed the “journalist” as well and he never called me. You can decide who to believe.

  12. Richards Makes this field we’re in look easy. He gets massive credit from me. I own a restoration shop, I build and sell classics, Muscle and race cars. Its far from easy. It a day to day business. He gets a lot of credit. Go Richard.

  13. Sorry you guys get slammed by people who want to ruin stuffs .that’s what they live for Awesome job maybe one day tom and jordon can come back and be left with Aaron building those cars and the newbie can stay on his side with other high builds I got a 69 pony ya can help me build lol joking y’all got enough take care and may good fortune continue

  14. Nobody from your show or connected with your show has contacted me or HOT ROD magazine. C’mon guys, let’s agree to stop making things up and let’s be friends. We are a small community of enthusiasts and all we are asking for is a little respect for those of us that love this stuff.

  15. RR: In response to the firing of both Tom and Jordan, I personally feel it would have been better to just make a comment at the end of the show and drop it. As a result of how it was handled you will get a lot of undeserved grief. Least anyone forget, it is your business!

  16. I believe that people are upset about firing Tom and Jordan because they were a familiar part of the show for so long. I have been involved In hiring and firing of employees for some time. The hiring is difficult because you just are not quite sure how well that person will work out. Firing someone however should be the very last resort. You have to ask yourself, did I fail to provide the leadership needed? Or did the person fail to perform to my expectations based on my leadership? Tom was a much loved part of the show that time you took him to the auction and he snorted the shot and howled like Tarzan was priceless. Did he receive progressive discipline for his tardiness? I would have suspended him for a week without pay and made him mop the floors off camera for a month before I would have given up on him. Jordan had a attitude but he is a good mechanic who could have been saved as well. The show made you Richard. A little drama made American Choppers a hit. When Sr. Booted Jr. He divided his audience and now the show is kaput. Hire those guys back, shorten their leash and get em back on camera. Btw those Firebirds look Amazing!

  17. I liked Tom and Jordan.
    Perhaps better management could have straightened them out.
    Show won’t be the same without out them.
    That new guy that was in charge of the build-talented guy but I bet he has a
    Brown nose.

  18. THOM TAYLOR… Maybe Hot Rod should focus on your own craft and get out of other’s monkey business! Be your best, forget the rest… that’s the best way to make the “small community” the best for enthusiasts. True journalism should not degrade into a rumor mill and ranting drama dribble…

  19. I’m amazed on how many people have turned on Richard for letting Tom & Jordan go. As an owner of my own shop I know where he’s coming from 100%. Although I’m sure the tv show is a huge financial bonus to Gas Monkey, lets not forget their main business is working on cars. When the boss makes a promise to a customer its his a$$ on the line to ultimately make it happen. Its hard to motivate a group of people if you start to allow one to constantly be tardy and make up their own set of rules. Or when one of your top guys second guess’s your hired specialist and undermines your project. I enjoyed watching tom and Jordan, I’m sure they are both talented mechanics, but at the end of the day the late fee comes out of Richards pocket not theirs. I think it was awfully big of him to be up front with viewers and let us know why they were leaving, instead of them just disappearing and no mention of them. Keep up the good work Gas Monkey, love the show.

  20. @rr it seems you have a problem with people getting some facts right but not all the facts. my family believes almost everything about your show but the beard the beard cant be real their are laws of nature that should never be broken

  21. big fan of the show. my gf and i come to dallas about two weekends a month. always try to come by the bar when we are in town. Love the firebirds! business is business. Tom was lazy. Hell i had to fire my nephew two weeks ago from a construction site. Watched from the first show and still love it! keep doing what you do!

  22. Richard I am 56 years old and love your show I always thought Tom was an idiot trying to act kool like the boss and was very happy when I saw him being fired I do not see how he has any fans must be young kids he was a total arse

  23. fast n loud is the best car show ever. love every car/truck you guys built. it took me years to restore my 67 Camaro ss/rs . I loved following the builds. all the mechanics where I work watch the show and we were all bummed out to see tom and jorden go. they had caricature !

  24. Well, you have my support. As a supervisor in a higher education setting, I’ve had to let employees go and it’s always, always, always a hard decision, even if it is the right one. It’s even harder when you truly like the person. But when they can no longer perform their job duties to the expected standard, it’s time for them move on. And they have to know it’s coming, there is usually lots of documentation and plenty of warning. What ever happened to good old-fashioned work ethic anyway?! I’m a new FastNLoud fan, but a die-hard fan. Hopefully the haters will find a new place to land! Keep on doing what you’re doing!!

  25. I am a huge fan of the Gas Monkey talent and builds. I tend to save your shows on the ole dvr for tips and tricks for my next build. Question: Can you tell me the name of the place where the firebirds ended up? I would love to add that place to my vacation list .

  26. Richard. Im in shock about Tom and Jordan. However the other crewmembers goof off all the time.not cool.Tom makes up a lot of the SHOW. He is hysterical. Im Sweden that you did this.I understand its ur business but take a good look at all the other crewmembers goofing off yet you do nothing. Not fair. But I like the SHOW but want have it recorded anymore. of luck to you and all the monkeys. [email protected]

  27. Hi Richard, Aaron and the Crew. Thanks for the great show, here in Finland we are couple seasons behind but i watch your show on YouTube. You guys build amazing cars, keep up the good work! What comes to Tom and Jordan.. i dont give a rat`s ass… as a owner you have to make calls that are good for your Business, dont know how someone dont understand that. Well, if you start to build only hot air ballons, haters will find something wrong that too…Keep building Dream cars to your customers and to us others to see. GMG – Best show on TV.

  28. Big supporter of RR and GMG but it seems like the latest episode brought out a lot of speculation based on what “really” happened. It’s unfortunate because in a case like this it GMG’s credibility that takes a hit and puts the pressure on RR to set the story straight. I hope we get some sort of explanation from RR on the story that was made public by TMZ about Tom and Jordan’s departure. Either way I’m sure you did what was best for GMG and I look forward to future episodes. Best of Luck

  29. Love the show. I don’t know anything about cars but I do know about employing staff. Richard did the right thing. No small business can afford to carry people. I liked the two guys but if you can’t trust them to pull their weight and support the project Richard had to let them go. They are grown men not teenagers. Looking forward to watching more great shows.

