Richard Rawlings and Miller Lite Join Forces and Announce The “Ride with Rawlings” Contest


If you know one thing about me, you know I love old, classic cars. If you know two things about me, you also know how much I love an ice cold Miller Lite. So, you can imagine how excited I am to announce that Miller Lite is taking one of our favorite Gas Monkey rides on a road trip! Even better news? YOU can enter for a chance to ride shotgun with me to a Dallas Cowboys game in the Miller Lite GMG truck (if you’re at least 21, of course)!

Miller Lite will be touring the GMG truck around Texas and Oklahoma where you can enter for a chance to win*. Winner and a guest will get roundtrip airfare to Dallas, a 2-night stay at the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas, dinner at the Gaylord Hotel, ride with Rawlings to the game in a GMG truck, pre-game sideline access and suite tickets for the game.

Keep an eye on the GMG Twitter account (@GasMonkeyGarage) or track the #RidewithRawlings hashtag where we’ll be announcing the locations of the tour stops because you have to show up to enter the contest. Come on by so you can check out the truck, take pictures and grab some Miller Lite/GMG Swag. I can’t be at all 200 stops of the tour, but you better believe I’ll be making some appearances.

Check the schedule below to see when the truck will be in your area.


Wednesday, November 12

  • 12-2pm Randall’s (2931 Central City BLVD, Galveston, Texas)
  • 3-5pm Kroger (6702 Seawall BLVD, Galveston, Texas)

Sunday, November 16

  • 12-2pm Kroger (2750 East League City PWY, League City, Texas)
  • 3-5pm Walmart (1701 FM 646 West, League City, Texas)

Wednesday, November 19

  • 1-3pm Walmart #3226 (25108 Market Place, Katy, TX)
  • 4-6pm Kroger #38 (25050 FM 1093 Richmond, TX 77406)

Thursday, November 20

  • 1-3pm Kroger #737 (12400 FM 1960  Houston, TX, 77065)
  • 4-6pm Kroger #739 (9125 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. Houston, TX 77064)

Friday, November 21

  • 1-3pm Walmart #3640 (1118 Silber  Houston, TX 77055)
  • 4-6pm HEB #577 (10251 Kempwood  Houston, Tx, 77043)

Saturday, November 22

  • 1-3pm HEB #563 (19900 SW Fwy. Sugarland, TX. 77479)
  • 4-6pm Kroger #10 (24401 Brazos Town Crossing  Rosenberg, TX 77471)

Sunday, November 30

  • 1-3pm Walmart #1837 (24401 Brazos Town Crossing  Rosenberg, TX, 77471)

Check back soon for more stops!

If you make it out to see the truck, take pictures and post them using the #RidewithRawlings hashtag on Twitter and/Instagram and you might win some other cool prizes.


*DISCLAIMER: NO PURCH. NEC. Open to legal US res of OK, and select res of TX, 21+ ONLY.  For Rules, visit Void where prohibited.


  1. Would love to ride along with Richard on one of his bad ass trucks and go drink beer with him. We could have a kick ass time.

  2. There is only one problem.. YOU cant enter unless you go to where one of the destinations where the truck will be and from the looks of that, it will only be in TEXAS.. I am a fan and live all the way in TENNESSEE.. Could u not find a much easier way to enter the contest – seeing as how a lot of fans are NOT just from that area.? Just a suggestion Thanks and Heartbroken ;(

  3. I have moved here from Cali and have been a fan and the day I got here went to the garage and bar and grill trying so hard to me y’all and this would be awsome to finally meet you!! I have been to the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill a few times now I even totally enjoyed the Def Leggend concert. Your places are awsome!

  4. Hey Richard and GMC(Gas monkey Crew), why don’t you ever come out too So.Cal. who has the best cars and diehard fans………….Love too meet you and the guys and have a pic of you and I with my car……….

