Win GMG’s Customized Harley Davidson Street Tracker Project


Remember the episode of Fast N Loud when Aaron was supposed to be working on a 1930 Model A but he built a bike instead? (Season 4 Episode 4 on iTunes) Well, the good people over at Sons of the Flag bought the bike, and now they’re raffling it off to raise funds for their cause! Sons of the Flag is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting military, first responder, and civilian burn survivors by providing funding for innovative research. Raffle tickets are only $5. There are second and third place prizes. too, but even if you don’t win a prize, at least you’ll know you donated to a worthy cause. Click HERE to visit the Raffle page.


  1. I have just seen Aarons pic of the bull run pass on face book the motor home that was in it is up for sale front wheel drive gmc just thought you might want to know ok thanx

  2. Love your show and love your cars always piss myself laughing watching. So when is gas monkey coming to Australia and do a aussie car build? You could gas monkey style my 73 HQ Kingswood for me for free

  3. Hi Arron,n,Richard, I’d love to buy the speedometer and rev counter that you stripped off the sportster, it would look great on my sporty.

  4. Just tried to purchase 20 tickets hit submit and does not work. Would have loved to win this bike but then again how the hell would I have got it to Australia anyway

  5. What! Not good mate I’m sure it was written in the terms of the raffle but who reads that shit anyway. I remember watching the episode when Aaron built the bike so when I saw the raffle I went shit yeah I’ll get tickets. You reckon you will do something for your international fans?

    • You always have to read the fine print! First rule in business, Matt. We’ll have some stuff coming up for everyone in the future, don’t worry.

  6. I used to race a XR750 HD flat track 1/2 mi. at Middletown NY near the Orange County boys in my younger days – I’m your age now. Anyway the HD you guys built you did a great job- looks like the XR750!

  7. Love the shows messes y’all get in n out of. keep the gd work. Want to ask I’m a disabled vet non war related. I’m trying to do a driver resto on a 85 mustang gt convertible 5.0 5spd on a severly limited budget could y’all discuss a redo of one of these ether on your show or the spin off I need ways to get these done cause its fun to drive and maybe the last one I’ll have bought thx and I’ll understand if ya can’t

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