Win a Gas Monkey Garage Rally Car!

I can’t count the number of times we’ve heard our fans say “I wish I could afford a Gas Monkey ride!” We heard you loud and clear, which is why we’re raffling off a GMG ride for $5/ticket and giving a portion of the proceeds to charity. Originally we wanted to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association because my dad was recently diagnosed, but the timing didn’t work out. We hope to work with them in the very near future, but for this raffle the charity receiving some GMG love is Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch. A portion of the money we raise will go directly to the Ranch’s programs, projects and care of exotic animals like wallabies, lemurs, bobcats and of course, MONKEYS. It’s safe to say that if Keagles existed, you’d see them at Sharkarosa.

It’s not just any ol’ GMG ride that we’re raffling off, either. We decided to raffle off a car that truly embodies what Gas Monkey Garage is all about: driving fast, getting loud, and having a hell of a good time doing it. For only $5 you can have the chance to own the ‘73 Chevy Caprice that Aaron and I built and raced in the Bullrun Rally and the Gumball 3000, where we were clocked at 163 mph. Before the rallies, we swapped the engine with an LQ9 6.0 2008 Cadillac Escalade engine and decked it out with a killer sound system, 9-inch rear end 4-wheel disc brakes and a 460LE transmission. You can see behind the scenes footage of us during the Bullrun here (not to mention a beardless Aaron with a creeper mustache):

Here are photos of the Caprice during its rally days:

Richard Rawlings Gumball Caprice

Gas Monkey Garage Caprice

We might not have won many races in the Caprice, but we definitely made a lot of memories in there. Since then, the Caprice has made its transformation from rally car to “urban assault vehicle.” It’s still intimidating other drivers, kicking ass, and taking names. It now has a CB radio with a PA system, custom upholstered racing seats, Toyo all-terrain tires, and a custom one-off Yakima roofrack with Hella spotlights/driving lights. Oh, and it has one of the loudest, most obnoxious train horns you’ve ever heard. This car runs and drives and even has cold AC. For only $5, you really don’t want to miss out on this. Head over to our Raffle page to buy your tickets! Second prize is a GMG merch pack (Hoodie, shirt, sticker, hat, koozie, bottle opener) and 3rd prize is an autographed T. Here’s a closer look at the Grand Prize:























Raffle drawing will take place via a random online selection Monday, July 29, at 9 PM CST following the clip episode of Fast N Loud. A total of 25,000 tickets are available for purchase from the raffle start date to the end date. Three tickets will be chosen to receive the three prizes. Winners will be contacted via email soon after the drawing.


  1. Got a question for you guys…..what do you of a Sterling 1976, VW frame vw 4 cylinder, custom paint job. 43,000 original miles? Thinking about tricking out the engine and trany or replacing them. Not a million dollar ferrari but looks cool. Thoughts?

  2. Hell YA! Love your show, and love the attitude! Especially when the Dragon Lady calls you Ass Monkey! Hub got me watching, since he watches while he’s on dialysis 3 times a week for nearly 6 hours. Best wishes.
    Cindy and Pete

  3. Love watching your show it has inspired me to customize a 1947 Ford pickup truck! You guys work great together PS is Tom that dum or just has a high I Q LOL

  4. I want to see what you guys could do to a 1971 Beetle or a Super Beetle. I also love to see what you could do to a VW Westfalia Camper.


  6. So what’s a guy gotta do to apply for a job? I’m not working at the moment. I have been wrenching for 13 years. Love the show I’m a big fan and working for Gas Monkey would be a dream job. Thanks

  7. since the tickets are only $5.00-whoever the person wins, do they have to pay tax title and license-just wondering-

  8. Wooooo gotta love them gas monkey cars!! Hard work to make the good cars, the beer assistant helping the big monkey, and all the at turds Richards money can buy!!!! Woooo so throw me a few t-shirts??

  9. I think the love of facebook just brought down the raffle page… Great car! Definitely picking up a few tickets when the site comes back online.

  10. This is my favorite show bar none! I loved the 67 Stingray episode! Richard you my friend are most entertaining for all of us women! You Rock! I really want to win this car!!!!!

  11. OMG that’s awesome! Since I’m a T5 paraplegic are you guys gonna put hand controls in it for me if I win? You are right!

  12. Love the show! I even watch the repeats. I got a question for y’all……where, and HOW, do you find the deals you get? Really? You pay what, 7 grand for the ’65 ‘Stang & ’52 Bel-Air? Then turn around and sell ’em for mad cash. Who sells 2 cars like that for 7 grand for both? Damn…..

  13. Last time I drove a Caprice Classic was a ’91 model as a Security Policeman in the USAF…this is so much more fuckin’ rad though! I’ll be Cruisin The Coast in Biloxi, MS Oct 6-13… Bring it Fast & Loud Gas Monkey’s!! m/

  14. We love your show and the amazing rides your team builds. My wife could never see past the rust on older cars to see what they can become until she started watching Fast and Loud. Keep up the great work and look forward to the next car y’all list on Ebay and the next build on the show!

  15. DUDE!!! I gotta get this car!! I’m a huge fan of the show and I would burn the tires off this thing on the first day!! Lol ( In a safe and secure area of course! 😉 ) I’m thinking me and my dad can probably make a run it!!!!

  16. I own a repair shop in south Florida and I love your show and I need a mechanic like your new guy, please keep him he just kills me. Keep up the good work!

  17. the links to the raffle for the car are not working and i really must have this veh to transport my 3 kids in style. how else can i buy my ticket?

  18. I Would Like To Win This Car, Because I need A Run Around Car That I Can Beat The Tires Off Of It… Just Sayin…

  19. I tried to get on page to buy raffle tickets but it wouldn’t work! Give me a number to call I want to buy $100.00 in tickets. I’m a big fan also a 100% disabled Combat Veteran & I’m used to getting screwed around please help me with this! Call me and I will give you my card # and hope I can WIN something for the first damn time in my 65 yrs! I won PURPLE HEARTS 2 of them but almost died I don’t call that WINNING! Charlie Sheen might! please call me at 205-384-3798 COLLECT if you have to! As a PARATROOPER I SAY AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY! Thanks I watch rerun after rerun! LOVE ALL OF YOU THERE! SGT. J. Simpson

  20. If I win, Will you guys put “Vincente Fuckstic” back on the drivers door? It just really puts the whole car over the top, Gas Monkey style…

  21. My wife and I watch the show every week. We love you guys, your work, the cars and how ya get down. We really really dig the the idea of supporting a charity and may by get hold of one of your rides!

  22. Love you guys, and your show is my favorite! So it’s a big OUCH that you don’t know what year your car is >.<

    Don't worry, if I win it, I'll let everyone know what year it REALLY is 😉

  23. Just sayin that’s not a 73 caprice its a 76 caprice its easy to tell the difference if u know what your lookin for

  24. I love you guys Im 16 about to hit 17 I would love for this to be my first car, I would never sell this, I always see this car in the backround on the show and always tell my dad “Why doesn’t Richard show the car”.

