Tweet to Win the Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Custom GMG Beer Bucket Table

Gas Monkey Beer Bucket Table

Y’all know how much I rely on my BEER ASSISTANT, so just imagine how much your dad could benefit from a table that stores your beer AND keeps it cold. Genius. We are going to give away 3 custom AUTOGRAPHED GMG MagneticSkins Beer Bucket Tables on Twitter. Here’s how you can win:

  1. Follow @GasMonkeyGarage and @RRRawlings on Twitter
  2. Post a Tweet that includes ALL of the following: @GasMonkeyGarage, @RRRawlings, #GMGFathersDay and this link: Examples below:
  • Hey, @RRRawlings. Pick me to win the @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket table because I’m awesome. #GMGFathersDay
  • I want a @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket Table more than @RRRawlings wants a live-in beer assistant. #GMGFathersDay
  • I want to win a @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket Table from @RRRawlings because I like beer. And tables. #GMGFathersDay

We will choose 3 people at random between now and June 11 to win the customized GMG tables.

This contest is open to the US only. (Sorry, International fans. I swear we love you!)

Winners  will be contacted via Twitter Direct Message at which point we’ll ask for your shipping address. Good luck!


  1. Hey richard!
    I realy want this table for me and my friends we going on vacation and it will be handy sure

    Thanks and best wishes

  2. I need to win the @GasMonkey Garage Beer Bucket Table because I am one of your greatest fangirls @RRawlings! I need a memorable gift for #GMGFathers Day! 🙂

  3. Love the show sucks it ain’t on later anymore so don’t get to see the new episodes after class but still fun show to watch

  4. My 7 year old loves watching the show @GasMonkeyGarage with me @RRRawlings. He would love to get that table for me on fathers day #GMGFathersDay. Http:/

  5. I want a @RRawlings beer table from @Gasmonkeygarage for @Fathersday cause I just want one and I need someplace to put my beer, sucks though I live in Canada so I can’t get one

  6. I dont have a Twitter account but i think you the shit when fixing and rebuilding cars i would like to win the table for my beer and my kids juice to put in…

    Gmg is the shit!!!!

  7. Damn…..I’d love to have this, for my husband of course 😉 bad part is I’m not a tweeter, twitter, what the hell ever!!! Good luck to those who are 😉

  8. #Gasmonkey Garage. I love watching ur guys show. Best damn show ever. I would love to win the bucket for my beer 30 after working on cars all day. At least I get to say hi to y’all. Wish I could meet ya.

  9. @rrrawlings, the ultimate would be if I won the table AND you were OUR beer assistant for the day. Of course, we would share with OUR beer assistant… and yes, I have tweeted to win!!!

  10. This table is bad ass. Me and my pops sit around and watch ur show all the time. Me and my old man would love to drink some beer around this table

  11. Richard, I can’t afford a beer assistant, so my 9 yr old son has to fill in for now. Make his life easier by giving me one of these tables. PLEASE!!

  12. It would be cool to sit at while me and my friends watch gas monkey garage .ps thanks for having a great show to watch

  13. My boyfriend loves y’all show , he is a hard working father , he has 5 kids and they all live in different towns , but he talk to them every day and will do anything for them , plus he is helping me with my special need kid too. We don’t have any kids together, but we take care of them as a family would , he spend time with my son that was diagnosed with Bipolar, ADHD,and ODD too. He will explain thing to him so can under stand from a boy or man point of view. so, when I tell u he a great father and great father ,he and a special one too. ,plus my said that he more father to me than my real father is …

  14. My Husband Deserves this Awsome Table for Father’s Day. My Two Children are his Step Sons and have put him Through Alot. And I Thank The Lord he has NOT GIVEN UP ON US. Any man can make a Child BUT IT TAKES A REAL FATHER TO RAISE THEM. Thank You Manuel for ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR OUR BOYS.

