NASCAR Releases Stage Lengths For 2017 Season

NASCAR fans can take solace in knowing the start of the season is just over two weeks away, but when the cars return to the famed Daytona Motor Speedway it will be to an entirely new season format. In a move that NASCAR claims will make the races more exciting every race will be ran in three segments with the winner and top 10 finishers of each earning championship points. It’s left to be seen whether this new style will make the racing more exciting, but it will at the very least add additional work for crew chiefs as they struggle with how to attack each unique track this season. The three stage winners will all also receive playoff points. Below is the segment breakdown for each race of the 2017 season in chronological order.

Raceway: First Stage/Second Stage/Final Stage*


Atlanta: 85/170/325

Las Vegas: 80/160/267

Phoenix: 75/150/312

Auto Club: 60/120/200

Martinsville: 130/260/500

Texas: 85/170/334

Bristol: 125/250/500

Richmond: 100/200/400

Talladega: 55/110/188

Kansas: 80/160/267

Charlotte: 115/230/400

Dover: 120/240/400

Pocono: 50/100/160

Michigan: 60/120/200

Sonoma: 25/50/110

Daytona: 40/80/160

Kentucky: 80/160/267

New Hampshire: 75/150/301

Indianapolis: 50/100/160

Pocono: 50/100/160

Watkins Glen: 20/40/90

Michigan: 60/120/200

Bristol: 125/250/500

Darlington: 100/200/367

Richmond: 100/200/400

*Number indicates lap on which the segment ends.

Cigarette Racing Team 50′ Marauder AMG Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT R the 50-footer debuted at the Miami International Boat Show.

This ain’t your average fishin’ boat or party barge, but we certainly wouldn’t pass on getting a chance to own or, hell, even get a chance to hit the water for a minute in this thing. Debuting February 16th at the Miami International Boat Show this 50′ Marauder AMG cigarette boat was a co-venture with Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Team. Inspired by Mercedes-AMG GT R the boat is powered by two Mercury Racing 1550/1350 QC4v engines delivering 3,100 hp. Power levels are controlled by an electric key fob which allows the driver to switch between 1,550 hp race mode and 1,350 hp Pleasure mode requiring race fuel and 91 octane, respectively.

600 Classics Up For Grabs At Mecum Los Angeles

Mecum, Los Angeles

The Spring auction season is upon us and Mecum will host one of the earlier events Friday and Saturday, February 17 and 18, respectively, in Los Angeles, CA. Some 600 cars and trucks will roll through The Fairplex at the LA county fairgrounds with classics and old-school American cars making up most the lot. However, it is still LaLa Land so don’t be surprised by the occasional Rolls-Royce, Porsche or supercar being put up for auction.

[Photos courtesy of Mecum Auctions]

Hyper-Produced Dodge Video Teases Demon

Dodge, Demon, Challenger

In what plays like a Chinese knock-off of a Michael Bay film Dodge has released their seventh teaser video for the new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. And like a Michael Bay film this latest installment in the video series is all production and no substance, but sometimes a little militarized car transporting is all you need. See for yourself and catch up on the whole series at

Hitler To Hippy | The Rise Of The Volkswagen Beetle & Bus

“The Bug”
In 1935 a newly elected Adolf Hitler met with Ferdinand Porsche; however, unlike the countless meetings Hitler would take in the decade to follow this one was not sinister in nature. In fact, Hitler and Porsche would leave that meeting with aspirations of building a “people’s car” or volkswagen. Though like many industries in Europe and America, Germany’s automotive industry would be put on hold to support the war effort. As a result, Hitler’s “people’s car” would have to wait for mass production until the war’s end in 1945.

What was now known as the Beetle, having shed its Type 1 moniker, held true to the vision of Porsche and designer Erwin Komenda in 1945 and in the decades to come. A styling that many would initially scoff at yet go on to become the best-selling car of all time.

“The Bus”
Officially designated as the Volkswagen Type 2 in its early stages it better became known in the States by its colloquial name, “the Volkswagen bus.” The rear-engine bus would first roll of the assembly line in 1949 available in two styles: Kombi and Commercial. After its release the Type 2 variants became vast with a number of third-party conversions helping to aid in its popularity.

While the Type 2 appears to share a general aesthetic and name with the Type 1 Beetle it is not associated in any official capacity beyond that. Nevertheless, it would go on to join its Beetle brethren in culture significance around the world and in particular the United States in the 1960s.

A painting hanging at GMG (not a real bus).

“The TV”
In 1936 Hitler forever changed the Olympic games by televising portions live for the first time in their history. This live airing would also change the course of television helping pave the way for TV to become a source of influence in the decades to come. Fast-forward 14 years, John Kennedy takes on a pole-leading Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential debates. This would be the first live debate reaching nearly 70 million people and all, but erasing the lead for the charismatic Kennedy. The impact of television on the viewer was here to stay.

“The ‘60s”
As the “baby boomer” generation began reaching maturity the market began having to adapt to fit the wants and needs of the increased youth born post war. Volkswagen capitalized on the changing tides with an innovative ad campaign. Their playful and oft self-deprecating themes from their ad buys would go on to become known as one of the best campaigns of all times. Though more importantly the magazine and TV spots would have such an impact on the consumers that they made the Beetle the bestselling import of the decade and helped propel the bus to a stardom of its own within the “peace and love” generation. What began as a revolutionary ad campaign would spawn the cars that would become the symbol of a revolution.