  25. Love the show, you guys rock, Hate that the Pantera was sold. It is one of my teenage dream cars. I am trying to buy some raffle tickets for the Caprice but Its been twenty minutes and it is still swirling “Processing please wait” I really want the car and am picturing myself blasting through the back roads here in North Carolina with the Metallica Blaring …..but it won’t let me 🙁

  26. you guys have to let me have this / man i love your show ,, i have nvr i mean nvr won anything in my life i need this i will cherish it with my diein breath

  27. Hey Richard i love yslls show but i got a challenge for your show i have a 1990 Dodge Charger that really needs ur attention n ur magic touch cuz its very hard for me to work on it due to trying to find parts n yall do awsome magic n work plz let me know if yall r intetested in working on my truck plz im beggin thsnk you very much god bless u

  28. Awsome show im thinkin of a 88 fox body with a 460 bb ford engine under the hood with a 6 speed and a 9 inch rear with 5.45 gears

  29. Dude’s your show is awesome, i even watch all the re-runs continusely….I owned several Mustangs as a youngster, had 64 1/2 powder blue rag top. loved that car, also owned 69, 71 mustang too. I loved the total rebuild you did on the black 65 mustang, got tears in my eyes when it got wrecked, … You buys need to find a Cuda and rebuild, it was a awesome hot rod car too.

  30. Cool car, but it needs a couple inches of lift and a bit fancier set of wheels!

    (Of course if I won it I’d yank the 6.0L…. to put in my AWD Safari van! [Don’t worry, the Caprice would feel the love by way of the 5.3L that was going to go in the van!])

  31. Not sure what’s funnier, Aaron’s skate punk look or Richard’s southern greaser look. Awesome car, I got $5 on it. Save the Keagles!!

  32. You guys are the biggest badasses on TV! Being a chick who loves cars trucks and everything else that moves fast and loud, i was never the girly girly that fit it. None of you are exactly normal either so I can’t get enough of you guys! LOL!! Not only do I love watching the insane builds but you actually teach while you do it and that keeps me watching too!! Arron’s beard doesn’t hurt either!! ROCK ON AND KEEP IT REAL GUYS!! Thanks!!



  34. see where yall was talking about men watching fast&loud now girl;s watch it too you know we love cars sometime better then men they don’t lie r cheat just sayn lol I love the show but ofcourse Richard is sum nice eye candy also can’t wait until monday

  35. Show is awesome watched it all the time till I moved. sadly I no longer have cable.. Car is sweet though! keep it up! cant wait to see what you build next!

  36. Awesome show guys, like to see people doing something a little out of the ordinary, n nice info on how some of the stuff is accomplished 🙂 wish you lots of luck in the future !

  37. Must have been a temporary glitch Tickets bought fingers crossed. Daydreaming about good times to be had in this ride 🙂

  38. Hey it’s the UK here, loving your show and the super clean cars you put out.
    Would like to see some wizardry and you do a 900 bhp super car,


  39. I bet that big sleeper will light up the road!!!!! turn heads!!!! a down right BLAST to drive,even better to own!!!!

  40. Love the show “Of course” and the work you guys do is pretty sweet. Hope if ya’ll ever get down to Kemah for a car show let us know i would love to buy ya a beer.

  41. Wow an amazing car for an amazing charity. We try to help out a lot with animal protection to in the biotech companies we are building these days.

    Great job GMG! Im definitely entering.

  42. Would so love to win this car….not having a car payment would be nice…living off social security and barely making bills and rent with my family is hard enough….and adding a truck payment just makes everything even worse….love you guys!!!! keep up the great work 🙂

  43. I really would love to have this car to actually use for my daily driver. I miss the old green lizard with the 400 small block my mom and dad drove when I was a kid. They also had a funky brown one when we lived in Canton after we moved from Dallas. I have built many cars and trucks, but this one is awesome to me. Love the avocado Green and I like avocado dip too! How did you get the color from turning brown! LOL…

  44. Totally love the show guys. I used to own a body shop, built many cool cars until the arther got me and damage to my leg. I had to have a bone portion replaced in my knee that has limited my building now for hobby of course. I was so inspired by the bronco and the Avacado truck that I came by when I was on Harry Hines to get a pic of it and a t-shirt! You guys were taping the biker build off that day so I couldn’t get a signature! Oh Well! I have a shirt! I helped my son with his project and it taught him many things, and Gas Monkey has been our re-inspiration! We built a slammed 1990 Toyota with a 350 and 700r4. Removable front clip now to boot for ease of access when we convert it to an LS later. You guys Rawk! taping and watching all the episodes and some reruns!

    Your Texas/Implanted Louisiana Friend,
    Ken Pruiett

  45. Cant get enough of the show. Would like to see more “Frankenstonian” cars and trucks. The Mad Scientist projects rock……”It’s Alive”… can do whatever you want to my 2010 Mustang GT! As long as it is “Fast & Loud”

  46. You can also go directly to the discovery channel homepage and write a letter to the network. I got a reply back! I think i will call them next! Sounds like gas monkey is looking at a lawsuit! Yay!

  47. Big hello from up here in Toronto Canada. Gotta say I am hooked on the show, you build some of the baddest & drivable cars with just enough attitude. Id love to pick up a Gas Monkey Original ride. Is this draw open outside the US?

  48. Love that show, and helping out that charity is pretty rad. Gonna buy a few tickets cause to be completely honest, that caprice would make this Iraq Vet real happy, especially considering I bought my dream car, an 87 Cutlass 442 that was worked and a month later the motor blew cause they did a crap job building it. Broke my heart. If you guys get one of those floating around in the shop, you can donate to my charity, “The Get Chris a hot Rod Charity”. Lol, all the best boys.

  49. I never miss a show, I would love to you do a 1962 ford falcon club wagon with the mirrored all side windows, side door welded shut and the back doors welded in the middle and have the doors open upwards.

  50. I’d rather have that then the POS Ferrari even Richard said any asshole can buy one No more foriegn shit or 4wd’s Loved the dodge P/U keep up the great work livin’ for monday night Low&Load 🙂

  51. Love the show guys! Glad to see you guys are succeeding and moving up the ladder and into a bigger building. Keep up the excellent work and keep turning out badass cars!

  52. That is awesome, real badass piece of art with smooth and gently HORN !!! – that’s what I want from Santa this year.
    Just one question 4 u guys: can I get-in to that lottery? – cause I’m from Europe.

  53. Got a 98 1500 Silverado ext cab, would like to restore it. What do ya’ll need to know to get me a close ballpark number.

  54. Richard, not sure if you read these. I have the bullrun jumpsuit that aaron threw into the crowd in reno in about 2005. I believe you were driving a 31 ford. Want it back? or maybe send it toyou and you and aaron sign it for me?

