Now Casting for a New TV Show With Richard Rawlings, Discovery and Pilgrim Studios


I’m working on a new TV show (currently called Garage Rehab) with Discovery and Pilgrim Studios and we’re casting now! Looking for successful shop owners, craftsmen, and people who own a shop that is troubled or failing. The links are below with more details and how to apply.

For the Right-Hand Man:

For the Troubled Garage:

For the Handyman and Auto Equipment Installer:


  1. Not for me.. I have a friend in Oklahoma with a paint & body place. Been struggling for years. Great work maybe it’s him? I don’t know, but well maybe you’d be interested??

  2. Hello we have a shop in Holiday Fl and we build accessory parts for the Polaris Slingshot like our roof systems, Tubular swingarms, And a new Quad kit that is direct bolt in. It is Formula 1 inspired push rod suspension. We have a CNC milling machine and a CNC bender. Tig welders and other fabrication equipment. The Shop is owned by Charles Lee and myself and we have 1 employee Brad and a dog that has enough personality to warrant his own show. We do allot with very little in this shop. Charlie builds these racing FPV quads and he shot this Video of our shop We also did this Barefoot waterski winch conversion for an R1 a while back I did the barefooting and Charles was on the bike this was the first time we tried it! check it out and give me a call. There is allot of personality in this shop! Thanks for your time!
    Bob Runman

  3. I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur. I started flipping cars last August because Richard Rawlings inspired me. I’ve sold 10 so far and my plan is to flip 30 this year and then invest into my own shop. I’m currently just working out of my garage and I’m not sure if I could qualify to be on the show but it is worth a shot. Thanks for your time can’t wait to see the new show and if there’s any way I could be involved that would be awesome.

  4. Richard,
    I am a big fan of Aaron’s, OK I’ll admit, I think you’re pretty cool too. We actually met at the Celebrity Bartenders gig in Addison a couple years ago. I am good friends with your Sound Guru Lee Russell at LIVE. I ran the sound wiring with Lee at the Lewisville Lake house. What a mess that was..Plus, I am right around the corner from Dennis’ Jeep shop so even if we don’t garner any interest in this opportunity, hell drop by and I’ll buy you a beer or two.

    Iron Horse Classics is right behind me and they always have some awesome cars to ogle, too.
    Anyway, my small business does wraps, like the 360 guys you’re so fond of. I like those guys, their DOC BAND for children is an awesome “give back” to the community.

    With a little exposure there is great potential for my company to grow. I am (NDA to follow) about to launch a side enterprise to enhance my core business and that may well play into this concept.

    Whatever the entertainment value is that your looking for we would love to give it a try! Maybe an angle is to follow some of my customers around to see how they grow once they’ve wrapped a van or truck.

    Ironically, one of my customers’ house was wiped out in the tornado, and his company does Disaster Response Roofing and construction. He is living the nightmare his customers usually do. I put tornadoes into his wrap design this past summer!

    Surely bored you guys by now, so I am gonna go “get me some of that”, whatever that might be next. I think it’s home cooked taco’s and beer!
    Monkey On, We’ll be in the jungle all day!

    • Steve I ran across your story today because I’m home nursingold injury’s from a truck wreck started walking again that’s good I had an idea but it ends with a guy like you that’s were my dream idea ended well your into wraps and lookin to get more action hear me on this idea I’ve done the footwork up to your end. Propane tanks ,corn silos, wood bins propane tanks like 1000 lb to run a house my art work got messed up but it was like golf grass. Hay. NASCAR cars just endless cheap and easy to ship for the do it ur self guy ive been thinking of gettin back on the idea but would want someone that wants the same ,,,money and not afraid to burn the mid night oil or if you think it something run with it and when your rich do forget me I don’t know just something and I got many other ideas with it in advertising we have to talk about all that anyways be well

  5. I don’t own a shop. My dad was a mechanic for years and years I would love to be cast as side kick/fish out water who isn’t so out water. I know how business are ran and have success in social media ect….hit me up #GYSOT

  6. We are a print shop in so cal. I know this is not car related but we do a lot of custom work and I know Richard owned a large print shop previously. The Boss is a great guy, just need that extra push! He care about his staff very much and like to enjoy life!

