The Return of Fast N’ Loud!

Fast N Loud Returns

Fast N Loud Returns


  1. Thank God……….. I’ve noticed that life is ” Slow and Quiet ” without the boys from Dallas.

  2. This is great news. June 10 is on the calendar!

    By the way, what day is the meet and greet in Auburn, Indiana and at what time?

  3. F’in finally. We’ve all been going thru withdrawls. Hey Discovery Channel how’s about a few more Fast and Loud episodes per season and a little less of the other crap. Come on really?? We do not care about some hillbilly from Kentucky that has found oil in his outhouse!!!!! HAHA We are car people. Give us our fix. LOL Go Fast and Loud!!!!!! Keep rockin it guy’s.

  4. I got a 69 super bee tht I need to get ride of on my front yard ( cars had 440) but no headers , does not run (Houston tx)

  5. Hey Monkey’s Can’t wait to see Ya’ll in june on tv again, Ya’ll do some amazing work. I have a 65 f100 fleetside swb i’m workin on now and she’s my girl lol. Well this Razorback has to get back on her and drinkin beer. pigggggg sooooooyyyyy

  6. Hey Monkey Bums!

    I heard that Gas Money Garage is out of business cause bankrupt. Richard Rawlings had financial problem on F40. Assume that you can’t afford to built it.

    If you plan to sell F40? What do your offer price? However. I am not buy that at least $500,000 or $850.000. I am interested to buy that F40.
    And My final offer you $200,000. And non-negotiable. Take it or leave it. Period! The reason your business is shut down now. I am the most powerful man.
    Richard has no powerful!

    Give you 24 hours to consideration it. Then email me as soon as possible.


    DareDevil Motorsports C.E.O.

  7. Hey guys I follow you everday in Italy in SKY.
    You cars are always the best.
    Great job,great show.
    By an Italian Monkey

  8. Hey guys I follow you everday in Italy on SKY.
    Your cars are always the best.
    Great job,great show.
    By an Italian Monkey

  9. Yeah finally! Can’t wait! Keep up the good work guys. Best show ever! Finally some guys with actual f***ing creativity!

    Biggest possible props from The Netherlands

  10. Funny to see the old garage in the pictures when the show proclaimed a new site/location. This is just to show you how the show is all set up

  11. Hey Guys, Can’t wait to see you back June 10th! Got you program on my DVR as first priority in case I’m not available. I co-own an accounting firm dealing in small to medium business’ in Phoenix, AZ. I see what real work it is to build a business, particularly something as unusual as yours. I really respect your tenacity and Aaron’s creativity. Your intent to build a business and protect your employee’s lively hoods is very sincere. A big fan and much respect all I see in your vision. Our business is 30+ yrs running and we turn away clients, I hope to see you continue to develop as well. Good luck and I posted something on Discovery as well in support.

    PS: I RARELY comment or post to anything but am compelled to wish you great luck! Sincerely, Jeff Stefanec

  12. YEA!!! There are returning and I can’t wait. Really entertaining, much like American Restorations show. Love these guys!

    Hey Kardashians: “This is true reality and real greasy drama unlike you’re hair & make-up conflicts”. Not stupid wealthy family drama and princess BS they provide!

  13. Cant wait for the new eposodes. What ever happened to the damaged mustang ?Did you guys fix it? You guys are great. Thanks for letting us into gas monkey.

  14. I have an important quiston to ask one of your mechanics about my 1989 cadillac de ville I am trying to fix a head gasket leak with this bottle of head gasket repair and block repair and it requires the car to run for a time to get it warmed up so I can put it in the cooling system can you please contact me back my car is in great condition other than that and I am a really big fan and im am hopeing that you will contact me my phone number is 936 572 1415.. please yall are the best and I need your help as a loyal and true fan I watch your show every night that I get off of work early enough… so pleas contact me asap… and may god be with you all and god bless you all and good luck with your growing business

  15. I have an 87 F 150 5.0 fuel injected uh trucks brand new motor all it needs a transmission right now 4 new tires brakes all the way around ready to go!!!! give me a call 972 9797 107 it’s the only way to get ahold of me the trucks here in Plano Texas If you call me I can give you the pictures! I thank you for your time hope we get to meet someday I bet your shop or nice!,…

  16. Hi(gh) from Holland you guys, great show. I’ve only just caught on to your Bad Ass show on Discovery. So far only episodes from season one are being shown. Can’t wait to see more. F****ing A.