  55. I want to work for you guys, I can do pretty much any repairs on any car, I just need the chance to show someone, I’m good with electronics, welding, MIG,TIG,ARC,Wire, exhaust work I am awesome if you have a bender, if not I can cut and weld a whole system, and best of all I will work cheap from the beginning, then you decide what I’m worth!!
    Thanks, Richard

  56. Love it. Want it so bad. Soooo bad. Yall rock. I got tickets and want to rock and roll. Gonna rock it around Paris, TX and watch all the jealous people stare at your awesome creation. Whoop whoop!

  57. I tried to purchased $50.00 worth raffles
    On above car , I hard not luck. Following
    The direction to slow and no luck. It’s hard
    To give y’all money . Please fix . I would love
    To win this car !!!!!

    P.S. I have an 4.3 liter crate motor for sale.
    Cheap with an 6 pack V6 but y’all should
    Know that …

  58. There is an error with the year of the Caprice! On a site it says 76, and another says 73! I wrote my message and not me securely in the car, therefore I put 76, but seeing it well, rather think that it is a model 73!

  59. Bad ass car fellows, must be a lot of fun to drive
    Great show ,fantastic humor.
    Greetings from the Netherlands
    Erik van Vliet

  60. Love this thing! Looks like a zombie apocalypse survival vehicle! Cant wait to win it and give it to my niece for her first car – thats how we’ll start her out!!! 🙂

  61. Maybe I missed it, or maybe I’m a dumbass(don’t answer that)! But I didn’t see the date of the Raffle or if you have to be present to win.
    Anyway, love yall’s show! Best on TV. Keep doing what y’all are doing! Great intertainment and you bring smiles and laughter to all of us!

  62. I was wondering what to get for my daughter when and turns 16 haha love your badass show. I will by tickets, does Millerlite come with it??

  63. The first time we saw the show we were hooked. Loved the way you treated the boys from OCC and that ass from Austin! Keep rockin and rollin!

  64. I watch your show all the time.I even find myself watching a re-run 5 or 6 times. Can’t get enough.If I ever get to Dallas, I’m at least going to drive by and get a picture of your shop to hang in my man cave.
    I drive a restored 1955 Pontiac Star Chief 2 dr. Hardtop.I just love what you guys do to the old metal.I wish we could keep all of them on the road.Thanks guys for a job well done. Stephen.

  65. I would like to buy raffle tickets for the cool caprice as I lost my beautiful 71 2 door caprice in an arson fire (that my brother restored just before he passed away but I don’t have paypal,, please let me know,,,Thanks A lot,,, Ed S

  66. Great to see that you take the cash on some days and lose $ on others.Its cool you guys try your best and hope it works out $ wise.Tired of pre assembled cars and parts. I just finished a car and built a lot of my own parts Its real life guys! Keep being honest and real.Remember (car ma ).I tell people to tune in all the time. Lake Wales,Fl

  67. Great job passing that Sweptline back to the guy you got it from! I liked what you guys did to it. Ironically, I found a two-eye, long-bed Sweptline the other day (left for dead). Want to go for round two? Keep building the cleared patina rigs! It pisses off a 57-year-old guy, I work with! He can’t understand why you guys don’t freshen up the outside! HA HA!

  68. Guys, What about a small block chevy in a Prius, think about it. it’s so gas monkey on so many levels. ahaha….it would be great.


  70. You guys gotta get on board with the Make it fit foundation. Mike Hoover is unbelievable and the foundations list of sponsors and member pool. Custom is the name of the game and “its for the kjds”
    If you’re like you are on tv then you’ve got about 20 million friends….have someone do the Facebook thing and LIKE Us….and lets Ride!
    Mikey True




  72. Just curious; where is the other mechanic Brian? Haven’t seen his smiling face in the last couple episodes….

  73. My 17 year old son absolutely is in love with your show. We live in Nebraska and will be in Dallas on August 10th. The only thing he wants to do is visit your business. Are you open on Saturdays?

  74. great show .true american guys .fix it all.just beautiful cars .keep it going .don’t change nothing for any one.

  75. Hey guys is it possible to enter this comp from the UK. Awesome show guys and I just love American muscle. Fast n loud, burnout n beers.

  76. vocês estão de parabéns como sempre. estou aqui no brasil e assisto vocês através de tv por assinatura sou fã de vocês gostaria de dar uma volta no gmc e acelerar só pra vê a fumaça dos pneus a GASMONKEY está de parabéns valeu boa noite a todos.

  77. First thing I absolutely love the show and keep it coming! Love the work all of you do with the cars. I just had a quick question I have been trying to purchase tickets for the raffle and it keeps popping up null and wanted to find out who I get in contact with to find out whats going on? Also when is the deadline for final raffle tickets? Thanks a bunch!

  78. Ive seen that car 1000 times in the back ground and have always wondered what was so special that it was always around. Its me and my pops favorite even though they never mentioned it! Wish me luck

  79. You guys may be good at so called rebuilding and hot rodding and you build “some” nice “looking” stuff…sometimes, but you are killing classic cars and making a killing doing it. You take a perfect car to restore and cut it up to make some kind of half breed worthless junk by rodding it, with wrong engines, airbags and other such junk. The least you could do is hot rod cars that are worthless to restore….and save the ones that can be, so that someone that TRUELY loves the old classics can restore them. That way we have them for future gens to see and love.

    I can’t wait to see your show gone off the air and maybe even hear the shop went under. The owner and Mr. ZZ top look-a-like wanna-be are a cocky A-holes, and Mr ZZ top looks like he should live under a bridge or in a dumpster.

    I am so glad to see you lose your ass at auction, I smile ear to ear and dance with joy every time I hear about it from a friend or see it happen on the show. I just watch now and then, to see you lose your Ass on sales and because I love to laugh at you and Mr.ZZ Top Wanna-be.

    P.S Don’t bother entering me in your give-away ….I’d just sell that junk and buy a nice classic car,…If I could get enough out of your car it to do so.

  80. hi 🙂 i’m from austria. watching your show every time 😉 you are great guys! and your cars are awesome! like your hot styles. is it possible for me to join your raffle?

  81. Hell yeah! I’ve had that top picture of Richard and that car as my screen-saver for a couple of years now! I’m in!!

  82. how do i purchase tickets for the raffle without a paypal account ??? love the show, and all the crazy shit, keep up the good work !!!!

  83. I was lucky and laid hands on this car in Albuquerque when you guys were running the gumball 3000. I was a mechanic at the Toyota dealer you left the car at. This car is definately an impressive build! Everyone at the shop was drooling over this ride! Man I want this ride! Definately buying some tickets!

  84. I so hope I win this car! Classic late ’70s machine… and it is GREEN. Love it! Keep up the great work y’all!

  85. Stopped by the shop last weekend. Sweetness! Got a T and a sticker. Need more stickers.
    Will be back by with a friend or two. GMG rocks & rolls! Very much enjoy the show.

