We Rode our Build-off Bike to Vegas!

Since we’re all about building a REAL bike and staying true to what a bike build-off should be about, we cruised the 1,300+ miles from Dallas to Vegas on the bike we built for Chopper Live: The Revenge. No, we didn’t spoon each other on the ride there… I rode mine and Aaron rode the build-off bike. And in true Gas Monkey fashion, we decided to make a week of it and stop at as many Twin Peaks and Hooters we could find along the way. Bikes, boobs and beautiful sunsets are what the best road trips are made of. We decided to take our Facebook fans and Twitter followers along for the ride. And we mean that literally and figuratively. It went a little something like this…


We hit the road.

Stopped in Big Spring, TX. Left a GMG T shirt at the air pump at the Valero T/A. Told our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to go get it.

Within minutes, @Taylor_Eben posted this:

Got hungry.

Died. Went to heaven.

Slept it off in Van Horn, TX. Dropped another T Shirt in a sketchy location. Told our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers to go claim it.

Minutes later…

She did.

Got hungry again in El Paso.

Dropped another shirt.

Jaime for the win.

Back on the road.

Got frisked.

Made friends.

Pit stop. Chevron in Deming, NM. Dropped another T shirt and alerted fans and followers.

Kyleen Snyder got there first.

Got hungry. Stopped at El Charro in Lordsburg, NM, for dinner and Miller Lites.

Left a T shirt there. Told FB fans and Twitter followers. Monkey marks the spot.

Melissa de la Garza now proudly rocks out with GMG gear.

Left our mark on Arizona.

Got hungry.

Met this kid. He’s awesome.


Day 3. The home stretch.

Hello, Vegas.

Now catch the build, the ride and the potential victory this Monday and Tuesday night on Chopper Live: The Revenge at 9 EST.

May the best bike win.


    • I think the voters got it right. I liked PJD’s bike *slightly* more because of the vintage grill look. However only Gas Monkey actually took their bike the length of the trip. Jesse’s bike was a joke. OCC’s was ok, but they didn’t integrate anything and it was all machine worked. ehhh

    • I agree Joe, Jesse’s ride did not have a seat and you are a psychic or something. Also, I like the way Gas Monkey (Richard and Aaron) had the class to drop off some shirts along the way and make it a fun trip for fans. That is Gas Monkey style all the way!!!

  1. that is so great that you guys actually rode the bike to the build off instead of having it trailer to there, shows a good bike can make a long haul, what is the use of having a fancy bike if all it is for is looks, can’t wait to see it good luck

  2. Well, I see an Evo sporty front end and a sweet paint job. Please tell me y’all kept it old school and built a pan or shovel… Or even a knuck. Can’t wait to see it. Fuck the tuttles!! Glad to see someone build something that is actually rideable!

  3. ive been a fan since day one… true to the fashions ive been a j.j fan and an occ/pjd fan as well but u guys @ gmg have a new flavor and style much to my own… im a craigslister flipper just like yall but with out the bank account…lol… but people are amazed at what i can flip. i would love a gmg t-shirt and some stickers… i own a tattoo shop here in the NW and a mobilee tattoo studio that i use to help raise money for charities such as ronald mcdonald house and childrens hospital… what would it take to get a box of shwagg to use as raffle items and giveaways… at some of our events.. please have someone contact me at my email address or call me at 206-715-8021… here is also the link to my company facebook…http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Tattoo-GUY-INKorporated/198829276854373?ref=hl
    thanks for keeping it real guys
    131-A River rd.
    Sequim, WA 98382

  4. Is it bad that I hope you win even though I live in New York just like the Buttles? lol I am going to go back to school this year at U.T.I maybe one day I will get the chance to work for you guys. It’s because of your show that I decided to follow my dreams to work on bad ass cars and bikes but just wanted to say thank you! Good luck at the build off and Kick some ass you guys sincerely Jim Weldon a.k.a Jimbob

  5. We tried catching you guys at charro restaurant at the bar,missed it by minutes but it was worth our 45 minute drive to find yal at Hampton in Lordsburg w Richard and a beer in his hand!. Should have asked you u to take pic with ur Ipad!

  6. Riding your bike to the build off? Wow, image that. Let’s see if the old school builder Jesse will do the same. Probably not. Can you register a blender with the DMV?

  7. Total fan of you guys and the cars and bikes (now that I know you guys build bikes). I am driving through TX around Jan on my way to Fort Bragg, NC is your shop open to the public for just stopping by and checking out what is your next project?