  17. Aguardo ancioso pelo retorno do programa na Discovery, acompanhei todos e espero em breve ter vcs na tv novamente…
    Parabéns pelo belo trabalho…pela equipe e pelos belos carros feitos e apresentados…
    grande abraço a todos da Gás Monkey Garage.


  18. Thank god… Fast ‘n loud is coming back for the second part off season 2
    Watching all the shows here in the Netherlands.

    Keep up the good work team Gas Monkey Garage

  19. FINALLY!!!!! I haven’t enjoyed watching tv since your last episode. Can’t wait to watch this great crew making awesome builds again.

  20. Well June 10, needs to hurry. Y’all took in a big build with that Ferrari! I have all the faith in the world, however here in TV land we’ve memorized all your previous builds. And now there you showing some British bs, which makes me puke. Ive broke three televisions so far! Hire the chick!!! And drink some beer…

  21. Greetings from Northern Ontario – Canada!
    Wanted to say so glad your returning! The husband and I were truly jonesing for the show!
    We are huge fans and truly love the dynamics of the show!
    Keep up the great work and so looking forward to more shows!

  22. Great, no bullshit, show. When I’m watching other car shows on similar channels, it seems like I’m watching an very long advertisement for crap I really don’t need and can’t afford! None of that on Gas Monkey! Just the hard knocks of making and losing money on cars. Keep kickin’ monkey ass!.

  23. I have an 89 Toyota pick up Very clean no rust.Don’t have a camera but I could have someone take a picture of it.I would love to drive it to Texas.

  24. June 10!!!!! The best news ever. GMG… show that any red blooded gear head should never be without. Keep on rockin out that American steel.

  25. Just watched the ’67 Mustang Episode… Why don’t you have uninsured motorist insurance? why was it a 22k hit if you could

    A. Fix it

    B. Part it out.

    I am never watching your stupid show again because of the made up BS that you and discovery perpetuate. Your cars are also weak sauce and why don’t people understand that it doesn’t matter how much or little money you make each episode. You’re being paid as a reality tv star to play someone who is struggling to make it fixing cars. Makes me feel bad for all the real mechanics who struggle to do it and you just trivialize their lives.

  26. Alriiiiiight, I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times and I’m ready for the red-letter June 10th date to see the beginning of new shows. About time. This show is great. No nonsense hot rod building. There is a certain chemistry between Aaron and Richard that really keeps this show interesting.
    I bought the t-shirt now give me some new episodes!

  27. I am working on a 1967 ford bronco what would you guys charge to go through it. It is pretty much stock but i would like to bouild the engine a little and raise it 2 to 3 inches. It is a california vehicle there is a little rust on the drivers door and a touch on the front of the hood. I have had garaged for the past 10 years and i take it to a few car shows. I would like to drive it more and maybe a little off roading. What do you guys think and you have an awesome show. I have never seen a body shop that does everything to a vehicle.

  28. Can`t wait for the new season!!! Since watching the show I have spotted several cars here in Pensacola,Fl. that would be great stuff for your show, such as 1969 Camero convertible RS, 1967 Camero,1969 GTO, 1969 Pontiac convertible 2door coupe,1970 and 1968 Chargers just to name a few…Gas Monkey ROCKS!!!

  29. Hi Richard and Aaron
    When is Fast n Load back on TV ?
    My son and I watched the show religoiusly and we really want to get into building our own hot rod muscle car.