  86. Richard, I have a 1936 ford 5 window coupe. it was a old dirt modified race in the late 50.s I painted it up like my dads car he ran, I already won hemmings cruise in coolest street rod. I was wondering if u could send me a gmg sticker so I can put it on the hood . cause I love the show that much, I have had people come up to me and ask if they could advertise on my coupe. im from bennington vt, I can send pic,s if u like. keep up the great work u guys do. the show is the best out there,

  87. Okay, I read the blog, I bought some raffle tickets; when is the drawing? I didn’t see anything posted about the date…? I think this is an awesome way to raise some money for a great charity, and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the Alzheimers charities!!!

  88. Not that it maters much, because the car is BADASS, but what year is it? The main graphic says ’76, but this page says ’73. Either way, I want this car!

  89. The raffle page lists the Caprice as a 1976. This blog says its a 73 and the YouTube link describes it as a 75. Just curious which year it really is. A1975 or older car would be able to be registered as a street legal car in Cali. It would probably not be able to get registered if it was 1976 considering the engine swap. Let me know. I’d probably buy more tickets if it was 75 or older.

  90. Great job guys! Just got my tix, how could would it be to cruz around in this beast?!?1! #HopeIwin #Carshowkiller

  91. I love what you guys do to them old cars and some newer ones. I follow your show and cant wait to see you guys do a chevy Nova and give one of those some balls.

  92. Love the show. Really liked the 64 D-100 Build. I own a 68 D-100 with 79 Cadillac Seville Front end, Olds 400 engine, 87 Silverado rearend, Harley side mirrors and other parts. A friend built this with a vision, because I am the 2nd owner, original was granddads. Thanks for the show

  93. Hey guys, I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan where both my parents, aunts, uncles, grandmother worked for either Chevy, Buick. Of course that was back in the 60’s, but I grew up all GM and believe it or not, I am still dedicated to GM! Love ya Richard! Are you married?

  94. luv you guys. your the only thing on tv that makes me laugh and makes my week at work worth it.if your ever in the highlands of Scotland i’ll put you up and show you some good old british cars and some proper malt whiskey. god bless ya, X

  95. I love your show! When are you guys going to restore a Chevelle. My father died when I was 10 and had a Chevelle. I spend 20 years in the Navy dreaming about buying one of those cars. I bought one a few years ago a 1972 350 and spend some time helping restore it, but had to sell it when I fell on hard times. Now I’m saving to buy a new one! Please keep up the great work we watch your show every week. Erin is a great mechanic and you guys are the most honest/fair people I’ve ever seen! Keep up the great work

  96. Cmon guys,..I love the show…honest..but if u really wanted to raise money for charities..u should really have a better car…loved that sweptline yall had…that black Thunderbird that was lowered like a rat rod…something like that…please…I would love to win something like that…


  98. For all the money you ppl make, U would think you would have a better equipped looking shop, instead of the beginners looking shop. Can you build and trade more motorcycles also?More of the 70 & 80′ s like,,


  99. Richard I know you don’t like kids but I’m 12, I love cars and I love Your show keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  100. You keep mentioning the $5.00 tickets, but say nothing about when the drawing will be held. What is the date of the raffle drawing?

  101. The Green Machine!(that’s what we named ours) That’s the exact color and make that brought us from Seguin,TX to Northern California in 1978. One of my older brothers got in an accident about a year later in California and some guy swindled my mother to sell it. Love your show keep up the builds and the wheelin and dealin Ass Monkeys! HaHaHa!

  102. When is the raffle and how do I know if I won? Can the raffle be viewed live via web or phone…me want this beast!!!

  103. Love your show and the all the cars you all work on. Your show has inspired me to build my first truck from the ground up.

  104. We are HUGE fans of your show here at and we are grabbing our raffle tickets tonight. Our Gas Monkey Shirts came (thank you) and we rock the candy out the door with our Gas Monkey Shirts on. Keep up the GREAT show.

  105. Love the show guys. Finally a “reality” show that I can stand to watch. My favorite Gas Monkey memory was during the bike build-off….I watched (with no shortage of personal satisfaction) when Jesse James got his ass handed to him. By the Gas Monkeys no less. HAHAHA. You guys rule. Much love from a Tennessee hillbilly hot rodder.

  106. Love the show, keep building the awesome rides. Richard you’re my hero. just got my tickets for the raffel. You guys keep building the kick ass cars and i’ll keep watching.

  107. There are way more than two Gas Monkey’s in your garage. Why aren’t they also included on your Web Site like you and Aaron are so displayed. Some of us also sing and talk to cars too as well as miss them when they are gone from us.

  108. Love the show! Watch it almost everyday on Discovery HD!
    Keep on doing your thing!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!
    Manu en Karen

  109. love the ford cars you fix up I own 1972 ranchero I got from the orginal owner its 351 cj auto I just added torgue wheels I was planning on painting it for now I leave old school just like the old ford you fix up thanks

  110. Love your show guys and what you do…. Whoever said it was easy was LYING and yeh we run into challenges every day! Its how quickly we can adjust and fabricate around them that separates us and well… you guys from the rest! Keep rocking n rollin and look forward to each of your shows old and new!
    Take Care, Kirk of
    PS. If ever you guys come out to Long Beach and have a project you need painted or custom painted, look me up! Keep up the Great work! GAS MONKEY EM UP!

  111. Hey Guys,
    Have you ever thought of shopping around Watertown South Dakota for some classics?
    I see Them all the time for dirt cheap. Me and My friend both have restored our 62 ford fairlanes and would like to see a 40’s ford pickup done by you.
    What are your thoughts on that?
    The Bense

  112. I can’t wait. The Impala brings back memories its the first car I bought . I hope I win and load the family up and do a burn out.

  113. We watch your show every time it comes one.. I have to set to DVR, so I can watch all the missed episodes, but my husband works over nights and rarely gets to watch it live! But he catches up on his down time:) Missed you at the Chicago Auto Show this year. I’d love to come down and visit your shop!

  114. Love your show! My car collection fits your style. Just wish you guys weren’t so far. I would love to have Aaron complete some of my projects.

  115. If I win the Caprice “UAV” I pledge to drive that sumbich every goddamn day until the wheels fall off or the floor rusts out.

  116. Hello , Gas Monkey
    I love Your Show Very Much. I cant wait to see your show and all the Beauty,s are so awesome .
    I have a 1955 f-100 that i am trying to restore again. But like everyone else its about money .
    If I win the lotto i will bring it to you and you can finish it for me .The truck was all done in 2006
    but i could not drive it because of my fiberomyalgia. I only put 1,070 miles on the truck and
    i started taking the truck apart so i could make it easy for me to drive .My truck is in
    Customclassictruck magazine > type in Marvin Coats > I love them Classics

  117. Yall’s show is awesome. Love to see the custom fab work you do on the show. I like how you make em to be drove and not just to be looked at. To me if you going to have a Hot Rod, Drive the wheels off it.


  119. Love the show watch all the reruns and you guys build great cars wish i was out where you guys are to help free I have built 6 cars and they have been great and sold some in Dallas Tx.

