WANTED: 1950-1965 Porsche Speedster Roadster or Cabriolet

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  1. a gmg porsche!! wicked as!! 550 or 356?? a lake underwood tribute?? cant wait for the episode….. you guys are smashing. hey just so you guys know… u guys have started a trend in india….
    love your show. hope you guys keep making more episodes. wish you guys a merry christmas, happy holidays and a wicked successful new year.

  2. I have Grand cherokee factory Lamborghini
    Proto type Shaker hood and has all chrysler
    Blue print tags for sale ready to built on your show

  3. Hey, was just wondering when you guys are coming out with a new episode. I’ve been checking as far ahead in the future that I can on my DVR but it only shows reruns. Not like they’re good but you can onoy watch em so many times haha. Lemme know, thanks y’all!!

  4. there is one for sale 10 min from my house.
    they asking 85K€ its matching numbers and has been restored in the 80’s
    is red with Black interior.

  5. I know where a car is just like you are looking for i dont know if it is for sale.
    The car does not appear to run. It is sitting in the front yard, in a town called cleveland, nm.
    It is on hwy. 518.

  6. I seen the body to on sitting beside a back road in Oregon. when i was out looking for field and barn finds to restore or just flip or pass on to some one looking for a special car. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year from Krows Kustom Kars.

  7. Hi Richard,
    I write from Chile, I love the tv show, I see him every Friday night with a good beer! Aaron is great partner, continue with the usual sympathy, a hug and congratulations friends.

  8. I know a guy that has a 1958 356 cabriolet. The body, black, is off, but the car is complete. I’ve seen it, it’s in Grand Prairie. I’ll try to get in touch with him to see how much he’d be willing to sell it.


  9. hey friends in ecuador there car wanted this car your owner is the famous driver in the guayaquil city this car is steel this car is the collection

  10. Hey Guys, if you can´t find a nice one around there, just check out this , lots of them listed here, guess most of them are already restored or in a pretty good condition… if it´s worth to take one from overseas… = )

    gonna send the whole link to your mailadress

    Happy Holidays and a Great New Year

  11. will you be interested on a 66 Chevy Belair 4 Door,350 motor 4 bolt main bored 40 over automatic 2 speed power glide transmission,Dual exhaust, 4 door needs brake lines,

  12. Hola Richard me tienes Lokita¡ lo que daría yo por tomarme un café contigo y con Aaron¡ os sigo desde el principio… Y hasta el final¡ Kisses¡

  13. I have a 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Braugh?? with 75000 actual miles which was my mothers and it is in excellent condition and I was wanting to know if you or someone you know would be interested? I live in Texas about 2-3 hrs from you..Call me anytime if interested..903-724-1777.

  14. There is a rare 1978 buick skyhawk (monza) w/ imsa body here in Capac MI. For Sale
    I seen it on CL and thought it would fit right in at gmg

  15. I have a 67′ coupe deville i would like to sell,black with convertible and red and white interior. body is solid and has no rust. Very nice car with original motor,maybe your swede friend might like it also.

  16. Hi Monkey Garage,I write from italy, I have a client who wants to sell a porsche speedster pre-series of 65 ,if you interested contact me for pictures and price.
    Also, if you are interested I sell electronic accessories for Porsche,Beetle and all machines with electric 6 Volt to insert navigators, telephones and more, visit http://www.t1alarm.com.

  17. I found a couple in a magazine . It’s Autabuy and they have a website too. The cars are in California at Vintage Reserve Garage. pg 24 : 1965 Porsche 356 SC/ Cabriolet & 1956 Porsche 356 1600.The garage has a website too, but their ph # is 209-333-2277. There’s also a 1964 356 on pg 76 in Seattle Washington 206-533-9600. And a 67 911 targa on pg 22 for 68,500 Autabuy.com

  18. Hey Richard

    These guys are in UK village where the Aston Martin is built not far from me, they have some mint Porsche motors and may have some leads too.
    I also know a vehicle shipping company that have been invovled in the Gumball and could get any uk cars to you, about 5 mins drive from these guys.

    Diggin the TV Show – Best wishes Jay (GoatLicker)

  19. Wtf. I was watch Barret Jackson all day waitin for the black mustang. Fbn ran a f’n commercial while it went on the block. I am glad u got 160k for it. All i got to see was what it sold for on the bottom of the screen after the fact. BS man.

  20. Porsche 356 1962 B coupe stored in barn for 32 years. Long Branch, New jersey. EBAY item number 281246197260. Gas Monkey Road Trip!

  21. GMG,

    What about a re-build comparison of a Fiberfab Porsche Speedster knock-off VW kit car along with the real thing? You’ll probably restore the real thing for the big bucks but you could insanely hotrod the kit car for little money and feature a rally competition or drag race at the end between the two crew’s cars. It would probably warrant another episode. Think lowering production costs. Fiberfab has an interesting history as well.

