Rare 1980 Ford McLaren Mustang M-81 Only 10 of these rare beauties were built by McLaren for Ford.

To list all that was fascinating about the 1980’s could very well take into the next decade, but beyond the acid washed jeans and the Teddy Ruxpins a relic lurked out of site and out of mind for most. That relic being a McLaren Ford Mustang.

While in recent years McLaren trim packages have became more commonplace leading to them making cars all their own, however; in 1980 they turned out only 10 of these hand built M-81s. And as it turns out number 10 of 10 of these rare McLaren Mustang M-81s is available with under 5k miles on Bring A Trailer.

[For more info, pictures and to bid check it out on Bring A Trailer!]


  1. There was a garage on gas full of monkeys. They turn wrenches, Fab fenders, restore clunkies. First Richard, He’s the Boss! And ALWAYS Christie, She’s a HAAS! Turn diamonds from the rough n start with Junkies!

    Keep it up! Y’all Rock!!!

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