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You’ve seen quite a bit of my crazy life play out on your TV screen on Monday nights’ “Fast N’ Loud” but it’s the behind-the-scenes stuff and my backstory that will make you shake your head and say ” Well, that explains a lot.” So I went a wrote a book about it! The official launch date is May 12, but you can pre-order the book NOW at all your favorite book retailers (see buttons below).

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  1. to send a copy to the state of sao paulo Brazil parents … as would the cost plus shipping .. thanks ..sempre watch their progarmas in discooverichanel hug

  2. Great news my friend!! I would love to meet you Mr. RR, would be a fantastic time at the bar with my crew. Can’t wait for the book! Pre-ordered my copy today.

  3. Hey TC – couldn’t be happier for you. Pre-ordered last month thru Amazon Smile for GMF. Always do. Hope to get you to autograph it!

  4. Amy chance to ordered signed copies thru purchase? I see you may be doing some book signings, but maybe could sign a few to send out? By the way you and the bearded wonder are awesome. I’m still drooling over the Black Belair yall built. That car was nasty looking!

  5. Will you be selling the new book on your merchandise store with an autograph? And I would like to buy a few cars for the UK!!

  6. Hey RR,
    Will this come out an an ebook as well, us Aussies will still be waiting in 5 years time for it to release here other wise.
    By than I will be drunk on hot beer, Tom will look foxy and Aaron will have shaved his beard off lol. All things that should not happen.

  7. I must be under a rock lately. I just seen this. I will definitely be ordering it. Can’t wait for the show to come back on. I love your business style.

  8. I’ve been watching Season 1 on DVD – and enjoying every episode. FAST FORWARD – You’ve come a long way, Richard! I’ve enjoyed sharing the ride with you. Keep driving down that path – Congrats!! I’ve pre-ordered the book & can’t wait to read it. Hope ChiTown is on the book tour! I’ll be in Dallas for your birthday!! Hope you’re around.

  9. Parabéns pelo programa e sua Gas Monkeys.
    Sempre estou acompanhado vocês.
    Minhas esposa vive brigando fala que eu sou sei ver carro manda trocar e por na novela, mas eu sou o homem da casa então eu mando. Eu sou mecânico e posso dizer aprendo todo dia que vejo vocês.
    Vejo os tipos de ferramentas que usam para economizar tempo.
    Infelizmente aqui no Brasil não podemos ter os V8 no máximo um v6. O preço da gasolina é alto.
    No mais que voces continue com essa simplicidade.
    E boa sorte.

  10. My husband Ed and I are huge fans… Can’t wait for the new season to start… If you ever make it to Middletown, Delaware, beers are on Ed!

  11. congrats Richard on all your success cant wait to read your book and watch the new season of fastnloud your a very handsome man and I love to see yall build a Camaro 67 would be great …….

  12. Richard, I love the show mate. I can not wait for the book!!!! Never missed an episode. You and Aaron are the reason I started flipping cars here in Australia. Keep up the good work fellas!!

  13. Bonjour,
    je suis fan de votre émission, on en apprend tellement en mécanique et astuces ..
    quelles sont les formalités pour un achat d’un de vos véhicules vers la France ou le Portugal?
    quels en sont les couts..? si vous le faites bien sur,
    bonne continuation,

    a bientôt,

  14. Me encanta el programa, no me pierdo ninguno, muchas felicidades, ordenare el libro, y una cosa mas, Por favor saca mas en el programa a Su, tu tapizadora..

  15. Dear Mr. Rawlings

    I’m a huge fan from Denmark – I just love the show!

    Will you be joyning Gumball 3000 here in 2015?

    Best regards


  16. Hi Richard

    I have just checked Amazon uk & the release date for your book here is the 18th June so we have to wait a while longer before we get to read all your insider secrets, we can however pre order & wait 4 months!!

  17. there are a lot of fans in Argentina. I love your program, specially when you show detailed parts of car during restoration. I love Sue too. I don’t like the show during bloopers which were seen in other tv programs.

  18. Hey Richard, i am Wolfi from Austria and I´m a big fan from you. Can I have a GasMonkey Garage T-shirt with your signature?

    Sice: Medium!

    Many Thank´s

    Post Adress:

    W.P. Sammer
    Bergstraße 1 Top 7
    8344 Bad Gleichenberg

    Thank´s thank´s thank´s

  19. Hey Richard and the bearded wonder,
    Got a question for ya: does the book also coming out in “brave little Belgium”?