  30. Love the show and watch very episode. It’s your business and you have to make all the decisions to that business up to the next level. I live in New Orleans, but hoping to make a trip to come see the garage and grill one time.

  31. To all the people second guessing RR about the sacking of Tom and Jordon, all I can say is “You weren’t there!” We only see on the show a few brief moments of what transpires every day at GMG, and the only person with all of the information used to come to the decision to let them go is RR. As a business owner you sometimes have to make very difficult, sometimes heartbreaking decisions for the good of your business. I’ll miss Tom and Jordon, and wish them well, but if any of us knew the whole situation and were in RR’s position, a feel sure the vast majority of us would have made the same decision.

  32. too bad the network had the guys do the walk of shame on camera, no one deserves that. But they signed up for that, no ones fault but their own when you sell your soul for a few dollars…..tht said NO ONE sees what goes on behind the camera and RR as the owner has a right to staff his business they way he sees is best for his business.
    For those who give him a hard time on this vine, I bet NOT ONE OF YOU has part ownership of GMG?? Yeah, thought so. Running a business is hard. I ran one for 24 years and letting someone go is never easy.

  33. 1) I cancelled my subscription to Hot Rod Mag!! 2) I don’t why people are on your case about Tom & Jordan. They weren’t there. They have no idea what transpires everyday at GMG. We, the viewers, only get a brief look at the goings on at GMG. This is your passion. It’s a “REAL” business not high school. I’m sure the 2 are very talented mechanics but goof offs & antics have a time & place. Why don’t people get it. I’ve had to fire a number of employees in my years as a manager. It comes with the territory. Not a fun part of the job. You have my support on what you did & your being honest to explain it to the viewers. Keep smiling!! ;>) Peace & Love, Vette Girl

  34. Finding those 2 Firebirds was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I think you guys absolutely did them both justice, to punch out not one but 2 concourse restos in 60 days is nearly impossible, but if your timeframe was accurate, you guys pulled it off, and did it well I may add. As for Tom and Jordan, they’ll be just fine, GMG gave them fame and I’m sure they had new jobs the next day, you have to do what’s right for the buisness, not please everyone else! Rock on GMG!! See you guys at the shop this summer!!

  35. Anybody that doesn’t think the 001 and the 002 cars of a production aren’t awesome in their own right, only for that reason, can’t be firing on all cylinders. Others could have seen the potential but they dropped the ball and you guys didn’t. That’s why you’re Badass. The same goes for workers and their jobs. If you’re casual about your efforts or piss and moan about the job then you leave or get left. If Jordan and Tom really saw the potential, maybe they’d still be there but they didn’t and they aren’t. Everybody involved are grown men so it’s just to shake it off and move on.

  36. There are hundreds if not thousands of garages out there doing the same things you guys are doing. There are a dozen or so shows on various networks doing what you guys are doing. What sets you guys apart is the show. Without the show, you guys would have never gotten as big as you are. The Gas Monkey name is household now because of the show. The people you have there help make the show what it is. People come and go at any given business. That’s life. You said you are a business 1st and a show 2nd. The show made you Huge in the business world so give it more credit than that. Don’t ruin your show by having dull people on camera. Yeah they might be good but it takes away the reasons to watch the show. Aside from Hot Rod magazine, I don’t see too many haters talkin crap on here. Some people are upset about Tom and Jordan but they will continue to watch the show because it’s still very entertaining. All in all peopl wouldn’t bother commenting if they didn’t love the show. Can Tom come back and be a part of just the show? Kinda like Mikey from OCC? I’m interested in seeing how Aaron and the new guy bump heads on future. Alpha male+Alpha Male=entertainment.

  37. Let’s see, should I believe RR or someone at HRM who has most likely never built a car.

    Hmmmm. Yep, it’s RR.

    Keep up the good work, Richard.

  38. To: RCT – posted April 30th at 9:57am – you are 100% spot on. Unless you are a boss, owner, manager etc.; the nay sayers have no idea what goes into the decision to terminate an employee. I’ve had to let too many employees go for poor performance & insubordination. It’s never easy. Only Richard knows what went on & made a difficult decision. GMG is his livelihood & his passion. He is a class act all the way. He did what was best for the success of GMG.

  39. Cheryl, you are as clueless as anyone else about the internal goings on at GMG. I don’t believe that their firing should have been a part of the show. Someone losing their livelihood is not entertainment. Giving people so little information on what was going on behind the scenes then making their termination as part of the show humiliated and vilinized Tom and Joedan. That should have been done off camera. Cheryl if you have had to terminate many people for poor performance then does that say anything about your abilities as a manager/owner/leader? No one should have their job taken unless performance evaluations, retraining a, progressive discipline, suspensions have been used. Tom and Jordan had some great moments on the show and they did some fine work in the garage. Firing them on tv was just wrong. Now I’m sure RR had good reasons to terminate these guys. Aaron was part of it. The show will go on and fantastic cars like those Firebirds will continue to be showcased. Fast n Loud is my favorite show and will continue to be. RR is a money makin machine. I hope one day to snag one of their cars on EBay.

  40. I wanted to let you know I love the show. I know a little bit of stuff about cars, I’m ASE Master Auto Technician with Advanced Engine Performance certification, Chrysler Technician certification, and Dodge Viper Technician certification. This isn’t a resume though, promise. I understand why you let Tom go, he didn’t impress me at all, but I’m confused about Jordan. I remember the show where he blew two hours because he didn’t read the instructions and change the water pump on the crate engine, but we’ve all made some dumb mistakes. So I’m guessing that was a pattern with him or he was too slow not getting enough done, but he seemed to be a pretty good tech/mechanic otherwise. What did I miss? I know you can’t say too much so I understand if you can’t say why with him. But, I’ll keep watching! Oh, I’m down w/3 ruptured disk in my back so I’m going to have to sit it out and watch. I will let you know if I find something good for you to flip or restore here in Western North Carolina. Good luck with everything and if I ever make it to Texas I’m going to stop by and see you.

  41. RR,
    If I were you, I wouldn’t even waste my time with some of the comments above. Keep up your humor and good looking cars. Humor first!