  7. Hello,im not a shop owner however i wanted to offer my company’s services,if you should come to Kansas City,Mo. specializing in
    On-site K.C.Style BBQ!
    Thank you
    Johnny Cliff

  8. Hey guy’s look’s like a cool idea for a show and i am just the guy to be a part of it !!! I run what i call as of now a hobby shop and have been working for year’s to be able to bring it full tilt to a fulltime asskicking shop in my hometown of bennington vermont just 25 miles east of Albany New York i have done lot’s of work on many older classic’s as you will see with the small sample on my page on facebook here is link – please check it out i work alone most of the time other then my dad Louis helping me out along with my brother. I also have a salvage yard that i have full exclisive access to with lots and i mean lots of potential builder stuff from ratrod’s to impala’s numerous years of chevy ford and dodge truck’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and up car’s all over the place and what i’d like to do is try and build any and all vehicle’s i do on a real life working man’s budget kinda of thing !!!! IM INTERESTED PLZ CONTACT ME LET’S DO IT

  9. Shop owner (sold shop), trans rebuilder (38 years) , extra in Showyime series, Shameless and 8 years teaching people how to ride motorcycles safely. I would be perfect.

  10. Hi guys love your show, I am a member of a classic car club just outside of Chicago. I bumped into Aaron several times in the past couple of years. The cosmopolitan Las Vegas and last year at the Barrett Jackson show. He is the same age as my son Michael and our conversation was about father son car buying and builds. Our club has several members with small auto repair shops and auto body services and everybody today is trying to make ends meet. If you are interested contact me for info I would gladly hook you up with one or more of our members. Yes Aaron I do own an all original red 1973 Mustang convertible her name is (Pamela).
    Thanks for your time
    Jim Demopoulos


  12. I’ve been in my dad’s body shop since I was about 6 years old fixing and painting cars etc.ive been airbrushing for about 10 years and now I’m tired of fixing wrecked cars and dealing with insurance companies..I feel as if they are holding me back with the money I can look me up on Facebook or I have a portfolio on and my name is Christopher Zuccaro.after your at search my name. I paint anything that holds a scratch pretty much..hope to hear from you..

  13. Love the show but never see enough of the interiors and such would like to work for you and eliminate the lady who says you are cheap and bring her junk. thanks jack

  14. You might look @ Indepth Customs in Lewisville,TX, they are owned by a female named Shelbee Lee but are also a husband and wife team. They do custom paint on motorcycle and other misc auto & trucks parts and wall art. Matt runs the shop and the painter and does the customs builds while his wife runs the office and books. they are customer focused. Shelbee is 6th generation Lewisville and Matt is Harley Davidson cerified.

  15. I’m a small shop in need of repairs to my place,it’s an old gas station and I can’t open up till their made. I have a good word of mouth reputation and fix problems on people’s cars that were sent to shops and they got burned. I do cars from the 30’s up. I’m a one man show. Sometimes my friend Dave helps me out..






  17. Richard/Aaron…

    My passion for automotive restoration and fabrication/ repair started in my father’s garage back when I was only 5 years old and the fire never stopped burning. Now 43 years old, I have an even hotter fire burning to create, fabricate, restore and repair cool muscle cars…

    I am currently restoring (from the ground up) a 68 and 69 Camaro on my own and loving every minute of it. I also run a about a dozen or so ads online for products that I personally fabricate and restore for spare cash while I am a 7th grade teacher locally. (math) I am looking for a career change ASAP in wanting to make my dreams of being a future shop owner just like what you guys do at Gas Monkey. I watch EVERY SINGLE SHOW of yours while building my vision of my own shop and crew.

    Now, as a father of 3, married, and busy with just keeping up in life, my Camaro free-time has thinned down to little or nothing and it’s driving my crazy.

    For 4 years, I ran my own little online business restoring parts and fabricating others in order to put myself through college for my current teaching career.

    My passion is CARS, and I am looking to make the change for life by diving in full force into a career creating and restoring muscle cars and customs…

    You’ve inspired me plenty and the fire is burning… and this would be the perfect spark to kick it into motion for me!

    Thank you for reading! Hope to hear from you guys…

    Todd R.

  18. Everything is filled out and sent in. Hope to hear from you soon. This a unique challenge your putting out there and it’s a challenge I have succeeded at throughout career. Love your style and approach to issues on Fast and Loud.

