Vote on the next Official Gas Monkey T-Shirt Design!

Out of 326 designs that our fans submitted, we picked our favorite 6. Now it’s time for you to vote on your favorite. You can vote once every 24 hours. Voting ends midnight CST this Friday. The winner will receive $250 and an autographed shirt. The winning design will be available online and in our retail shop here at the garage this spring/summer.

To vote click HERE or click the image below.



  1. First off I thought you were picking 10 top shirts? When did you decide to change the rules?
    I would have thought Richard Would have wanted something “cool” to represent his business. I’m sorry but none of these say “cool” at all. I vote for none of them. Very disappointed in your decisions.

    • It said we would pick our favorites. It never said a number. We weren’t sure if we’d have 10, 5 or 3 favorites. Turns out, we had 6 favorites.

  2. If my calculations are correct, when the GMG donut zone T hits 1000 votes till end of voting, you’re gonna see some serious shit.

    • There were at least 100 shirts with sketches of us, so I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. There were a lot of really fun ones, but these 6 were the favorites when all the monkeys voted

  3. Uhhh! DEFINITELY I prefere the Donut Zone Shirt!!! That i must have for my boyfriend!
    Thats absolutly GMG stile!!! *love*

  4. Dear,

    In February 2017 we fly to Phoenix for a wedding.
    My husband would like to meet you guys or/and visit a auction.

    Who can help me? We would also like to rent a mustang (1967)

    We come from the Netherlands.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Too bad you had to remove two designs. You should have picked the “Monkey on the Branch with the OOPS face” that would have won hands down!!!!! Hope you got a laugh or two when you saw that entry.

  6. RRR Wahoo going to be landing at Love Field on the 14th of September. Meet me for lunch at the grill? I see it isn’t too far from the airport. BTW you are buying!

  7. Hi !
    I just loved the second t-shirt idea!
    Richards favourite colour is green so why not put that monkey driving the hot rod on a green t-shirt?
    Please give me an answer if Richard liked it or not.
    Make one and see if it is cool! If you don’t like it, send it to me!

  8. Love the GMG brand and show. Richard you are the man. I’m sitting here laughing at the comments like “What about my design, or the one my kid did” Geez guys if you enter these things you gotta assume your design might or might not make the final pick. suck it up and just enjoy the experience. You win some you loose some.

    I’ll vote my fave ?

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