  8. Love the show been a fan since the 1st episode.looking forward to seeing your bike in the build off ….Gas Munkey …ROCKs

  9. Love the show been a fan since the 1st episode.looking forward to seeing your bike in the build off ….Gas Monkey …ROCKs ..

  10. Gas Monkeys are freakin’ SAVAGES!!! With wads of cash and tricked out rides, you guys just plain kick ass! Good luck at #Chopperlive!

  11. real shit here boys, I’m born & raised in long beach ca. know Jessie hang out with the boys in so. cal. lots of bull sht we all get along also do smack each other around one thing ya all can build and bravo to discovery to show how good ya all are,Aron your work is by far the tightest jessie good luck with future indevers tuttles stardum got ya by the nads get back to real.. no I’m not on speed just saying ya are best show out there and keep up the good work, finaly at 61 found a tv show as good as bat masterson look richard your sales ability gave me a smile heres a 10 C-YA

  12. I’m farly new to your show, but I have to say I am lovin’ it. Keep the freah air comming guys! Keep it upright and between stripes!


  14. GMG KICKS ASS !!!! EFF the two losers frrm NEW YORK, they are a bunch of crybabies that throw their personal life on television for better ratings and to make money.

    GMG builds awesome hot rods and motorcycles that get ratings and then they make money, Rawlings and Kaufman are the best, ROCK ON GUYS !!!

    Rob B.

  15. Love to watch ya’ll!! You need to come through Oklahoma on your way home!! LOL. I have a 6yr old that would love to see ya’ll!!! GMG ROCKS!!!!

  16. Godamn voice recognition software I meant raw and mean shit made me ssound like senior get the idear. Hey make sure you put your foot up the staypuft marshmallow mans ass aka jason from occ

  17. When did they stop requiring that the bikes actually be ridden to the meet up? They should have kept that rule, these are motorcycles not museum pieces. You guys have already won in my book.

  18. What’s cool about you guys is the fact that your show went big BUT didn’t turn you into rock star assholes.I’d ride with you guys anytime.If your ever in PA Give me a shout and I’ll show you some beautiful ridin roads.Good Luck in the contest.SPIG.

  19. I swear as much as I hate pink Im waiting on Fred to devastate the Hollywood rock stars JJ and OCC+Jr. I can see jessie throwing a fit and trying to whine his way into a recount LMAO

  20. I think the king of build offs Indian Larry would be damn proud of u boys! Way to show all those idiots how to do it! GMG rock! Good luck u crazy fucks!

  21. Obviously its over and Im looking forward to next weeks show. That being said you guys built the best true to our fathers real chopper not some acid trip in reverse monstosity and you did it on time. True to your word in the time frame agreed to like real men do. Great job guys….good luck!

  22. Just saw your Bike… You made All of US who wrench in our garage, sheds and driveways PROUD.
    All the BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS were worth it.. You truly made an AMAZING bike. You have mine and the crew’s vote…
    F.R.E.D. for life….
    Thanx again Keep up the GREAT WORK

  23. Love the flat side, I have a “68” rode it from Palatka, Florida to Glacier National Park and back. Broke the suicide throttle cable in Oklahoma, went to Wal Marts and bought a lawn mower throttle cable and was on my way. Love your show hate the OCC and Paul Jr show, getting to where I don’t much care for the great Jessie James, so he says. If you need another flat side let me know.

  24. Hey good luck! I plan on watching tuesday night, I’ve got the Patriots and Texans on , sorry i’m a patriots fan and we are kicking ass. But i’m a big fan of your show and the work you do. You guys kick ass. I hope you win over those ass hats from New York.

  25. GMG, Real kick ass bike built on time, The teutuls bikes belong in the lobby of one of their theme restaurants. Cry baby Jessie James couldn’t even finish his bike even though the bike was built by Roland Sands biker build off 3 seasons ago, not original, not cutting edge, Jessie you played out! GMG the real deal!

  26. you guys are awesome, and the fact that you rode the bike to the build off says that you build for the long haul. I’m team FastN’Loud all the way, and I hope you shut Jesse’s mouth once and for all. You should return the gift back where it belongs, Jesse’s mouth. GOOD LUCK!!!

  27. seen the first show loved that you guy’s road it all the way. Jessie and Paul Sr looked like the got almost the same bike maybe cuz there butt body’s now. and Paul Jr what can i say to long looks like would not be a good bike to ride all the way to the show in L.V but would look good in some big company’s lobby like most are all built for good look in the build guys and i bought my shirt love it !!!!!!