  5. I’m from OKC and was in Dallas this weekend and went to the Bar and Grill. Awesome place both my boys got there Gas Monkey t-shirts and tried to wear them for two days said they wish we had one in OKC

  6. I would love to ride with ya but my boyfriend would love to be your sidekick for the day…he is a Gas Monkey (Ass Monkey)! He would be a happy camper for yrs!

  7. DVR every episode. Never miss a one. Next to my 2 sons being born, this would be the best experience of my life.

  8. Just visited GMG on a recent trip down to Dallas. Didn’t get to see/meet anyone but we saw Aaron walking around which was pretty cool! Would love to meet Richard and some of the GMG crew!!

  9. What can I say if you take me.. I’ll be your best beer buddy and we might not end up at the game we might end up taking a ride in Bull Run instead and you might just be the new record if not ill make one hell of a good time Richard

  10. Damn Miller Lite! Have to be present to enter sucks! I really want to enter this contest, but I live in AZ. Love Richard and GMG.

  11. Never been to Texas, love the show, so this east coast girl would like the opportunity to visit Gas Monkey, see a football game, and of course drink a few miller lites.

  12. I’m in ChiTown ;( but if U pick my RT I’m giving the tix to one of my #gasmonkeygirlfriends in the DFW area. GYSOT!!

  13. Greatest Car/truck build show Ever !!,Not a lot of Drama….Live in Norman Ok.
    And I will Drink a lot of Miller Lite….

  14. Love the show. Wish you would come to South Carolina (Union). Would love to meet the everyone. Gas Monkey’s has lots of fans in South Carolina.

  15. Hey monkey ass i`d love to smoke tires and ride along with you richard and raise hell with you. Me i bet i`m just as much of a car nut like you and i was raised in a junk yard and drag strip (the famous ononadaga dragway-leslie,michigan) also i build street rods to street trucks or just about anything so lets break out the beer and i’d love to be shotgun rider with you richard(monkey ass) ha ha yooowww.

  16. Well darn. I am planning on flying out to a couple of the different locations but it looks like I cannot win if I don’t live in Oklahoma or some parts of Texas. 🙁 rats.

  17. Ei Richards eu sou um grande fã seu eu mora em São Paulo brasil… queri muito poder trabalhar com vocês. … um grande abraço. ..

  18. Looks like this Daytona Beach gal will be road tripping it. Richard, football and beer… can a girl pass this up?!! Richard….I’m in!!!

  19. Hey Richard love your show man…its different from the rest…have you ever considered visiting Cape Town South Africa and have plenty of beer too….ha ha ha

  20. Rich, you know I’ve been a loyal & faithful fan since the VERY BEGINNING OF 1st SHOW!! Bring yourself or the entire #FASTNLOAD Crew to the mid Atlantic, namely WV Cuz I’d Love to Ride Shotgun with you Rich…anytime & my fav team since my youth, the days of Tom Landry w/his “Hat” Talk soon Rich, Tony Means

  21. My eldest brother is gutted like me and everyone else I know he loves Gas Monkey but heard some negative stories at a Corvette rally here in UK about some people from UK who visited Gas Monkey and didn’t feel welcome at all , he was planning to visit Gas Monkey with some other club members but they’ve decided to give it a miss still a great show to watch though.

  22. Love the show and the talent! Loved it even better when it first started. You guys have gone way too comercial! To the guys in the shop keep up the hard work . Richard I’ll vote for you for mayor

  23. May I suggest a tour stop in New Orleans? I think we consume a small amount of Miller Lite every now and then, you know, once in a blue moon. Would be great to show GMG some NOLA!
    Take it easy-Ryan

  24. Hey Richard this is Kevin …big fan of the show.gonna ask u aaron and crew to goto Vernon texas aug. 8th thru aug 10th.its a big cruise.its called summers last blast.lots of of cars and cruisin.its alot of fun .I go every year.theSTREETOUTLAWS r gonna be there too.that would make for a killer weekend .me and some friends r gonna be hanging at Vernonburger.thats where we park .ur welcome to join us.anyways its the 25 anniversary of the cruise so it should be exciting.what a way to top it off by havin u guys and the outlaws showin up.well take care .hope u read this .hey if u get a moment drop me a line or 2 .it shoul have my [email protected] thats my gmail.see u guys…

  25. Can we do donuts in the middle of the field? I also don’t see any reason why we can’t chug a brewsky whilst spinning yon donut (since it is private property after all)!! Wooooooooo!!!