  30. Great show , way to keep it real on building cars , great taste , real class act, richard & aaron are some real cool cats, dig the style an attitude from both,, big fan of the guys an show , keep up the good work,,

  31. from little old Ireland ,, you two guys and the team ,,must be the coolest people on T.V ,,cash deals ,,,straightv talking ,,, sweet ,,, get burned ,,, cool get paid tommorrow ,,,can sort you some 80s cortina,s or opel keddets ,, not sweet ,, ,,,

  32. Richard has no offer. No problem. I really don’t care about Richard and his own company!

  33. aye, I love you guys! I love the show and I always watch it. I never felt as bad as I did when the mustang got levelled in the mashed up mustang series. I’m a mustang guy too! You guys are incredible with cars. I’d love to learn to restore cars one day soon. cant wait for the shows return. take It easy monkeys!

  34. Cant wait to see your new season. You guys makes awesome cars.
    When iam watching your show i feel to bad i cant build cars like that.
    iam now 13 years a electriian love cars all my live if you got a job for an inexperienced noob
    from the netherlands with a big love for cars let me know otherwise i will still watch you building awesome cars

    best regards Niels From the Netherlands.

  35. What bike was Aaron working on Sunday night at the shop? Looked like a sportster tank from the road but I think it only had one cylinder.

  36. HEY ARRON U RICH IGNOANT PRICK why don’t u do some labour yourself instead of being the money man!!! IMPRESS THE VIEWERS BUD…….

  37. you guys have a great thing going on as i’m pretty sure everyone tells you every day. Just make sure you don’t forget what made you and continue to have the bond that brought you all together in the first place. coming from a guy that’s starting his whole life over this statement carries more weight that you can imagine. much success on your new season and many many years to the gas monkey garage.

  38. Постоянно смотрю Вашу передачу,всё отлично,так держать парни.

  39. Voces sao maneiros demais eu sempre vejo voces sou Davison do brasil rio de janeiro um abraço quero que vcs restalrem minha montana ss 2006 valeu um abraço

  40. Davison do Brasil quero que voces venha ao brasil RICHARD RAWLINGS e AARON KAUFMAN vcs sao show nao perco seu programas qualquer dia eu vou ate o dalla ver vcs nao esqueça da minha montana ss 1.8

  41. Richard Aaron you guy’s are the best I am disabled old wrench I have a marine block 460 block that aI won’t to stroke to 545 and find a 1957 ford short bed step side to put it in any help on finding a body or idea’s would be greatly helpful thank you Jim

  42. Gas monkey is the shit I like the fact that you make money and every now and then you lose money I sent the monkey an email about some cars my way for sell and would like to hear from them also what happen to the Lamborghini that they bought I didn’t see the episode that the built it what happen also I would love the oppertointy to work for the monkeys I’m a jack of all master of none I love old cars

  43. I’m very talented and knowledgeable about vehicles…
    Got electrical experience…

  44. Man about time your back on tv. You give motivation to us little guys and gearheads. You at gas monkey are a great inspiration. I love your chemistry and your overall dedication to the craft. As a fellow builder and gearhead I salute you all and wish you all the best of luck.

  45. So are we going to pick up where you guys left off? I want to know how the supercar turned out. Glad you guys are back!

  46. My name is Ed Morgan and I live in a small town in south/west central Mississippi. There is a gentleman that lives 9 miles south of me that has approximately 2 to 3 acres of old cars. mostly 60s back. He has 3 Metropolitans and swears that 3/4 of the cars he has cranks. He also has two garages/barns that have some super nice old cars. I have spoken with him on several occasions and says he will sell the cars. It might be a good place for the Monkeys to look for a future overhaul. If you/him/yall are interested let me know and I will give you directions on how to get to his place. I’s not sure if you will get my email address from this but I guess you can reply to this.