  28. hey gas monkey my dad said this to me as a child to watch what i wish for it may come true.. may he r.i.p. my hero a world war II VETERAN that i miss so much. so here it goes i wish you would donate the bike you built, rode,and beat the other guys with to me. love the show. i did it dad i made my wish. miss and love you so much. your son andy

  29. Watched part one of build off tonight GMG built a true chopper glad to see someone still knows how i dont know what the other 3 were building hope GMG wins the build off you got my vote tonight everyone needs to vote for GMG text #3 good luck guys

  30. The fact that you took your fans along with yall on the ride to Vegas with the t-shirt hunts made yall the better team to begin with any damn way! Texas pride all the way GMG!!!

  31. Good luck guys. As I am in the UK I have no idea how its all going on the build off but I hope that the fact you rode your bike rather than trailered it there stands you in good faith. Plus it doesn’t look like you have thrown lots of off the shelf parts on it unlike some I could mention 😉

  32. Love the bike. Nobody builds traditional mechanical looking bikes anymore. I am a little sketchy on the color but it fits. Besides nothing sounds like a shovelhead. RIDING IT THERE WAS DEFINATELY HE WAY TO GO.

  33. Real bikers don’t trailer bikes across country then unload them for little excursions! You guys did the bike build justice by riding FRED to Vegas. Who said those GMG guys only know cars?
    Cool Bike!

  34. Gas Monkey has already won in my mind….i build old school/rat bikes and you guys built exactly what i would have….much respect and i wish i could come work for you guys….

  35. Awesome bike… Jr built a huge car/bike/nightmare, Sr built another futuristic mess, Jessie built a crotch rocket… you built a chopper, a bad ass chopper!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  36. Anyone with a garage full of tools and pocket full of money can build a bike like Jr., Sr., or Jesse, but you guys built something that the true biker can appreciate and ride. Those other guys build stuff for posers to park and shine on Saturday night in front of the local bar. Thanks for keepin’ it real!

  37. I know you guys will win,because you guys are for Real,and not phonies like some of them. use to drag race to win.you guys race to win.When your the best no need for the rest.take care and win win.

  38. Fred is what the build off contest should be. What bad ass bike can be built without having a million dollar shop with water jet CNC machines and ego maniacs like Jessie James or Sr. Thanks for showing that reviving and modernizing a classic and then riding it to Vegas is what this contest should be judged on! Win or lose, Fred should be ridden and pics of the places and people should be posted for the world. Thanks GMG!

  39. Fred is a kick ass bike. way better than anything occ or pjd put out. makes it even better that u actually rode it to vegas. pjd could probably ride their’s to but would have to stop and fill up every 40 miles with his 1 gallon gas tanks they use.

  40. Watched the “build” show last night……great job guys. Love the bike you built (esp. the shovel/magneto engine), and the fact that you’re riding to Vegas. Keep it up and good luck!

  41. Man I cannot believe you guys rode the whole way. That is one thing that show has been missing, especially last season. Big props to you and Aaron, you gained a lot of respect in my opinion, and a vote.

  42. These guys got my vote. They rode that Shovelhead to Vegas unlike the rest. Pure old school bike build with no fancy waterjet crap. Win or lose you won. Fred <<< real name here in Arizona.

  43. Hey Guys I’ve been a GAS MONKEY fan since the first five minutes of the first show. I own 3 cars 1970 ford Torino GT Red-totally restored 351w, 1972 boat-tail Riviera 455 in process, 1987 Iroc z28 5.7(wanna buy it nice car) Anyway I was born a car guy grew up in Texas and driving to San Antonio in the Riv or Torino in Jan. I am coming by the shop so be ready for some parking lot burn outs baby !! Love your show ur the real deal !!

  44. Aaron is one hell of a mechanic, and Richard, you got a hell of an eye for what things can be turned into man. Huge fan of the show, and Aaron’s beard. Looking to get back into building after my time in the army is up, or maybe after Deployment #2. Keep it Greasy.

  45. yo!!! Gas Monkeys!! you guys are the best. I have been watching since episode 1.. I have seen all shows several times (thank god for DVRs). in last years build off Jesse should have won.. this year you guys should win.. that is a bike, bikers ride choppers.. not that crap the turtles build…. Unfortunatley Jesse is an A-hole and has lost his way. by the way, your pranks were the best!!! you guys rock!!! you single handedly saved discovery channel!!!

    you guys are the best!! love your show, love your cars and bikes. someday I am going to make the trek to Dallas.. Beer is on me!!!