    Greetz Colin

  20. Hi Richard just got to say I love the show here in England! Never miss it. I’ve never been bothered to read books but this has to be worth a read. First time for everything! Looking forward to the new series man

  21. Can you go to Amazon and sign my copy? LMAO….JK
    Hey a good one buddy. I hope you sell a lot of copies.


  22. hey Richard, when I get your book through the post could I send it over to you at GMG from England any get you all to sign it and I’ll pay to get it posted back? It would make my year

  23. Mr Richard my name is Anthony Mack , and last year i won a 69 resored comaro in a sa in Raleigh North Carolina.they told me that I won the safair and square and when it came time to deliver the car I haven’t heard anything from I hired a lawyer and he told me last week Thursday I was going to pick the car up with a 500 dollar gas card and the rights to publish my story of it possible that you can check into that for me so I can obtain my car I was really excited about the car knowing that it came from you.if you need to talk to me my phone number is 252 642 98 91 looking forward to hearing from you I really really enjoy your show on TV and looking forward to the new one in May.thank you very much for all you do for us race fans.

  24. ¿Qué te parece hacer una tele serie de dos chicas,una llamada NICKY STARSKY Y STACEY MACGYVER con el estilo de dos tele series como starsky y hutch y Mcgyver, seria la caña años ´70 & 80 combinados en una serie de aventuras, Nicky ex detective del departamento de policía de Los Ángeles y Stacey manitas experta en supervivencia como su abuelo Mcgyver.
    El coche apropiado seria un barracuda 70 con v10 de 3,5 Litros y 750 cv con volante formula 1, Siendo Nicky la piloto el motor de formula 1 con suspensión “hidractive”. Piénsatelo Richard aparte de tu tele serie serias productor de tele series y forrarias a la larga. Saludos

  25. I was gonna apologize but I will not I never see a man that I think is just well stops n makes me say damn,but dam,dan,lol damn I forgot how to spell for a Just had to say DAMN.Will be looking forward to yr show.:)

  26. Yo Richard, will you be going out and promoting your book at bookstores? If so, is there a list of the places where you will be ? I would like to have an autographed copy, how could I go about getting an autographed copy? Thanks man

    • I’ll be stopping in a few cities to promote the book and do signings but I don’t have an official schedule yet. Once I do, I’ll post it

  27. Hi richard my
    Grandson lives with me, hes 15 months old and has ataxia telangiectasia. His name is rj. He comes to dallas childrens once a month for needed iv infusions. Ive done his room in classic cars and would love to add a gas monkey sign, calendar whatever to his room. Hopefully you can autograph it? Ever think of visiting the childrens hospital in dallas? If so, come see rj in special procedures!!!!! 🙂

  28. I have a 86 gmc long bed that I need to sell it would be a great project car for some one the irs got me last year and then again this year as well. Was going to put big horse power in it and make a hot rod aout of it or was going to 4×4 it it’s been in our family for 8 yrs was our youngest sons first car then he bought a Jetta then he sold it to his older brother and now I’ve got it. It just needs some TLC and money which I dont have extra right now if your interested or know someone who is email me and I will send pics thx love your show.

  29. Hi Richard

    I just adore your show and how natural you are in front of the cameras. I often leave comments on your Facebook page, but as I live in Spain, by the time I get the notification you are not online anymore. I would love to get a like one day!
    I am looking forward to reading your book and just hope that you have a son one day. You will make an amazing Dad. Everything in life pales into insignificance once you are a parent.
    If you ever come to Spain drop in for a few Cervezas. And I promise to be your beer assistant for the whole day.
    Big hugs

    Lena and her boys. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. I just pre-ordered your book as of 1 minute ago. I don’t know how much control you have over the books that go out when they become available, but I was wondering if you would sign the inside cover for me. I’m a huge fan of your show, and you as a person. I’m also a vet and still serving active duty. My 10 year anniversary of being in the USAF is on the 3rd of May and I just made rank to E-6. It would be a huge honor to have your book plus having a signed copy. I’m sure by asking, i’ll start a trend of others possibly wanting the same thing, if it hasn’t been requested already. Either way, if you can’t I understand, a lot of fans out there to please. I have a facebook personality page called Sgt. Car Man to share my enthusiasm of finding cars on the road that have been the ultimate test of time and are still driving around, plus anything that has 4 wheels and is unique in nature. Take a look if you got time. Thanks again! I’ll enjoy the read i’m sure.

