WIN Richard’s ’69 Camaro Convertible!

Win a GMG Camaro! Our good friends over at Havoline talked me into parting with my ’69 Camaro RS/SS Convertible. YOU can enter to win it on Havoline’s Facebook Contest App! All entries must be received by October 22nd. GYSOT!! To enter, click the image above or click HERE I did a test drive in it so you don’t have to. Check it out:


  1. People are gonna be wetting their pants for this car, brilliant idea. I just hope it goes to someone who will look after it. Good luck!

  2. Hey Richard i’m a huge fan of your work, and of your show .i would be more than happy winning the green 69 camaro because i havent had a first car yet and it would be a dream…. a dream to drive to school too haha so please pick me…

  3. Hi, my name is Charles Pike. For me to win this 69 Camaro Convertible would be a dream come true. I love watching your show, I’m a huge fan of your work. My brother-in-law went your show in Texas and I was so jealous. Just to be able to win this would a great way to end the summer. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  4. If I win the Camaro do you ship it to the Netherlands (for free) 🙂

    Keep up the good work and show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Richard big fan of your show watch it every Monday and love the work you guys do I would love to win this car for my father it is his dream car I’m currently 13 and his b day is in A couple months so this would be a dream to win and meet you myself pick me Richard and have a great day thx

  6. Hey Richard this is Richard all good guys are named Richard so lets keep that beautiful ride with the good guys .Thanks. Oh yeah, I really enjoy the show keep it up thanks again

  7. Mi piacerebbe che fosse la mia prima auto!!! E un giorno mi piacerebbe aprire un garage come il vostro qua in Italia.


  9. Man this car is great the 69 camaro has been my favorite car since i was born but i never thought i would wanna become a mechanic and classic car lover then because you guys have inspired me. im real young but i have already worked on 1 car with my dad his zephyr it was his first car and he wanted us to fix it togheder i would love to paint this car black and modify it to look like a race car bit in the inside it would look plain normal but the fact that it comes from my idols richard and aaron i would just keep it in my garage

  10. Hey Richard, if I win I’ll make you a deal; I’ll let you keep the car if you can replace it with my favorite car from my college days: a 1980 Toyota Supra, silver if you please.

  11. You monkeys rock…so talented.I’d look good in that bad ass for the shows and the sweet rides you all come up with..amazing

  12. Hey! What’s Up Gas Monkey Garage. I’m Alan I live in fort worth. Being blessed with my first from gas monkey would amazing speechless miracle really… thank you p.s. aaron kaufman is a genius! I’d like to meet him & R.R.

  13. este es el mejor programa del mundo ustedes son los mejores un saludo desde colombia a y sigan siendo locos como monos

  14. I’m a gramdmom loving the car and your show it takes me back i know my kids and grandkids will love going to drivein in gramdmom greene car yes that’s my last name!!!

  15. I got a ’67 ford F250, and was wondering what to do to it….watched the show with the F100….gave me the right idea. Thanx!

  16. Would love to have a muscle car finally and to have one from GAS MONKEY GARAGE! Just the cherry on top huge fan been watching the mad genius A.K. and The coolest hair well besides myself of course. R.R. THE MAN WITH THE PLAN! AND Dennis, Never stop Richard you truly make Americans feel free to be cool and express themselves through cars! DA JEEP SPINNIN black wrangler.

  17. I just lost my job. Just need a car to find a new job and support my kids. But I love your work.Keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Richard

    I want to win your car and I can pick it up as I am in the states with my son in November for the World of Warcraft convention in Anahiem. I know it is a good days drive but to win your car I would walk there. How do I enter.

    Hope to see you in November.


    Jed Wallace (Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain)

  19. RR, love the show AK is a artist with what he does to the cars, and the cars you produce simply great, the 60 bel air was something else. I would love one day to own one of your shop trucks y’all do a great job on those,

    Brit living in Texas.

  20. Holy crap you all are going to be so sad when I win this car, but don’t be haters it was always meant to be mine……. WHEW!!!

  21. Hi my name is Charles pike. I an a huge fan of fast n loud I love the cars you guys build. If I win the1969 Camaro convertible it will be my first car and that will be really cool. My sister and brother-in-law went to visit your Gas Monkey Headquarters and I was really jealous of them. I just really want to win this beautiful car so bad.