  120. love the Fast and Loud show. wondering if the raffle closed? have clicked the link several times and get error. would like to enter. also, I know from watching the show with the Fairmont, that you don’t like Mustangs. Trying to find a 93 with 5.0 as tribute to my deceased son. His first real car was a year old 93 with 5.0. let me know about both.

  121. Hey just wanted to say i really enjoy the show, I’m a big fan but was wondering if you guys are ever going to have some merchandize for sale on your website, i would be really interested in getting a couple shirts or sweatshirt.

  122. I’ve been watching your show and learned more on how you guys began. Love the way the team tackles every build. I’m a car lover as well and some day would love to own a shop like the one you guys have. Keep up the good work and passion for cars and you guys will continue being the best. Love the show!

  123. You all rock we just started watchin the show and I think all the cars you have done so far have been awesome . Me and my wife are big fans keep it up oooooo yeah are you all considering doing more trucks cause I have a e 85 chevy and I would love to see what you all would do to something like that . Well like I said keep up the good work from a fan from Utah

  124. steven morales im 52 my club call me t-bone ive been watching since day one,you all the all kickass on j.james-jr&senors oldass…….Ive been wanting to come over to texas to to met you all but ive been & still recovering from a bike accident since nov-8th 20012 i had a 2002 kz 1000 fullydressed i loved my bike i ride with the mooseriders of avondale az…im a victim of a hit&run,my bike riding is over for now i have 3 more knee surgery to go but i will ride again damit….but for now it would be nice to win a badass gas monkey car……..If they ever find the guy that ran me over & theres any money come my way i would like gas monkey to build my next bike or trike

  125. Love the show, love all the vehicles built and the creative process involved! Can’t wait to win that car! After all, it’s my Bday tomorrow , and what a present!
    Keep the great entertainment coming!

  126. I’m getting tickets for the Caprice!!! I bought one from my dad years ago, drove it ,gave it to my nephew cuz I felt sorry for him and 2 weeks later he introduced it to a huge oak tree!!!

  127. Purchased a bunch of tickets using paypal – I do not have any tickets though? Were they going to be emailed to me? Can someone help me with this prior to the drawing tonight?



  128. Great Show, I viewed it for the first time yesterday. My only draw back was to take the
    32 to a Barrett Jackson Auction Company. I really believe you would have at least gotten
    65,000 or 70,000. I just wanted to let you know I’m a Fan and Love the Show.
    Great Job Guy’s… New Fan.!!!

  129. watching show right now. I think the word cool, badass is my era. I am 64 years old. I watch the show and hope you continue to make money. my son and I are going to buy some raffle tickets. will be out to dallas to pick it up. thanks

  130. Is this comp open to folks outside the US? Sure we have to download your show from the inter webs but we still see the product placement and sponsors.

    Would you consider importing a Holden ute body, putting on a Chev SS front clip, throw in a 427 crate engine and creating demand in the states for a new el comino?

  131. Would love to have you guys find and build a 66 ford f100, I had a cherry two tone black & white one back in the early 80’s and have wanted to find another one ever since..

    Love the old ford trucks.. You guys rock!!

  132. I would really like to use the car as a daily driver and publicize for Gas monkey on a daily basis in the North Dallas area all the way to the Texas / Oklahoma state lines. I have a house on Texoma so every other weekend I take Preston road north into Pottsboro and hang out on the lake all weekend! I totaled my truck 2 weeks ago in a bad accident on I30 in Rockwall 2 weeks ago. This would be a blessing!

  133. Hey Richard i’m a car car and an Auto mechanic for
    Over 15yrs. I would love to on a trip with ya to find your
    Next builds! You and I would fet along great! Im a talker
    And a outgoing guy! My wife saysI can get a nun to sell me here bible?
    Plus I love my Miller Lite! So if your needing a partner or
    Just wanna have a beer hit me up! Your show rocks and
    Cant wait for mondays to watch! Whats up Arron? You
    Guys need to buid a 1972 Plymouth Duster! Love to see
    How you would make it!! Later fellas!
    Chris Mullen

  134. have you ever thought about working over an 80 + impala wagon the works close in the glass shave the handles drop it shove in a 455 olds with tbi put big ole fatties all around LS hood great paint super sound just sit back and CRUZZZZZE

    just an old mans wet dream Love the show I was raised around hot rod nuts just like yall

    keep up the good work Ronjon from Comanche OK

  135. he anorado toda la vida tener un carro antique como lo tenia en Cuba ,hace 15 anos que vine para este pais y no he logrado es objetivo,vivia en miami,mucho trabajo y poco dinero,hace 4 meses me mude para houston con mi hijo y me quedo admirado con sus programas me encantan aunque no se ingles pero me encantan los carros antiques aunque sea para admirarlos aunque no los pueda tener mandenme fotos de sus carros,ya a mi edad solo me queda mirarlos y seguir sonando que tendre dinero para tener alguno,ustedes son muy buenos arreglandfo esos carros

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  137. i think your show is the real deal with no drama crap like some of the other show if i had the money i have you guys redo my 81 t/a well anyway love your show,you gas monkeys.

  138. Fun, fun, fun. Don’t let that T-bird go nowhere. I love the rides. I love Richard, and Aaron and Tom and Dennis, but I don’t love the junk on the bottom of the screen! The tweets are mostly dumb and the silhouette of the Monkeys blocking the view ruined the whole clip show for me.

  139. I love the show I must admit I am a new viewer but love it none the less I am very interested in speaking to either one you about a possible visit to your shop….I have a few questions and if possible would love to speak to Richard….. thanks and keep up the good work! Ps. I would also like to meet k.c. as I am interested in the painting of custom trucks and car’s! Thanks again and I hope to hear back from you guys!!!!

  140. Love the car wish i could Win that car and drive it here in belgium .
    btw love the show you guys nice cars that you find and restore .

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  143. Out of all the car shows on the tube, you guys are by far the best!!! Love the show!!! Keep up the great work!!! 😉

  144. MONKEYS!!! Love the show… I eat, sleep and breathe Gas Monkey/Fast n Loud, seen every episode at least 3 times! It’s on a constant loop on the shop video system. Richard, if you’re ever in Seattle i’d love to buy you some beers and do some burnouts w/you.

  145. would like ta git 4 ticket’s on yer rally car! Also I have have a candidate fer yer next one, a 1974 merc. comet ! v/8 a/c car. damn clean fer liven in the RUST BELT ! SUM ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. PRICE: COME -N- GIT IT FIRM!

  146. i just want to say i love ur cars i live in louisiana in the town of crowley 70526 well anyway i was woundering how to get in this raffle u are haveing please let me know and richard call when ur down in louisiana mabey we can go have a drank 337 458 1381 ty

  147. Love your show. Watch it whenever I can. I loved the 2 part episode with the F40. That combined with the 1917 REO showed an incredible range of talent and skills for Gas Monkey. I like the musclecars, but I like the foreign roadsters also ( I have a 1991 Jaguar XJS that I am working on)
    Here’s a suggestion for a charity event. Offer up a raffle for a (whatever amount) makeover for the winner’s vehicle. If you charged $10, $20 or even up to 50 per ticket, i bet you wold collect 3 to 4 times the amount of the makeover. The charity would make out, “Gas Monkey gets paid”, and some lucky person winds up with a seriously cool ride. And who wouldn’t be interested in watching that! It’s a win, win, win all around….just an idea from a serious fan.