  31. I just want to say i am a big fan of your work and i want to ask for a shout out. i live in morganton NC and i am 14. I work on a lot of cars at my dads garage. i really liked that coronet that you fixed and the 71 charger build.

  32. RR, love the show man. Watch it all the time at my place in Fort Worth. Just wanted to let you know I will be purchasing a badass ride from you one day. That 60’s Bel Air was sick man! Keep doin what you’re doin!

  33. This is for the monkeys I think Richard needs to buy a 1976 mustang II Gia I had one when I was 16 and they are some fun ill hot rods mine came factory with a 302 Windsor with a c4 auto with the 8.8 rear end and was running on 13 inch tires but if u want a fun ill hot rod there’s a challeng for you and the monkeys and the “bearded charmer”

  34. Richard i wish that i can bring a 69 camro to Dallas texas it’s a cool car it light blue it’s gotagood engine and a good head lights and good weheeles good carbureator and a crackshaft and heads and pully and bearings and timing set and valve cover gaskets and valve springs and fuel pump.

  35. Hello richard want to know when this sale your book in the city of mexico , and whether will be translated into Spanish , I’m super fan of your program 15 days ago i was at the airport of fw dallas and go to feed the bar n grill gas also bought my shirt monkey monkey gas, incredible pass thanks and regards .

    sorry my English is not good.

  36. Hi Richard, I’m not gonna lie I not only love watching your show and seeing all the awesome cars but I mostly watch because your an insanely good looking guy! I really wish you would come to one of the Carlisle, pa shows!! We’re pretty well known for our car shows especially the corvette show. But I just preordered your book and crossing my fingers that I qualify for one of your autographed pictures, but mostly I hope to one day meet you in person!!

  37. Richard u and ahron are great stars I try to watch all your shows on YouTube at my freewill time plz try to upload all grease monkey garage shows onto YouTube thanks a million I loved the red 1968 red Shelby you guys rebuild I see some on ebay but not as nice as the red one you’ve done !!!

  38. Hey Richard. I was going to be at your signing and we didn’t make it and my 5 year old brother is your biggest fan believe me and now he us REALLY upset is there anyway you could post a list of places you will be going so I can see if we can take him thanks a million and by the way I love your show to just not as much as my brother

  39. car on craigslist you might like Sf Bay Area Ca. [email protected] 1947 Pontiac silver streak fast back $1,500.00 if you have a email address I could forward cars you might like from craigslist .

    Mendocino county

  40. Do you send to south australia? Woukd love to read your book and for my money to go to gas monkey not someone selling thru ebay
    U have been a big insperation in my life …??

  41. Richard rawlings my name is carlos, y me encanta tu programa ¿Cual es el coche que mas te ha gustado restaurar? Para mi la chevi c10 de pick speaks

  42. Hi Richard……..I just finished reading your book, it is a great read and wanted to say thanks for sharing an insight into your life and business ideas…. …Kind Regards……Andrew (Australia).

  43. Your an inspiration to all wheeler dealers out there, you gave me the confidence at the age of 19 to gamble everything I had (£400) on one motorcycle to make a quick flip and Start myself in the business, now at the age of 22 I’m breaking into the property market and for that I thank you, hopfully if I ever make it across the pond from England one day I’ll buy you all the beers you can drink
    If there’s a way for me to purchase a signed copy to be shipped to England please let me know
    Thanks for everything
    Jack Kuhnert

    • Hell yeah, Jack! Sounds like you’re making your own luck and it’s paying off for you big time! Yeah, over at you can grab a signed copy.

  44. Hi Richard,
    My dad loves your show,and I do too, I’m 14 and my dad got his inspiration from you and now he’s staring a chroming and sandblasting shop. I want to purchase the book right now, and lucky for me today is my birthday. I’m in San Diego, and I was wondering how my dad could win they green muscle car. Thanks and keep up the good work on the show. Say hello to the monkeys for me, haha.

  45. I’am a big fan of gas monkey down here in SOUTH AFRICA.
    Where can I buy one of your books?
    The best show ever.
    Keep up the good work.

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