    Thank you,
    Ed Morgan

  47. I am a major fan of the show been watching since day one but i have a huge issue. I cant watch on Monday Discovery doesn’t have it on. Is there any way to watch it??? Im suffering here :'(

  48. Richard, Aaron and Gas Monkey Crew….
    I rarely comment on TV Shows, But I wanted you to know, that in my opinion, you guys have the VERY BEST auto-restoration related car show EVER. In my life, I’ve owned over 45 cars, 58′ & 57′ Chevys…Studebaker Avanti, 69′ 428 SCJ Mach 1, etc., etc. . I like the fact that you folks show, in detail , the purchase and refurbishments without “hokey” “staged” nonsense, AND, that you’re not so damn arrogant that you don’t avoid showing us when you buy a car and “eat it” at the Auctions…..In comparison to the B.S. show like “Counting Cars’, you guys are funny, honest, and number 1 in mybook. You see, where I come from ( Chicago), we would take Danny “The Count” Coker out in some dark ally and beat the living crap out of him. The guy is a phoney big-mouthed bloviated B.S. gas bag…..Guys like him give the buy/sell car trade a bad rap. I’d LOvE to see a “build-off” competition between your shop and his….
    Lastly…I’d Love to see you folks maybe feature A Studebaker Build ( or flip), or maybe the same with a 56’/57′ Lincoln Mark 2. I currently own a very Primo 1961 Corvair Lakewood Station Wagon….Would Love to see you do a buy/mod/sell/flip on a Corvair…. Rampy, Wagon, or a 65’/66′ 140 HP Corsa. These are quite incredible little cars.
    You have my permission to read this on your show…. 🙂 . Sorry I put a dig in on Danny “the count”….What the hobby needs is one less car guy prick on national TV.
    The F1 Ferrari shows are AWESOME…. Sincerely, Billy

  49. man you guys are kick ass love the show.yall need to start checking around east texas for some cars lots of them sittin in pastures around carthage and beckville tx.and gary tx

  50. I was just wondering what the light green 70’s Chevy Impala with the off road light bar on the roof…is it one of the guys ”toys”….maybe a rally runner….just looks interesting that’s all

  51. Really enjoy your show but not sure how you are going to make any money on the F40. A nice one just sold at auction in the mid 700’s. it will be interesting to see if the mods you are making put you in the black.


  53. I love your show I think sometimes you are a ittle conseeded. but hey if I had done what you have done I probably would to. I just hope ou can keep the show on its exciting to see what the end results are. cause they its always amazing. and I had the firebird just like you had as a senior to .
    keep making them sick, peace out bros.

  54. Hey will u guys be at your garage on July 5th? We will be in Dallas for the weekend. Would live to meet, cheer get autographs and pics?

  55. Dear Aaron and Richard, On August 4, 2013 there is a must see car event in Elk Grove Village,Illinois. It,s at Voodoo Larry Customs on 1590 Jarvis Street. Voodoo Larry is a local customizer and it is an open house at his shop. I guarantee you will see things that you have never seen before. My name is Joe Palumbo and my friend Dave and I will be there. We both work in the body shop of a local dealership. We got the Miller Lite. Hope to see you both there. Joe Palumbo. [email protected].

  56. just read on some hot rod forum that g.m.g is to be dropped hope not look forward to show each week great car building and very funny … frank from Glasgow .. scotland

  57. I have a 1946 chevy truck i have been trying to get finish for fifteen years and go rept off three times.Could your team at fast n loud,gas monkey garage help me finish my build and start enjoying it and turning some head when going for a curise on a friday or saturday evening.I watch the Gas monkey garage show,fast n loud weekly and i hardly ever mess any shows except when i have to work late,which i hate that.You’ll are a cool group of guys,even when you’re guys are goofing off when you’re out looking for other rides to flip..If you’ll can help me finish my ride so i can start enjoying it that would be great.My contact info is.:804-971-1982.besides that i know of some cool rides here in va you’ll might be interested in..My home address is 237 hanover road Sandston Va 23150.Bye for i love the show.Johnny.

  58. Love the show. Gas Monkey Garage World Headquarters pretty much describes the shows’ attitude.

    A good guess would be the F-40 project is more “good TV” than “wise investment.” From here on out, that car will always be known as “that wrecked Ferrari from the TV show” and it will never be worth anywhere near a million bucks. Not even half that. But maybe money isn’t the object.

    Here’s an idea that might save your “custom car based on F-40 Ferrari chassis.” A name! The car needs a name. Ever noticed how Boyd Coddington always named his cars? You guys can name the “custom car based…….chassis” too. How about the Black Lolita? Pretty catchy, huh?