    Love you guys!! thanks for keeping it real

  46. You guys got my vote last night, and my wife too! i would love to see the specs on that bike you guys built. I’ve been wanting to build one exactly like that for years now!

  47. Build a bike in 6 weeks and hit the road, Texas to Vegas thats how you build a REAL CHOPPER, The Turtles dont have a chance and JJ will still be building his when the show ends.The only thing missing would have been to have Sue ride along on a Honda to Vegas ,that would be some funny shit!

  48. Thats what I’m sayin, win or lose ride that bitch and be proud of it. Those yankees cant do that because they bolt together display peices and stage themes!

  49. Honestly GMG’s bike has so much more taste over the other “trick” bikes. The other guys bikes already look dated, the GMG built has a timeless look and was meant for riding… No doubt you guys should win this.

  50. Seen the bikes.You finished in the 6 week time frame. You RODE YOUR BIKES to the show.
    The Turtle Sr and Jesse built dirtbike wannabes…
    Jr…built a 40 Ford bike?
    You guys won…and have my vote.


    Sleeping on concrete and car floors is for dogs.
    Not your head mechanic/builder.


  51. you guys are just down the street from my fire station…truthfully, my fan-ness had been eroded by the typical reality show unrealities with some of your “sells”…i was going to vote for paul jr’s art deco creation until you guys actually rode all the way (please tell me you really rode the bikes all the way) to vegas… you guys get my vote for going REAL…..

  52. you guys rock. hope you beat these fools with that beautiful bike. 4th Paul Jr, 3rd Paul snr, 2nd Jesse james. first place goes to the real American bike. God bless America and all hail Gas Monkey!!!!

  53. Love the scooter!!!! Aaron you got good taste brother running the split rocker boxes internal throttle jockey shift the devil is in the details and you nailed it this bike is a true chopper unlike the others

  54. All my respect for riding it out your all winners but heart goes the gas keys guys you have my vote. This is about custom harley design only one crew did it

  55. Hey guys!! Here is my take on the bikes.

    FRED- Old School and laid back. Functional with the GMG soul. Road tested and proven by the miles. MY TOP PICK!!!!!

    AUTO CAR- Well what can I say it may look cool as a toy that some kid can buy from W-Mart and made in China but it ain’t no chopper son.

    OLD MAN SENIORS ALUMINUM BIKE- After the build-off champ is crowned this thing should be weighed on a scale and sold as scrap!!!! I think if recycled it could make one hell of a big beer can!!!

    Jesse Hybrid Bike- I will say that Jesse built some great bikes over the years and last year I dug his build. This year not to stoked. Not sure what he was going for but chopper guys and OLD SCHOOL cats
    just are shaking their heads.

  56. You guys rock, love the fact that you rode Fred all the way to Vegas instead of putting it on a trailer. The other bikes were cool in there own right, but Fred was hands down the cleanest bike there, and def true to the old school chopper. Id rock that bike everyday!!

  57. Love the show Guys, I think it speaks volumes that you rode to Vegas on the bike, no trailer queen. Just like the cars you build are meant to be driven. I dont usually watch reality TV but I make an exception as you do what I wish I could do for a living, have fun and rip shit up. Stay genuine boys, don’t let TV stardom turn you into giant douches like another idiot-savant ex-cali guy I know of.

  58. Congrats on the 2nd place finish and placing ahead of that a$$hole jesse james. The bike is a true tribute to every grease monkey out there without a million dollar budget. On time, reasonable budget, and not a trailer queen. You’ve earned your place on that stage. Ride hard FRED…………

  59. I will BEAT Jessys ass for disrespecting my hommie like that right after he tried to make good, Jesse wat a punk next time I see him I am bitch slapping his ass he is lucky as hell I was not there tonight

  60. It used to be the rule, that you had to ride the bike to the built off judging. And Jessie James used to be a badass himself, now he is just a whinny bitch



  62. i watched the build off last night and you could see it in jessies eyes rich scared the shit out of him. and i think your bike was great. the only bike that was ridable. i also watch and love the show.

  63. The only way to “chop” a bike is to start with a factory built motorcycle and “chop” the garbage off of it. GMG was the only one to show up to Chopper Live with a true chopper. Fred is number 1 in my book. Where did Jesse finish?

