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If you’re a fan of Gas Monkey Garage AND the ACC Basketball Tournament, you’re going to love this contest. Havoline, the preferred motor oil of Gas Monkey Garage, partnered with the ACC to give a lucky fan a true VIP experience. I’m talking round-trip airfare for you and a friend, a FIVE-night hotel stay, ACC Tournament ticket books, VIP Hospitality for two and watch a game with me, Richard Rawlings, in a suite. I’m sure I’ll throw in some Gas Monkey swag, too.

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  1. I love your show especially when you and Dennis build the copos and you start the 2012 convertible up and you tell Dennis to open the garage door while you get in and start that sweet ride up.

  2. Nothing Better than the “The King”, Fast Cars and basketball.
    I love driving, working on and restoring cars. My sons call me the Queen of Cars.
    1933 Chevy Coupe is the new project along with a Diamond T Truck and a 1927 Model Ford.
    Hey Richard how about a game of one on one?
    Are you up for the challenge? lol

  3. I started to watch the show to learn to build cars but iv learned way more than I could possiable do.. But one thing for sure I need to teach u how to drink real beer not that UGLY miller lite that’s for the ladies..

  4. Richard Rawlings Congratulations on the success your company has earned! You well deserve the recognition the show has brought you. I know it takes hard work to finish a car to the standards you have set but that is what sets you apart. It might be hard to sand a car but its even harder to be the brains of the operations and worry about how to get money to keep your head above water and pay employees. I had a successful construction company by the age of 23 but one night I was shot while working in a bad part of town I spent six months in the hospital recovering from my injuries. I can relate to getting shot not fun but what don’t kill you only makes you stronger. Best of luck! God Bless!

  5. Greetings from Egypt. My 10 and 8 years old boys are glued in front of the Discovery channel when your show airs. We just finished watching the Copo Camaro episode. Keep Rollin man!!! Amir, Ziad and Omar

  6. WOOT WOOT! LOVE your show! I have NO idea WHY, since I have NO idea how to fix cars; just a genuine appreciation for classic cars reborn. As a kindergarten teacher, I gotta respect the intelligence your cast displays to diagnose and repair these beauties! People always mistake gas monkeys for dumb bunnies! NOT SO, obviously!

    Just wanted to let ya know, love your show and love your unique senses of humor!

    Hope you are coming to the Vegas car show in April!

  7. Craziest,wildest,maddest, best show on the tube. Rich and Aaaron you guys rock. Biggest fan in South Africa buy far. Love the show. Keep up the good work. If i am ever in America I will definitely make a turn by the shop. Its on my wishlist. Peace

  8. WHAT’S GOING ON GMG? Between discovery, velocity, and all the other smaller car channels that a lead painter/collision repair tech watches, THERE ISN’T ONE SHOW OUT THERE THAT COMPARES TO THE GAS MONKEY GARAGE. Simply because the cast and crew and so real, nothing is scripted, and all the work done to the cars are TOP OF THE LINE UPGRADES, anything from the ACCUAIR RIDE suspension, the WILWOOD BRAKES And all other things that are included into your builds.. Being a multiple Certified collision repair tech (I-Car & ASE) with outstanding creds, ASSOCIATES DEGREE IN APPLIED ARTS AND SCIENCE (Collision Repair and Restorations) have a ridiculous resume, and Portfolio of cars and restorations completed…… I WOULD BE HONORED TO BECOME THE 16TH EMPLOYEE OF THE GAS MONKEY GARAGE, AS WELL AS FAST N’ LOUD on Discovery and now Velocity TV.. (KC’s Bitch for awhile) HAHA

    I’ve had plans to move to Dallas in the past few years, so if you would be seriously considering to hire me onto the Gas Monkey Team I would be more than honored to move down there and start wrenchin’ for you Richard! @RRR or sandin’ for @KC in the Body shop!
    (I can act a bit too if thats at all necessary, would rather go unscripted and REAL though)

    Please get back to me, interested or not it would be awesome to stop by and say whats up, cause all you guys at GMG seem like cool dudes. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME.. I AM SERIOUSLY INTERESTED IN WORKING IN A SHOP LIKE GMG,NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE ONE OF A KIND CARS YOU BUILD, THE NON-HALF ASS WORK YOU DO NOT CUTTING CORNERS AND DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAY!!

    Cody Gingrich

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