Gas Monkey Cars for Sale At Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016

Here are the cars that Richard brought to Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016 – October 13-16th 2016. Thanks to Tony Taylor for all this great info.

Please check your local listings for broadcasts on Velocity and Discovery Channel.

JD Pass, Dennis, Craig Jackson, Richard, and Prashant Patel at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016 opening night.
JD Pass, Dennis, Craig Jackson, Richard, and Prashant Patel at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016 opening night.

 1965 Shelby Cobra Backdraft (Replica)

Built on the Backdraft Chassis with the GT Body option the list of custom items is extensive including custom Carbon Fiber dash gauge panel with Aviator Gauges, Ray Dyot Racing Mirrors and LED head, tail, driving and instrument lighting.

The power package starts with a VMS 438 RSFI “Widowmaker” V8 with a Borla 8-stack fuel injection system mated to a Tremec T-56 Magnum 6 speed transmission and coupled by a McLeod twin disc clutch putting the power to the ground! Wilwood XL braking system brings it all to a stop when you’re behind the Sparco wheel in the well-appointed Touring Package interior.

Sold: $90K

1965 Shelby Cobra Backdraft (Replica)
1965 Shelby Cobra Backdraft (Replica)

1973 De Tomaso Pantera

Well preserved original condition showing 18,444 miles. This is a rare mostly original (non-factory air cleaner has been installed) unrestored car that has been well cared for from a private collection in a climate controlled environment.

Sold: $63K

1973 De Tomaso Pantera

1973 De Tomaso Pantera

1967 Chevrolet Camaro 4X4 “Monster Truck”

This awesome, one of kind build will be documented as the featured build on an episode of Fast N’ Loud. Built with a 454 Big Block V8 riding on massive 44” Michelin 365/85 20 XZL mounted on Fuel Maverick 20X10 rims.

After completely rebuilding the axles with all new Yukon axles, gears and lockers the attention turned to the fairly solid body. After a complete tear down to prep for painting and the unique digital camo wrap, all that was left was to completely replace the interior and add A/C to compliment the Power Steering and Brakes!

And to ease the climb into the cockpit of this awesome, one of a kind machine a set of Amp Research automatic electric folding steps were added along with a set of Rigid Rock lights underneath.

Sold: $53K

1967 Chevrolet Camaro 4X4 “Monster Truck”
1967 Chevrolet Camaro 4X4 “Monster Truck”

1930 Ford Model A 5 Window Coupe

Wild custom one off Steam Pump Style Hot Rod was built in Finland by Heath Garage and found by Richard at a car show in Sweden. The workmanship and attention to detail have to be experienced firsthand to truly appreciate the quality of this one of a kind build! The wild green and gold metallic custom paint really jumps out, but it’s all the little details that add to this Finnish product (sorry, couldn’t help the pun).

A small block Chevy fueled by a six pack of carbs mated to a TH350 Transmission power this wild ride sitting on an air ride setup to complete the look! The interior is truly a work of art with an attention to detail that really sets it apart. The chassis and under carriage have also been detailed to the same level as the rest of this awesome, one of a kind work of art.

Sold: $49.5K

1930 Ford Model A 5 Window Coupe

1930 Ford Model A 5 Window Coupe


  1. Need a little help… I have a drug rehab center and I have a 1929 pontiac with the original wood kit. I need that wood kit removed and restored to metal… money is a short, and i really dont want to sell it would like to restore it… can you all work with me and make this happen…

  2. I have a 1972 dodge e100 van that I can’t afford to fix up.I was thinking that it may make a good show for you. It does run and drive. It has a slant six.the original engine,seats and staring wheel as well as dash. If your half interested send me an email and I will send you pictures. I am the second owner but I am still trying to get the title for it. I will explain about it on the phone. Feel free to call me at 928-542-8072.thank you.

  3. I see the “sold” prices under each car. Was money short again this auction? I watched it the first day and the biggest sale was $50,000. I thought a good number of the cars shown that day would have sold for much more. It’s seems like money just isn’t there lately. Wrong or right? Thanks.

    • CMF,

      From a Gas Monkey perspective, Richard was happy with our sales and the purchase prices of the cars he bid on and won. Based on the tone of the room, the general consensus was there were a lot of cars that went for too low of a price. There was a Viper that sold for a lot more than anticipated that received a ton of buzz, but that car didn’t represent much of the weekend.

  4. Richard seems like a cool guy, but what’s up with all those weird, girly jeans he wears? They creep me out a bit. Christie’s little boy haircut bugs me too. She would look better with female hair. The black GMG Ford GT was the most killer car on the planet but some old dude bought it for like $230K at auction. Richard should have kept that car forever. But Aaron had to add an air scoop to the EcoBoost Pantera at the last second, which “forced” Richard to replace it with the Ford GT at the auction. Oh well.

  5. @Chris Miller. 1, no one cares what you think about Richard’s jeans, Christie’s hair or anything else you say. Also, the show is completely contrived. Almost scripted. The decision to send the GT to the auction had little or nothing to do with Aaron’s decision to put a scoop on the Pantera. We strongly suggest that you get a life.