    Always here to help…..

  59. Why is it that the people who “star” on these kinds

    of shows are invariably jerks? Love the machines, can’t stand the owner and the nitwit with the beard

  60. You’s rock, am looking into going to Texas for a holiday just to see ya’s . Coming all the way from Belfast (Northern Ireland) I better get I signed T.shirt ha ha. Keep up the great work gas monkey style

  61. Richard and Aaron, what a great show. Yesterday was a marathon Fast and Loud on Discovery, and I watched and rewatched them all. I know the objective is to buy the car, fix the car, sell the car and make some money. I know there must be some pre-show work that goes into getting parts and such. I would like to see a bit more of the technical stuff in how you make things work. Changing the engine, aligning the new front suspension so the car will drive straight, same for the new rear end you might change out. How do you figure out all of the electrical issues, expecially if you are putting a newer engine with all the computer links into an older car, like you did with the Dodge Hodge Podge. It’s great seeing you guys put it all together in seven (seriously, you do it all in seven days, frame, body work, paint, electrical, etc) days, but how do you do it? I would like to see more of the technical aspects of what you do. Great show, by far it is one of my top three shows I watch. I don’t always agree with Aarons ideas for the cars, but it isn’t my show. Keep up the great work and I hope you have a long running series. Jerry Edson.

  62. I’ve been an avid fan of FAST & LOUD…and have loved the show. Sadly however, I’m afraid I’m gonna stop watching it cuz of what just happened in the show I was just watching…about rebuilding a’68 Ford Galaxy…….the deal you set up to get the wheels and tires from you ‘buddy’ on a bet to get there in 6hrs….buy a 3:00 deadline… were gonna pay’em ‘double or nothing’…and he got there 5 mins late………and truly I COULD NOT BELIEVE YOUR shafting your ‘buddy’ to get the deal for FREE. As they say, with a friend like you, who needs enemies.

    Your image as a likeable ‘quality’ person……just went in the toilet. …..You’ve ruined the Show for me…..I turned it off and came to the computer to write this. I’ve never taken the time and effort to follow up like this……I realize it’s just another ‘TV show’..and by it’s nature….is just so much ‘entertainment fluff’……..but bro…, you just another pop-culture creep to me. And I think you’ve ruined your integrity…….I ‘m sorry for any young teens that will watch you…and now…buy into your shabby standards…………

    What a pity and a loss.

    Thom Swain
    Sonoma, Ca

    ps….and don’t bother following up with either myself or in your own head about ‘you both made a bet’ and you won…..he didn’t…………….truth is…….you both Lost. And so did your audience.

  63. This is by far the best show on tv for me.. i love what you guys do to rides! and then amazingly.. actually drive em. Realistic, Practical, Common sense built rides! Love it!

  64. well i have a 1965 impala dad left to me he past away 1-11-11 i dont want to sell it but its just rusting away i hate to see it like that but i dont have a lot of money to put in to it i get 710$ a mouth is there any cheap way to go about this i dont want it to just rust away plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

    one of your great fans

  65. Watch the show all the time. Saw the show about the 56? Ford Galaxy you did for the two guys from Australia. I live in Colorado, and on Aug. 8th of this month, I saw the car broke down on I-70 Westbound by Northfield Plaza. I called a friend and asked if he watched your show and he said yes and he saw the car about 10 min. Before I did on his way home going down I-70 westbound, so he saw it just before it broke down. That’s the first time I’ve seen one of the cars from any show that I watch. Also know of 360 Wraps as I’ve been in the industry for 33 yrs., I grew up in New Orleans and am now living in Aurora, CO.

  66. Whens the new season going to start, is there going to be any other shows for 2013,or do we got to wait 2014.
    Monkey fan here

  67. I have watched all the 3 seasons of the show…eagerlywaiting the return of the next season…btw this site is also a hit in India..

  68. I like the fact that you guys make money but don’t fuck anybody over the price. Rare. Do you do any just fix em jobs for John Q Public. What I really want to know is you fix real people cars or just big shots. Good Show.