  42. Hey Richard, I’m sure Jason has skill, but he doesn’t seem like he has the GMG way about him. Tom and Jordan seemed like really great guys, and I’m sure it was hard to let them go. I watched the episode a couple times and it seems like your gut feeling was not to let them go, but your business sense was in disagreement. go with your gut.
    Even if Tom and Jordan may not have been producing on an hourly basis, they make people watch the show. The show may not be the business, but if you called Sr. from OCC now, he would probably tell you it has a VERY big part of it. Please reconsider! It matters to a lot of people.

  43. Hey “ME” – anger management issues?! You have your opinions as everyone else on this issue – learn to agree to disagree. Don’t sit behind a screen & attack someone you are clueless about for having a different opinion!! No one knows what went on w/T&J. RR did briefly elude to the reason, I guess you didn’t hear that. They may have been given ample warnings to improve their shortcomings & these builds were the catalyst because they wouldn’t take direction from JA. FYI – you sign a waiver to have your image released on TV. Draw your own conclusion. They have new jobs at another shop. Good luck to both of them. AND THE SHOW WILL GO ON…………

  44. Gonna miss Tom and Jordan. Maybe after a week or so you could re-consider? Great Show, I am looking forward to coming to Dallas and having a cold beer.

  45. Hey Richard what I want to know is how you run the bar and grill as as as GMG? Had my own bar a few years…it owned me I didn’t own it. Must be two of ya. Let the haters hate they don’t know what goes into running a business. Any how hope to stop by the place one of these days. Be cool and make sure the beer assistant has cold millers on hand.

  46. As owner/operator of the internet ALL Pontiac Club, I have been watching this #1 and #2 Firebird story for some time. I am preparing an article to post in our On-Line magazine based on a lot of the information floating around.

    I love your show, and while I realize there is some “entertainment value” thrown in, I really enjoy how you do it. Your self-deprecating humor is a hoot!

    What I think happened is that a couple magazines/papers/? sort of ran unchecked and exaggerated the story a bit. So far I think your statements of #1 #2 cars are correct– factory built, but not hand fabricated prototype machines. Many times data plates were stamped with “SPEC” designations (especially for paint). That appears to be the case here with the “SHOW” designation. I’m sure they received extra special attention as they went down the line, especially as the first cars too. I bet they were watched like hawks!

    All that being said, I believe on at least a couple of occasions, Arron made a couple of inaccurate sidebar statements during the show. After you said something (correct) about the cars, he added some indicators about “prototypes.” I will stand corrected if it was actually Dennis, but I think it was Arron. Other than that, I think you have been very honest… and I don’t say that just because I expect you to buy me a beer. And as a born and raised Milwaukeen (though in Florida for the past 32 years) I salute your choice of Miller!

  47. Way to go on Tom but to the viewers Jordon was a good worker. I’ve even seen you tell Jordon to keep Tom up on the lift to keep him out of way. Maybe I’m wrong it’s your business, I will keep watching no matter what, cause I’m a car guy and I also have had to fire team members.

  48. Hey guy we would like to see if the Discovery channel would be interested in your shop doing a build off against our shop ( Street Vizions Hotrods) let us know could be a good time build off !! 🙂 and good for tv ratings!

  49. While I can appreciate restoring these cars and the other projects gmg has done. No way can these 2 cars be concourse restored in 60 days with the attention these cars deserve. And who would want them knowing this. It appears there are after market parts being used. I would take my time find as many nos parts as I could and a nice original rust free donor car built around the same time frame to get parts from.
    Again I can appreciate the work gmg does but this ain’t right.

  50. Gas monkey was the show to watch until this episode ! Firing of two employees and a conquest build ? Your show is starting to look like the late Boyd Codington’s show, Not cool at all !!!!!!!!

  51. hey monkeys, 1st , love the show. having been in the industry ( i had a bike shop ) i understand the biz aspect bout hiring and firing. it sux….. when it comes down to it telling people that you own a custom car or bike shop is way cool and a hell of an ego stroke, but the actual biz aspect of it sucks. un realistic customers ( ” if i bring you my parts can you give me a better price” ugghhhh). short deadlines, parts backorders, outside contracter problems. and , unreliable employees. people when the biz opens its doors at 8am, it does not mean YOU get ther at 8, it means you are ready to work at 8am… again love the show, love the crew, and i thought FRED was the only “true” chopper in the buildoff. the rest were incredible custom built motorcyles?!?! , built by some very talented people, but not true choppers. party on……


  53. @RR

    A newbie fan here from the Philippines. Accidentally saw an episode from season 1 on Discovery Asia. Been hooked ever since. Only caught some available episodes on YouTube and hope that I can enjoy more current episodes. The show is really amazing. Hopefully that Tom and Jordan saga will fade away since I understand that it’s a business decision. The show made them stars, not the other way around. People will just have to accept it and move on. As long as you and Aaron continue doing your business the bad-ass Monkey way, the show will only get even better. Just hoping Dallas was just a car ride away. More power to you guys! Getting me some of that beer, too!

    P.S. Gas Monkey fans are a dime a dozen here in the Philipines! Even Christie has some following, too! Woo-hoo!

  54. Dude, the Ponchos looked awesome! I hate that you had to fire Jordan, he seemed to be a pretty good wrench. On the other hand Tom was a slacker and I caint see how you kept him around so long. I love the work yall do in bringin life back into cars that would otherwise feed a shredder. I am workin on a 88 BMW 528e super. Love the car but it’s damn hard to find original parts for old German cars. Keep up the great work dudes, I will keep watchin. Gotta go order some some ass monkey sticker for my Silverado now.

    • Thanks, John! Hell yeah, those old cars can be a beast to get parts for, but it just makes the reward that much sweeter when you track them down.

  55. Awesome show guys, even watching from the uk. I was particularly interested in the two Firebirds being show cars, my father owns a MK1 Ford Capri which was also a show car. These are all unusual finds and great to see them, when they turn up.

    Keep up the awesome work.

    Dan – Essex, uk.