Cop Saves Beloved Jack In The Box – Ford Pickup Not So Lucky

Down here in Texas we love trucks, barbecues and our Jack in the Box (especially the two taco deal), but those three things conspired against one unlucky man on February 11th. While waiting in the drive through line at Jack in the Box his Ford went up in flames for some yet to be determined reason, but thanks to one quick thinking police officer and his patrol car all was not lost. Watch to see what happens…

GMG Bugs Out With A 1965 Volkswagen Beetle

The latest episode of Fast N’ Loud tackled one of the most iconic cars in history and THE best selling car of all time. Originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1934, it wasn’t until after World War II ended in 1945 that heavy production began. Most astute car collectors, including Richard, know that the truly collectible Beetles are pre-1967 and this ’65 is no exception.


The Beetle has come a long way since the 1950s and 1960s evolving every year to adapt to the new generation of drivers and yes, fans of the car. The Beetle was one of the first rear-engine cars to come in two-door convertible and sedan body types. A minor increase in horsepower and displacement and several different rear window designs (a small split window, a small oval window and a larger window) were introduced in the mid-1960s.


What makes the Gas Monkey Garage 1965 Beetle special is that it’s an original paint and original body car with one owner from Houston, Texas. The original owner was an engineer with NASA who kept this vehicle in amazing condition providing GMG with a perfect canvas to work on.


As Charles mentioned on the show, the Monkeys took a stock 40hp engine and replaced it with a 210hp Ukrainian Motorwerks engine mated to a Rancho Billet performance transmission. The engine also incorporates two Weber IDA Carburetors. They also installed a 4-inch narrowed adjustable beams from Airkewld so wider tires on Billet Smoothie wheels could be added. Stopping power provided by Airkewld Bad Series Wilwood brakes and rotors.

The interior features period correct/original materials from TMI Products, a Black Mamba throw performance shifter from Vintage Speed and GPS digital gauges from Speed Hut.  Lots of odds and end parts such as window sills, door latches and chrome sides were provided Wolfsburg West.

We look forward to seeing VW fan response to the GMG 1965 Beetle and what plans on doing with it.



Richard’s “Sixteen Candles” Porsche 944 Made famous in the '80s this iconic 944 has only 1,600 miles.

In honor of Valentine’s Day we’re featuring a car made famous by a truly classic romantic comedy, Sixteen Candles. If you were a teenager in the mid-80s you were undoubtedly exposed to the work of writer/director John Hughes: The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science and of course Sixteen Candles. And if you grew up loving cars chances are high you instantly wanted the red Porsche 944 like Jake Ryan’s the second you left the movie theater. However, unlike Jake you probably didn’t have the resources for a 944 as a teenager, but now as an adult you just may have the discretionary funds to make your teenage dreams come true.


The movie follows Samantha (Molly Ringwald), whose entire family forgot about her 16th birthday as it was overshadowed by her sister’s upcoming wedding. Not only invisible to her family, she was seemingly invisible to her school’s popular crowd including her dream guy, Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling). The one person she wasn’t invisible to was the self-proclaimed “King of the Geeks,” Farmer Ted, played by a young Anthony Michael Hall. Although Farmer Ted has a crush on Samantha he plays an integral role in helping Samantha get closer to Jake. The movie comes to a climax with the iconic scene of Jake picking up Samantha posed against his Porsche 944.

It’s safe to say that the 944 making an appearance in Sixteen Candles certainly helped Porsche’s sales. In 1983, 14,633 Porsche 944s were produced. In 1984, the year the movie came out, that number skyrocketed to 26,539, the highest production year. The following year that number stayed sky high, with 23,720 944s produced. Both ’84 and ’85 were the highest production years for the Porsche 944 and a large part of that is thanks to Sixteen Candles.


Richard is looking to make someone who always wanted a red Porsche 944 come true with the 1987 Porsche 944 he has for sale. Ironically, the number 16 factors into this car as well as it’s a one owner car with only 1,600 miles.

Porsche 944 Facts

  • The 1986 Porsche 944 was the first car sold in the USA with a passenger airbag as standard equipment
  • The 944 has its gearbox in the back to balance out the weight distribution
  • Some 944 models have the radio antenna curled inside the windshield
  • The 944 was completely galvanized to prevent rust in all weather conditions
  • 944 sales almost doubled after it made an appearance in Sixteen Candles

2018 Ford Expedition Makes Public Debut In Chicago Meet the most powerful Expedition ever.

2018 Ford Expedition

The Chicago Auto Show, the nation’s largest auto show, opened Saturday marking the first time the new 2018 Ford Expedition would be showcased for the public. While undeniably a full-size SUV Ford clearly had family and comfort in mind with the 2018 Expedition.

Boasting “more driver-assist technology than any other full-size SUV” the new Expedition not only tops its class, but rivals many others. In fact, more than 40 features are on hand to make the driving experience more pleasurable for both driver and passengers, but perhaps none more appreciated by the driver than the park assist and 360 degree camera. However, for the passengers it’s a totally different story with wireless charging, WiFi hotspot capability, dual rear-seat entertainment and power in every row.

The 2018 Expedition’s performance isn’t to be overlooked as it’s the most powerful Expedition ever with its 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine.

Rare 1980 Ford McLaren Mustang M-81 Only 10 of these rare beauties were built by McLaren for Ford.

To list all that was fascinating about the 1980’s could very well take into the next decade, but beyond the acid washed jeans and the Teddy Ruxpins a relic lurked out of site and out of mind for most. That relic being a McLaren Ford Mustang.

While in recent years McLaren trim packages have became more commonplace leading to them making cars all their own, however; in 1980 they turned out only 10 of these hand built M-81s. And as it turns out number 10 of 10 of these rare McLaren Mustang M-81s is available with under 5k miles on Bring A Trailer.

[For more info, pictures and to bid check it out on Bring A Trailer!]


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