  64. Heartbreaking loss but at least you guys beat Jesse! I’m a huge fan and your bike deserved a win. A quick note in Sr. and Jr’s defenese, it’s a lot different to ride to Vegas from Texas than it is from New York. I don’t think they would have anyway but I can’t discount their bikes because they shipped them. I can’t wait for the next build off. In addition to enforcing the deadline I think that next time there should be a cost limit and a ban on automated and computer driven shop tools. The other guys wouldn’t know what to do!

  65. You guys just freakin rock. GMG showed the world that they can build anything just as good as anyone I’m the business !!’ We love you guys

  66. You guys built an amazing bike. Like I said before it the only one that didn’t come out of a box. In my opinion it was the only true build. Yall deserved first place in my book. I still got a great big smile on my face that Fred The Pink Bike beat out Jesse. That’s gonna keep for a while. Thanks! You guys ROCK! Proud to share the Metroplex with you.

  67. Im glad you did well in the competition Fuck jessi and senior they suck . im a fan that will keep watching your show as long as its on keep up the kikass work

  68. Great job guys! Love the show even more after this build off. Jesse’s at home right now telling himself how good he is, but this time nobody’s listening. You guys rock so don’t get let jesse and his antics drag you guys down. If you ever need an apprentice hit me up…i’m down and out and could use a lift!

  69. its total bull crap that GMG didn’t win! you guys had the only true chopper there. JESSE JAMES IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE! FRED is awesome, i really like the show and hope to see some more of the badass rides you make!

  70. Awesome bike “Fred” it’s the only one I would have between my legs. Richard your so easy on the eye’s. I’ve had the need for speed as long as fast cars have been around. Love to drive them so good………

  71. Aaron, you ‘n Fred…destiny.
    Great job, I texted my “3”.
    The wigged out sport bikes were a waste of time,
    and I think P jr. paid homage to ya’ll with his design.
    Thanks for you ‘n RR for showing not only a killer scoot, but a washtub fulla balls behind JJ.
    That ol’ boy needs to hook up with that doofus from West Palm if he ain’t in jail.
    Put the horsesit ‘n hay on yer garden and rock the hell on.
    Ya’ll are the real deal.
    Bring your other builds out into the daylight once in a damned while

  72. GMG nice bike. Don’t build a bike to look like a car like jr. Build a bike to look like a bike. It’s honest, clear, pure, rational. Beautiful job.

  73. Really liked the bike. Nice and clean. You should have won it all. Must have felt good to beat JJ though. Keep up the good work. P.S. Love the show.

  74. I was in Vegas too, Saw Paul Sr. Tues am walking in the Wynn Resort casino area, I just waved and he smiled back as we were walking at each other. I’m a fan of OC Choppers but I know he did not need me bothering him for a photo or autograph. Love the Gas Monkey show,It was on a week or so back, I watched it all day one after another. Have a safe trip. Ron James

  75. Richard! whats up dude! i just saw you walking out of mi cocina! I was in the lifted black chevy DMAX!! im pretty sure it was you anyway. I was going to stop and say hey but i saw you were with your family. My girlfriend was nagging that i go get her a frozen yogurt at sweet frogs, glad i did now! congrats on winning second place last night!!

  76. I was bummed that FRED didn’t win, but it was still a victory beating Ms. James. F&%k that pompous megalomaniac. He has skills just no class. Love all the stuff you guys do.

  77. You guys should have won hands down. An actual old school chopper is way cooler in my book than those other trailer queens. Show them all up next year ! Love the show, keep building those cool old cars . I never miss an episode of Fast&Loud!

  78. hay guys sucks yall dident win me n mi pop was ruttin for yall where workin on a ol 1960 chevy apache c with the side step and wood bed yall would like it i might send some pics hang in there guys peace

  79. You guys rock!!!! 2nd place!!! Beat that ahole James and Senior I love it.I really liked the bike nice and clean very old school. love the show also keep it up guys!!

  80. Fred was the only bike there that i would have considered using. Some of these shows long ago forgot that cars and bikes should serve a main purpose of transportation. If you cant ride it or drive it, its about as useful as tits on a bull…

  81. richard%aron. love your show.the cars you guys build are fantasic and cool/ glad you guys beat that asshole jessy & paul sr. both of their bikes SUCKS BIG TIME. they dont have A CLUE WHATS COOL?

