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Gas Monkey Garage is more than just Fast N’ Loud, it’s a working garage and auto flipper. Because of this we have cars coming and going all the time and some that have found a more permanent home here. “As NOT Seen On TV” will bring you a behind the scenes look at some of the cars not built for TV.

Richard Buys A BMW R1200GS After A Chance Meeting With Ewan McGregor

We’ve had a couple of Enduro bikes come through Gas Monkey Garage in the past couple of years. We sold Tony Taylor’s 1994 BMW R1100R and Richard recently sold his 2015 KTM Adventurer R. Shortly thereafter Richard and the Monkeys had a chance encounter with actor Ewan McGregor in Santa Monica while out west unveiling the Hot Wheels Hi-Po Hauler. After that, Richard and Ewan kept in touch and within in a month a BMW R1200GS appeared at GMG.

When you think about outright speed in a bike you’re probably thinking of the Hayabusa. Best lap times? A BMW S1000RR or a Yamaha R1. A grand tourer? Easy, the Honda Gullwing. But what if you combine all those segments into one motorcycle? You get the BMW R1200GS.

No other model has defined a segment like BMW’s adventure tourer and its legacy and heritage is unmatched to this very day. It’s a great all around bike, from being a daily driver for celebrities and enthusiast riders to protecting and performing for professional riders in rallies like Dakar. It’s one bike to rule them all and is arguably the best all-rounder ever made.

BMW took the Enduro concept and built upon it offering more comfort, better everyday usability and better off-road performance. Richard’s R1200GS comes equipped with Dynamic ESA, cruise control, saddlebag mounts, heated grips and hand guards. Stepping up to the premium gives you a LED headlight, tire pressure monitor, Rides Pro, GPS mounts and an On-Board Computer Pro.

The twin-cylinder boxer engine is BMW’s specialty, and the GS series is at the forefront of the reason for that legacy. It’s a four-stroke flat-twin engine, using a complicated cooling system comprised of water and air to get rid of the excess heat. The engine is much more powerful than the data sheets would have you believe. It produces 125hp at 7,750rpm and a great 92 lb-ft of torque at 6,500rpm. Bear in mind, it gets this from 1,170 cc and two-cylinders alone. Fuel economy is more than decent too. It manages to average 56 mpg at around 55 mph, which is not bad at all. Top speed is in the vicinity of 125 mph, a bit more if you can stretch its legs with some tailwind.

Having so much favorability across the board the R1200GS is the type of bike you’d want to take long journeys on and that’s exactly what Ewan did. The bike itself was a star in Ewan and Charlie Boorman’s Long Way Round and Long Way Down documentaries, taking them all the way around the globe. With Ewan having had so much seat time on the bike and with Richard’s love of Enduro bikes it was no surprise that within a month of meeting corresponding that one would show up at Gas Monkey Garage. We’ll keep you posted, maybe Richard and Ewan may plan a trip during time off.

Fan Profile | Richard Rawlings gets a visit from the Department of Homeland Security !

The Department of Homeland Security came looking for Richard, but it’s not what you think. The Air Marine Division was conducting helicopter training in nearby Grand Prairie, TX and Luis Yanez and Robert Zawda made it their business to visit GMG during some down time. The division’s main role is to support Customs and Border Protections; however, they also support field operations for the three letter agencies – FBI, ATF and DEA. And in doing so they get to play with some pretty cool toys like UH-60 Black Hawks, AS350 AStars, EC120 Eurocopters and the legendary UH-1 Huey helicopters.


It’s important to note that Luis and Robert are not pilots, but Air Crew Members, the ones that slide down the ropes carrying guns. Luis explains it as them being similar to trunk monkeys. When you press the trunk, the monkey pops out to do his thing and for this reason Luis named his crew down in South Texas – The Air Monkeys.


We appreciate their service to our country and from Gas Monkey to The Air Monkeys – thank you!


Name: Luis Yanez

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Name: Robert Zawda

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Favorite Monkey: Richard

Favorite Builds: Firebirds 1/2 and Sonic Camaro

Like Tim Tebow These Five Cars Never Lived Up To Hype

As Tim Tebow continues his tireless pursuit of playing a professional sport, he’s currently at spring training with The Mets, we are taking a moment to reflect on the Tim Tebow of cars. Cars that had expectations set high and then failed to deliver.

Plymouth Prowler
A hot rod inspired design, how could one not be excited about this? Unfortunately, the design was bulky and left a lot to be desired and perception wasn’t helped at all by its performance. A 214hp V6 with a 118mph top speed was a disappointment to say the least. Improvements were made to the Prowlers performance in the years to come, but insignificant and it would never meet expectations.