  19. I’m a fanatic of the classic cars, myself own some very nice cars like a Corvette 81 purchased from the original owner, 1 Fiero 1984 one original owner with all the documentation in both cars, and many other classics. This show inspire me and my brother Eduardo to open a classic car restoration shop, We have a new and different approach, we open our shop in Eagle Pass TX, because is the border with Mexico to work in both markets, Mexico and USA, we have the advantage to get abundant labor help because is an small town and also we help people to get a job. Some of the restoration works we can do it in Mexico (like upholstery and chrome) to lower our production cost. Our idea is restore quality cars at very accessible prices to be more competitive. We are actually in the paint full step of building up our shop and learning from the experts and that why we are fans of this excellent show of Gas monkey. We are in the process to build new website (we are doing by our own because for us is part of the business build a quality website that work in all the new technology with liquid panels that adapt to any computer, tablet or cell phone).
    We have the hope this will be a profitable business, we start selling our classic cars in our car lot and working on all the major websites like eBay to promote our cars and participating in auctions like Mecum where we already sold one of our classics and was a wonderful experience because the opportunity to see the work of others and also learn to pay the high cost of a first class auction.

  20. I have a personal shop but not a public one. In my personal shop sits what my kids, ages 7 and 3, and wife, of 10 years, call “The Hot Rod” in which we take to all the local car shows and rally’s. I love classic cars and always have. The very first time I took my wife out on a date was in a 79′ chevy with holes in the floor boards, no radio, and the windows wouldn’t role down. I currently own a 77′ chevy step side 4X4 that my grandfather bought in 79′, that has been restored once “just as cheap as possible job” and will soon be doing a frame off re-restoration on it, I also have a 88′ chevy single cab, short wheel base 2 wheel drive that is restored and completely down to the new drive train. The 88′ is what my family call “The Hot Rod”. It has a 406 small block, 289 comp cam, vortec ported and polished heads, built 3 speed turbo 350, 3500 stall, 373 gears, stock 10 bolt rear end with an Eaton locker. I am running MT drag radials when we go to car shows or the strip but also have a set of 20 when I wanna just cruise around, look good, and burn tires for the ladies. When I crank it up at the house my hole street knows what’s coming, “loud engines, smoking tires, and a wild ride”. I also own a working cow/calf farm. We raise beef cattle, cut hay, repair fences, grow timber and make necessary repairs to our equipment. Then when I am not playing with my toys or working around my farm I work off shore 7 days on and 7 days off, and we all know how that’s going, but I been doing for 12 years now. Needless to say with my experience with vehicles, around the farm and equipment, and oil field equipment repairs, I can just about tear anything apart and put it back together. So if your looking for that kinda guy then I think I can do it.

  21. Aloha Richard / Aaron,
    I’am here in SoCal, (San Diego) I had a Custom Rod Shop out of my house while I was Fire Capt. here. It was my Hobby. But even as a Hobby, some pretty Epic Rod’s came out of my Garage, 1958 Impala Convertible, ’27’ Ford pick-up with 700 H.P., a few ’69’ & ’70’ Chevelle’s, A few Chevy P/U’s running 400 to 500 H.P. street legal.
    I’am now since Retired from the Dept. @ 46 y/o and my Hobby has now become my Dream future of having fun building Hot Rods, Race Cars & 4×4 Trucks. I have found a cool little shop at the Beach and have a lot of followers that come just to hang out, drink a beer, watch the games on the big screens and @ lunch we all break Off to Paddle Out and catch a few waves. Building of Car & Trucks is Diverse, I have older guys, U.S. Marines (we’re right next to Camp Pendleton) I have Surf Board designers doing Graphics and help Wounded Warriors. I just moved back to SoCal from Hawaii and go back from time to time to complete or help complete jobs there. If you chose to do my world / Shop, it is never ending between SoCal & Hawaii.
    I would ultimately like to get a little bigger as far as work but still keep the fun, community help, & quality we are know for. Like I said I’am small but an incredible adventures definitely happen here between building cars, surfing, paddle boarding, friends and customers hanging out, helping the Marines out and hitting all the races between Az. & Cali.
    Mahalo for your consideration.

  22. Hey Richard – You definitely want to interview my husband Jimmy Dunn. He always said he could fix anything but a broken heart. And that is so true that he can fix anything. Even if he didn’t have all the tools at his disposal – his creativity made the tool that made it work. I know – I moved in next door to him and started dating him (who does that?). We got married and I know he is what YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. He got me watching FAST and LOUD and I never cared about this stuff before. But now I love your show. I know you and him would make a GREAT team. And he REALLY loves BEER!

