Off to LA for the Re-Opening of the Petersen Automotive Museum

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We could not be more excited for the grand re-opening of the Petersen Automotive Museum. I’m hopping on a plane to LA tonight so I can be there when the doors open. The museum was beautiful before, with its rare collector cars and special exhibits that make car-lovers everywhere drool,┬ábut it just underwent a $90 Million overhaul. So what was once a beautiful, historic automotive museum, is now a state-of-the-art, world-class automotive experience.

If you want to see some preview photos, check out this article on Jalopnik.

Remember ADRNLN? The Ringbrothers Pantera I bought at Barrett-Jackson in January? Well, I decided it didn’t need to sit in our garage any longer collecting dust. So I loaned it to the Petersen Museum, so that automotive enthusiasts that visit the museum from all over the world can bask in its beauty.

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So next time you’re in LA,┬áput a visit to the Petersen on your priority list.

I’ll try to post photos on Twitter and Instagram from the museum tomorrow. Can’t wait!


  1. Hi a friend just called to say you featured a 67 firebird 326 Ho. I am interested because I have owned one for 35yrs all original matching no’s. I would love to see that show since I rarely see anyone doing a show with 67 firebirds and still even more rare with the 326 Ho model. I would be interested to know what you did to it and what you got for them.

  2. Yo you and your GMG crew are killing it! Don’t even sweat anyone who is hating, it’s a good thing. Look at it like this; If you’ve got 100 people hating on you at the end of the day, work harder to have 101 hating on you by tomorrow.