Win Our ’49 Chevy from Havoline! Today is the LAST Day to Enter!

If you’re up to date on this season’s Fast N’ Loud, you recently watched the guys work day and night to finish a badass ’49 Chevy in time to take it to Lone Star Throwdown. At the end of the 2-part episode, the person who bought the Truck bought it on behalf of Havoline. Havoline is giving the truck away and today is the last day to enter for a chance to win it! Not only will the winner get to call this beauty theirs, but they’ll also win a trip to Vegas to accept the truck at AAPEX. It’s a win win! Enter HERE.


*Note: This contest is hosted by and paid for by Havoline USA and Havoline Canada, so the contest is only open to US and Canada residents.


  1. Ok I watch this show all the time didn’t this truck just sell for $145,000 on the show the other day but if not I’m kinda uo set as I missed out on entering by 19min 😕

  2. dame!!! suck we cant buy from here. Your show are awesome. You guys are just awesome and hardcase. I would love to own a car that you guys build. My dream car would be a 1971 Ford XL and a 1969 Camaro….
    Me and my family cant wait for your next episode. Luv you guys and god bless.


  3. Hello

    I found out about the show thru my dad that lives in Brazil and he loves the show. I recently moved to Texas, so now my dad is super excited that I’m close to the store.

  4. I watched the esposide when they built this and the time it took I been working on my truck for years and ain’t even close Awsome I need to get me some of that

  5. I watched the esposide when they built this and the time it took I been working on my truck for years and ain’t even close Awsome I need to get me some of that.

  6. Ayer vi el programa donde restauraban este fierro. ¡¡Que buen laburo que hicieron!! ¡Me encantó como cuidaron los interiores! ¡Unos grandes la gente de Gas Monkey! Espero que termine con un piloto digno de semejante belleza.

  7. I would Love to Win This for My Husband he just turned 50Ty this pass April and he always watching classic car show’s I really don’t know if you come to Englewood ‘Oh but think about it lol Thanks for your time Candace 😀🤘🏼

  8. I would love to win this for my father, he has served 32 years in the military and has given me and this country a lot… i want to give him something back.

  9. Old cars are better than the new cars for several reasons. Plus the new cars just don’t have the style that sets one make of cars apart from another. The new cars all look pretty much the same. I is nice to see a show were classic cars are fixed up and put back on the road. I do most of my own car repairs and found the old cars are a lot easier to work on ( no computerized stuff in them). I like the show and have a few ideas for projects cars and trucks you can do on the show. Email me for more info. I am a inventor too. I have designs for new products for use by the pro in the shop and the average person at home. Plus I do my own design and fabrication of parts for my own projects ; and do my own construction work too.

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