  15. This would be a great gift for me and my daughter to sit at while i take some much needed breaks from working on my truck …..

  16. Turning our garage into a partial “Man Cave” for my husband. This table would look great sitting under his flat screen tv, next to his beautiful 1966 Pontiac Bonneville!!!

  17. My kids and I have watched nearly every episode and we live it. They were jealous when I got to stop and have dinner at Gas Monkey B&G when I passed through Dallas for work. BTW, Great food. I bought each of my three boys shirts and one for myself. I really really would LOVE this table and my boys more so!

  18. Send this table to Poland 🙂 We have many great beers ( and vodka of course (and girls )) 😀
    we can exchange yours table for a one great Polish beer .

  19. Love love love it!!! It would be awesome gift I could give to my husband and father of my two kiddos and I would love to use it:) Would make me a great late Mothers day gift!!

  20. Are you going to something as amazing as this for your overseas fans? We’re missing out on your awesomeness in the uk!

  21. I work over in Iraq and we are unable to get onto Twitter. I watch GMG on the Discovery Channel every time it is on. Reruns and all. You guys are awesome. This would be a fantastic Father’s Day gift for me especially being that once again I won’t be home for this holiday. Richard… if you need a beer assistant let me know. Thanks for your support.

  22. Hey I’m Aarons newest best friend, we met in Ft. Stockton when he was passing through to Big Bend. That table would look great in my new man cave. Hey Aaron now that we are so close you always have a open door invitation the next time your in the West Texas area.

  23. My dad would love this we can pick it up in September when we go to Gas Monkey Bar New Grill hopefully you’re there

  24. I seen where I cold win this I love it me and my girlfriend and I watch ur show ever time we c it on i would love this for our house

  25. God helps those who help themselves … Is the term Id use if I had this cool table , it would be mine all mine , I’d love love love to have it

  26. Really don’t like how all the contests are only to people who have twitter.. y’all do have fans that don’t tweet that would appreciate a chance!

  27. Hi Richard
    It’s time you had a bigger presence in Scotland, we love the show, drink more beer than you and think this table would great at our summer Barbi,s
    Kev and the Scottish Beer monkeys

  28. Richard your show is the best if I am chosen to win this Awesome Table I won’t regret it because everything that I have done in life to succeed and for me I am doing the best in life for myself but the one that deserves this table because He went through an operation for thyroid cancer and my brother Steven is my best friend and anyone that has thyroid cancer or if someone knows a person that went though it knows it’s your life to get it taken care of or you could die from it

  29. i like the table its cool and all but my father passed away 6 years ago and what i would reall like to give him for fathers day is the restoration of our 71 jeepster commando that he never even heard run. what would you guys say to helping a young man out to fullfill this dream?

  30. Winning this table would mean the world to me.
    My father who recently passed away loved watching
    Your show. We would always watch it together.
    It would be a great reminder of him and his favorite show.

  31. Hy and a Hello to all the Car and Beer fans from Gas monkey Garage!Hy to the Worker of the Gas Monkey Garage and Greethings to all (Richard and Aron+and don’t forget to tell Greethings to Sue from ASM Auto Upholstery)! I am from Germany,many people want this table,but only one can have it and so it goes to,the place where it belongs and to the land where the best beer comes from Germany!hahaha hoooja
    But the that person that wins the prise, have fun with it!

  32. Richard, I need this table really bad, after visiting your shop and bar, I think I maybe a monkey too. Have a great day

  33. Hey Richard,
    I love “Fast & Loud”. I plan to go to Gas Monkey Bar & Grill when I get to Dallas.
    I’m not on twitter, so I guess I can’t enter for the GMG table. Bummer 🙁

  34. 1.Follow @GasMonkeyGarage and @RRRawlings on Twitter
    2.Post a Tweet that includes ALL of the following: @GasMonkeyGarage, @RRRawlings, #GMGFathersDay and this link: Examples below:
    •Hey, @RRRawlings. Pick me to win the @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket table because I’m awesome. #GMGFathersDay
    •I want a @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket Table more than @RRRawlings wants a live-in beer assistant. #GMGFathersDay
    •I want to win a @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket Table from @RRRawlings because I like beer. And tables. #GMGFathersDay

  35. Twitter Sux balls… So here’s my @gasmonkeygarage entry @RRRawlings… Someone hash tag TWITTERSUXBALLSHARD… They’ll love it.