  148. Excellent is the programa.Me like to go in Texas, but I am very lejos.Les wish you luck in all … from Paraguay 🙂

  149. When I clicked the link I thought it was a raffle for a nice car! Let me know when you are gonna raffle off something I don’t have to drive in the hood!! Maybe that Dennis character can donate one of his low end cars! Love the show!

  150. Awesome show guys!! I watch every episode possible since I’m a truck driver but always catch up on the weekends with the new ones and the old ones. Always wanted to get into to cars like you guys do just an awesome awesome show!! keep them coming guys…

  151. Fast N’ Loud is one of my favourite shows on TV. Whether it’s Richard wheeling and dealing, or Aaron’s viewer friendly explanation of how parts work, I have yet to watch an episode and not be entertained. It’s the perfect blend of car enthusiasts and near lunatics with impact wrenches. Keep up the great work!

    This weekend car junky would love to get my mitts on a Gas Monkey car, but there’s no way I’d ever put it through the harsh Atlantic Canada weather. It just wouldn’t be fair.

  152. I own an auto repair shop in Northwest (MILTON) FL..My children and I LOVE THE SHOW..We watch it every Monday night.I have a 1970 C10 myself.I love wrenching and modifying cars too. Big Props to your style and workmanship.Good luck in the future/Keep building BADASS cars. We’ll be watching.

  153. You guys are awesome I’m going to get you guys to build me a car as soon as I hit the lottery I hope that’s real soon. Missing the show when does it come back on thanks for a awesome show.p.s. the car would be a convertible mustang with that new 5.0 engine you guys put in that one car I know I’m dreaming but I want give up on it coming true I can’t wait to see you guys on tv again soon take care your biggest fan guaranteed.

  154. Aaron you are a mechanical wizard. Keep bringin’ all the seriously sick creations to life, you are an inspiration to all the guys with big dreams & small wallets. Thanks!


  156. Love the show guys, keep up the good work! One question, how much will it cost me to get a signed GMG t-shirt mailed to me in the UK?

    • You can calculate your shipping by selecting “international shipping” on shop.gasmonkeygarage. But unfortunately, they don’t ship from the garage.

  157. i was 12 when my dad took me to work with him at the dismantlers aka junk yard i learned to work on all kinds of cars trucks motorcycles i watch the show it reminds me of my dad he taught me everything i know about taking cars apart and puttin them back together and my wife wants to know if richard dyes his beard and hair to get that cool grey look my first car was a 1970 chevelle malibu took me a year of workin at the yard to get it rebuilt brakes had a 307 changed it out to a 350 i miss my car my brothers barrowed it when i was at work and killed it was a car me and my dad built together for me i got my license at 16 my hot rod at 17 would love to see you monkeys build one

  158. Missed the raffle. I’ll buy in on the next one if you do another.
    Love the show. I think you should do more of the 4WD vehicles like that Bronco. Lets see some trick Jeeps. Not the show ponies like at the SEMA events. Cool rodded ones. Grab some of the old ones and trick them out.

  159. Love you guys. Been watching since the beginning. I’m a gear head thx to my dad. He wanted a boy but got stuck with 5 girls so someone had to help rebuild his pet projects. Btw Richard your are very sexy. If your ever in Florida look me up and I’ll show you a great time.

  160. Omg… This car brings back sooo many memories for me!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I certainly hope the winner loves it as much as I appreciate and love it too! My old CB handle was “Angelfire”, I used to be at dirt track races ALL the time, I was in my first car accident in a dark blue Chevy Caprice 4 door with a high school buddy! AHHH the memories! So awesome!!!

    I have one vital question…did Tom Smith used to go by a nick name of “Tinker”? If so, I remember him! He looks and most importantly “sounds” so stinkin’ familiar! Crazy small world!

  161. I have a bone too pick with my cousin’s in california.there so stuck up cali hot rods and that stupid jesse james wcc .they do have some great rides out there but i think you help put TEXAS back on the map with the car game. The patina shit works great and i love fords ” go shelby” ! beside the point im going to cali then vegas for new years im hoping you’ll help me out ? i like most of your shirts on the web site and i want to go to cali repping THE LONE STAR STATE hot rod style .I love working on cars so i dont have alot of money cause of my car but i was going to buy at least ten shirts being that i’ll be gone for ten days. by watching the show i kno you like to haggle so plz help me help you and give me 25% off total order and free shipping i live in Houston i will at least spend two hundred or more …..ohh could you do a v8 perferably ford gas monkey ride for ten grand ??????

  162. Feel a little kindred sprite as I am now a Fireman, Paramedic in the Houston area. My father loves your show and so do I.
    Thanks for bringing some LIFE to this, way to serious World we live in!! Love your work, and we are waiting for Dale Jr to make his apperance on the show. You make allot of us “poor folks” happy doing what most of us would love to do to cars~
    Good Luck, not that any of you need it, on the new Season’s Show~~

  163. Hello! Is it possible to come to Dallas and see the garage? My partner is totally enraptured with this show! Her desire to is own multiple “antique cars”. I would love to bring her down to Texas to let her see for herself your garage and what it takes to own and maintain these rides. Just let me know if this is possible! Best regards and easy riding! BB

    • Hell yeah you can! The garage is open from 9am-6pm. We’re really busy around here so no promises that we can stop and say “hi”, but the front is open to the public!

  164. YOU GUYS ARE THR REAL DEAL BEING I BUILT MY FIRST 62 CHEVY WHEN I WAS FORTEEN YEARS OLD HAD IT RACE AND ROAD READY BY THE TIME I WAS SIXTEEN FROM SIXTEEN TO EIGHTEEN I OWN A 64 SS CHEVELLE AND BY MT JR YEAr in high school was build a 72 vette that I had bought from my auto body teacher would love to come meet yall have transmission work to offer save Richard money lol and a 69 Camaro my boss needs help with please return me a email

  165. Much love from the other side of the pond!Authenticity of your work and aura..brought me here. Word: Are non americans eligible for the 5 buck raffle? would love to cruise around in one of your machines here in northern norway.

  166. I enjoy the the show but sometimes cringe when you guys cut up an old car that is rare for us back east here in the rust belt! I look forward to more episodes. As a shop owner myself, I wish you continued success.

    P.S. Wanna tackle a ’69 Z28 restoration?

