Read an Excerpt of Richard Rawlings’ Book, Fast N’ Loud

My new book ‘Fast N’ Loud’ will be released May 12, but if you can’t wait that long, here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Fast N’ Loud by Richard Rawlings excerpt by WilliamMorrowBooks

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  1. Hi guy hope things are fine sure like ta own one of those fine lookin tee shirt and thanks for your time talk at ya later.p.s.Good luck on your book sound great .see ya . size is 3 x.

  2. Richard and Crew,

    That is a wonderful excerpt from the book, as well as a great ‘tease’ as what to expect from the full version! It was a simple, but enjoyable read, with a glimpse of behind-the-scene(s) insight as to what makes me love the show. Great job Sir!

    Much success to Gas Monkey Garage and the crew – you all deserve it!

    Cheers, to living your dreams and making this the Best Damn Country in the world!

  3. You’re an amazing, interesting man, Mr. Rawlings. Can’t wait till I receive my copy. It’s going to be a great read filled with your honesty, humor & wit. Glad you took Sue’s advise. Best decision is your decision to remarry your soulmate. Congrats to both of you. Am I going to need a box of kleenex nearby while reading your book? Wishing you much continued success & happiness. May the sales boost your book to #1 New York Times Best Sellers List!! Peace & Love, TC!!

  4. Looking forward to reading the book.
    My husband and I watch your show avidly and can’t wait until the new series finally come on TV here in England. x

  5. Glad your back on the tv soon,and the book will be of interest to all that wants to get on in the world,
    Inspiration to the kids out there to pull there pants up and get on ,

    Thanks for the moments

    O its beer time bye dude

  6. Hey there – my husband is a huge fan of your show, so I want to surprise him and order the book. Problem, we live in Australia and the cost of shipping is so expensive, almost half of what the book itself costs. Will there be any distributors of your book in Australia ?

  7. Just preordered from Amazon. Cant wait to read the whole thing. Being from Arlington Texas originally and having spent more time in hotrods and their interiors, than most women, I was a fan from the first show. Fell in “like” with Aaron, and thought the crew was hilarious. Love the show, the website and my t-shirts!
    Gas Monkey ROCKS!!!

  8. I’ve watched your show from the beginning and really enjoy the story lines and all the people/characters, including Dennis.
    You couldn’t have gotten better, from Central Casting.
    Your cars represent you and your guys and gals Gas Monkey zeal and passion.
    And finally, of all the commercials I’ve ever seen, your one about the transformation of the GTO with Aaron’s beard getting clipped was perfection!
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  9. G’day mate,it’s going to be an awesum read…have you thought about coming down to Australia to do a show as we have some awesum Ford Falcons downunder…Cheers from OZ mate

  10. Its nice to see you advance from the days hanging out at Dirty Joe’s Chrome…
    Im looking forward to the book – from the excerpt above it looks like you really are putting an honest spin on things and how you grabbed the bull by the horns Once you decided you were IN!! All the best!

  11. GMG, hello from NJ to guys make us look forward to Monday evenings! My neighbor and I have been huge fans from the start of your first season and been stuck. Your work is kick ass and witnessing the end of each project is worth the wait. Keep up the good work and we hope GMG keeps moving strong. I’m a medium in t-shirts …lol …jk …I already got a few GMG shirts and wear them proudly….keep it rubber side down fellas!

  12. Not too bad a read. I have religiously watched the show from day one. Aaron sleeping in the shop…working 23 hours a day..dedication, and smart. Some great ingenuity there. I really appreciate the humor. The fun y’all are having cannot be faked. I do somewhat of the same thing…live like I want, locate the rides, make them cooler, and flip em. its feast or famine…but i’m enjoying myself. PS…the fact that you guys chose a good old shovelhead to enter into that build-off with whats his face and those idiots that fought all the time….sealed the deal. F.R.E.D. right?
    FTW motorsports

  13. G’day Richard, looking forward to reading the new book mate. See you in a couple of weeks for another adventure.

  14. Richard live the dream .my husband still wants to be you lol. I liked the clip from the book I will need a sighed copy as is my husband’s b-day present ( among other things ,man can’t survive with all that reading
    the will need other amenities)
    Best luck may12
    Dana & David Levy
    NEW Brunswick Canada

  15. Noooooo, first new T-shirts and now a book guaranteed not to take itself too seriously even dealing with the dim and dark past that must have spawned RR. To read or not to read, that is the question. Am I ready for the depravity that turned a normal kid (most of us were normal once) into the power-crazed egomaniac we would all love to work with? What if the secret of how he achieves hair-perfection involves some sort of debased ritual that is illegal in our country? How would a middle aged man like me who aspires to live a lifestyle without a care for conventional dull lifestyles cope if it is really just all an act and he wears a suit away from the garage? Not sure I am ready for that….

  16. Phew, reassured that you don’t know! Mrs C needs to get me a copy of this (you reading Mrs C? You are? Stop reading and get me a beer!)

