Richard and Dennis Bought the Racecar from the Movie Six Pack

Back in the early 1980s, many of us were just getting cable TV, and being able to watch movies without commercials on HBO was a really cool concept. The problem was, HBO didn’t have a whole lot of movies and the ones they did have, they played over and over again. One of those movies was a comedy called Six Pack starring Country music artist Kenny Rogers, Erin Gray from the TV show Buck Rogers and a young Diane Lane.


The movie was designed to suck you in with a cool race car, and tug on your heart strings with a happy ending. While the racing in Six Pack wasn’t NASCAR’s Winston Cup series (now Sprint Cup), but rather its Grand National series; it was still one of the first major films to feature stock car racing. NASCAR legends such as Darrell Waltrip, Mark Martin, Alan Kulwicki and Rusty Wallace made cameo appearances in the movie.


It just so happened that the actual 1970 Chevrolet Camaro stock car from the movie was a featured car at the Celebrity Car Show taking place at Gas Monkey Live this past Saturday.  Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins both remembered the movie and decided to make an offer. The deal happened rather quickly as the owner threw out a number that worked and Richard and Dennis were willing to pay cash that day.


The flatbed was there within the hour and Richard, Dennis and the owner went back to Gas Monkey Garage where they finalized the deal.  Check out the photo gallery below; it was fun watching Dennis get in and out of the car as he drove it to the flatbed.


Right now at the garage, we have 1977 Special Edition Bandit Trans Am from Burt Reynolds’ personal collection and Brewster Baker’s car from Six Pack. I’m seriously hoping Richard and Dennis run into the Chicken Pit stock car from the movie Stroker Ace so we can own that one, too. Who remembers that gem of a movie?

Stroker Ace starring Burt Reynolds and Jim Nabors
Stroker Ace starring Burt Reynolds and Jim Nabors



  1. I wished I could share my iRacing Street stock tribute car I did on this particular machine. Man. I wanna come see it soooo bad.

  2. I have just about finished with my 2017 Wildchild IMCA stock car that I have had wrapped like the six pack late model. I run the number 3 which I have had for more than 30 years. I grew up at local dirt tracks and began racing when I was 16. Remember the movie and have it DVD.

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