  26. RR- It’s time to get out of your Southern Comfort Zone! How about coming up to Wisconsin, where we know how to handle -40 degree cold weather, in the winter. ALL Summer long there is a party in most every town. Miller Lite was born in BEER TOWN!!! And it’s NOT a party without a ROADTRIP!!!

    • Just because y’all can handle the cold doesn’t mean that I can/ want to anytime soon! But you never know where I might go next to find our next big build…

  27. This is bada$$! My niece will be turning 14 this weekend and the one place she wanted to go to is ur shop! Love the show and ur crew. We will hopefully get to meet up with u in Denton Saturday, that’ll make her day/birthday and mine!! 🙂 keep on being awesome!

  28. Honestly you need to come to the “tax free” state of Delaware!! Bring a trailer so you can purchase all your car parts with no tax attached.

    • The Bearded Wonder and I make our way up to the NYC area a couple of times a year. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for when we’ll be up there next.

  29. I would love to meet you! You should come get you some of this 113 degree weather here in Phoenix, AZ. Question, do you know Danny Koker? (Danny count) kount kustoms? I went to Vegas and met him. I really wanna meet you.

  30. I love the show and lucky for me I get to see you Gas monkeys daily. The only way I get to see real men work on real cars. Unfortunately will not get to see the real thing anytime, long flight from the UK. Keep it up though its nice to see people love what they do 🙂

  31. me encanta tu programa y mas cuando vas a las subastas y compras autos estando ebrio soy de mar del plata , argentina saludos

  32. hi guys i love the show and I love the teem ive always wanted to meet u and the teem but Im still young but i love cars,old ones, fast ones, loud ones and i wanted to say that your helicat challenger is amazing. 700+ horse power, WOW. thanks for reading this(if u do can you tell me when the 2015 dodge challenger comes out ive look all over and even on the site and it says nothing about when it comes out) so thanks guys P.S. me and my grandfather built a 1957 chevey bel air from the ground up, it was mostly him. love you guys

  33. Y’all need to stop by Chaser’s Lounge on Buckner & Peavy in East Dallas. Ask Tara Mather, she has worked there in the past, so have I.

  34. HEY RR– MILLER has a Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley Davidson has a museum in Milwaukee, WI. WHY aren’t you coming up North??? Bring your semi, so I can load it up, for the trip down South!!!

  35. Hi richard would love to see you come to the uk as you’ve a big following over here and lots of American cars make it here

    • That’d be badass! The Bearded Wonder and I have been trying find an excuse to come over there before the year is out. We’ll keep you posted.

  36. I love your show Richard but That sucks big time that the truck and contest is limited to Texas and Oklahoma and i am in California I guess they could care less about all the other states of the us.

    • It’s just in Texas and Oklahoma… for now. Let Miller know how you feel and maybe y’all can get a grassroots effort for a nationwide tour in the works!

  37. I own a small body shop in albuquerque and would to win so I can let a dad go on the trip and ride in with u he’s a car guy but he has never done anything like this before . It would blow his mind . Thank for all the great shows and keep up the good work .

  38. I saw the truck yesterday in Belton TX, I followed it and got pictures of it but had no idea about the contest )’: My 3 year old wanted to see the truck too…but I thought I was being a creeper so I just got pictures driving behind it then left.

