Richard Rawlings Book Signing Tour

My book “Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers” comes out May 12, and I’ll be making a few stops around the country to sign autographs and meet the fans. If you live in or near any of the cities below, come on out!

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  1. born 5/ 63 mothers day,. would love to see a rivera of that year born again on your think dales nomad had crome lol my dad had one that was burgundy that he let me and my bros help wet sand to really bring it out in the night air. sat about 4 inches off of the ground. I think with the crome and the lines, this is one of the most beautiful cars in the world. if I win the lottery this is the first car I would buy with all that money lol

  2. fyi love your show, my mom just moved to texas, if I get to visit her I might stop by just to say hey or do a drive bye to say I was there. keep up the good work and make the green. fyi Richard green IS not a good color as far as im concernd in a used car.just my own objection but it works for ya. keep making the green.

  3. Good book tho. Broke my bad habits, visiting jail 3x year. Great book. Priceless remedy. Can i Gett a RR sig me! Tits right there

  4. I love the show! You guys are funny yet you are serious. I would like to see more “interior restoration” rather than the mechanical stuff, but I am into “interior” not “exterior”. I am a novice having restored my 1973 Bug doing the exterior painting and interior re-do myself and really enjoy watching you guys tricking out rides. This coming from a 54 year old female hippie!

  5. GMG Team love your all on all you do , your show is the best me and my son are Latin American from Texas ( Laredo) but we live out here in Illinois watching a show from Texas Yeah !!! You all makes us proud although we are not related in any way haha which in fact Richsrd you do look like my brother he too knows about cars , but you’ve come a long way to where you’s are and being on T.V if I was there in Texas I’d meet you all I’ll be approaching and do a ” Carabana ” which it means with Honer’s and Respect , well good luck you all may god bless you always and keep you safe where ever you might be .

    Esmeralda Gro
    May 8, 2015

  6. Hey,Hope to see Richard and Aaron next week at cruising ocean city md. may 14 to may17.Hey Richard bring some books! awesome cruise.

  7. Are you going to be signing your book in the boston or New Hampshire area. If so could you let me know when and where.


  9. I wish you would bring the book tour to Virginia! Those in Texas are close enough to see you almost anytime.

  10. Hi Rich!

    My husband and I are obsessed with your show! Sure wish you were coming to Cleveland / Akron to do a signing where you have many fans! You could cruise and visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum along with Summit Racing & Goodyear! We also have some great breweries! I would like to tell you about our ’88’ Pontiac Fiero Formula. I hope to hear from you!

  11. My ten year old son and I love your show. He even dressed up as you for Halloween!! He’s going to be sooo excited to see you in person!! He flipped when he found out you were in St. Louis and he missed you. We will be there in Edwardsville in June!

  12. Hello everybody , hello richard !

    Please to make an french version very quickly , i’m a little french was dream of americars !

  13. My husband loves your show, got him 2 t-shirts for xmas. Best present ever. People keep asking him if they can buy it of him. If you plan to come over to barcelona,spain, in a future tour ley me know.

  14. I’m going to (Get You Some of That) buy the book.
    I think it’s amazing what Richard has done. He is a very savy businessman.
    Plus that attitude. I want to get some ink and beers with that guy….
    Memphis Tn. Is where it’s at….

  15. Dates aren’t poping up on my screen and had radio ads this morning on KLUV and I didn’t pay attention to the dates, I live in Dallas area could you please send me those dates?

  16. Richard i know you have been to Minnesota a couple of times the snow is gone so you can come back and you won’t fall on your ass from the snow but maybe from the beer, Ha Ha come back anytime.

  17. Richard i do have relatives in Texas and when we get down there we are going to stop by and say hi and pick up a book since you won’t be coming to Minnesota and give everyone in the shop a big hello, love the show great job keep it up or any way you can Ha Ha.

  18. Hi Richard i love the show and it would be great to get a signed book but it looks like your tour doesn’t come here, i know you been here a couple of times just to let you know the snow is gone so you won’t fall on your ass not unless it’ s from drinking some beer with us your welcome any time to Minnesota just give a holier will pick you up, here is to you.

  19. Big fan of your show, watched in England. Even have the T-shirt! Great blend of fun, humour and some cool cars. Always interesting show themes and no irritating members of your team, unlike one other programme. Looking forward to reading the book. Please come to England sometime!

