Richard Rawlings Dodge Commercials

Had a blast making these new commercials with Dodge. If you don’t abide by Dodge Law, the monkey and I will get you! Here’s what I mean by that…





  1. Wtf i know its all fun. Would rather see sue as the main cop deliering corny lines and flirting with Richard. Change the music

  2. I love these commercials. I can’t stop watching them! 🙂 You’re so talented, Richard! The monkey too! 😛 hehe

  3. Why you wearing your own clothes?
    Did they take away the wardrobe budget and put it towards makeup to cover your “oops I fell out of a car” boo boo?
    I’m kidding…..oh hell, no I’m not.

  4. Onde está o Aaron? Ele podia ser o cara mau com um Mustang! Muito bom! … Ele ia odiar! Mas ia ser legal!
    Were is Aaron? He could be a bad guy with a Mustang…. Awesome… He will hate that! wouldl be funny!

  5. Top work Mr R. Great work as per usual… now i just need my new fast and loud fix and some miller time !!!!

    Keep up the good work

    Rich (uk)

  6. Soy cubano y pago para ver todos los episodios de GasMonkey creo que hacen un trabajo espectacular los felicito a todos y espero que aunque me cuente mi dinero pueda seguir disfrutando del trabajo que hacen en el taller saludos

  7. Any plans for a new TV pilot GMG – DALLAS : CSI Starring the entire GMG gang! You look very tough with a badge hanging around your neck!

  8. The monkey should of been voiced by aaron. or been played by him live action in a monkey suit reduced in size cgi like they do hobbits and dwarves.

  9. I’d like to know how, on God’s green earth, did you get Aaron into that monkey suit?? 🙂
    Congrats on diversifying (?) yourself so well! No one can knock you for trying. Its all starting to pay off now.

  10. Richardt eses pesimo no se como lograste lo del chevi copo pero quedo bien Aroon es mejor y lian es un fan no se pierde un programa pero si Tom sigue en eso que es bueno aciendo se ra mejor que lo eches el es una perdida de tiempo y dinero como tu dices

  11. Love the commercials! “Wife’s spandex” just too damn funny!

    Sooooo glad to see the show’s coming back in a couple weeks! In my younger days I worked for a shop in Birmingham, AL, that did similar restorations & customization, just not at the level of GMG. But that job left me with some awesome memories that come to life every time I watch the show.

    Thanks for great entertainment, incredible creativity and quality of work & a hell of a lot of laughs!!!

  12. My favorite show on the boob tube. Now you’re in comercials . Your a genius and know how to make money money money. Gonna read your book..pissa. When do you stop?

  13. LMAO I am now totally convinced you have FINALLY lost your mind. there will be a white Dodge Van to pick you up in a little while to take you to ahhh…… A place where we can make you better 🙂

    LOL Hope to see the Challenger next week!

  14. You MUST merchandise that monkey. That MONKEY must sit in the front seat of my black Scat Pack shaker!!! Its the roadrunner/coyote doll for the modern Mopar. Did I say doll? I mean action figure.

  15. Hey I built a 37ply truck with a 6.1 hemi about 3 years ago and my little shop is here in Cleveland tx. Yall ain’t the first in tx! Their was no tech support or wiring diagrams just a scanner and a ohm I kept all my info on the harness and comps. Like the show

  16. FYI, I gave up looking for that Hot Rod car that was just like the ones you did that guy some where above was looking for. There is one that LOOKS just like the car you had and has a brand new engine but it was a built stroker crate engine still running carb. Probably almost lipped right in with no argument.

    Just figured I’d give the heads up.

  17. These commercials are awesome! Its nice to see you and the monkey help out Dodge. Growing up my father had a bunch of Dodges. Keep up the awesome builds Monkeys

    Love the show and the cars

  18. I don’t have a car that you guys would do anything with except as a beater lol, but I would love to come down and hang out with you guys for a day. You guys are some crazy men who do some funny stuff. You guys seem to be the people that work really good with each other. Also I found a 1957 chevy coupe and my buddy has a 40’s sadan, a farlean 500 and a old dodge pick up, four speed to the floor. One more thing, I really loved that scat pack charger you did

  19. Hey Richard why don`t you have a huge Gas Monkey logo on top of that new building so you can get free advertizing from local news as they fly over

  20. Richard, I have just watched these, JPMP!
    BTW I ate at GMG last week, awesome job on the full meat sampler! I left the server my card with compliments to the Chef! From a Chef. “nuff said.