  23. Pick me.
    I have had to close my shop as I can no longer work on cars after losing both my legs above the knee.
    I still have the internet sales part of the business though.
    I specialized in Aftermarket AC, Cruise Controls, Power windows, door locks alarms remote starts etc.
    For cars and trucks made without those things.
    Cars from the 40’s to present.
    I started as an ARA, Frostemp, SCS/Frigette and others dealer.
    All DFW area big businesses in their heyday.
    But those days have disappeared as has my legs.
    I’d like to hire a decent crew to do in town and the area installs as well as dealer work plus any custom work.
    There us space for 3-4 cars to be worked on at once in my small shop.

    Contact me for more info

  24. Hello Richard and how’s everyone doing? I am an African American in Lemon Grove California I am into Hipo for the last 5o years but we’re are the African Americans on your show? There is alot of black people that watch your show it would be nice to see some color work at your shop . I will continue to watch your show no matter what, but it would be nice to see some color on your show.
    Thanks Tony Anthony

  25. In Frisco tx . We have a automotive repair shop and a hot rod shop .
    Started on a shoe string budget . Debt free business but we need to update .
    LD automotive and loaded dice speed shop
    We would be honered to do the show !!

  26. Well this would have been nice, a few years back. As Rawlings says he’s a rally guy . Well, I had my own shop did rally cars for Subaru rally team USA , Ford , Hyundia Mitsubishi and privateers. My customers gave over30 national championship . It was done out of a 40×50 shop in Essex Jct VT. Place call Junction Motorsport & Collision . I had to walk away from it all because I had cancer then a bone marrow transplant . I do stuff for Rally America the national rally championship. This topic should make a good show.

  27. You should do some surprise visits,,I remember a Guy JAMES PELHAM I worked for years ago,he had it all going for him,location,know how,a couple sons to take it all over.He always had plenty of work..All he needed was a Rep and Class boost…The building went up for sale,rather then buy,he let it all go,Nice building,you couldn’t ask for a better location.I was thinking,”Don’t sell out,buy the building”..I’m sure he let the mustang go also,that he would race in the summer months.Yes visit some hole in the wall places too..

  28. Home,home on the range,,where the deer an the antelope play,,where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day…..must be nice to be you,,or me,take your pick..Goodluck Arron…what are friends for?(pssst.I won’t text in your blog again,I know how busy you are.)

  29. I have a cooking show called GARAGE COOOKIN I do this out of my 2 car garage in CLeveland Ohio, check it out . I think you could work it into a show and come and remodel my garage.Thanks


  30. To whom may give a rats ass. I own and run a shop in the heart of downtown town Tucson. There are alot of shops around us but none quite like mine. My grandfather started it in the 40s dad took it over in the 70s and I’ve ran it since 08. Anyway after 3 generations you can imagine the stories and disfunction these old dusty shop walls have scene. The shop is pretty big and at one time did all the fleet vehicals in Tucson. Now we are a shop that takes on many different types of jobs. The old shop is run down and could use a face-lift for sure but has so much character. There’s even an old house on the shop that was built in the early 1900’s. In closing I would just like to say how much I enjoy watching you guys. It makes me feel pride for what my family and I’ve done our whole lives. Keep up the awsome work.

  31. What is goin on here?…i am currantly looking for work and sounds like maybe a canadian wid be good for the ratings…im great at be confused … Can through my hands in the air when asked…can help slow things down whole under a dead line…can grow a beard , but it woudnt be cool tho…can do cool things inbetween comercials to make sponsers happy….can turn wrenches if you dont like the way they are facing in the tool box… Love the show guys keep up the good work

  32. Don’t wanna be on, but here is some great cars u would probably want to buy to work on.I think u would love this for yr show. just remember who gave you this eye Mo pinkley collection auction,October 1,

  33. Well Richard Josh contacted me yesterday. I run a GSE shop which stands for Ground Support Equipment.Now I run a very different kind of shop which we work on 80000 pd aircraft push back,bag tractors,bag carts,lav trucks mmm which smell so wonderful,deice trucks in which if you don’t watch it can taste sweet,lift trucks,bucket trucks,i’m in Austin.

  34. Not a mechanic or shop owner…lol!

    But live in a small town near Glacier National Park that needs something for locals other than seasonal employment and meth production on “felony flats.”

    I hang out at a place that is open during the summer that has some real characters n party type hard working guys.

