We Love Our Australian Fans! Meet the Wattie’s – 8,415 Miles from Dallas, TX

On any given day, Gas Monkey Garage’s front area is jammed packed with fans from all across the US and around the world.  Recently, there’s been an influx of Australian fans that have been travelling here just to see Gas Monkey Garage.

This one family in particular made a collective decision to cut one full day off of their Disney World vacation in Orlando, FL to make a special trip to Dallas, TX just to see Gas Monkey Garage.  Nick Wattie, his wife Megan, and their baby daughter Hannah decided to peel off time from their family vacation to spend some time with us as well.

Mick said that car culture is alive and well in Australia and they love American Muscle, two cars in particular that are specific to Australia.  According to Mick, the two biggest cars in Australian hotrod culture are the Holden HK Monaro 327 Bathurst Coupe and Ford XY GT.  Mick is proud of his Holden HK Premier 4-door as well as a custom built chopper from Oklahoma.

1968 Holden HK Monaro GTS
1968 Holden HK Monaro GTS
1971 Ford XY-GT
1971 Ford XY-GT

Mick and Megan said Fast N’ Loud fans in the US should take a trip to Summernats  in Canberra, AUS if they want to experience hotrod culture in Australia.  It would be fantastic if Richard and the folks at the garage took the trip to the Summernats someday to spend time with great fans like the Wattie’s. Perhaps our Australian fans could convince one of the airlines that flies from Dallas to Australia to provide a plane so Richard and the Monkeys can make the trek!

A special Gas Monkey shout out to the Wattie’s and all of our fans in Australia.  Keep on watching, there are some great new episodes on the way.


Names: Mick, Megan + Hannah Wattie

Hometown: Cairns, Queensland Australia

Favorite Monkeys: Richard Rawlings + Aaron Kaufman

Favorite Build: Challenger R/T Scat Pack


  1. a few months back I had the best idea ever and I put a tweet out there suggesting that we get Aaron and Australian Hollywood actor Eric Bana to have a one on one rally car race. If both parties were to agree to the event, I could almost promise you 100% that loads of big and small name companies in Australia would love to sponsor such an event and therefore pay for the Gas Monkey Crew to come down under

    Link to my tweet. ..


  2. Hi my name is Robyn White from Australia. My partner Dennis Ward and myself are going to be in Dallas on the 18 May and leaving for Australia on the 21st May. I was wondering if we would be able to visit you on one of those days. We both watch your show here and it would be great to actually meet all of you
    Kind Regards
    Robyn White

    • Hey Robyn, shooting the shooting schedule is pretty unpredictable, but Richard and the Monkeys usually find time to come meet fans that wait in the parking lot or merch store!

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