  20. Hi Guys, I live in Sydney Australia, have a 1961 Impala SS,(original except for wheels)what are the chances of getting Richard to sign book and post to me, quite happy to pay for book, Love the show,
    Mick Cutting

  21. Will you be comming up any were neer Seattle was? Wife got to to see you in ocean shores Washington at the casino, by the way, she still hasn’t washed that side of her face lol

  22. Love the show. I don’t miss a Monkey Monday.
    Always love the new projects.
    Love the slammed cars, the hot rods, but would love to see a C10 lifted midd truck come out of there.
    Whooo. Getcha some of that.

  23. Love the show. I don’t miss a Monkey Monday.
    Always love the new projects.
    Love the slammed cars, the hot rods, but would love to see a C10 lifted mud truck come out of there.
    Whooo. Getcha some of that.

  24. Hi Richard and crew. Hope you have an amazing book signing tour. I ordered items last year November to come to South Africa πŸ™ and to-date has still not arrived. So hell I would be scared to want to order one on website. It it came with a courier service awesome.
    We love your show. So funky, modern and outrageous.

    Drive well and hard, and enjoy.
    South Africa

  25. Richard, as a major motor head (have had 105 cars and 26 Harleys) I’m really into your great show! Me and one of my buds are driving my 35 2 window Ford coupe and my 37 Chevy pickup out to Texas this summer to have a few beers at your Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. Hope to see you there, Bob Ramos from Novato Ca.

  26. I will be at the barnes and nobles in fort worth today to get my book signed. Love your show! Keep up the great work!!!

  27. Double R you rock man show is best discovery got loved when you fired the two sweat hogs they were stinking the place is awesome can I send it to ya for an autograph? Tell the beard of wonder keep up the good work , Christie you got the hardest job on the show kudos to ya . Now GYSOT from Pa.

  28. Coming to Dallas Sept 8–13. Hope you’re there so I can have you sign the book and I’m “Gonna get me some of that” cinnamon tequila. We’re swinging by the shop AND restaurant.

  29. Hey bud, you going to make any appearances in So. Cal. I would love to get my wife’s copy of your book signed by you….

  30. Yes, we did, they said once it went international they had no control of postal system in South Africa. Gave order details, everything. No tracking number was even given. But I will email the customer service email and see if they can assist further. Its my husbands birthday on Saturday and everyday I am ever hopeful it will arrive in mail πŸ™
    Thanks for interest shown anyway.
    South Africa

  31. Damn you are busy. I read the preview of your book a while back and I dig your writing style.
    I’ve enjoyed your show from the beginning. I like the fact that you don’t hide a lot of the mistakes..keeps it real.

  32. Richard omg i want to meet you sooooo bad please come to atlanta georgia or TN please please you are soooo hot and yes my hubby know about my crush on you lol

  33. Sooooooo disappointed that the book signing at the Hastings in Waxahachie was cancelled. I really hope it is rescheduled soon!

  34. I’m sad you didn’t come to the Valley Ranch Walmart on May 16! I wanted to show you a pic of my 98 240sx se + ask for your help to get her back to her original awesomeness! -debbie

  35. Really sucks to drive 250 miles to Irving tx to find out book signing was cancelled fans make u and break u

    • I posted it all over my facebook and Twitter that I wouldn’t be there and the events were cancelled. I don’t know how else I could have let you know. I’m sorry!

  36. My boyfriend and I went to Ocean City MD last weekend and met Christie. You are so lucky to have her working for you, she is such a nice, down to earth person! My boyfriend had his t-shirt on that I got for him from your website, the one with the your license plate on it, and she told us the story of why you can’t sell that particular shirt anymore. My boyfriend builds his own hot rods and rat rods and we love to watch your show. We would love to come down to Texas, maybe next year, and meet you and all the guys at the garage! I haven’t bought your book yet, but hope to soon. Tell Christie and the guys we said, “keep up the great work” and the same goes to you too.