  17. Dear Richard, I got to meet you at the GM Bar and Grill about 8 months ago. You were sitting at the bar having, of course, a Miller Lite. As no one was hanging around you, I walked over to say “Hi” and didn’t know what to expect. You were very cordial and we talked a little bit. It is great to see someone that has done a lot of hard work, and still is, plus, being successful and is a real genuine asset to Texas and the Discovery Channel and all your fans. The only shows I really enjoy are, ‘Fast and Loud’, ‘Gold Rush’, and ‘NASCAR’. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

  18. Can’t wait for the book! I’ve preordered mine! I love how you kept on trying to get what you want and never gave up! You are an inspiration and living proof that you can make it happen if you want it bad enough! Love it!

  19. What’s this I hear about distilling Gas Monkey TEQUILA!! Name it “CLARKE” cuz that’s the jig you do when you do shots?! ;-D Or call it “BadAss Brew”

  20. You guys have been a great deal of entertainment that I didn’t realize I was not only missing but also needing.I have probably seen every episode and it has inspired me to build a little 30×50 shop behind my home and start tinkering with a few cars myself.I have just ran across a 1970 dodge charger that is a basket case and I’m really struggling with the thought of giving this car a dose of my novice building abilities.Any advice? the excerpt was a good read, I look forward to reading the rest.Love the show guys and keep going and growing.If you ever make it up to Nashville look me up,Chase Calligan.

  21. Have been watching your show from the beginning and love it! The only show on tv worth watching. You, Aaron, and GMG ROCK!

    Thanks for sharing this part of the book. The last paragraph makes a powerful statement about being true to yourself, believing in yourself, and finding your passion.

  22. I’ve ordered your book….. I can’t wait to read It!!!!!

    Also, am ordering New #Fast&Loud Merch….!!!!!

    Keep It up #RRRAWLINGS. …!!!!!
    I can’t wait for new season!!!

  23. Hi my name is Tanis I’m 15 years old and i share my uncles love for old trucks! I am looking for some help!!
    My foster dad (uncle) loved his 1966 Ford f100 he said he always wanted a old truck and it was really cool. But he had to sell it so he could make room in the house so my 3 younger brothers could come live with me and keep my family together.
    I was on my way to school the other day and saw his truck sitting in a yard with a for sale sign in it. So I got out of school and walked to see the truck and ask how much he is asking-$5000.00 about $4000.00 US dollars. My brothers and I are making a plea asking for help tho buy my uncle his truck back! He does do much stuff for everyone and never seems to do anything for himself. I don’t know what we can do but we really think he will be very happy!
    Thanks Tanis, Jarelle, Kyle and Colby
    Help us reunite our uncle with his truck!

  24. Who can I get in touch with about potentially booking an event to have you talk and promote your book at my library? We’re just down the road from you!

  25. Hi,
    I love your show! Your humor and passion makes me love the show.
    My parents did stock car racing in California in the 60s and 70s.
    I was glad I learned so much about cars. I will get your book for sure.
    My passion became animals if you get a chance check out
    FaceBook SaveTigerRidge. Thanks for being real.

  26. Hey can’t wait for the new season tomorrow I’m trying to figure out if I could swing by the garage when I go to Arkansas this summer

  27. I not even own a car or be able to make any intelligent comments about the suspensions or motors or any car related gadgets or care to check passing cars out (more interested the dude behind the wheel). Still I really enjoy the show (actually just totally addicted) and I’m definately going to read the book and hopefully going to laugh my ass off. What is this voodoo-magic-thingy that you guys practise?!? Very dangerous.

  28. Hi Richard. Been watching with my wonderful gearhead hubby since the beginning. We’re both car people from birth! Have a ’37 Ford and two Harleys. Love the show, love your success, love the funny stuff, and will always be Gas Monkey Garage fans. Love the Team dynamics of you & Aaron, smart, funny, and both so good looking! RR & AK RULE and Gas Monkey Garage FOREVER!

  29. When will you open a second build shop? How about the East Coast?
    Love the Dodge Law commercials! Went out and bought a 2015 Challenger RT Plus after seeing
    the one about the driver going 25 in a 45. Tell Dodge to, “Get You Some of That”, more commission!

  30. hey Richard have you and dennis thought about retrying the cannon ball race and breaking the record again?? be cool if u did ..

  31. next time im in texas I got a case of beer for you … and I can be a better beer assistant.. not one can or bottle but a 6 pack on demand … lol

  32. I am waiting for the next season When is it going to air
    Of the 168 hours in a week I only watch two hours of TV (Discovery) and thats when I watch Fast N Loud
    I absolutely am in love with your show

    Sheikh Danish Habib

  33. Hey richard, love watching your show from south australia…you have the dream job its been my dream to do what you have done

  34. My hubby and I watch your show all the time and enjoy it each and every time it is on. You need to come to Canada to meet your fans, we would love to see you. We live in a small town called Dunnville, Ontario and there is a large quantity of antique cars. My husband said he feels like you when he goes out and wheels and deals.

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