  69. Dear Richard,and team
    Your show is a breath of fresh air here in dear old blighty “England” ,I look forward to the show to see what cars you chaps make good. The Galaxy was fantastic,all those horses ready to go wow!, but Richard stick to your guns more for your prices,especially with Dennis!! that Nash Healy; and the Ferrari F40 in Black with custom wheels,seats, turbos! what a car.

  70. Yeah finally, one of mine favorite shows here in the Netherlands

    Ps why not pics of the crew om the web site
    Incl the beautiful lady who takes care of the bills

  71. Hi guys hows it going just want to say what a great show you have going!! and the cars are just fantastici myself cant get enough of the tv series i think you all have style and a lot of patients that can soon run out i think you should take a trip out to the nervarda desert and buy some of those cars that are just waiting to be loved again sleep on it? (the cars on desert car kings}

  72. Looking to have my Toyota Land Cruiser restored. I came by the garage last week and bought a T shirt. I love your show and all the players. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Danny Ham 817-788-9751

    • Hey, Daniel! Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately with our tight filming schedule we do not have time to take on any customer cars or builds. Thanks for thinking of us though!

  73. When will your show start up again in 2014. Icant wait much longer. My husband and I watched rerun after rerun. We need some new Gas Monkeys soon! Can’t wait

  74. Great i really look forward to the 5th season hope there will be many more to come.
    by the way you should get your own gas monkey beer cans that world rule the world!
    Cheers from the netherlands !

  75. My wife and I love the show. Bummed that the new episodes won’t be on until March. Can’t wait to get to Dallas to check out the bar and grille.

  76. Just wanted to say I enjoy the show and it seems like the cast actually have a good time. There are so many reality shows now it makes my head spin but Gas Monkey looks to be fun and interesting. I also think the supporting Mechanics make the show funny. It also seems like the show has made a lot of money for Richard and I think he found his calling. I hope the show stays grounded. The episode where Richard was given the task to restore a Smokey and the Bandit TransAm, get Burt Reynolds autograph and deliver all that beer by 3pm was a little much however. To have somebody throw that kind of money around and giving Richard a $25,000 watch was a little pompous. Other than that, keep up the great entertainment and enjoy the ride!(pun intended!)

  77. Cant wait til season 5!! Just wanted to tell RR and Aaron that I love the show! We have nothing like this in Sydney, Australia.

    Watching the show inspires me to keep working on my “toy”, a ’70 Valiant VG Coupe – similar to your ’69 Dodge Dart Swinger.

    Keep it up guys, EASILY the best car show going!!! Whoooooo!! (Hope you get to Sydney one day!)

  78. I like Richard and his crew,but it gets very boring doing almost the same thing to every car for a flip… Air bags ,new suspension, rims,Sue paint or clear coat,thats it! lower the car,thats it.. the Ferrari was great,especially the cost of the parts.. I like the “Hot Rod Shop” now theres talent.

  79. hey i’am so glad you guys is coming back,now i can finilly get someone to fix my 1979 cad.seville all numbers match,as a 2 time vet,with his dream car,maybe discovery may telavis you helping out viewer who need help form the best show i’ve look at all my life,jessie james is wash out,but you dont help viewer with there when i get enough money to have my car done would you let your people do my car for a veteran if i pay for parts and paints,if yes car me at south carolina (803)747-1212,thanks. willie

  80. Never a dull moment with the monkey’s from Dallas!
    Keep it up guys, you know how to get it down!
    Thank’s for showing us the less eco-friendly goodies.
    Greetings from Amsterdam!