  6. 1973 Javelin Amx For-sale.. I’m from Canada.. are you interested. Have sent email n pics., Facebook message also.. love the show!!’

  7. I agree on the LV prices. It seems like the last couple of years the prices (even for known winners) have been all over the map. It must make Richard’s job kinda scary.

  8. Huge Fan,
    Been watching Gas Monkey since the start. Been doing the same thing for years but not on that grand of scale. Proud of these guys; & well, consider them like family. Have several cool cars(some real classics) & would love, LOVE to meet these guys in person! Richard and the boyz! Would even fly down to see them, if invited. Have a passion for these cars. Working on my 1969 Dodge Charger as we speak! Keep up the killer cars brothers, love watching them roll down the action lane! Thanks for all the GREAT entertainment over the years…….


    Joe Green

  9. I have a ’53 willys wagon that i was wanting to do what you guys did to the K5/KAMARO,but with the essence of the Ford /Harley davidson pick-up feel.Any advise?

  10. I love the show and the jaw dropping cars that you guys make. The are engenius and deserve the praise of all!
    I would love to see what you guys can do to a 1977 blazer as i used to own one as my very first car. I had it peosi blue, loudest as it could be and the largest subs that i could afford!
    Keep up the amazing work, wish you all the success GMG!

  11. Richard I am yeral from venezuela I write to you I would love to work in your workshop, I am a fan of your program I like mechanics. I’m available ..

  12. Hi Richard I am from South Africa and have a South African Farmer that have collection of +- 200 classic cars for sale and the are all 100% condition. would like to send photos of the cars.

  13. I have a 1968 camaro RS 502 big block drag car with big wheels Hoosier tires , orange with white racing stripes .. condition is very good ! for sale I need 30 k at least trying to sell it before the first I have alot of debt that is why I must sell it is all original and 40 k miles please contact me 214-770-4045 my name is Tino live in dallas area thank you !

  14. Hey tino,
    Have you still got the camaro? Australian buyer . I can call u anytime to discuss. Obviously give Richard first option, but if it’s for him, cash is not an issue downunder, here in Australia.
    Cheers Brenton

  15. What episode is that Cobra on I am going crazy looking for it. My friend sent me a picture of him watching the episode but he forgot what it was called. It was just on recently and i really want to know what it is called.

    • Marshall – Are you talking about the 1965 Shelby Cobra Backdraft (Replica) with the “Widowmaker” V8? If so, it was on last night’s episode (1/17/17) Called ‘Million Dollar Monkey’. Should be on or DiscoveryGo. Repeat will be on Discovery Channel this Saturday 1/21/17.

  16. Hey Monkey’s, my name is Jim, similar last name to your sister’s Richard. I have a 68 dodge dart that I picked up in Mississippi and I do not recall seing any Darts being Monkey’ed Up. What’s the give? How bout a new verses old show down or show up in the Dart Dept? I Double Dog Dare Ya. My Dart is not for sale but would be awesome if the guys and Christie could throw some ideas on what to do with my ride. The color is a faded cranberry with the 2 small scoops on the hood, I was thinking of just clearing it to help keep the cost down. The guys have never done a clear over old.SSDI doesn’t go to far. I’m a Veteran that is disabled and trying to hang with the car guys. Please advise. Semper Fi

  17. Richard, if you would like to pick up another very creative car builder with an expert knowledge of what the people on the “west coast” look for and crave, call me. I have a few ideas for some really cool builds, just dont have your money. You ought to think about opening up a gas monkey garage out here in the S.F. bay area. You would do very, very good out here. I am from Richmond, Ca., been here all my life and have all the connections you would need to make truck loads of money doing what you love to do. I know of at least 20 nice, (muscle car era), cars that could be had with nothing but potential for a decent price. (Way less than what you are paying). You should contact me, I am thinking you like money, right ? Plus you would love the weather….. Call me…..

  18. Hi GMG,
    Love your programme, BUT love your F100 pick ups more……….
    How much would it cost me to get you to build one up with a 5-600hp chev
    in it ? Can you quote me for right hand drive to NZ standards & exported to me ?
    Keep up the or some show fella’s

  19. Thinking about selling my 65 Corvette Stingray …needs some work…might be a good car for your show…also have an older 750 Honda Motorcycle

  20. l recently travel to NY State border with Montreal, and l found 3 beautiful Cadillac, 1966-1964 one of them convertible, no rust, all parts in place, all original rims, inside no rust no missing seats front panel complete, lights original , no titles, no keys, but owner of land motivated to make some money and me too, have pictures, also a fiat , looks like sport similar model than the Morris from British Leyland, if any interest l am listening

  21. I have a 1965 ford short box 4×4 evry thing is stock except the box witch is a 93 ford step side and tire’s and rims.and paint and headliner. the motor is 352 4 spd. how rare are these and would you be intrested in it i can send pic.I live in minnasota.

  22. Hey GMG thanks for the news blast on renting local cars via DriveShare. just registered mine. It would be awesome if you guys have one to share with all the GMG logos. Perfect for photo ops! LJ

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