  56. Good show, good job on the firebirds.
    I could not understand how all the DA’s got the facts all wrong on the firebirds show. I watched the show and paid attention, the facts I come away with is exactly what you are saying. The DA from hot rod must have been asleep and dreaming to get his facts.
    I hate to see Tom and Jordan go, but thats the way the cookie crumbled.
    I realy like the work Aaron does, he is THE master mechanic.
    Keep up the good work

  57. hello i have a question please the people that bought the mercury in the show with the firebirds they were mendez do you know where they were from i believe they are fam of mine? please help me

  58. Tom and the other dude were annoying anyways. Bring that other dude from the first season back. The bigger dude.

  59. Great show but Tequlia nose shots, whoa that had to sting…..I’ve read many of the comments on this blog about your two employees and those magazines with their comments on the Firebird builds, I say opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one… keep on doing what you do and don’t Mess with Texas or Gas Monkey Garage.

  60. Hey Richard, I’m seeing these comments about whatever this journalist said about your Firebirds. First off, this is my first time on the site, but I’m a big fan of the show. This is meant as a complement, I feel like the show is basically the new American Chopper or at least fixin to be. Anyways, what they are saying about you and the producers using the cars as false hype I think is completely incorrect, and actually I think the commenters should turn their eyes on the journalist who said that is fooling the public to make them think he has a juicy story to hype up his own article. Publicity is fine, but he shouldn’t be falsely accusing you to falsely popularize himself. If he was correct, then more power to him, but it’s clear that he was stirring an empty pot. I think the commenters should be attacking him with accusations of dishonesty and not you guys. It’s pretty fucking ironic, if you ask me. Also I’m no fan boy and don’t watch much tv, but I have genuinely enjoyed your show since the start, which I can’t say about most. You guys have just the right sense of humor and style in your work. Anyways, I’m sure you can’t say much negative for legal and public reasons, but I hope this helped.

  61. I watch the show in Germany on DMAX. I’m thrilled with how you build the vehicles together. Impossible in Germany. Big Block in a 60 year old car ….
    Is there any technical inspection of the cars by the police or authority?

  62. Awesome cars my moms first car was a firebird she sold it when I was just old enough to walk it was her favorite. I will be in Dallas in August hope I can find time to get by your shop.

  63. I love the show and a great job on the 2 Firebirds! One comment, the guy who bought the cars brought along his “expert” and the mentioned the shifter and the alternator, but missed the really obvious. The red inserts for the center caps on the Rallly II wheels on the Firebird HO were totally wrong. The Rally II wheels were new for 1967 and they came with black inserts with PMD in red letters. These were used for 1967 thru 1969. The red inserts with black letters were introduced in 1970 and were used until 1973 when an all metal cap with the Pontiac arrowhead was introduced. I volunteer to be your “expert” on GM muscle cars!

  64. Hi Richard – watched the Firebirds parts 1 & 2 again last night. They are beautiful. Was even better the 2nd time around. The 50 best moments special was a hoot. My husband & I were laughing at all the antics. Seeing the Mustang was painful. We have a ’78 Camaro w/350 & ’79 Vette w/383; he rebuilt both. The Firebird restos reminded him of all the pieces his cars were in during the builds. After watching the shows last night; he has the itch to next build a ’67/’68 Mustang. We need a bigger garage – LOL. On the side; I was remembering all the guys I dated in college w/hot cars – 2 w/Corvettes, Mustang Shelby, Chevy Impala, Chevy BelAir, Cougar, Firebird & now my main guy has a Camaro & Corvette. I have good taste in men. ;>) Keep Smiling. Love the show. Vette Girl <3333

  65. You should redo a waterski boat to help you jump the shark. Oooops. You already did jump the shark. My bad.

  66. Firebirds 1 and 2 turned out great. I think it’s great that those cars were saved. Personally, I think saving these two cars is more significant than if they were prototypes, these are the first two of the real cars that regular people could own and drive.

    I appreciate the way the showed handled the terminations of Tom and Jordan. As a fan I enjoyed watching both of these guys and it’s too bad they’re no longer with GMG. But we don’t work there, we don’t know the details. I appreciate that the show took time to show what a difficult decision this was for Richard. I could feel the agony RR was dealing with. Business is not always fun. I feel like the show handled the terminations in a dignified way, they gave us a glimpse of what was happening without embarrassing anyone.

  67. I got a bird for you guys 1980 4.9L turbo Indianapolis 500 pace car will submit it soon gotta take some pics.

  68. Love the show over here in England sit their with my wife watching it whenever I get the chance keep up the good work wish you could open a garage here we think you will do really well

  69. Wow, I made a post about two lame azz recent episodes and my comments were removed. Lame 1: the you tube episode, lame 2: the best of clips…….lame, un creative, boring. Looks like the show is losing its creative flair by having boring filler need a filming break episodes. Gas monkey is better than that. Just like other reality shows of the past who do the same thing. Who needs to see something I can see on the internet or clips of past episodes I have already seen. As a car freak I want to see cars, plain and simple. More junk like that and I am sending my gm collection back to the shop where I bought it.

  70. What’s up, been a fan since before the show.. pretty surreal watchin those 2 episodes with the firebirds . have you guys done a typhoon or syclone yet? Id love to see what Aaron would pull off to one of those lol.what he did to that sweptline was a real inspiration for what I’m gonna do with my typhoon.

  71. New master mechanic. So now that you have a new master mechanic, what is Aarons role? Is he now your advisor or consultant or is he the master mechanic of the east side of the garage and the new guy the west side of the garage?

  72. Hi Richard I’m a big fan of the show the cars you turn out are top notch so keep up the great work you and the guys do. Only complaint I have is when is Aaron going to shave that beard off and you’ve drove me to drink as I often end up having a few while watching the series. Tom in scotland

  73. Hi Richard, love the show. Every Wednesday night here in wales I tune in, even if it pisses the Mrs off. lol. As long as you have your Work ethic and Aarons skill your never going to struggle finding please to work for you. The best mechanic in the wold. You rock.

  74. Hey Ryan, I have been to wales, village of gilfach goch, mid Glamorgan. Keep the dragon in check and keep watching gas monkey! I go through the same here in the us.


  76. As a long time ‘car guy’, I’ve seen all the different shows over the years, and they all have had their good and bad points. Without a doubt you guys have something good going here.

    While I always wish for more build info, I feel the show is well balanced and definitely entertaining.

    Part of the recipe of success is that you have a fun crew and what seems like a great working atmosphere. You shouldn’t be surprised that firing a couple guys would affect that dynamic and upset the viewing audience that start thinking of you all as ‘friends’.