  167. Heyi Monkey Folk,

    Love the show! It’s great how you all can polish up a rotten road kill polecat and make it look and smell like new money and have a large time doing it. Got a job for GMG! Find a donor car and have the boys do the usual Gas Monkey treatment with a small change; remove the gas, brake and clutch pedals. If it is a manual, set it up for a three (or four or five?) on-the-tree shift as I’ve got no feet to work floor thingies no more. My legs and feet that are decoration and for show only . A dicked-up Doc dorked up a pain shot and it was ‘Adios’ to needing shoes. This can be a shoestring budget as I am broke than a two-dollar wooden watch. And yessir, I have the shoestrings to build this baby on… Oh yeah, I love an old 2 door ’59 Chevy (like my brother Jimmy had) – black, 3 on the tree, it was a pretty, sexy, sexy, sexy car.
    Let us have more of Tom spinning his barnyard philosophy! Put yerselves in for a raise. You can tell ‘em I said so. Gotta love the Monkey! Thenk yew fer yer time men…


    Robert ‘call me Bob’ Crash Cash
    111 Mill Race Court
    Hazel Green
    Dang! Still stuck in Alabama 35750

    [email protected]

  168. Heyi Monkey Folk,

    Love the show! It’s great how you all can polish up a rotten road kill polecat and make it look and smell like new money and have a large time doing it. Got a job for GMG! Find a donor car and have the boys do the usual Gas Monkey treatment with a small change; remove the gas, brake and clutch pedals. If it is a manual, set it up for a three (or four or five?) on-the-tree shift as I’ve got no feet to work floor thingies no more. My legs and feet that are decoration and for show only . A dicked-up Doc dorked up a pain shot and it was ‘Adios’ to needing shoes. This can be a shoestring budget as I am broke than a two-dollar wooden watch. And yessir, I have the shoestrings to build this baby on… Oh yeah, I love an old 2 door ’59 Chevy (like my brother Jimmy had) – black, 3 on the tree, it was a pretty, sexy, sexy, sexy car.
    Let us have more of Tom spinning his barnyard philosophy! Put yerselves in for a raise. You can tell ‘em I said so. Gotta love the Monkey! Thenk yew fer yer time men…

    Monkey Power to All,

    Robert ‘call me Bob’ Crash Cash
    111 Mill Race Court
    Hazel Green
    Dang! Still stuck in Alabama 35750

    [email protected]

  169. We need a second car, cause we just bought a new house and don’t have the cash for another car so the wife can go out and get a job. This car would fit the bill just right for our go to work car and grocery getter and the kids would dig it too; what else could they ask for.
    Oh ya by the way what a cool show. I used to watch Top Gear on the BBC, this is so much cooler.
    Can’t wait to have the keys in my hand.


  171. Glad to see you guys back on .Could you tell me how often you are going to be at the Gas Monkey bar and grill cause I’m coming to check it out knowing how you are on the show I would to say its going to be awesome hope to see you guys there.

  172. Luv the show !! You have a rockin’ crew there… Makes me wish I was back livin’ in Big D so I could come by. Oh well..,
    If you’re ever in Daytona, love to meet up with you guys.

  173. Hey guys love the show and can only dream about what you guys do all day long. I would love to see what you would do with a 98 Jag XJR. The car is sleek looking as it with a lot of power. Think about it…


  174. wish to work with you in garage, im 32 year old mechanic and i love the job you are doing,it is not CHROME BUT A old school paint and job .DO SOME sweedisch metal like volvo amazon , i always wanted to see this car in your project

  175. ive seen on internet a low ride volvo 164 from 72, like low ride bad ass with big hemi motor , killing me :)best for you guys, from poland europe

  176. I do believe all of the ideas you have introduced to your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are too quick for beginners. Could you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  177. hay guys im loveing your show i love yhe new cast the guys in the garage are fun i wish i was working with tham hell i wishi had erans job sue i love your work .richard i wish i had your money to throw around i have a 1972 torino that shour needs some love but i drive anyway i love that car keep it rell guys hope ya allthe best

  178. hey guys,

    thanks for the best tv series . you guys make me want to move to texas, but I need help finishing my old high school car re-make, would like to see if your interested and estimated cost on finishing this beat up. its a 1976 olds cutlass I want to bring back as a clone 442. has a factory 455 and tranny is already been gone thru, the body off the frame and all fram sand blasted ,front suspension,ect. new exshaust , the rear quarter panels have been cut out and replaced and that’s were im at. if you got time drop me a line
    thanks for the time and keep those great builds and sharen with us

  179. Dear GMG,

    My son and I used to watch you show. He is 7 and thought some of the things you do are cool, and funny.

    He asked me if he could look at your web site to see more stuff.

    Next thing I know he asks me what a “FUCKSTIC” is?

    I jumped up and asked him why he asked. He told me it was written on the side a car and that Richard was pointing at it.

    When I saw what he was talking about, I scanned throught the rest of the pictures and saw that the driver name was removed in place of the GMG logo.

    So I guess the question is…who do you think your audience is?

    So now we can’t watch you show at our house.

    I know its no sweat off your back. You don’t stand to lose anything from my decision.
    So you can thumb your nose and fly the bird at me. But my son is another story.

    Do you have kids? If you do I wonder if you would be ok if I used that sort of language in front of your babies, how you would feel?

    I know this will never get anybody’s attention. But now that I read more of what is going on with your business practices and other strange relationships, I feel better not watching your show.

    I am done. Good luck.

  180. Hey there Richard, Hi there my name is Theresa and I love your show I watch it every Monday night at 9 my boyfriend and I. We love to watch you and Arron buy car’s fix them up and make them Gas Monkey cool. Anyway I’am a car lover myself I love the real hot rod car’s big loud and crazy. I love the camaro’s and firebird’s of the 1970’s and the 2002’s versions are my favorites.I also wanted to ask Richard I sometimes see you on the show and your whereing a wedding ring and sometimes you don’t are you really married or are you single? I think your great looking guy and I really like you and what you do for a living. So I will keep watching your show and hope you get more car’s. Good luck on Gas Monkey Bar and Grill I hope you get to open it and it turn’s out as cool as you and your show are. I’ll be watching you tonight on tv.

  181. I love your show so much I made my Husband buy me a 1966 Barracuda , it’s in great shape and I’m going to do it myself , will send photo’s of before and after .

  182. Richard

    So you are going to open a Resturant/Bar! Congrats!! Do yourself a favor and Call John Taffer from Bar Rescue before you open and get a consult. If you want to succeed in this business John will show you how to do it right the first time!!! Best of luck.. GM RULES!!!

  183. Aaron, Never shave the beard!!!!! Looked creepy without it. Now, any thoughts on an inexpensive father/son project? My 11 year old is hooked on your show and wants to do an older Ford F100 pickup. Sadly, I dont have a garage at the house to work in and the wife decided a giant tent in the yard was “unatractive”. Thanks for the show guys, you rock!

  184. I am addicted to the show. I am visiting in
    Texas from Chicago until the end of the
    month. I would absolutely love to b able to have a
    drink with Richard and the crew and get an
    autographed shirt. Any chance of that?

    • You can stop by the garage from 9am-6pm during the week. Now we’re really busy are here so we can’t make any promises that we can stop and say “hi”, but the front is open to the public!

