Tony Taylor Takes Delivery of a 1974 AMC Gremlin X

As many of you hardcore fans know, Tony Taylor coordinates deliveries for all cars coming into Gas Monkey Garage. A few weeks back, Tony received a middle-of-the-night e-mail from Richard saying he bought another AMC Gremlin, the 7th we’ve had at the garage.


We all know you shouldn’t throw water on a Gremlin, and it was about to rain in Dallas when the delivery trailer rolled up. Tony and the driver were looking for a quick unload, but that didn’t happen. The front tires were flat and the car was moving slowly so Tony needed the forklift and some inch-by-inch maneuvering to clear the ramp.

Inch by inch
Inch by inch

Richard obviously knows there’s a market for Gremlins as they have a cult-like following among collectors. Back in the early 1970s the AMC Gremlin was marketed as “America’s First Compact Car” and went head-to-head with its contemporaries like the Volkswagen Beetle, Chevy Vega and Ford Pinto.

1974 Gremlin X Vintage Photo
1974 Gremlin X Vintage Photo

This particular car is a 1974 Gremlin X in G3 dark green with a 4.2 liter six-cylinder engine that puts out about 110 HP. The 1974 X model is the 1st year the side stickers featured a hockey stick-like pattern as well as the new typeface for the Gremlin nameplate.


We’ll keep you updated on this car and whether or not Richard chooses to have it as a build on Fast N’ Loud, a restoration for auction or to be sold as is to Gremlin aficionados.



  1. I owned one of these back in the late 80’s to early 90’s and they are so cool. Mine had the 304 with the three speed trans. Fun, fun little car to drive. It use to eat Mustangs and Camaros for lunch. Everyone laughed until they pulled beside it and then got their feelings hurt plus the embarrassment they had to face afterwards. If I still had it, it would probably be at the “Monkey’s cage” now. Lol. Just thought all the Monkey fans might enjoy the flashback. Great buy Tony.

  2. Oops! My mistake, Great buy Richard. That would be a good one for the Monkey’s to hot rod out though. Be nice to see one of those done Monkey-style. Lol.

  3. OMG! My first new car was a 1973 Gremlin, dark green!!! If I had the $$, I’d buy this sucker in a heartbeat. I had that car forEVER, longer than three of my 4 children at the time. I was doing a lot of driving in those days. I picked it up Dec. 11, 1972 in Albany, NY and burned the 12,000 “BPP” warranty before Memorial Day 1973 getting ready to move to FL! I was doing commercials for AMC in the northeast at the time. All in all, I put about 200,000 miles on that thing. It was part of our family. And I loved it like one of my kids. Finally, I sold it to an AMC service manager in CA where I was in ’74 for $300 and he re-furbed it for his daughter’s first car! Really love to see what you do with that honey!

  4. I own(original owner) and drive a 1974 Gremlin X with a 3 speed and a 4.2 that puts about 300hp to the rear axle. “Six in a row make it GO!”

  5. Bought a ’74 in December ’73. Same green color, gold stripe, 258 six cylinder, 3 speed on the floor, white interior. Wasn’t the best thing for WV snow!

    • Dane – I asked Richard about this the other day and he said he didn’t know yet, but I told him how cool it would be. Let’s keep hoping he makes it happen.

  6. My first car was a 1976 Lime Green Gremlin with 3 on the floor. Lol. Beautiful white interior and the hockey sticks on the side. If it rained you had to be careful of driving through puddles because it would shut off. I loved that car!!

  7. Several years ago Hot Rod did an article about a father daughter that restomodded a Pacer-X with modern susoension and a fuel injected 4.0l engine. Gas Monkey should do a sleeper Gremlin. Can anyone imagine a Gremlin blowing the doors off of a rice burner?

  8. What a throw back! Mine was a 74 with a 390, 4 brl and 4 speed. I loved kickin in that sucker. It ran!! It was white with blue interior. After a while wife said to get rid of it as it was her car and it only got 9 mph. Sold it and bought a 280z…….sigh!

  9. I had a ’73 with the 258 and auto stick on the floor–Levi’s edition. It was a dangerous car. The back end was so light that the wheels would spin in wet weather when I grabbed 2nd gear. This wasn’t because of the awesome 110 h.p. that the engine put out. Also, I think ’73 was the first year CA had some new pollution-control devices mandatory. It didn’t agree with the car. Every time I tried to accelerate moderately, the car would have a little hiccup–it would start to go, stall, then start again. Upon the re-start in wet weather, the back tires would start to spin, which made it almost impossible to get across an intersection at anything faster than a crawl. Very dangerous. The back end would also want to come around on wet curves. I can’t imagine one of these with a V-8 in it in wet weather. Just an accident waiting to happen.

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