    While the offscreen story seems different, it also seems even more shallow a reason to let them go. Obviously our info is limited.

    I’d caution you to reflect on your audience as you open your doors to the world. As you portray yourself more and more as a money hungry boss, and now an increasingly successful one, add on any apparent douchery and you will quickly lose your audience that are simple middle class, hard working folk that love cars.

    Those aren’t accusations, but observations (right or wrong). I’d like to see you guys on air for years to come, sometimes a critical point of view from someone that genuinely cares can be a good thing.

    Good luck with the humps along the way!

  77. Hi Richard,I’m from Argentina and I’m a huge fan! Love the show, I hope in the near future I go to Bell training center on Dallas and stop by to any of your place!

  78. Hey Enodot, I live about 30 miles from there wales is nice but have been trying to get the wife to move to the US but she is having none of it lol.

  79. Guys love the show keep it up and keep it real, love that you arent American Chopper they let stupid drama get in the way of the cars. Thats stuff is for [email protected]!

    Love the occasional big build event in the season but concourse restoration I am afraid doesnt make good TV, the ferrari was cool because to chaged it. But the Firebirds eneded up without any new “fast n Loud” charisma.

    Get the bearded wonder back in the shop and keep churning out the beasts we love!

    • The Firebirds were a restoration, they weren’t what we typically do down here. We’re getting back to what we normally do down here now.

  80. I’m a big fan of the show! So much so that I DVR every episode (I travel for work) so I can watch them when I get home – NO COMMERCIALS!… Anyway… I want to see more of the actual work being done on the cars, and not so much of the drama/in between stuff. Also… keep the camera shots on the car longer and stop the 2-second views. As a typical car guy, I want to see what is being done, and I want to be able to FOCUS on the finished project! The cameras change from shot-to-shot so often it is hard for anyone to get a real feel for what the cars look like when they are done!
    Just sayin’!!!!

  81. Hi, I From Turkey righteous gasmokey show from the TV I’m watching old car to refresh very nice watching’m enjoying especially the 1900 – 1970 models, someday dallas If I come to you to do an old car would want to take note: do not know english converter I used

  82. I love the show. I thought the Firebird restorations were impeccable. I had no doubt in my mind when you put Jason Aker on the job. He is top notch and one of the hardest working guys I have ever known. He approaches every situation with the utmost respect and class. You will get nothing but gold out of that guy, I’m sure of it.

    I look forward to seeing more restorations out of you guys in the future.

  83. Hi from England. Love the show, haven’t missed an episode yet. Fix your merchandise site because I sure as hell can’t afford a hot rod at the moment but it would be cool to have a monkey on my back.

    My 7 year old girl loves watching “the monkeys” and not the Davy Jones type – you guys got her hooked too.

    Tough choice about Jordan and Tom, I sure wouldn’t want to do it on TV but hats off to you for remaining the professional business man you obviously are.

    Now, where’s my beer assistant…..owww she just hit me 🙁

  84. Saw the Firebird episodes in the UK

    Damn good job on those cars. Shame the weather is so damp in the UK old cars equals tin worm. Must move to Texas.

    Time for beer

  85. He is have a 63 mercury meteor custom and my dad has a 86 chevy short bed ….we have been working on each others cars with each other for years …He has taught me everything is know and I’ll could never repay him for the wisdom….about 8 months ago he had open heart surgery which while successful has left him Un able to do much work on our rides together like we use to….I’m not asking for much and it would never ask for a freebie hell if you met us you would want us on your show…. (to much to explain) but thought if you ever came near dayton ohio shoot us a email or something would love for dad to see our cars restored

  86. And hey I’m not trying to be dis respectful at all I hope it’s not taken that way I like the show you guys have obviously worked very hard for everything you have and I know you can’t give it all away …business first ….but I did just see Ellen give away a brand new car to a handicapped guy ….

  87. great show. Aaron is awesome with his knowledge and mechanical ability. I can’t believe what you sell cars for. Sometimes i think you will get $75000 and you get $30000 other times I think you will get $30000 and you get $75000. Gonna miss Tom, but business is business. Just wish that maybe you guys would give an update on his whereabouts. If I ever get the cash I will be giving you a call for a split window vette for me and a red 65 convertible mustang for my wife.
    Time for a beer!

  88. Hi Richard and crew,

    First I want to say I love the show and how you’ve handle Jesse James in the past. Great bike you built compared, to his never before built sport bike Harley. I guess he missed the whole Buell market, lol…

    Anyways great build on the Firebirds, they looked great and sorry for the flack from having to fire the two guys. That’s the life of a business man. Now you did at one point in ep2 at about the 30min mark while talking to the camera with Aaron, make the statement that these were production cars. I don’t think its a huge deal but maybe just maybe this is where every basher is trying to de-value everything.

    In the end I’m still a fan of the show and can’t wait to see more builds.
    P.S. Lets get Aaron’s hands dirty some more. I feel like he touches less stuff lately and I don’t want to see him getting used to manicures lol..

    Thanks again for a great show…

  89. HOLY SHIT!!!!!! I actually had a 68 firebird that I bought for $250…..needless to say, it needed a “whole lotta work”…..I could kick myself in the butt for gettin rid of it 🙁

  90. Always watch the show when it is on I’m from Aus. The cars you put out are crazy. Plan on coming soon hopefully drinking in your bar.

  91. I’m from Spain and I like the program a lot, it’s fun and I love understood although not a final score of each proyecto.Continuen well with that energia.Si not understand a word culpenle Google’s translator, my English not is very good.

  92. Love the show, wish we could get cars over here (Australia) at those prices, shame about Tom and Jordan but sh*t happens and life goes on.Hope to come over and see you guys one day soon and have a beer.

    All the best mate

  93. Why is Hotrod blog talking smack about your firebird build? I thought you explained everything perfect in this article. Although I think you did say “prototype pre production” in the show and if they were true prototypes/pre production they would have been destroyed or kept.

  94. Hi Richard do you have any plans to visit the UK would love to see you here at the Goodworth Festival of Speed and on the TV show Top Gear. Love watching the show and the work you do , my favourite car so far on Gas Monkey has to be the black Lincoln Continental you should have kept that one. All the best keep up the good work love from England.

