Vote for the Cannonball Winning ’78 Jag XJS

Hey guys! Remember that Cannonball Run winning ’78 Jag XJS we bought on a past episode? We’re going to restore it to its former glory on an upcoming episode of Fast N Loud, but right now we need your help! It’s tied for Bring a Trailer’s People’s Choice for Best Feature of 2013! We need your votes to beat the competition!

To vote, click HERE and scroll to the very bottom. In the comments section, just enter your name and email and then post this link in the comment box:

Voting ends at midnight tomorrow!

Thanks to all of our badass fans!



  1. C’mon People your talking about history making. Those cars are very far and very few between. Let’s all rally behind Richard and build this little piece of history. You know he’s going to make it badass.

  2. That’s bad ass f..k the car just mount the glove box on your desk in your office ….. This new generation has no idea who the f….k the bandit , hooper , kaualaski, is or jj mc clure is , they just think your doing skits on your show….. Gotta put my man in a captain chaos uniform lol …. N how the hell do u find out about running the cannonball ???? I don’t care if I gotta spend every dollar I got to do it I wanna build a car n run it ….. My friend won the motorcycle version record time who’s helping me build my bobber right now …..

  3. Yes I think that the Jaguar as earned it place in history. To achieve a record like that should earnyou a second chance at life. The car should be n a museum so future generation can see it.

  4. I’m for restoring it and I liked the trailer. But I have one question for you Richard. Who’s going to rebuild the car you won the Cannonball in? Seeing as how your record was beat a few weeks ago by over two hours. There must have been a time when your foot was riding the brake pedal.

  5. First car I ever drove was one of these in 1978 when I was 10. Car with fun history like this has deserves to be saved.

  6. Would love to win famous Jag, anything AAron Kaufman works on is done right, that is why he argues with Richard so much about doing the job right. Love the show, a true motorheads dream.

  7. I think it would be a great rebuild. Piece of automotive/americana history. And who else to restore but thats current record holder. It has stamp of approval for people’s choice. √

  8. good evening im from the uk – in my opionion although it may seem a good shout for a trailer car i still think theres nothing cooler than the 77 trans am. the xjs although stock at 300 bhp still isnt taht awesome v8 have agood one guys!!!!!!

  9. I got my vote in for the Jaguar, hope “we” win…lol Good luck, great show, can’t wait to see the Jag get restored. ⛽

  10. Hell yeah you guys need to restore that car it is an icon.

    I will keep following the show on discovery keep up the nice work ,
    O and richard have a beer on me man hahahahaha

  11. Great show. Had 6 shows recorded (snowing all day) and had a Fast & Loud Marathon today. Really enjoyed the Trans AM build, AKA ( Smokey & The Bandit show), Keep it up.

  12. GMG WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM RESTORING THIS XJS JAG THEY HAVE THE TALENT AND DAMN NO DRAMA well maybe a little but its FUN drama u no what thru thick and thin everyone that works for Richard r positive and have great attitudes when frustration sets in even RICHARD knows it will come out great !!! Have fun guys with this its all yours, Joe

  13. Have you done the BBORR? Or others? or the texas mile . great show….lmao all the time it is on. Hot Rods , find the first one yall monkeys did together….


    Well either way…..its gunna be badass…its gotta be…its the former winner.
    My opinion…black body with tan leather interior and an old skool industrial layout on the dash,gear(shift)stick.
    As for the engine…….whats the budget….Aarron raises eyebrows….Richard sighs 🙂
    Go for it guys you are all such a great blast….TV sucked until you hit the Airtime
    Much respect from the U.K

  15. As a 1990 XJS V12 coupe owner these cars have gotten a bad rap. If you keep them cool they offer comfort, speed, and handling you can’t get for the money anywhere. True, I do find myself saying “no they didn’t do THAT!” as I learn more about the car. When you show up at a car show with one in which everything works perfectly and open the hood its fun to watch the camaro and mustang guys try to figure out what some of those things under the hood even do. I have done Camaros, mustangs, Model As, Jeeps etc. These cars are much more challenging.

    Restore it!

  16. I have been a car guy all my life. if you have a car like that you have to put it back the way it was when it won the CB. love the show. keep it cool and f’k what all the other shows are saying about your show.

  17. Restore to original. With superb v12.No small block Chevy would have won that race. Or any of the many races the xjs won in its racing career. That v12 is bullet proof. It’s just morons who can only understand iron pushrod v8s who get confused by such a masterpiece of an engine!!

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