    The kit car rehab would be a low-cost project compared to the real thing. Your second-string guys could do the knock-off project. Rich-man vs Poor-man or first-string crew vs second-string crew for a bragging rights kind of thing. Could auction it off for charity afterwards….

    If so, I’ve got just the cheap knock-off Rat-Rod Speedster for you here in Flower Mound on Dallas’ Craig’s List right now. Search for “Porsche Speedster replica”.

    Love the show!

  22. what guys,
    in an old castle in Italy I have a collection of cars waiting for years.
    There are Cadillac, Buick, Lincoln, Pontic, Ford and Alfa Romeo and Fiat.
    If you are interested let me know

  23. There is a fellow two doors down from me in Roanoke Texas that has a hard top car of similar year in his garage… it is sanded down to metal and needs restoration but he drives it. also has a convertible Gia similar driving condition.

  24. Hi
    My brother has a Porsche Speedster 1965 replica, cream with red leather interior, soft top, proper cool car. Maybe Gas Monkey can come to Dorchester, England.

  25. By the way my husband loves the show, getting him a gas monkey tshirt for his birthday on the 26th – shout out would be so cool x Thanks Hannah x

  26. Hey man,i’m sending you a mail. I’ve found 3 original speedster here in Italy,all good. I’m sending you details and, maybe, give you an idea for the future.

    mail is [email protected] right?

    I hope to be of Help!
    Greetings from Italy


  27. Hello, Richard!
    We’ve got a 1957/58 356A Cabriolet right close to you in Richardson, TX. It’s been in our family since the the early 80’s. We are 3rd owners. Not a kit car, all steel, all matching numbers. It was my husband’s dad’s car and it’s been well-cared for and always garaged or in storage, but it does need a new paint job and some mechanical TLC. Not sure if we would want to sell it outright, but what if we payed for the restro, and you guys do what you want to it? It’s not a concours contender, unless you want to throw buckets of money at it, but it’s a great fun car, and we’d love to see the Gas Monkey Garage treatment to it. The Maverick Region (DFW) Porsche Club would love to see it too! Can send you pics if you are interested.


  28. there is a guy down the street who has a a perfect one in his garage. i think its for sale, the price tag is to high for me to even stop buy. than again im 18 and make 8.50, so everything is to high for me.

  29. here is a buy you might be interested in it a 1976 AMC gremlin unmolested complete the add is asking 800 would love to get a finders fee a few hunderd would make me happy im not greedy and i know they go for around 3000 in bad shape I have lots of hiddin treasures that most dont know about like a 1972 cuda or a 1956 chevy two door and a 1964 ford falcon and a 1970 charger a yard of 30 an 40s trucks or a yeard of vw vans and bugs even a 10 window 1938 gmc
    you can reach me at my cell 816 446 3737

  30. I saw a 1961 2 door Ford Falcon by me. Body is in good shape and the color looks good. Dont know much about the motor or anything else. Been sitting in the guys driveway.

  31. Hello Richard, I just want to say that I love your guys’ show and you have inspired me so much. I have always wanted to own my own garage and you guys give me tons of hope that one day I will have one! You guys have also all inspired me to do many great things with my 1987 Chevy Silverado.. you are all so inspiring and amazing!!!


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  33. I saw a 1965 356 coupe, black/black, numbers matching in a little trip a took a few months ago. I just checked the place where I found the car and is supposed to be for sale today. Let me know if this something that you are looking for.

  34. there is a porsh vw hord outside marryville mo; i do belive there is two of the 50s porsh.s there also a 27 window van the hord is east close to a cathlic boys school

  35. Hey Richard just wondering if u would be interested in purchasing another 67 galaxie 500!!??…Its in great condition no rust or dents anywhere and has been mostly restored…with alot of newer style components..

  36. We have a 1963 Porsche B (I think) there is an S on the back. I would love to get it restored. It drives fine but needs restoration. Who do you recommend?
    Terry Mulligan

  37. First I must say I am a fan of the show, but I must say after reading your wanted post, I am having recurring nightmares about a Speedster with huge billet wheels doing a burn out with a pumped V-8 and black satin or Candy Apple red paint. Please tell me Aaron and the guys are going to do something tasteful with a rare vintage Porsche that is very valuable when restored to original condition.

  38. Heard a rumor that you got invited to the Big Boy’s Toy’s show in ABU DHABI in October, any truth in that ?

  39. hi I just emailed you some photos of a 1964 356 SC all original number matching car that I have for sale my contact info is in my email. Ps i’m a huge fan of the show keep up the good work hope to hear from you

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