  39. The gas monkey guys are great and build some wicked cool cars. Although when you all go out to see the truck built at Gas Monkey Garage you will not see Richard or the guys from the garage. These are Walmart appearances that benefit 3 companies. Walmart. Miller/Coors and a marketing company called Hollywood’s productions inc.. This showing doesn’t benefit the Gas Monkey Gang other than they drink Miller Lite beer. Please go support Gas Monkey Garage and the guys. Show your support where it really counts and is needed.

  40. Richard big fan watch every episode and record them too, of coarse to watch again,wish you could come to Pennsylvania so i can hang out with you and the gang if they come with you on a road trip or fly,i think this is so cool, your show is awsome, glad Fast and Loud is coming back on August 18 monday night,Or if we could win a trip to fly to Dallas Texas that would be great to meet and see your shop, Got a nice muscle car classic that is rare,you would like it. hope to win trip for two or three to Texas or if you ever come up towards Pennsylvania, e- mail me thanks for the great tv show, and Bad Ass Muscle Cars you and Arron and guys build.Brian.

  41. Wish y’all would make Houston texas or Victoria .would love to get on the band wagon too. Love watching y’all guys on tv especially Richard

  42. You guys need to take a ROAD TRIP a little farther “east”……..say like to F L O R I D A…..Come on down GMG Brothers and Sisters! We’ll put you up, give the keys to XLR V, and send you to the “Keys”…lol And if you need more room on the road I’ll put you on my “Cadillac Edition” Sidecar Harley Davidson. COME ON! WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET AN OFFER LIKE THAT ANYWHERE ELSE? Wishing you the best! “TIKIMAN”

  43. My wife is in love with you and your show. She doesn’t miss a show and watches the reruns over and over. She wants me to take her to Dallas to visit Gas Monkey Garage and wants to take a picture with you. I see you are going a few cities around Dallas. Why don’t you come down to San Antonio. Do you have a site where we could buy T-shirts, ball caps.

  44. I love the show! Watched from day one. And I would love to visit Dallas GAS MONKEYS. Are you making any appearances in San Antonio?

  45. Richard! I’m a huge fan of the show. Ive seen every episode and can’t wait for the new one next Monday! You and Aaron do awesome work and I share the same passion with cars! I also have a thing for paint and body work and love kcs style! I’ve got a buddy over here in georgia that has a 60s model Buick century completely original except for the battery! You should totally check it out I know you guys could make it a one of a kind classic!!! Oh and another thing, I’m dying to come to Texas just so I can see the garage and have some cold ones at gas monkey bar and grill! Keep up the awesome work guys! GYSOT!

  46. My husband has watched car shows for years. (We have been married 33 years) and I have never wanted to watch them with him. Then he was watching Gas Monkey and I came in the room and been hooked ever since. I love this show. The truck is coming to town today here in Corpus Christi at 2 different places and I am going to both places to see it. I love the show and crew, my Dallas Cowboys & beer!! LOL Would love to finally get up to the Gaylord Texan as I have heard it is so pretty. I would also love to come to your bar & grill & get us some T-Shirts.. TEXAS is the GREATEST State!!

  47. I can’t believe I missed this posting. They were at the HEB 2 minutes from my house just 4 days ago. Matter of fact, they were there from 4-6 and I went grocery shopping at 8!!!!! Had no clue that I missed the fun. Come back!!!!!!

  48. Richard! You are one sexy SOB! I’m going to make sure I get a picture with you next time I see you! And don’t worry, you won’t mind 🙂

  49. “take pictures and grab some Miller Lite/GMG Swag” . I was hopeing to get a GMG shirt. but all they has was a beer koosie. Told me I could go to wal mart and get a shirt. I didnt want a wal mart shirt I wanted a GMG/Miller Lite shirt. Thanks for coming to Weslaco.

  50. Hey Richard… I think you need to make a special appearance in Broken Arrow, Ok on October 24th… It’s my birthday, and it would be the best present EVER to meet you!!