  36. After the conteSt, will these tables be available to buy???? PLEASE?!?!? You have no idea how difficult it is to buy stuff for husbands for birthdays and Father’s Day!!! ARGH!

  37. I would love to win this for my husband but I don’t t have twitter and I’m not doing one for this.My husband was a marine and served his country in Desert Storm and is a great dad. He helps coach and goes to all their sport events. He is also a volunteer fire fighter in our town and just recently became assistant chief. He LOVES your show. This would make his fathers day ! Wish we could enter on Facebook. Thanks !

  38. Could defiantly use this table, esp since we dont have one :/ either way keep up the work guys. Love the show

  39. I would love to win this and if I do I want you to come to my house for a BBQ and a miller lite party! You guys rock!

  40. I just gotta say thnks for everything you and Gasmonkey garage has done since i been watchin you guys grow and expand…So if u guys are ever in Los Angeles Sic Psycles promotion club welcomes you with open arms to some gd BBQ and cold Beers! Find me and my Brothers on facebook sic psycles promotion ur fan 1/2 Dead sic side keep up the gd wrk!

  41. Hey Richard, send that baby over to Ireland buddy. We have plenty of monkeys to deal with over here, so I’m in damn need of a GMG beer table to de stress in the evenings!!

  42. Awesome beer table, it would be used With great respect 4 u guys, hell your more than welcome to come and drink with us! Be a party, Fast & lOud best show on cable!


  44. I would love to have the stable in memory of my dad we used to watch it together on Monday nights passed away last year and I think it would be really cool to have one and think about him every time I have a beer at your table hope you picked me aq great show

  45. Dude… I would LOVE to have one in my house. AND I live here in Dallas so I can save you guys the trouble of shipping it. I’ll come pick it up!!!! 😉

  46. Richard gas monkey is mine and my 8 year old gear head sons who can drive anything with a motor favorite show watch all the time love to have the table

  47. O.K. @RRRawling,you have done it again. My son would love @GasMonkey Garage Beer Bucket table. So, he could sit outside and watch his wife work and have a beer or two,etc. This would also be great to eat crawfish on you don’t have to get up for a beer! Awesome. Shella is right I would rather Richard! Just saying. Well easy on the eyes. Yep,yep,yep.

  48. Love the table maybe if I win you can come on over and help break it in. I’ll just see how much miller you can drink. My self its Coors light. Starting to put a shop together to build hotrods the table would fit right in.See ya around Richard tell Dennis and the shop crew hi!!!!!!!

  49. I’d love to enter for that table but I don’t Tweet and I’m not planning on it any time soon! Hey I really dig what you guys did on the Shovel FRED. you guys need to show cae move of your bikes.

  50. Hey Richard & GMG!! I would love to win this table for my Dad.. We enjoy watching the show. I would love to give him this for Father’s Day. We could sit back for some cold Miller Lite time and enjoy the show. Check out my photo of my Dad and I sharing a cold on together on twitter!!

  51. I like drinking beer while watching GAS MONKEY, the table would come in handy so I don’t have to make extra trips to the fridge!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Need that Beer bucket table more than all i wish in live,so hope i can win it ..Love GMG and all arround it ! Richard don´t need it,coz he has a beer assistant..

  53. Richard your beer assistant is not in the show to be seen that much, but it is cool to have a beer assistant. I would like to enter to win the beer bucket table, so add me to the drawing please. I enjoy watching you and your mechanic work on the classics. I do know that spending more than what you get back, needs work. Keep doing what your doing, great job. P.S. Have a great day, great week, and a ” GOOD YEAR “.