  81. Gas monkey better get those two employees that were let go back or the shit’s going to hit the fan !! just sayin.

  82. HI Richard….Is Gas Monkeys on every night in Pensacola Florida?
    My Menu is out with the storm here today I dont think I know what channel its on again 🙁 Pout..ty

  83. It would be a dream come true to have a all white 62 Ss convertible impala with a bad ass air bag system built by the gas MONKEY TEAM!!! One day when I can come up with enough money for your team to build me the car of my dreams witch is the all white convertible 62 Ss ….”I WILL BE CALLING OR DRIVING UP THERE TO DALLAS TO SEE U RICHARD AND THAT A PROMISE. …

  84. RR
    I had no idea that you gave out indications via the ol’ “interwebs”:

    When you get a minute, I would love an indication of what you would want for an 66 GTO, 383,
    4 bbl.,
    1’st choice would be a ragtop, 2nd (and not such a bad second choice) hardtop.
    Best to you and A-ron

  85. Hello Gentlemen!

    You guys are definitely coming back in March 2015, ….right??!!!

    You guys should come to Beaches Cruse-In starting in June at PIR Raceway. Cars,bikes beer, drag racing and music! All in the same night!! Luv to have ya come on up!!


  86. Love your show, and glad to hear you’ll be back in March. Got a bitchin ’65 Fairlane build in progress…2dr, rebuilt 289 with all the goodies…May make a good subject for your show.

  87. Hey Mr. Rawlings and all the monkeys 😉
    I know there was a new episode of Fast N Loud last monday…but it did not play here in Canada. People have been saying the new episode would play tonight at 9pm (thursday) so I got my Miller out of the fridge and sat on the couch to find a new episode of Demolition Theatre. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still some good ol’ GMG attitude but I’m just dying to see that Mopar you guys worked on.

    Any ideas why the show ain’t playing here in Canada?!

    Thanks for your time and keep rocking!

  88. Fading fan here, last episode was horrible. To watch an already finished car (Coronet) get new rims and new seat covers doesn’t grab my attention, not to mention he ripped off a friend, $35k, really?? The 69 Chevelle was a tease, I guess building that would have required more money than it was worth but what a cool car to build.
    In the end i would imagine the show brings in more money than flipping cars but without fans, no show. Bars, Rock club really loosing my interest with that crap.Too much bragging.
    I would sell out too I guess but expected a few more seasons before that happened,
    Sorry had high hopes for this show. Want to see good burnouts, watch Street Outlaws.

  89. I love the original Fast & Loud and wouldn’t miss it but Im not a fan of the demolition seen as how I can watch the same stuff on YouTube. Tonight will be the last demolition one I watch. Please get back into the cars guys it was awesome to watch, you guys are amazing at what you do.

    • We build cars here at GMG all day every day. The show where we build cars is called Fast N Loud and we are on a mid-season break. The clip show is called Demolition Theater. We have plenty more episodes of Fast N’ Loud ready to go, we just don’t know when they’ll air

  90. Hey RR congrats on the new tequila brother…….. Now you need to add some GM whiskey…. (As you would say) WHAAAAOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!

    Keep rock’n it out and keep making those f’tards at your old shop look like amateurs

    You guys have inspired me to pull the cover off my 23t and start working on the 69′ 327 again


  91. More gas monkey less crappie stuff Richard Rawlings and Aarons Kaufman they are cars best friend and made of pure gold got to love them gas monkey Go Go

  92. Let’s have an entire Aaron picked, unlimited budget, cat build. Let’s see all of his master mechanic skills on one car. Richard, you know you’ll make money on any car as long as it has that title attached to it. FOR SALE: GAS MONKEY CAR BUILT BY AARON, TO AARON’S SPECS……… cha Ching

  93. Why is the 1971 green dodge challenger still in the yard in season 3 episode 12 if richard sold the car in episode 11. I saw the car in episode 12 and now again in episode 13.

    • The car sold to Havoline, and they are givin it away in a Facebook sweepstakes that starts August 1. We are holding onto the car until then so we can help promote the sweepstakes with some videos and what not

  94. I know from reading your book Richard that you had read a lot of books that inspired you to what you are today.(sales etc ) I am still reading it but must say that I find it quite motivating and highly recommend it to anyone who has not bought it yet.Great job Richard on the book and everything else you have done so far!Must get down to Dallas and hopefully get to meet you someday.Much love from Canada!