  82. I don’t get it. You had the only chopper in the build off, the only bike that ran long enough to break in the engine in and you rode it from Texas to Las Vegas without having the paint getting sand blasted off the down tubes of the frame. How the hell did you come in second?

  83. You guys should have won! those other bikes didnt have anything on yalls… Classic, slick, and above all TEXAN!!! Those other teams tried way to hard to impress fans, You guys sure know how to build a sick hot rod!

  84. You modified and restored a bike… Building is starting with nothing but metal… However Jr and Sr really aren’t any better how they cake decorate (as Jesse puts it) by outsourcing frame etc…

    Taking parts off a CNC really isn’t bike building either in my opinion… Jesse isn’t in the same competition because he took so long.

    I’ve watched American chopper for quite a while and I would have liked to see you guys number 1!

  85. I watch all of your TV shows and really enjoy them. I really enjoyed the recent one of the old Bronco. I have a 1976 Bronco that I have been working on ( no rust!) and I am getting ready to paint it. I would love to paint it the same color green that you used on yours. Would you be willing to share the paint color? Love the show! Keep up the good work.

  86. Com to Canada…got sum cars up here you can lose money on….???have you even sold anything and made money on it???…so far from what I have watched…not many…We up here would love to take a pile of cash from Ya and you can take it back to texas…and lose even more money…there Rite…you are a DICK…

  87. Big hi from Scotland we always get programmes long after their shown in America . Loved the idea you put the bike ride back into the build off its the one thing that a bike should be built for to ride . Loved the bike and you only lost as pjd is a popularity hound and builds bling I would have loved to see him ride it on the open road .

    Long live gas monkey and the resurrection of vintage cars and bikes .

  88. Wow you built a bike (awesome bike btw) , rode it to the competition how did you not win? Didnt that used to be a pre requisite for biker build off? I loved it. Lol wingmutt you’re a joke cunt ( sorry for the language )
    Much love down under!

  89. Big fan here in Belgium, love the show and yes “Fred” had to win at the build-off, Here in Europe we prefer bikes who can be ridden instead of bikes for expositions !!! keep up the good work a fan from Belgium

  90. Sorry for my english … we show the chopper contest now xD in Spain. I like the style & philosophy from gas monkey, and for the contest, if we know the definition for a CHOPPER … is:

    From wikipedia:
    “A chopper is a type of motorcycle that is either modified from an original motorcycle design (“chopped”) or built from scratch to have a unique hand-crafted appearance”

    So for me the only one Chopper in the chopper contest is the gas monkey’s bike! thats it.
    The other ones are useless crazy “things”

    LoL 😉

  91. A big hello from Amsterdam!
    Just finished watching back all the episodes. What kind of bike do you ride yourself Richard? I thought it is/was a Harley electra glde but I can’t find any info. Mind sharing some details and pictures?

    Keep up the good work and see you at the bar ‘ n grill next year

  92. Love the show and cant wait to see the build off in the UK, I am a fan of all of the shows but the Gas Monkey team seem to be the only ones who really enjoy what they do. The Bandit episodes were hilarious and probably the funniest thing I have seen in years alongside the senior junior send up, keep up the good work guys and keep enjoying yourself. Glad to see a real bike being ridden to the build off for a change and well done………

  93. Richard amd Aaron were the only “real” dudes in ghe build off. I hope JJ, SR and JR weren’t late for makeup! GMG rode their bike there and made it in time! Richard, knock JJ’s head off, TX style!!! You guys ROCK, I build an F100 just like your shop truck…. need a logo, get you some free advertising up here in OR!!! I am coming by the shop next time I’m in TX visiting family…. and you guessed it, I’m riding down. Wooooo hoooo! Beer assistant?!

  94. Hello Guys, watching and loving the show all the way from Liverpool, England in the United Kingdom. Amazing work on amazing cars. Just watched the Chevrolet Apache episode. Simply stunning. First class show and by the far the best restoration show on any network. Keep up the good work.

  95. Just saw the latest episode with Aaron wearing a Border Patrol hat. Wanted to say thanks for the support. We can use all the support we can get these days… It’s appreciated. Thank you.

  96. Sorry to Jesse, seems he has lost site of the game. Obviously he is not the big kid on the block anymore and uses his celebrity to make excuses.

  97. Buna, in sfarsit am aflat aceasta pagina despre We Rode our Build-off
    Bike to Vegas! . Cred ca pagina gasmonkeygarage.com este printre cele mai utile saituri web de pe web-ul din Romania.
    Mult spor in continuare.

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