  54. Me and my husband love all of y’all!! He would LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! This would make his year! Can I have it? I live in Dallas, so this would save you money!

  55. I don’t have a twitter account, but my husband and I would get a lot of use out of this awesome table. We love your show!!

  56. hey richard if that is easy to get my wheelchair under then why not let me get it? i’m a big fan of the show and trip out when aaron is in his speedo scenes :p , but i need a table and that would fit perfect in my apartment. go gas monkey garage ,where dreams are made with plenty of sweat and beers !!! rock on you guys and a shout of to ginger snaps 🙂

  57. Whew! Could really use a beer after creating my first twitter account. My dad’s arms are tired from having to hold his beers. We need this table. 😉

  58. It’s ok with me! If you can not send me one to Australia,Sydney, I will make me one with the GAS MONKEY GARAGE LOGO! And ask if you can sign it! All THE BEST TO THE WINNING PERSON ON FATHER’s DAY!!! WHAT A GREAT SHOW,Wishing you all the best for 2014!

  59. Hi richard i would love this if i had the money id be over to gmg like a shot never won anything as brilliant as this

  60. I have no twitter account. Only Facebook. I have no memory left on my phone to download twitter. But I really want to enter. I want to win one for my husband, cause he and he I are huge fans. I believe he even sent you a picture of his truck he’s working on. (His name was Virgil). Please let me enter for him some other way. Thank you from your devoted fans from east Texas.

  61. I would really like to have this table in my snake room. It would be nice to have something cold to drink while I am cleaning cages and handling all the snakes.


  63. I sure could use a table for Beer. I like Beer and so far it likes me back so why not give it a place to rest for however brief it’s life may be?

  64. this would be perfect for my dad I don’t have a twitter account but I am falling both of you on facebook I do have an Instagram nikkilee4969

  65. You really should have the entry for this in a different way than tweeting, not all of us fans have twitter ya know, anyway I would love to win this for my boyfriend, he loves GMG and he loves his beer lol

  66. My hubby and I are combat Marine veterans and he wants the table and love to kick back after a long days work. I’d win wife of the year if I could give this table to my husband. He loves your show and is a damn good mechanic himself. Pick me Richard!


  67. Now wouldn’t they look awsome in my new 24X30 Man Cave I just finished here in Waco? How strange, I have been looking for tables & chairs to put in it just today. I tried to post a picture of it, but wouldn’t let me. I could even send a picture of my 57 Chevy parked in front of it.

  68. Dont you need some advertisement up here in Wingo, Kentucky? Send my husband a table and he will display it in our diesel repair shop. Love your show, dont miss it.

  69. Hey Richard,
    I got the fast and loud fever. I want a Gas Monkey table. We can have a place to sit down a cold beer when we bar b que. Looking forward to seeing yall again. Had a blast last time.

  70. I think you should also fill the bucket for 1 year with a special GMG micro – brew !! You should have your own brew by now 🙂

  71. pick me I drink a lot of beer and I will have a cold one for you when you come to upper Michigan and buy my ’76 Vette !!

  72. Hey Richard, Very Nice table!!! It would nice to have a custom table made by: GMG that would be Sick!!! Love your show by the way & Richard if I Win I will by you a 24pk of Miller Light Beer!!!

  73. Hey Richard love the show especially the race style cars n old trucks , wish you would do more bikes, but know how involved they get. My brother is getting married this would make an awesome gift. Thanks Love the show so does he.

  74. I would love to will this for my son we have bought all your work men shirts and that’s all he wears his wife gets so mad because he wears them every where he works on cars also this would look good in his new garage he is building with a lift in it . My son never misses your show. Thanks , Donna epling

  75. Pick me, I am graduating this Friday with my Masters Degree and my birthday is the 27th so I will need a gas monkey table to sit around and drink some beers with good friends!!! Please!!