  185. The white/gold fairlane……what ….can…..I ……say……….. That car has been haunting my dreams from the very 1st time I saw it……and you gave it to the Aussies (or was it the Danes?) Either way , it left home!!! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE GET ME ANOTHER ONE– JUST FOR ME!!!! (walking away shakin his head back & forth, sighing mournfully)

  186. Your show kicks Ass and would love to have you guys restore my 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 6.6 . Just bought it and im working on bringing back to its glory days. Keep on rockin !! Road doggs !!! Gas Monkey WOOOOOO!!!!

  187. I Love it. I appreciate what you do it helps me explain to my wife why I like Classic fast cars I think I’ll get a few of those there Monkey Raffle Ride Tickets and “Let Her Rip and Ride the Flip” Tater Chip.
    Billy Rogers
    Edmond, OK.

  188. hola muy buen programa lo sigo desde buenos aires argentina espero algun dia poder viajar para visitar el taller personalmente saludos desde argentina MATIAS

  189. My 89 year old father, my wife and I don’t miss an episode. It’s enjoyable to watch a vehicle rehab and customization show that actually shows a lot of the actual work being done, and not having to hear and watch some maniac on the show throwing stuff and cursing all his employees out!

  190. In the beginning, I was forced to watch all number of car shows in exchange for watching the trash I call entertainment. Afterall, marraige is about compromise (and beer). Once I sat down and actually watched Gas Monkey tho… it went from compromise to foreplay. Thanks for being the thing we both watch and laugh our asses off to. Keep it going. My husband would friggin implode from happiness if he won this badass car. it’s just his type… and he’d be happy to move the monte carlo over and make room.

  191. Guys

    I’m thinking of maybe buying a Vette,can you give me a breakdown on which years were the
    good,bad.and ugly between 1962-1985 ?

  192. Just absolutely LUV LUV LUV ” FAST and LOUD”. Please keep on turning out the rides and providing some of the BEST television in the world. As you can tell by my posting it is well past the drawing date for the Chevy giveaway. When will you be doing another raffle? I would just die to be able to bring A Gas Monkey Garage vehicle back to the east coast to my hometown, Berkeley Springs, WV. I’m 63 but I can assure you I’d be like A kid with A new toy ASS MONKEY STYLE. Idea maybe you could build the 68 F 100 you have advertised for sale to raffle off, although I would really prefer A Chevy. But I am ready to buy my tickets for whatever I can have A shot at. Keep doing what you do for you are the best.

  193. I left a message concerning a Studabaker. I made mistake on in describing the car. It is a 1940 Studabaker Comander 2 door coupe, low mileage, clean and straight, California car, so are the Ramblers. I apologise for the misinformation. Thank you for your time. K L

    • Unfortunately with our tight filming schedule we do not have time to take on any customer cars or builds. Thanks for thinking of us though!

  194. There is a 1970s corvete stingray in really good condition a few block from my house in a used Car lot along with a bel air in perfect condition. I will send photos as soon as I can.

  195. Luv the show even though i am not a car guy. Thanks. Great four door racer. I thought you guys hated four door cars. Glad to see one all juiced up. My family’s first car in the United States was a brand new four door 1977 Chevy Nova. Big ass V8. I was only 15 and my 17 year old brother would not let me drive. Thanks for the flash back. Would love to have you guys build me a 1979 four door Nova when you go back to building more cars.

  196. Buenas tardes , vivo en Venezuela y me gusta mucho su programa de Tv. Les deseo que sigan haciendo más programas televisivos , son espectaculares.

    Les quería pedir una ayuda , tengo un auto Oldsmobile año 1958 , un modelo: ninty EIGHT , tiene un motor 371 y me gustaría comprar las partes para reparar el motor , el kit de empacaduras , bomba de aceite , cigüeñal , conchas de biela y de bancada , bujes de leva etc

    Me gustaría saber de empresas que vendan repuestos o parts nuevas de este auto.
    Mi Telf : 0058-4143616051 Roberto . Gracias por cualquier ayuda

    • It was raffled off but the winner pulled out one of my moves and made a deal to trade it with a Mustang I had here. I couldn’t let the DONK go I guess.

  197. Wow… My wife and I live for the show! Makes me wish I never left Texas. The work you all put into theses cars doesn’t go unseen. We are planning a trip back to Texas this summer and really hope to be able to stop in and check out the operation and check out the cars. I was about to unload my Corvette until we started watching your show. Now I’m going all out on it in hopes to make it special. My problem is my age… (63). But, I’m gonna go out trying. Keep up the GREAT show and hard work.

    PATRICK !!

  199. Love the show, never miss it I just saw. smoking the bandit, so cool like what you guys did with car and the eaglemonkey on hood,greetings from DC

  200. i love your show i also love old cars. it sucks though that i am only 13 years old but the best car is the one that you drove into your lake. that was awesome

  201. What did you guys do for the suspension I’m thinking of grafting some long grave suspension to mine for some general lee action gauging people’s thoughts.

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    • The raffle has already closed and the car is with its new owner, Jason. We’ll have some more contests for you to win coming up soon though!

  204. i really want this car my 13 year old boy loves ur show and loves the cars u make he would really like to see one of ur cars in the front yard and his birthday is in to months and he would love to see one in our yard on his birthday august 12 please pm me

  205. Why can’t anyone do the winning by is how people do in the movies were they put their hands on the cars and stay as long as you can to win the car why cant
    people do that anymore

    • The old Hands on a Hardbody contest? I think some people still do that. I don’t know how fair that’d be since we can’t have more than about 50 or so people touching the car at once. But one of Keenan’s favorite movies is a documentary about Hands on a Hardbody.

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  209. Hi there. I’ve watched your show with my son and he lives working in things, anything… I bought a vw bug 71′ / 72′ and we have been working on it, but we are a little over our head. OK, I’m a little over my head. I can do a lot but I don’t last long and then I hurt and can’t do anymore. I’d love to teach my son more but I’m a disabled veteran and physically can’t do a lot. Plus we have the father and son thing then of he knows more then I. Growing pains lol. I’m not sure if you can or are willing to help. The engine runs but a little off. We are finishing the brakes tomorrow. The body needs to be painted and the inside really gone through as well as electrical and lights. I have some money but not a lot do to living on my VA disability. Just let me know if you can help, maybe teach my son and have him work on the car and clean the shop. Thank you for your time.

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  221. Whats up gas monkey Garage my dad is about almost 80 and he loves his 69 dodge 100 pickup but its just sitting he wont get rid of it I was wondering how you felt about coming to Pittsburg California and helping me surprise him with the truck gas monkeyed out it would do so much for my dad he was recently robed and held at gunpoint at a local Walmart and forced him to the banks to get money he was scared for his life so he went to 3 banks and gave the robbers what they wanted again he is about 80 and in great health but the people wanted to attack elderly people. There would be no better way to show him how much I love him then to get his truck fixed up. He is a veteran and has fought for our country in Korea and loves his family thank god he is still here with us , Please Please help me if y’all can. Much love Gas Monkey Garage. P.S I love the new Green Monstar truck.

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