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Not sure if you’ve seen the new look and feel of eBay yet, but it’s a pretty drastic change. The new eBay Today homepage features “collections” by eBay curators and other eBay users. eBay invited me to be one of the first curators. So what did I put in my collections? Cars, chrome and all things fast and loud! The eBay items in my collections are things I want, things I need or just things that inspire me. Maybe they’ll help you find some inspiration, too. You can follow me on eBay by clicking HERE and then click +FOLLOW. Or you can follow my individual collections. Here are a few of my collections you might be interested in:

Richard Rawlings eBay Collection Richard Rawlings eBay Collection Home Garage Richard Rawlings eday collections monkey Richard Rawlings Ebay Collection speed

I’ll be adding more items to these collections every month, and I’ll be adding more collections as they come to me. If you have any suggestions for other collections I should create or items I should add, feel free to post them in the comments section below.



  1. Trying to figure a way of haveing you do a 65 chev SS. At this time I have a 69 olds cutlass, motor and trans were just rebuilt. body in good shape, has a 25ft paint job, and a little rust bubbles on right rear quater. Trying to figure out a way to tell the wife that I want to go into hock and start on my dream car. I know that you are fixing to do a 60 chev, low and fast. that is on the
    T,V. this is what I would want done to the 65, but not in black. Now all I have to do is win the lotto, or wait for a rich uncle to pass. Guess I could sell the home down in Porter Tx. Love your show, Take care and be seeing you, when I get this worked out in my head.

  2. I live up here in Alaska and I enjoy your good old boy attitudes.
    As a weekend gear head/ wrench monkey I love what you put out.
    I do have a unique 67 AMC Javelin SST, 4 speed thats all there and in
    the right hands and pocket book this could really be a badass machine.
    If I caught your interest shoot me an email.


  3. Well GMG has made it as far up North as Niagara Falls, NY. I was helping a Buddy build a garage for a Friend who owns a Collision Shop in Niagara Falls. While inside of his garage waiting out a rain duluge I was admiring some of the cars he was working including a Roadrunner and a Cadallic Convertable. I was asking him about the Caddy and he told me he bought it off a Guy who purchased it at an Auction for like $11k from GMG. I don’t know the year of the Caddy but it was a quick flip where it looks like the suspension, tires, possible brakes/ exhuast work, some interior and a new white convertible top was installed by Su. It was kind of a lite blue original paint and had some petina so I think it was cleared. The Collision Shop Owner said he had a copy of the Episode where GMG flipped it and plan to to a righteous restoration on it. I was trying to find the Eposode but couldn’t, ringing any bells? We ll hello from up up North (I’m from Buffalo, NY), I enjoy your show and keep on keeping on!

  4. Richard, what is the jacket you wear, the one with the pocket on the sleeve? Who is it made by? The leather one. I love it! I’ve been googling but no luck. 🙂 thanks and we love the show!

  5. I see Mr.Sandra Bullock got a new show.Outlaw garage what a bunch of pussys whine bitch and moan .They dont love cars they love each other if know what I mean.

  6. Can someone please let me know how the law works in America with regards testing cars or bikes after a build Southey are safe to be on the road as you seem to build them and sell them with no testing

  7. Maybe gas monkey garage needs to sell all their cars on ebay. The 72 mustang is selling for more than the boss 429. Love the show.

  8. Hooked on the show its all I watch and wish I had the cash to bid on some of the best rides I have ever seen. You all pay the best attention to detail that I have ever seen.Being a disabled Vet I can appreciate the need for real team work and you all have it Keep on rocking them out and I will keep on dreaming and laughing my butt off.

    • Some people let the excitement go to their heads and bid themselves out of their price range. The real bids stopped right at the $50k range.

  9. I’m thrilled for you. Sounds like you made more on this than the Boss 429. Sure was disappointing to watch the auction for the 429 but seems like you always manage to make a deal. Good for you.

  10. Richard luv ur show I’m a Pipefittèr that travels a lot I’v found a car u might b interested in 1968 camaro ss. An rs an convert alb power everything all original but the motor.

  11. hey Richard do you buy car from Canada have 61 ranchero original blue and white still has the 6 in it runs drives would be glad to send picks .watch your show all the time and saw you do ranchero before think you and the bearded wonder are great have worked on cars for 26 years and like your way of low and fast thanks andy


  13. Look at 298 Windsor Dr, Longview Texas Google Maps more Cadillacs in place your eyes have ever seen in one place I don’t want anything just want to let you know where the cars are I have lived there over35 years or more played in a lot when I was a kid I’m 46 now

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