We’re Competing in the National Red Bull Flugtag!


Gas Monkey Garage FlugtagNow that’s a good looking Flugtag team! If you haven’t heard of the National Red Bull Flugtag, it’s a competition where teams from all across the country build their own themed flying craft and then launch it into a lake while wearing costumes.

We didn’t take it lightly, either. This is what we did to prepare:


If that training wasn’t hardcore enough, we also trained with Olympic sprinter Alysia Montano, and she kicked our ass. Check it out:


The voting is now live for the People’s Choice Award! You can vote 10 times via text message and 10 times online. To vote, go here: http://redbullflugtagusa.com/#dallas

Can’t wait to launch our craft tomorrow! Thanks for the support!


  1. Hey Richard,

    Of course, love the show! I’m wondering if you monkeys had heard about the big Chevrolet auction in Nebraska. I think it is coming up on September 27th online bidding. You might have read about the 500 Chevy cars with some less than 10 miles on the odometer.

    Here is the website: http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com

    It would be cool for Monkey Garage to pick up one of those cars.

    A Texas native from Houston,

    Mario Montemayor

  2. Love the prancercise. Way to bring an interweb classic into the mix! Hope you ladies and gents (mostly ladies with beards) pull of the win. Go team Gas Monkey

  3. Love the show. We watch it faithfully up here in Riverview,New Brunswick. Usually up in the mancave above the garage and of course , a few wobbley pops to boot. Keep on building as we look forward to the show every week and thanks for the entertainment.

  4. great show.. me and grandfather watch it together. just saw ur flugtag episode… how did you not notice that the material on the wing was to be stretched taut to get the best lift at the lowest airspeed?? well hope yoll do it better for next time. great catch on the glider idea. p.s. u need to keep centre of gravity on the wing slightly behind half point of length of craft. ur intelligent guys, ull figure it out. all the best n god bless yoll for giving an old man a chance to reminisce about his young days wth ur show.

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