  95. Just to echo the UK comments. Definitely follow up the Top Gear appearance. It would eve a great international PR boost and fun to see someone with a bigger personality than Clarkson! Do it @RR you know you want to.

    Oh and next year my fiancé and I are going to rent Hertz Adrenaline and do R66 and stop by GMG for our honeymoon.

    Lotus owning, Royal Air Force coming to GMG for my honeymoon! GYSOT!!

  96. For the simple fact that Richard takes the time to read viewers comments and write back really shows how passionate he is about his business and what the viewers think, pretty amazing with the millions of things he’s probably got going on.
    Richards a business person, thats whats got him where he is, the reason we all started watching the show to begin with, quick flips, rolling the dice as we all live vicariously through him, the cars for sure, but the way he marketed himself and his business, his style. Everyones going to be a critic about who he fires and who he hires and how he runs his business. He’s there, were not, he obviously knows how to run his business, which has been proven, and again what has gotten him where he is.
    All the details of the Pontiacs were on the show, what he’s said was clearly stated on that episode and dont need to be questioned.
    Keep kicking ass Richard, I love watching you go from where you were to where you are. Most of us wouldn’t be able to fathom the stress that comes with it. True rags to riches story being documented. Not to say you were rags on the first season, but you get my point.

  97. Hi Richard,
    How about taking the show on the road for a trip to Toronto Canada and finding a rental location where you can build your best creation (Aaron style) in a local shop set up for you guys and then unveiling the car right at the foot of the CN Tower? Donate the car to a local charity auction. Involve Canadian racing talents like Paul Tracy, Ron Fellows, and James Hinchcliffe. Ahhhhh, but the CN Tower would have a massive Gas Monkey banner flying in the wind! Come on man. Think about it eh.

  98. Hi Richard, your show has really reawakened my passion for muscle cars. That first build you did that you recently bought back had a freaken awesome sound to it. You have inspired me to redo my 05 pony. I am actually pricing crate engines now from ford. Would be kind of cool if you guys did the work? Stay true to who you are Richard, I have been a fan of yours ever since your record breaking cannon ball run. One thing that makes you a fan favorite is that success has not changed you. Hell, you even inspired my to snort wine up my nose which I will never do again. I also agree with your decision in letting the 2 guys go and bet that it was hard for you. Coming down soon to visit your bar and grill and hoping that you continue to grow and succeed long after the cameras are shut down…..stay thirsty my friend.

  99. Well I think I can set things and loud is awesome.the firebird build was legit.Richard u proved ur point.its funny how stories can get twisted around.theres always gonna be haters out there the best thing to do is keep it real like u have been.u got a good thing only complaint would be I kinda miss tom and the other guy jordan especially tom when he was buford t.that was pure genious when u had the dream sequence bout bein the bandit.that was so well done.I heard alot of comments bout those bandit shows.they r 2 of my favorite.keep doin what u always have and let the haters say what they want.theirs alot more fans than haters out last thing …I like it when u sometimes lose ur ass in an auction cuz its part of the realism of the show.sometimes u win sometimes u lose .ur show does not look scripted and thats what I like also like seein ur gasmonkeys goofin off …thats cool… assistant ! ! ! ! PS.I hope u read this Richard and leave a comment…

  100. Hi Richard just catching up on S4 here in Ireland have to say great show love the banter between you all and great cars everyweek …..looking forward to season 5 …..if you need a new beer assistant give me a shout…lol…..#woo #bloodsweatandbeers……martin

  101. Great Show Guys and greaut Builds love the Cars great with us here in Australia – hopefully i can go check out your Bar and Grill love my Beers,food and Good Music Also – From the Land Down Under (Lefty)

  102. Hey Richard and Aaron and gasmonkey crew.ive noticed since ur in the off season that kinda sux cuz now ur on only alittle while on mondays.they didnt have u scheduled for friday this week which kinda sucked too.I discovered u guys last year bout this time a friend of mine was tellin me bout the street outlaws and noticed yall were on before they I started watchin yall and then I got addicted to ur show and the funny stuff that goes on and loud and street outlaws made for great mondaynite television along with steak express burgers chips and tea and my friends 82in. Tv.hope that happens again.cant wait for ur next season to start.I heard that there was suppose to be a new F and L when the outlaws start there season.keep it up man u guys git a good thing goin….

  103. Hi Richard…Canadian viewer here. I love the show and what you guys do to your builds. Laughed like hell when you are in the northern states to source cars. You have no idea how cold it gets up here. Just watched the Firebird episodes and think they were amazing. I’ve always enjoyed the Firebird line because it was a bit different than the Camaros…the road less collected, I guess.
    Regarding Tom & Jordan…have to say I was surprised because I thought that it had something to do with the builds but as I read on, I realize that as you put it ‘were a business first and TV show second’. Other factors were obviously in play here and you had to make a call to protect the business. Not always popular, but sometimes necessary.Thank goodness that you make that distinction, as you will continue to thrive long after the ‘reality’ of television has tired of this genre and moved on to another Kardashian or Housewives spinoff. Having said that, I welcome you up to Winnipeg Manitoba sometime. The weather here is sometimes like the land that nature forgot, but we’ve got classic cars and barn finds that would blow your mind. Keep buying & building and we’ll keep on watching! Where’s my beer assistant??

  104. Am I the only person that noticed, as well as the knob, the shifter itself is not a 67 item. The 67 Hurst (for Pontiacs) are rather round and skinny. I do enjoy the show.

  105. Just saw the Firebird episodes up here in Canada Richard. Awesome! Sux that episodes are months behind up here but I am a Big fan. Any chance you can send a XL t-shirt for some free northern advertising?

  106. Hey Richard!

    I really love your show…You are doing awesome job man…I’m impressed with your Hot-rods…
    However was just wondering, why you never customised a Japanese car? Really see
    forward to see what Gas Monkey garage would do to it…

    See you soon!


  107. A viewer from the UK. I ve been watching your old stuff when you got your new place! a recent episode was the Ferrari rebuild!, that was one massive risk. That paid off. the prick that ran the red light and smashed up the mustang! Ouch! Any planned visits to the UK? like orange county choppers did many moons ago. Keep up the good work guys looking forward to the new series :-).