  51. Shoutout to GMG crew, good lookin cars! Been watchin the show since day1! Itd be cool to see a contest or two for us in Cali! I myself own a 59 chevy pickup, a 67 chevy pickup, n a 68 dodge charger! Been workin on cars since i was kneehigh to a grasshopper! Dads a machinist, n been workin on cars since he was a kid too. Same for grandpa. Anyway, again love the show and the cars! Keep em comin…

  52. We love your show!!! Sure do wish you would’ve made a stop in refugio, corpus Christi or Victoria Tx for all the fans this way!! 🙂 The valley and San Antonio are pretty far from us!! 🙁 So maybe you can squeeze us in somewhere!! 🙂

  53. Hey! We love the show! What about all your fans in East Texas. You know come stop and smell the Tyler roses!
    If we can visit GMB&G, you can make it to East Texas! It’s only a couple of hours!

  54. What a pathetic excuse for a contest. Way to exclude all your fans in the rest of the States. States that also drink Miller Lite. Since you and Miller clearly don’t care about the rest of us, perhaps it is time to stop watching the Ass Monkeys and switch to trendy micro-brews.

    • It’s Miller Lite’s contest. Miller Lite USA is the one paying for it. Their rules. But if you want to whine about it and quit watching our show because of that, by all means…

  55. En cuba vemos tus programas tienes muchos seguidores que te copian a ti y el barba aron estoy de visita en tu pais por un mes lamento no tener tiempo para comprate una cerveza jajajja

  56. You should come to Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!! There are plenty of people that drink Miller Lite here.
    Plenty of awesome cars to check out! Whether its drag racing or street rods, Girls in Louisville
    know more than Horse Racing! 🙂

  57. Not Fair!!! I live in Forney, TX. I am a true fan of Richard & the guys Gas Monkey Garage! I quess I am not eligible because I don’t live far enough away! Still would love to go on a Ride Along with you Richard, even if it is just for a few hours!!!

  58. Don’t forget about your fans in Houston, Texas we love your show I have all the shows recorded. Next time you come to Houston let me know we’ll hang out.

  59. What the h*ll!! I guess us cowboy and gas monkey fans in the northeast (massachusetts) are S.O.L.- Still love the show and Aaron and Richard are definately the coolest and funniest pair on tv.

  60. Hey Richard…………………….lolol just wanted to put a different comment out there.hey u guys r gonna be in odessa this wednesday,just wonderin if ur gonna be in attendance,or aaron or christie.well anyways i will be there regardless.i want to come to gasmonkey one of these days and do some donuts in ur parkin major goal huh??i read that someone commented they wanted u to meet the streetoutlaws.that would be cool,but u gotta make a smart remark bout oklahoma cuz they always talk smack bout and loud and street outlaws r 2 of the coolest shows out there along with steak express burgers and an 82 in. tv….on monday nite….too cooool……

  61. Hey, Richard. I didn’t really see any East Texas stops on the list. We love Gas Monkey and the Cowboys in East Texas!!! Y’all come see us some time.. We have a coke machine full of Miller Lite at our house :)) (New Boston/Texarkana area)

  62. I would like to “Ride with Richard”. Man I’m here in McKinney, Texas. Put me for the raffle or drawing to get a chance to take a Bad Ass ride with Rawlings.
    I hope this throws my name in the hat.
    Later and thanks for putting out a great show.

  63. So bummed! What about us Cali girls that can’t get to where you are?!?! Know a lot of us who’d dig a ride! You filmed the dart commercial the day I had my ram Hemi 5.7 in for routine svc.
    My 20 yr. Old was soooo pissed that she missed you! Being my kid she was raised on race fuel and dust lol

  64. Hey Richard,,,went to the miller lite road trip thing the other day in odessa,a friend of mine said yall shoulda been there.i told em this was a miller lite tour.they sponsor that ,that u have no control on that part,u just register and check out the truck and check out the beers assistants.i told him its like was still pretty cool.still took some picswith my truck and urs,might have to send some pics .take it easy….beer assistant …??