  76. Richard @RRRawings I think you should give me the @GasMonkeyGarage beer bucket table because I want to get me some of that this FathersDay #GMGFathersDayhttp://bit.lay/GMGwin

  77. Please pick me to win that GMG beer table for my boyfriend for Father’s Day he loves your shoe he never misses it

  78. I not only want to win this table but I want to shave off arron’s beard to raise money for cancer research! thanks Richard GAS MONKEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Well , I don’t have some fancy story or no intentions of blowing sunshine in places…. I can tell u that I enjoy your shop antics and jokes. You all get along so well, so it seems.. I really enjoy the talent yhat you habe put together to create some very nice ” works of automobile art”…
    Thank you. Forrest Landers

  80. Who don’t want a gas monkey table …..i know would love to win it……….I love your show.u guys rock….

  81. Thought I had the perfect home for @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket table, but #USonly !! Throw some love to your UK fans Ass Monkey.

  82. TWITTER Sucks Richardo…….. How about another table contest for all of us Faithful GMG Facebook & Instagram Fans? 😉 Come on Bud, I could use a table like that.

  83. I created a Twitter just for this 🙂 I Love Fast & Loud. Went to Gas Monkey Garage this last weekend and it was closed (05/18/2014), probably should have read the hours before going, so we went to Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. 🙂 LOVE THAT PLACE

  84. Two words it need only to get my
    “Beer Thirty ” started for Fathers Day.
    Love the show been to your Restaurant & Gift shop Loved the food & Marshall Tucker Band”.
    I just wish I had a old Ford Truck to redo because your the man.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win. What an honor.
    Gayla Heath

  85. C’mon people read the rules – entries for the beer table contest are on TWITTER. It’s real easy to open a Twitter account. You can deactivate the account when the contest is over. Richard doesn’t want a repeat of the overly anxious Camaro search – fans emailing everything but what he wanted. His instructions are quite clear – if you take the time to read them. Just sayin’ ya’ know. Give the guy a break.

  86. I’ve never tweeted before,hope I did it right because my husband would love me forever if I gave him this for father’s day

  87. would love to win this for my dad, he will be 73 years old on june 30th. you guys at GAS MONKEY GARAGE ROCK, WATCH YOU EVERY MONDAY PLUS RERUNS…..

  88. just be worth it to USA, I would love to win here in Brazil always accompany congratulations cars are always very nice!

  89. Richard @RRAWINGS I deserve this @GASMONKEYGARAGE beer table because I have put 2 daughters through college and have one that’s now in college,After ALL of that I can barely afford a beer let alone a table.Please consider me for #GMGFATHERSDAYHTTP// BIT.LAY/GMGWIN
    also love your show.

  90. It would be nice if someone in Holland could drink cold beer from a GMG beer-table. I already have my own beer-assistant..

  91. Well Richard, I live in Autrailia, and its fen expensive to travel from Perth on the west Coast of Oz to your land of fine cars and to just come over and have a beer with you Monkeys.
    So here is the deal send me your lovely beer bucket table and the short legged Terroist ( my son ) will not have get me beers for at least 1 hr……….hope all is well, and top show to guys.

  92. Beer is great, tables are great, a table that holds beer is awesome, but a GMG Beer holding table is EPIC! I need this in my life…

  93. I want this so bad its cool but I want because I probably cant have Richard so this would be a start and every time I used GMG would be there with me .
    love the show and all the people you all are some awesome people keep up with the beer drinking and putting out so awesome cars and trucks 😉

  94. I would love to get this for my dad for fathers day he has had cancer for alittle while he is doing good so far he loves the things yaw do he likes doing the same things also it would be a good and awesome gift for him please could yaw make this work for him to have this gift love GMG. Thanks! JAB

  95. I LOVE the show more then any one on this entire planet and my dad loves the show to we watch it every night on Monday it is awesome gas monkey rocks whool!!!!!!