Maybach 57/62
In the early 2000s word was out that Daimler was wanting to challenge Rolls-Royce and Bentley by revamping the Maybach name. And with a history of high-end luxury on its side the bar was set high for the Maybach’s revival. That bar was subsequently missed by a longshot. In over a decade the car would sell just around 3000 units coming nowhere close to the likes of Rolls-Royce in sales or popularity.

Eleventh-Generation Ford Thunderbird
Really? Really, Ford!? You end a 47-year straight production run of one of the most famous models in automotive history only to return five years later in 2002 with the eleventh-generation abomination. Certainly didn’t help that the platform was being shared across three makes: Jaguar, Lincoln and Ford.

Hummer H2
The excitement for the H2 is probably best described as more wishful thinking than anything. For decades AM General had been making Humvees as a government contractor so when they sold the Hummer brand to General Motors in 1999 there was excitement for the H2 in the early 2000s. However, the excitement was somewhat stifled by the knowledge of a major corporation on the other end now and as a result GM stripped away the ruggedness that was a Hummer and instead delivered a family car.

First-Generation Porsche Boxster
In a sense, it’s hard to fault Porsche for making a car that in the scheme of things helped revitalize the company by introducing a cheaper price point, but at the same time it’s hard to quell the screams of, “it’s not a Porsche!” in your head. Through the years the Boxster has come together nicely, but the first-gen was not the Porsche we were looking for.

Car Spotting | 1929 Chevrolet Rat Rod

Rat Rod

In a touch of irony, it’s the unfinished nature of a Rat Rod that could be considered the most complete car. After all, from their inception cars were purpose built and that one purpose was to be driven. Rat Rods began from a counter culture movement to Hot Rods which were being expensively built and rarely driven. Rat Rods aimed to turn that concept on its head and return cars to a raw, drive first mentality and it’s their lack of amenities, and often sheet metal, which help them to achieve that. However, through the years, like any trend, they have gotten more expensive and complete as the never-ending game of one-upping each other trickled down to the Rat Rod scene.

This Rat Rod got its start as a 1929 Chevrolet Tudor and since then has seen some serious changes. Powered by a 350 Chevy engine with an automatic transmission this ’29 is a real head turner on performance alone. Take into account the stance, rust finish and white wall tires and it’s a classic Rat Rod bound not just to turn heads, but break necks as you cruise past.

[For more information and pictures visit here.]

Exclusive Dickies x Gas Monkey Garage Merch Debuts

In September, Richard and Gas Monkey Garage partnered with Dickies to become an ambassador for the brand and official apparel of GMG, respectively. Richard and Dickies are now thrilled to announce the debut of the co-branded Dickies x Gas Monkey Garage clothing available exclusively at the new GMG merch store. “A Fort Worth boy and a Fort Worth company coming together is exciting,” said Richard of the new line. The current selection includes t-shirts, work shirts and jackets incorporating the GMG name and imagery on the high quality Dickies’ products people have come to know and trust. “We plan to continue to grow our partnership with Dickies in the coming months with even more rad designs,” said Richard.

25 Of Richard And GMG’s Green Cars For St. Patrick’s Day

Most are well aware by now that green is Richard’s favorite color and as a result green has appeared in designs, merchandise and cars, lots of cars. Today we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a look back at some of Richard and Gas Monkey’s green cars, bikes, trucks and even a forklift.

Richard Helps Fans Reveal Baby’s Gender — GMG Style

Gas Monkey Garage has some amazing fans that come by the merchandise shop and the garage to catch glimpses of Richard and the guys. And on some occasions the fans have some pretty interesting requests, but none before had ever wanted help in revealing the gender of their baby to them, their family and the world. However, that was the case when Aaliyah and Brent Miles stopped by the garage all the way from Ormond Beach, FL with the hope of having Richard help them with the reveal. What ensued was something special for all involved and definitely worth a watch and a big congratulations from the Gas Monkey family to the Miles family.

Challenger SRT Demon’s Exhaust Awakens The Ninth Circle Of Hell

Dodge’s weekly installment of their Challenger SRT Demon teaser video series features the car in action down a drag strip. Though more specifically it features the Demon’s very unique exhaust tone. The result of the Demon’s “advanced torque reserve system” which as Dodge puts it, “in plain English, it lets more air flow through the engine before launch, allowing for increased supercharger rpm without torque overwhelming the brakes and spinning the rear tires.” Dodge is so excited about the Demon’s roar that they have made it available in a downloadable ringtone on its teaser site.


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