  95. Hey Guys,
    Any idea when we are going to get some new episodes in Australia!!!! Season2 reruns for months now, on and on. Love the show, never been into car shows until my son was born Jan 2014 and I was up at stupid past midnight, stupid past 3am etc etc. Your show got me through those long long nights. I loved the trick you played on the Aussie guys using the NZ flag! Bloody Gold!! If you ever get the Aussies back you should do a Ned Kelly Bushranger inspired car for them Aaron is a dead ringer for him lol
    Cheers guys
    Jaime aka Mummy of Jack

  96. Why was there only 3 cars this season? When will there be another season? And why is every episode 2 parts now? I’d like to see more episodes per season with some 1 episode builds. More chevys too and some sweet turbos.

    • The guys are in here building cars all day every day and the cameras are here capturing it. We don’t have any control over what is deemed an “episode” and what is deemed a “season.” If it were up to us, we’d be on all day every day! But, yes, there will be more episodes and more seasons!

  97. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching an absolute master craftsman working their trade – Richard’s fun too.

    The picture in this post is like four years old though…we only got four episodes this “fall season” so surely there’s more to come? Discovery has a terrific lineup but they really have their heads up their collective backsides when it comes to schedules…its near impossible to hit to see when our favorite shows will be returning and on what night…they only tell us whats on *right now* as though just checking the TV wont tell us that.

    So for the 1:1000000 chance someone from Discovery actually reads this post:

    • This blog post you’re commenting on is from 2013, which was when that photo was taken. We didn’t even have a show in 2011. There were 7 episodes in the past season and we’re coming back with MANY more episodes. We don’t control the TV schedule, unfortunately. If it were up to us, we’d be on every day.

  98. hey guys love the show…hope to see lots more…richard.all your guys are talented craftsman…aaron i wish i had a small bit of your tallent..keep it up…would love to see anothether 60-66 c10 build

    • We’re in between seasons! The GT was our season finale. We’ll be back with a few new episodes in December and then many more episodes in 2016.

  99. We’re in between seasons! The GT was our season finale. We’ll be back with a few new episodes in December and then many more episodes in 2016.

  100. Great show! Looking forward to more shows! Very entertaining and I love every minute of the show! How,do I get an,autographed t shirt?

  101. Hey guys,great show! My nine year old,son and I wait very patiently to watch every episode! We love it! We love the level of entertainment but more so what you guys can do with cars. I’m a,car nut myself as I have a 66 pontiac gto since the tender age of 14! I’m now 43 and always trying to improve on its performance. My son wants a 69 dodge charger to build a general lee clone! Just want to say again great show and we look forward to every episode.

  102. You should do something like a 78 79 and so on style malibu wide bodied out and a couple big ass turbos cus they make everything cool. Those cars came with kinda flared out fenders stock too so they’re sweet slammed on the ground

  103. Richard, I’m one of the guys that got a picture with you out front of the shop on Dec 26, 2015. I asked you to build a Maverick. I’ll help you find one and it shouldn’t be to hard. I have a beautiful 70 and am a member of the Ford Maverick club. Find us on Facebook. Mavericks are starting to come into their own and we would love to see you do a build. Thanks for the great entertainment. Love the show.

  104. Richard doesn’t know who he has in mechanics especially Erin! That guy is the best I’ve ever seen! He better not ever threaten him again about writing his last check! Especially in front of the 10 or 15 million fewer audience! Aaron Kaufman is such a professor of mechanics when it comes to engines it’s like he can’t wait for the next challenge! The gas monkeys are unbelievable!

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  109. I have a 1962 ford f 100 short bed unibody, only made for 3 years, original engine and tranny. Clean sweet everyday driver, straight six and 3 on the tree. It is straight and sweet. Ready to have Richards touch! Come to beautiful Oregon and have a look!

  110. I’m glad that you guys are still on the air.. I think its one of the only reality type shows of this nature (on Discovery) where, what is shown on TV, everyone gets along and gets the job done, and any “drama” or arguments aren’t shown. Even though lots of mechanics have gone thru the show, the focus remains on the builds themselves and not the people.

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