  37. Do you think that in the future you may come to the UK for a book signing? I have seen that the book isn’t out until 18th June in the UK – I have mailed your customer services about getting one in time for my fiancΓ©’s birthday on 6th June. Would be great if you could squeeze the UK in for a signing… Chester or Manchester maybe πŸ™‚

  38. Hi Richard,
    Seen you at your recent book signing. I introduced myself and tried to speak to you about a high profile car build. You did not seem to be too interested and was bullied away by one of the store staff. This would have been so easy and lucrative for the both of us. Not a good business practice. Shame on you.

  39. If you ever come to massachusetts my dad would love for you to sign his 69 charger SE. Love the show keep on building awesome cars!

  40. Could not put the book down. Read it in 2 days. It just confirms what I already know about you. You’re an amazing, driven guy. What a long wild ride it’s been. Thanks for sharing your journey with us in so many ways. I’m proud to be a Gas Monkey Girl! The shout out was AWESOME. I’m glad our paths crossed in March. I’ll never forget the warm welcome all the “GMGirls” we’re given by everyone at GMG. I love Southern hospitality. As your journey continues, I wish you happiness & continued success in everything you aspire. Catch you on Twitter TC! Peace & Love

  41. Hey Richard I was just wonder why the date have changed on your tour and are you still going to the woodlands and if so what date and time ? Thank you , Austin

  42. Richard I just wanted to say you Rock & I love 4 hat you are always just yourself & never try to be fake for anyone or any reason! I love your passion for cars & how excited you get when u discover a great find. I love cars myself, (hell I even work on my own cars) 80’s music, Harleys & oh yeah Miller Light but most of all I love your BaddAssness! I wish you were coming to Florida for your book tour I would be so stoked to get to meet you. Maybe one day I will take a road trip to come see you!! You rock on every level!!

  43. P.s. Richard you would make my decade if you followed me on Twitter @1HurricaneDonna that would be the BombDiggity!!

  44. Hi Richard – do you pick the comments to post on here. I wrote a REALLY complimentary blog on your book last week and it disappeared after I posted it?! Just wondering?! I couldn’t put the book down it was so good. Great read! Well done. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I’m enjoying the ride! ? PEACE & LOVE

    • The comments have to be approved first. Haven’t gone through to approve them until now, so I’m sure it will show up soon!

  45. Hi Richard! You have a ton of NY fans (7 that live in our home) that would have loved to meet you! I am one of them, however I believe my husband has me beat. It is a family affair watching your show. We would have loved to be able to meet you and have you sign our book for us! Hopefully, we will make it to your neck of the woods one day, and stop over to say hi! ~ ChristIna & Bill Johosky

  46. What’s up.
    It seems like you are more concerned with selling tshirts,books and booze instead of building cars. Even your inventory on cars for sale is nothing but cars you bought for the quick flip.
    I started watching GMG for the car builds.
    When you getting back to that?

  47. Hey Richard
    Saw you were in NJ in May, we missed it. But heard you made a quick stop by us to attend a car show in Old Bridge NJ August w Dennis. The one car show my husband didn’t attend w his 1987 Grand National. He’s always wearing his GM shirt to represent. Hope you get to make it out to NJ again.

  48. Hey Chief,

    Want to do a build with my 13 yr old. I’m want to do an Impala, 67′. Would you look fo the big block 454 or would you look for a smaller size engine for less ware? What’s the true classic muscle for the 67 impala….engine size partner?

  49. Richard i have a bet you will definately win with your gas monkey garage budds
    lets take there pay checks laugh,and have a beer ,i’m disabled and could use Aarons check thown into my jeep ,,hit me back

  50. Hi my family and I or going to southwest Florida in July my 16year old son is gas monkey mad ,I love the show myself I have took this crazy idea of my son and myself driving from bonita springs to your garage or there any avents on in July. Plus would the staff that be on the show be there it’s a hell of a drive just to get there and then drive back again but I know my son would love it and such a great memory it would be thanks for your time

    • Everyone who’s on the show is always here at the garage working. That being said, if you make the drive out here, I can’t guarantee you’ll get to meet any of the monkeys. The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  51. Richard my 6 year old and I watch your show religiously he even has me dvr it and keeps all the episodes to watch over and over he walks around telling everyone ” Whoo get you some of that” he had a class project where he had to give a speech and they asked if he could meet one person who would it be and he said you and then said get you some of that lol I was wondering do you have down time at the shop during the season or make special appearances where we could try to get to meet you? I know you are super busy but my son would probably never stop talking about it. Thanks

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