  108. Hey RR and Gas Monkey Team – This all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa! We love Fast n Loud her in SA, it really is one of the better car programs on TV. Like a lot of people, I too was taken back when Tom and Jordan got fired, (please excuse me if this is old news, but part 2 only released in SA last night!) but after reading some of the comments and being understanding to both sides of the spectrum, lets be honest, GMG is a business before a TV show, and Yes, Jason Aker may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but RR believes in his ability to get things done a certain way, which is partly why Aaron is where he is today, cause RR believed in his ability(take nothing away from his mad mechanic skills though!), so my take is this, yes maybe Jordan should or shouldn’t have been fired, and Tom etc..but a business decision had to be made which aligned to what GMG were trying to achieve on that fire-bird build and way forward thereafter. So lets give RR and the team a break guys and gals, they’re human! RR – Thanks for providing South Africa with a Car show worth watching! SA Digs you guys! only 2 requests…1stly, please ask Discovery to air the shows in chronological order!, and 2ndly, Come Visit SA!! you may just pick up your next big build! 🙂

  109. hey richard, my wife and i are watching f’n’l since the day they started showing it over here in switzerland, absolutely love your show. my dad watches it as well and loves it as much as we do. he used to own a ’50 chevy deluxe back in the days when i was a little kid (im 31 now). i only remember it’s color and it being uncomfy as heck in the back seat hahaha
    well anyways, don’t let the modern-day-journalism bring you down and keep up the work. oh and aaron’s beard is just epic! “THIS…..IS….GASMNONKAAAAAAAAAA”

    cheers from switzerland!

    ps: in case this double posted, sorry, something just messed up on my notebook 😉


  111. When trying to work out who’s telling the truth….

    Mechanics are paid to do things correctly
    Journalists are paid to make things up as we would like to hear them.
    Any guesses as to who I believe!

  112. Jeepers H Crackers!!! What’s with the ruffled fire chicken feathers? Did somebody forget to replace the roll of bum fluff in the outhouse?

    Gorgeous cars. Great job guys/gals.

  113. Dear insane …
    I deeply regret to live in a country where the biggest classic motor does not exceed 150 HP. A real shit. I do not miss a single program monkey gas, if it costs me the hardest discussion with my wife, Follow overshadowing the work of designers imbeciles modern cars, plastic fans, detractors of burning rubber and the sound of the powerful V8 .

    Keep it up

    from Argentina, Rodrigo

  114. @RR love the show man! Saw a past episode and saw you were in Glendale CA. My home town. I heard your not a fan off Los Angeles, I flipped cars in throughout college and paid off my debt, i remember the stress, everytime I see you buy a new project. Anyways thinking about opening up a shop here thanks to the inspiriation GMG gave me!!!

  115. Dear Gas Monkeys,

    Can you please do the auto enthusiast viewers a major favor? Please build some classic looking rides that can be real prize winners; something we can all look forward to? Metal flake “gasser”, Model A and deuce with no fenders or hoods, slammed 69′ (whatever) Caddy, Falcon “resto mod”, 80s Bentley, slammed pea green 70s F150, painting over rust and worn paint ect. Get a major grip on it. Do some studies in past publications, car shows, ect. on some real classic rods and muscle cars. Stop and think, why are your creations so very difficult to sell for a decent price. It is scary because you have been paying top dollar for hulks.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think you guys are just fine people, however anyone who wants to be painted as a “pro” in business, by definition must stand up to, and be able to handle major criticism of their work or services. These kinds of businesses are more than just a personality and charm contest. I admit the goofing around and drama is fun on TV.

    Bruce A. So CA

  116. Richard! love the show and cant miss it ! the thing you and Aaron do are amazing and its probally changed the way everyone thinks about cars ! i need to visit america and drop by ! i think everyone i know watches your show ! and to find number 1 and 2 firebirds is remarkable !
    keep up the brillaint work !!!
    cornwall in the uk !

  117. hi richard and aaron’m a big fan of the show, and is seen here in Venezuela just saw the episode of firebirs and were a great restoration work taking into account the technical as it manufactures that after all is what that account even though there were details (lever and altenador), it’s a shame about tom and jordan … but business is business successes

  118. I love this show ! I feel it has very little scripting….but will always have some and of course editing and retakes as it is made for entertainment. I own a 68 Survivor 350 Firebird convertible with air and a black on black 68 Firebird Ram Air 400 coupe. I loved the Firebird show ! This is good old American car time at its best ! Check out the 68 Firebird 400 on Google and see it was the baddest of 1968.

  119. G’day Sir Richard,

    I’m not a car guy, and wouldn’t want most of the cars that move through GMG, yet I’m completed addicted to the show and have binge watched 4 seasons in a month or so. I can’t get enough of it.

    From a business owners perspective the simple economics of buying and selling in each episode, plus the deal negotiation and Aaron’s commitment to uncompromising quality & integrity is inspiring to watch… sure it’s a 50/50 lesson in what to do, vs what NOT to do, but that’s all good.

    My young boys are learning about profit, and why you need to sell an item for a lot more than it cost you to stay in business. And about doing the best possible job, even if people won’t see all the hard yakka that’s gone into each project – thanks Aaron.

    I LOVE your work, and will be sending some $$$ in your direction from Oz, as the way I watch your show is not exactly… endorsed by the networks.

    Finally… in the name of all that is holy, please have someone teach Tony about photography, and buy him a proper camera rig. You can spend $14,000 on you and Aaron doing a racing course… $200 should buy him a photography course. Whenever he pulls that ‘camera’ gear out to shoot a car I die a little on the inside.

    Can’t wait for the next episode… think I’ll go watch one now.

  120. Fantastic programme, great bunch of guys. You make classic cars and the restoration interesting, not over eloborate on the technical side which appeals to a wide audience. Obviously we’re catching up on the episodes overr here in England, just seen the episode “Uncensored” this morning, brilliant !!! Keep up the good work, whoooooooh.

    Ray , Manchester, United Kingdom.

  121. Tried to find the UK equivalent of awesome but somehow ‘super’ doesn’t quite cut it. GMG…addictive stuff and even thought your main feature vehicles tend to have 2 too many wheels I never miss a show.

    George, Newcastle, England, (home of proper beer)

  122. Fair I’m glued to this show, we love it here in Wales!

    Great entertainment with good honest characters who have great laughs 🙂 and great builds!