  67. Hi monkeys, greetings from Chile!… here every day watching the chapters, the better the discounts Sue.. jajaja… I have not finished a chevy laguna type S3 1974… wish I were there to let me on new car… the best from Texas to the end of the world in South America…


  69. Richard i want to see you do a 1970 ford maverick or mercury comet 2-door of coarse, wish you could come to Pennsylvania got a nice 72 maverick grabber 2 door, which is rare, if ever coming to Pa e-mail me, later,Brian

  70. We need to ride in my 67 Mustang to Dallas and go to the game and have some beers.

    It’s almost ready to go!

    Help me finish it or it will be ready to drive soon.

  71. wtf man how am I supposed to have a beer and talk cars with Richard if your not coming close to me? Good luck and whoever wins I hope your beer is hot and flat.

  72. Dear Richard, I have sent you many times information about my car that I have for sale but Tony won’t let you see it, I don’t know what’s wrong with my car you bought that dumb looking Volkswagen van, why can’t you come out and look at my 1982 collectors Editor corvette stingray,(vin,1G1AY0780C5107378) I have a 1974 corvette, 1966 Shelby Mustang, I 1923 Ford model T bucket roadster. (512-255-6409) [email protected]

  73. I’m from the UK and I promise this is 1million % the best show on TV. If I’m not looking at cars on the old inter web I watch the show.

    Keep up the amazing work guys & thank f”””k there is now a show on TV worth watching


  74. You need to come through Dalhart Texas so that my 5 year old can see. He ABSOLUTLY LOVES your show. We record it every Monday and he has to watch it every morning before school even if he has already seen the show. Huge fan at our house 🙂

    • The truck was in Dallas for a while. You and your son can come by the garage anytime. The front of the shop (retail area) is open to visitors every day. But we film all day in the back, so we can’t let visitors back there while the cameras are on. During filming breaks we try to come up front and shake hands, take pictures and sign autographs.

  75. Oh and cant wait to hopefully meet you guys when we come to Dallas for our daughters heart checkup at Childrens Medical Center. You guys are the greatest

  76. My mother is dying of cancer and I just lost my first born son, in an accident……. Wait, did you say the Cowboys. I’m good. Let me know when you give away a free beer or something of value! I have suffered enough.

  77. I’m from the india and I promise this is 100million % the best show on TV. If I’m not looking at cars on the old inter web I watch the show.

    Keep up the amazing work guys

  78. Hi Richard, Aaron, and all the Gas Monkeys. First, I just wanted to say that your shows rocks! I’ve seen most of the car shows on tv, and I have to say that yours is far and away the most entertaining. You’ve got just the right combination of talent, characters, stories, and levity, to make this show a big hit. Be yourself, stay grounded, and don’t change a thing, ever. Good luck with the new season of the shows, the cars, and the new restaurant. Richard, I don’t know how you did it, but you hit the mother lode, you’ve won the lottery. That was a great idea you had for the Bandit car, and the dream / flashback sequence. Stay true, and be Fast and Loud Forever. Those Chrysler commercials are kick ass too. I’m a huge Mopar fan. Would you guys be interested in visiting the Carlisle Mopar Show in July sometime? That would be awesome, and you’d all have fun too.Your biggest fan in Connecticut, Al Summers. P.S. I work at Sikorsky Aircraft where we build the Blackhawk Helicopters for the U.S. Military. How would you guys like to come up here sometime, and take a tour of our plant, and see our version of Fast and Loud? If you contact our public relations office, I’m sure it could be arranged. We’d all love to see you up here. See you monkeys later. Best wishes, A.J.S.