  21. Awesome commercials! People will relate for sure. I know Sue won’t be in one because she will overcharge “Ass Monkey”… I got a cool N.H. License plate to send you,Perfect for on the wall behind your desk., Lemme know where to send it…Thanks for making Monday Night more enjoyable!! USA-V8 Baby !! Wooooooooooo

  22. sorry. i really enjoy you and the boys and girls there at gas monkey, hell even sue is a welcome sight almost every monday night. but i really believe that the television and internet viewing audience could get along just fine without those extremely stoopid commercials. dude, really?


  24. I want help monkeys.. some info about the dodge dart 4 doors 1969.. can any body help or give me a link to access and know more about it
    Thanks any way
    Ur best middle east fan

  25. Dominic- really stoopid commercials? Really? You either have NO sense of humor or NO creativity, or BOTH! That’s some funny stuff. Richard and a wise ass monkey, doesn’t get any better!

  26. …dats right. Ya`ll playin wit mopars now. Its awsome. Coronet, Challenger, Hellcat. U had a hellcat too.! GMG.rox

  27. . Ya`ll playin wit mopars now. Its awsome. Coronet, Challenger, Hellcat. U had a hellcat too.! GMG.rox

  28. Ok, where can I buy one of those gas monkeys and the dodge law tag! If they are not for sale, they need to be.

  29. Richard i watch all of them you did a great job you and the monkey was hilarious very cute but it also shows Dodge has one bad ass car and it’s not here just to go to church on sundays it’s made to run to.

  30. When are you going to do some history on the Dodge Brothers.
    If you do, let me know and I will send a very good picture of a special
    keep sake item that was from an old Dodge pickup my father-in-law had.

  31. Please, please, please, you gotta start selling all the different styles of sunglasses you wear on your show, not just Stun Brand. Specially the ones you were wearing on your dodge commercials. At least tell me what brand you wore on the latest dodge commercial.
    Thank you sir.

  32. I just had to send you a note of appreciation Mr Rawlins .I really enjoy your show as a Kiwi in Australia I had a great laugh at the prank you pulled on the Aussies with the flag on the old green and white 59 Bonneville .May all your lovin be hot and your beers all icy cold.Cheers

  33. We love the commercials, especially our son. Our 3 yr old has grown up with a green stuffed monkey so we say dodge Law is his monkey cousin. We are looking to find one for him. Do you know where to get one. Thanks

  34. Brilliant commercial – Hope see some of the adds hitting our local television stations soon in South Africa!!!

  35. I really enjoyed the new advertisement for Dodge. The pairing of Mr. Rawlings and the Gas Money was a stroke of genius… Me. Rawlings is the perfect fit for the marketing campaigns. He provides a great inside into the history of Dodge line of muscle cars throughout the companies long history. I find the ads to be entertaining as well as informative in regards to the features of the vehicles featured in the ads. My compliments to Mr. Rawlings, Dodge, and the introduction of the Gas Monkey! I wish you great success in all of your future endeavors. Best.

  36. The VW van you guys bought in junkyard & rebuilt with shortened length. I truly believe saw that van on way to work this a.m. in Brandon, FL . It had been repainted from your baby blue/white to now sporting an “Orange” paint job. It was being driven slowly on major hwy outside lane. It took a few minutes to realize where I had seen that vehicle before. Just to let you know it’s still running down the highway here in Florida.

  37. THIS! THIS is the attitude that I fell in love with over 25 years ago, for an attitude that’s 45 years old. I’ve got a ’70 Challenger that’s in the works to be a Pro-touring joy. Not only that, but give me a ’68 Roadrunner, a ’69 Charger, a ’71 ‘Cuda! These were the days when Mopar was all-in, doing it a bit different, even if it wasn’t easy cool. They were fighting as the underdog, even though their engine/transmissions were arguably among the best. Give these old girls a modern dress-up of suspension geometry that matches modern tires and capable drivers, and they sing a great song. E-Max is my Angel. May the underdog shake the world. May assumptions be broken. May Hellcat on rails be born!

  38. Hey they’re back off private!! Cool.

    I’m back again because I just noticed some thing. Pastry commercial guy gets pulled over for eating pastry in the car but then you get down to the Yoga video and what’s Richard eating? LMAO Damn it, above the law authoritarianism at it’s finest right there LOL

  39. We were very sure that was you sitting at the table beside us on the 11/7/15 Southern Caribbean Cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas. Looks like we were right.
    Great cruise, hope you enjoyed it!

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