    Would love to visit Gas Monkey and the Bar & Grill too

  123. Fair play I’m glued to this show, we love it here in Wales!

    Great entertainment with good honest characters who have great laughs 🙂 and great builds!

    Would love to visit Gas Monkey and the Bar & Grill too

  124. Ps even my 12 yr old daughter and wife are hooked too.

    If you come to the UK make sure you come to Wales, stay in the Celtic Manor and I’ll show all around 🙂

  125. Fancy having a Childish tantrum over money and then firing two of your long term guys, seriously if you cant stand the heat go and sell chicken or something, pitty Arron doesnt get a say over his team staff.

    • They weren’t long-term. Gas Monkey Garage has been around for 11 years. Jordan was here for maybe a year and Tom was here for shorter than that. Aaron has a ton of say. Don’t think you know everything because you watched a show on TV

  126. Your show is awesome, I’ve watched it from day 1 here in the UK and just blown away at what you guys produce. I’m restoring my own little gem, a 1973 Ford Cortina, not like your big bad american muscle goodies but the show continues to inspire and drive me forward with my project.
    If I had the money I’d have you guys build me a 68 Dodge charger.
    Keep up the awesomeness guys, love it. . .

  127. @RR: If you are every in Michigan, I have a numbers matching 1967 Convertible Firebird base model with the rare 230 in line six cylinder OHC engine w/ single 1 bbl carb rated at 165 hp. I have done an on the body restore and it is about 85-90% complete, looks pretty nice. Might even be willing to part with it for the right price.

  128. If you’re ever in Dubai Richard give me a call, riding on Royal Enfields made in India out here man, military green with some nice leather accents, plus restoring a P38 Range Rover in Black. It should be running soon and was planning on painting it matt black with some GMG style decals if you fancy a promo vehicle out here! The F40 would go down a storm out here too.. Woo

  129. hi all at GMG, just like to say how much I love your show, great entertainment, not been watching long but have taken in most episodes, was truly gutted for your black Mustang, I felt your pain, was sorry to see Tom go but not so much Jordan, but RR you have to be tuff in business sometimes and these are difficult decisions to make, and the end of the day it’s all about GMG surviving.
    Keep going and I look forward to future shows for years to come
    J Knapton.

    PS, any chance of an email kiss from CB lol.

  130. Great job in recognizing these rare birds for what they were. It’s just hard to think of some of these going to the crusher.

    I used to look at so many Detroit prototypes and show cars back in the day, it’s beyond awesome you found these and gave them a new lease on life.

    Real Hot Rodders (and not those phonies at a certain magazine) got your back GMG. Love the show!

  131. I hope you did’nt fired the 2 guys because the new restoration-dude can’t handle them. You have to see it out Jordan’s point, a newby come’s in and acts like the boss. Jordan is your mechanic from day 1, never played, allways on the job, sometimes till midnight. Ok, this i what we see offcours on television and what happend in the back we don’t know. Tom played alot and don’t showin up on the job is not done so I follow your decision in firing him.
    After that, keep up the good job, I’m a big fan of GMG!

  132. I feel like Jordan and Tom wanted to got their own show or their own garage and they make up this scenes for the show. They have make bigger mistakes before and never have been fired.

  133. Clearly the two disrespected RR and the shop in general. Guessing them cussing RR wouldn’t be good for show, so wasn’t on show. After the disrespect and their usual lateness and putting down every other car they had to work on, they where discharged. RR seems fair to friends and workers but they had to go.

  134. Tämä on kyl nii hyvä auton kunnostus ohjelma. Saa välillä nauraa ihan kunnolla! Kiitos paljon terveisin Suomesta, to Finland

  135. Super cool show, What after market sheet metal brand/supplier did you use to restore the Firebirds?? I watched the episode on the Discovery in Spanish and it reminded me of the 72 GMC Sprint I’ve been trying to restore since I was 15, its serial number is the first off the Van Nuys factory and I know it’s not a “show car” or “concept car” like those first comments say bout the Firebirds but it’s still super cool they’re the first ones out the factory!

  136. Hi you guys…love the show..I’m in London England. .. “KEEP UP THE MONEY MADNESS “!..CHEERS..hope to fly over one day?

  137. Hi,
    I’m from Luxembourg, Europe, 56 years old and want to let you know, that I absolutely love your show. Kind if miss Tom and Jordan, though. By the way, I own a 1955 2nd series Chevy Stepside truck and I would be pleased to see one of those being made up by GMG.

    Well, that was it already, keep up and good luck for you all.

    Sunny greetings,

  138. Just wanted to say 1 y’all are awesome and what y’all do is amazing 2 I love the fire birds and was woundering how much did it cost to finish just the # 1 fire bird project ?

  139. Hello gas monkey. I never miss a broadcast. Super team. In episodes firebird, the team uses small bags for sorting. I never found one. Could learn a brand or a link. Thank you and go on discovery belgium.

  140. Hi RR, I watch your show every day religiously. Its shown on Dmax here in Austria. Great show and great builds. I used to rebuild and tune cars myself when I was younger (old British Fords). No time or money for that nowadays. They are showing reruns here right now, part1 of the Firebird 1+2 rebuild was just on. I think I have seen these episodes five times.
    Anyways, just wanted to say that I love the show and keep on doing what your doing.
    Vienna, Austria

  141. I’m sitting here with my son watching the Barrett Jackson auction live in Las Vegas Nevada, and these two beautifully restored girls are getting ready to go across the block. Let’s see Gas Monkey’s work pay off!

  142. Watching Barrett Jackson Las Vegas. I guess we found out what a couple of low VIN Firebirds aren’t worth. Hype doesn’t pay the bills.

  143. I know I’m jumping on this years late but I’ve been watching FnL on demand and just got to the episode where RR opened the restaurant. So interesting to watch how Richard morphed the business from doing low margin big rebuilds to high margin underbody makeovers. Restaurants are very low margin but Richard obviously has the juice to turn and burn the numbers through. Jordan ended up quitting Misfit and Tom is little more comedic relief. RR is the boss, not one of the guys. What he’s done w/ the Gas Monkey brand is not just instructional but inspirational. Good luck to Aaron, too. Great guy.

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