Spring Cleaning in the Fall at Gas Monkey Garage

When Richard Rawlings sets his mind to something – he gets it done.  Last Friday he set his mind to having all his cars organized and both garages cleaned before he left for SEMA.

Main Garage
Main Garage

Richard being Richard, he started doing it all himself and a bunch of us, including his brother in-law Ken and nephew Michael, jumped in to help.  Even Steve Goniwiecha from New Start Remodeling and Tommy Strader from Gas Monkey Energy joined in.

Tommy Strader from Gas Monkey Energy on forklift duty
Tommy Strader from Gas Monkey Energy on forklift duty

It ended up being a fun Friday afternoon and a bunch of fans got to see Richard move all the cars around and take pictures with him.

See full gallery of pictures below…


  1. Great show keep it up. Maybe one of these days I can have a nice collector for my self. That’s like saying I’ll win the lottery. Then I can get me some of THAT.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  2. In pic #7, is that a big head of Richard’s that they’re moving?! I have something to say to that but …. I won’t. 😛 hehe
    Great pics, thanks for sharing them. I always love to see the garages. 🙂

  3. I wold love to gas monkey my 2016 SS CAMARO Ofcourse we the winners have to provide the bones please
    why dont we star giving fans a dream giveaway please say yes

  4. Hey Richard I’m out in Southern California. I got an 83 Jaguar xjs with a police interceptor Chevy 350 V8 motor. runs and drives, new paint. maybe you might be interested in making this into a road warrior. Doing some cleaning myself.

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