    As most of us are the not sure if we know how to do this but what the heck let’s give it a try type shade tree mechanics, we could flip cars, succeed or fail, right on camera in front of the whole world.

    Either way, with these guys it will be interesting to watch!

    Guaranteed lots of after hours bar footage at The Dam Town bar, The Deer Lick Tavern and the South Fork Saloon!

    Just a thought!

  35. I live in Robert LA. In August the area was flooded and with it my 1976 Cadillac El Dorado Convertible. This car had not even been rained on prior to this incident. I am looking for someone who is interested in buying to restore or who will help me to restore.

  36. I have restored classic chevys in my own garage for over 15 years doing 80 percent of the work myself so it takes a lot of time but very nice when completed. I’m a disable veteran living in Oregon currently restoring a 1956 Chevy 210 sedan with a 1969 Chevelle 350! I would love the opportunity to have my own show and know buddy’s with mechanic and body shop experience that would also love the opportunity. I also really enjoy watching gas monkey weekly on tv, Richard is a funny guy and reminds me of myself at times. I have a large 5 stall garage on my property on the Oregon coast! I have owned cars since I was 12 years old and rebuilt my first 283 motor at age 12! Thank you for this opportunity

    Army disabled veteran

  37. 2/17/17
    From Oklahoma City Area, Love your show a work, and would love to provide a 1968 mustang for the show. Please consider my husbands project car to be a candidate for the restoration, The car story would be perfect for the show, and bring a 23 yr old dream to reality. Willing to transport car to an out of state shop.
    Thank you,

  38. I am trying to give my husband his heart back in old cars .we had a 1977 Chevrolet. Vega gt .for over 20 yrs. We tried to have it painted with three different painters and we got screwed three times we bought house of colors paint and our car never got painted the third time we sent our car to corpus Christy tx so another painter could paint the car and the painter went to jail and his family had our car sent to the junk yard and had it crusted no my husband is heart broken over this and I don’t no how to help him we still have all the interior parts the engine it needs to be gone through and fixed again after sitting for so long .my husband had done so much to the car new rear end he scraped all the bottom of the car and painted with port 15 to pro teck it all of this and now he has no car now can you please help my broken heart husband .

  39. Buzzz motors were still here. The chaos the drama the idiots . the boneheads said Richard who? . Im not sure they even bothered to look even after i sent in my video. I dont think many shops would compare to our level of bullspit. We really need help and therapy.

  40. My name is Ty Kline!!!!!! I’ve always been a big fan of Richard Rawlings and his builds!!!! I would work for free!!!! just to be on the show or work behind the scenes sir!!!!!! Please get back to me. I’m 46 and semi retired!!!! So I have a flexible schedule and I can talk like Richard!!!!!

  41. Hi, my husband owns and used car lot/mechanics shop. Several months ago my husband took on the task of restoring a friend of his 1970 Nova. He has come a long way with it. It has a beautiful new paint job and a lot other work has been done on it, but he is having some trouble finding parts for the 3 speed steering column and other small things. This has made restoring this car a little harder than he expected, and his friend is starting to get a little worried about if he can get the job done. I’m looking for someone to help rescue my husband and help him complete the job he is trying so hard to finish. Thanks

    • Freda – thank you for reaching out. GMG’s schedule is full and is currently building cars for the next season of Fast N’ Loud. Best of luck – we hope the build is completed.

  42. For your TV show consideration. A one man shop.
    Hillside Auto Repair & Custom
    Owner: Bruce Hill
    Santee, CA

  43. i have a small rebuild shop of sorts i am i the process of putting my 1927 T model coupe on a 1981 nissan 4×4 with a diesel nissan engine it is my dream car when finished it ran with the original t model drive train i am 70 years old; cars and trucks have been my life’s work 478-232-6460 harrisn georgia

  44. Hello, I don’t have a shop. And due to some bad personal situation not even a screw driver. I have small Ford Escape and the poor thing is falling apart. That is all that my wife and I have. We live on a fixed income and have no way to do any kind of repairs in or out or under the hood. If it possible, could you do anything to help us. Thank you.