  96. this will be quite the conversation piece when I win. the envy of all our gearhead friends. keeping my fingers & toes crossed for you to pick my winning tweets.

  97. Crap thats a lot of tweets, If i had a beer for every tweet that would be a good week.
    Enjoy your show, Beers to you my friends of Gas Monkey Garage.

  98. Richard I would love the table in memory of my dad that passed away last year he love the show I would love to have that to look at everyday to remind me of my dad

  99. Essa dupla e do Barlho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I got mine tweeted! I never got to celebrate Father’s Day growing up but now I do with my husband and our 6 kids! He deserves this cause he says he never wins anything and he works his tail off in his shop. Love y’all at Gas Monkey Garage for inspiring him!

  101. Watching a GMG marathon right now hoping the kids & I hear from y’all that we won this table for their daddy. He LOVES his kids, Gas Money Garage, beer & bbqing so this would be perfect for him!!!! He works hard to support us & does everything he can to go to with early to get off in time to be there for the kids school assemblies, games, practices, Dr appt. & to help with me with our oldest son. Really, his stepson, Isaiah, who was in a rollover last year & now has a traumatic brain injury & now in a wheelchair. He took two weeks off of work until Isaiah woke up from the coma he was in & was back & forth from Hobbs, NM to Lubbock, TX as much as possible. He’s works tirelessly so we’d LOVE to win him something he’d LOVE! He wants to go to Dallas just to go to your bar & grill in hopes that he might get to meet you!

  102. I left a comment but now i dont see so i would love to take a gasmonkeygarage beer bucket table off your hands.RRRawlings it would be so cool to give it for GMGFathersday. I allready have my beer ready to go in it.

  103. Hey crazy ass R.R.! You need to grab a couple of those Beer Assistants & come down to sunny South Florida for some fun! I got the perfect bbq smoker for this table to go next to! Tweeted it to you. Good luck to all but I’m gonna be one of the last 2 winners 😉

  104. Richard Rawlings your table sounds like a great gift I know show is watched by a large number of people and a number of car enthusiast’s my plan is to donate the tabs to the Wounded Warrior Program Alumni. These are our brothers and sisters recovering from injury and illness and think your table would be a cool gift to someone who needs apick me up.

  105. You need to send this table to me, in Canada!!!! We know how to drink beer here!!! Besides it would look awesome beside my 67 Chevelle.

  106. I would really like to win the table because it deserves to stay in Texas! Dad and I are huge fans of the show! Been watching since it started and even been to Dallas because of Gas Monkey!! Thanks!!

  107. @GassMonkey Garage, @RRRawlings#GMGFathersday
    Hey Richard I would love to win the table to put it in my new room I think it would looknice in there.

  108. I would like to have a beer table,I don’t drink beer but my grand kids would drink lots of H20 and eat lots of burgers and ice cream at it..Follow @GasMonkeyGarage and @RRRawlings on Twitter
    Post a Tweet that includes ALL of the following: @GasMonkeyGarage, @RRRawlings, #GMGFathersDay and this link: Examples below:
    Hey, @RRRawlings. Pick me to win the @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket table because I’m awesome. #GMGFathersDay
    I want a @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket Table more than @RRRawlings wants a live-in beer assistant. #GMGFathersDay
    I want to win a @GasMonkeyGarage Beer Bucket Table from @RRRawlings because I like beer. And tables. #GMGFathersDay

  109. hell yeah ,that would be great in the work shop , beer and grease at hand , probably get more done on Shadow , aka beast jeep

  110. Richard tweet tweet this is as close to a tweet i can get to you any way it would be nice to win the table because i don’t have a beer assistant so the table would be nice to set my ice cold Miller on drink up buddy here’s to you.

  111. Really cool table. I live in little Denmark and have watch Ebert episode of fast n loud. This table would fit perfect on my balcony, but since im studying i dont have the monkey for it

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