Ready for More Fast N’ Loud?

Miss us? We miss you, too. The good news is, we get to reunite and make sweet, sweet Fast N’ Loud love to your DVR in no time. All new episodes of Fast N’ Loud come back September 3rd at 10 pm eastern, right after American Chopper! We moved from Wednesdays to Mondays because we wanted to give you something to look forward to on your least favorite day of the week: classics, hot rods and burnouts. If  you can’t wait until then, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:


  1. Hey guys–just wanted to let you know that your show kicks serious @ss and is my current favorite. Looking forward to September 3rd. The Frankenstein Ford was one of my favorites. Please keep the episodes coming!!

  2. Been watching since the first episode, i dvr it all the time if i can’t watch it. Have a hell of a work schedule, where i am either working on an ambulance as an emt or working for the local sheriff’s office here as a deputy. You guys put out some awesome vehicles. Look forward to seeing the upcoming episodes. You ever get into the norther arkansas area, look around, there’s alot of the ol cars you like to find just sitting around.

  3. Thanks for keeping me motivated to finish my 2 dr 1953 Buick Special. It was about in the same shape as your Rambler then I decided to do a 6” chop on top of everything else.

    Central Florida

  4. I truly enjoy the show and was wondering where you get your ideas for new programs. I thought you might be interested in a ’77 Monte Carlo w/156 orig
    miles and is in nearly new condition for a future show and would like to know whom to contact.

  5. just saw the recent episode. Sorry about the loss, hope the show reduces the pain. Appreciate the real show. Like reality tv, but the other shows are getting obviously contrived. keep up the good work

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