  45. Hi Y’all
    My husband has a 97 GMC Truck. It does’nt sound too classic but to us and my husband it is very special. It was given to him by his late grandpa right before he passed (it was the grandpas first bought work truck) and we also brought our first born baby girl home from hospital in that truck! For awhile it was our only vehicle. My hubby works very hard and is always doing what he can to help others, As well as making time for his family. We would Love to give this truck some much needed tlc and he has made a couple attemps. We don’t have alot of money as I am a stay at home mama to now 2 little girl’s. We live in the Wine Country in Santa Rosa Ca.
    If you could help at all it would mean the world!
    Thank You

  46. Sal’s muffler has been around for years in fort walton beach fl a big part of the community and I think would be a great candidate for your new show Sal Jr is a awesome business man and an honest one never had problems with this place

  47. 1934 original steel body, 3 window coupe. Would y’all be willing to help us restoring this beautiful car? It was my Daddy’s , he had bought it in the 80s, we dreag race, PDRA, and nhra, Messer Racing. I can send you pictures and tell you the story behind it since the 80s. I wanted it back in the family, so we bought it back two weeks ago. It is a beautiful car!!!! We are from a little town , Four Oaks, NC
    919-796-7328. Amy cell

  48. Hi Guys, I am a proud owner of a 1973 VW super beetle. My loved VW is up for sale as I no longer can keep up with the plan to rebuilt it. As my last chance I thought to drop you guys a line and see if I am lucky. If any possibility I would be forever thankful.
    Luiz Francisco
    [email protected]

  49. Would love to see this car restored in my dad’s memory…

    1957 Oldsmobile Hard Top J2
    Location: Onalaska, Washington, 98570
    VIN #: 577M46086
    Mileage: 00264
    Transmission: Auto
    Condition: Project
    Exterior: Black #63-63-64
    Interior: Tan Trim #326

    Seller’s Description: My dad passed away and I have this beauty, well, she needs a serious facelift & tummytuck along with a new home. Here’s the information that I know: 1957 Oldsmobile Hard Top J2 VIN #577M46086 Style #57-3637 Body #L125086 (by Fisher) Trim #326 Paint #63-63-64 Built in Lansing, MI Original engine & transmission is tripower, 2 patch panels to repair body rust, stainless is there, car is basically complete. Have 2 additional tripower setups & 2 cylinder heads.1st manifold is 303 (Olds ’49-’52). 2nd manifold with 3 carbs is for a ’58 olds 324 cubic inch engine with J2 option. Other 2 cylinder heads off of ’58 Olds & match the J2 (1958 J2 option). They’re off a 324 cubic inch engine. In total I have a ’58 J2 set-up, the carbs are the same as what the ’57 needs. Please note, there are two sets of pictures that you will notice she is clean in one and the other she has been sitting in a horse arena for the last several years. The price is negotiable and I am willing to consider all offers. The vehicle is being sold as is, you must pay for shipping, and there are no returns. All sales final. I am really praying that I can find someone who has a passion for projects like this and can give this car the TLC she deserves. I ask one extra favor, that is to send me a picture of her when she is completely restored and a video of her roaring engine beating the pants off of a Chevy!

    There’s some cool history on this car. She was outlawed by NASCAR. Here is the article:

    Outlawed by NASCAR: – 1957 Oldsmobile J-2 – In 1957, – Hemmings Motor News—-1957-Oldsmobile-J-2/1281051.html%3famp=1

    Thanks, Cherie

  50. Hi my name is Charis is this show looking to for nominees for having their car restored ? My fiancee has a 67 mustang coupe that his mom bought him before she passed from cancer 10 days before his 16th bday. He is now 43 and has been trying to get it restored but life keeps getting in the way.He goes above and beyond helping people get their projects done but never seems to have the finaces to get his own finished. If this is what this show is about please contact me

  51. I’m a correctional officer at New Castle Prison in Indiana. I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty trail rated four wheel drive that needs transmission work. It has only 2 gears right now and is burning through oil and water.

  52. I’m Carl, B&D Automotive Center in Redwood City CA (about 30 miles south of San Francisco)
    Been here now 32 years, we do a lot of suspension and alignment work, other than the usual servicing, but the shop is getting quite weathered, and badly in need of upgrading.
    We do have a large amount of clients through the years, but I “feel” that the shop just doesn’t support that clean wanna go here image, in the past few years. Though, we do have a great, and hones reputation.
    Thanks RR, always keep up with your shows,

  53. Hi I have 1977 ford f100 custom step side it have some rust but still runing like a lion the problem is that I don’t have money to fix I don’t know if some one can gime a hand with the restoration I really want to keep this truck my big dream is to restored and driving around I live in New York please let me know if some one can help me thanks for ur time

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