  79. Hey where is the truck? It says that you are at the Reasor’s at 1100 E Kenosha today, 10/24, from 12-2. No show and the store knows nothing about it??? I called the 11116 E Memorial store for the time slot from 3-5 today, 10/24, and they say no it is tomorrow from 12-2? What gives? GYSOT!

  80. I was so excited to go to this today and get some Gas Monkey Gear since the truck was in Owasso and when we got there it was very disappointing. There was a man wearing Miller Lite clothing that had a tent he was sitting under with a TV and he was watching football beside the trailer and the Gas Monkey truck was parked by the tent. He didn’t speak to anyone and many people were trying to figure out what was going on. It was a big let down after reading the website saying what all would be at the event. At least the Gas Monkey truck was there so it wasn’t a complete waste of time or totally false information.


  82. I’m from Poland in Europe and i am so damn sad that I can’t take a part in the contest! Organize sth global, You have many fans from the other continent, that can’t wait to visit You guys.

  83. Os escribo desde España para preguntar os si se ocuparían de localizar-me, renovar-me y enviar-me un Ford Mustang Shelby Cabrio del 68 .
    Si la operación os interesa cual seria el precio puesto en España Barcelona.
    Gracias de ante mano…

  84. Young black bug killer lol hey love the show keep then smokey burn outs going theirs alot of haters but what works for you doesn’t work for otherz

  85. Olha eu de novo! Você bem que poderia mandar ao menos um decalque para o seu fã número um no Brasil. Pense nisso cara, e faça uma doação singela.

  86. Definitely coming down to TX, I love the Gas Monkeys, y’all are beast! I love watching the show and seeing all the cars y’all work on. Going to be a master mechanic for the old cars and you guys inspire me! Hope to see you some time! Much love to you guys!

  87. I went to the meet up @ HEB Kempwood , Houston but Richard was not there… I brought the Sept 2008 Old School Rodz magazine in hopes for an autograph. its all good… I met a super hot girl. I would love to kick it with Richard and the GM crew. Lets make it happen.

  88. Whats up u guys watch your show all the time and I love ole cars . You guys have alot of fun an work on some of the most beautiful cars . When are ya gonna be in ky area ? An one more thing are u gonna open other gas monkey ar an grill in other places besides Texas ?

  89. I have a son in WOODWARD , OK. I promise U that if u meet him u would hire him on the spot. He’s had a hard life loising his Dad at 4 years old and his first daughter when he was 19 and she was 19 days old! He has made his money himself at a doing anything he could at 7 and 8 years old. He started building motorcycles and cars at a VERY YOUNG AGE! He’s a polite young man and you will not regret meeting him. He started welding and fabricating at age 14! His teachers said that he couldn’t be taught anymore as he was out-welding them! At a Vo-Tech. He’s a humble man now at age 28. He’s been offered many jobs because people think he is a graduated engineer. YES! I am a proud mother but he deserves your attention PLEASE! Although he has a very good job! I only hope he would consider meeting you! I know he has met AARON. But I know you would be VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE CARS HE’s built…and also scared me to death in!! Please come to WOODWARD, OK FOR MORE INFO as I’m not sure he would want his name on here. You have my e:Mail!!! Thank u!!! You will not regret this!

  90. shelly thx for the comment but im sorry to say im COMEING TO YOUR HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  91. Richard, I love your show, it’s awesome! Not only are you cute but you drink my favorite beer!!! Here’s to you and Miller Lite!! When are you coming to Pittsburgh Pa. I would love to see you in person!!

  92. Gas monkey pros, I watch your show & get fired like I want to start building again . I’ 66 & I always wanted to put a hemi. When I came back from Vietnam in 1970 I bought a 1962 Plymouth sports fury hardtop convertible (mint). I pulled the 318 & auto trans out put a 1967 dodge 426 wedge & 4 speed ,cheater slicks she was very street worthy. Thanks for bringing back the memory & the urge.
    Bill Essenes
    5 banbury ct.
    Monroe township,n.j. 08831

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