  22. Entered the drawing… Check. I’m from the Motor City. Want to bring her home. Green is the color of money. Hope I can GYSOT!

  23. The first thing I’m gonna do is put HiJackers on it with some big ole fat Cragers out back, and some piecutters up front. He! He!

  24. Gracias!!! Gracias por alegrarme la vida con sus programas , me divierto muchicimo con ustedes,Aron es un genio y richard un capo! ojala tuvieramos en argentina mas autos americanos, son lo mas!

  25. Beautiful car, great show. What happened to the green and white interior for the customline. Bought a ’55 at the Lampprecht auction, Buiding it for my dad, would be interested in purchasing.


  27. Selling a 1949 Dodge Coronet in great condition if you are interested. Won’t need it anymore when I win the Camaro – wishful thinking.

  28. I was a senior in high school in 1969 and you had to be there to fully appreciate this car. Winning it would be a blessing.

  29. great show when is a good time for a tour my daughter would love to go there the bad thing about it we were there this past week end a didn’t make it would love to win the camaro so I can tell her we are going there to see u guys on the tour do we show up between time y’all work there or there’s a certain time for a tour thanks reynaldo macias.

  30. A close friend who passed away far too young owned a Camaro like yours. He loved the car business and used to repair/restore in a shop in West Springfield, MA and we would run them through the block at Concord back in the ’70s. I miss my friend and being able to drive that car would bring the joy of our friendship and his laughter close again.

  31. I would love to own the car. i really need a vehical was stolen 6 years ago and im disabled and not able to work the way i use to.

  32. I’d love to be able to present this to my hero…my son, who is a 2LT in the US Air Force and is going through pilot training right now. Fingers will be crossed.

  33. Thanks for the shows, to see the cars some of us can only dream of.
    Forget your detractors, if any of them had a personality they’d have their own show.

    Now where’s that beer!!
    BTW real beer not that see through stuff

  34. Greatness! This is the Camaro I always wanted since I was 10! So, I am now restoring a 72 z28. If I don’t win, my plan is to sell the Z and work my way up or have Gas Monkey build one for me!

  35. I can feel the wind in my hair and the breeze on my face now!! Driving this beautiful ’69 Camaro down the open road would be sweet!! It’d be nice driving through town too – everybody rubber-necking to see where that ferocious sound was coming from!!

  36. Howdy Folks its a damned shame we ain`t got the opportunity ,to take that gorgeous piece of car back the UK.In fact its a travesty of justice,so get it sorted Gas MOOnkeys you know it makes sense. Onwards and upwards guys great show lovin it, lovin it,lovin it ,but you do need to come over to the UK and kick TOP GEARs ass.

  37. My husband is fan of the Show because he loves cars and I am a fan because Richard isn’t hard on the eyes. That Camaro is SUPER SEXY and I would LOVE to DRIVE IT!!

  38. Love Your Show,
    As a disabled veteran who grow up around classic cars.I love your builds,1 day i would love to own a classic car but right now I am battling Stage 4 cancer. So right now I enjoy watching you build your beautiful cars and trucks!!!!!!

  39. Hey, Richard I have been watching your show since it started, I am in love with all the cars that you redo and make better. I would love to win that camero and I don’t have a facebook but I am making one just to enter in your amazing competition. If I don’t win its ok because I will still continue to watch you show. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!

  40. Love, Love, LOVE the show!! Watch all the time. Gonna be stopping by the Gas Monkey Bar ‘N’ Grill on Saturday Sept 27 on the way home from vacay. Would love to win the Camaro. More for my Hot Rod honey than myself as he is a lover of old cars, especially the Chevys.

  41. It was so cool to look over from I35 n see richard driving that camaro he was going fast too. Going to the gmbg friday hopefully one day ill get to meet u guys. You are such an inspiration n i love the fact that u r real not fake at all. People tgese days cant handle real. Keep up the great job. I will do my part to keep u going.

  42. Man i would love to have that car it would pee my dad of so much if I had that and it would look good if it was setting next to my 79 f150 ranger with a 429 COBRA v8 me and my mom wouldn’t be able to keep him out of car.

  43. I would love to be the winner of this car. I have a passion for cars and the 1969 Camaro SS is by far my favorite. I would take great care of it ( :

  44. Coming at ya from sunny England!!
    Hey rich, how you doing sir? Me and my daughter love having a cup of tea whilst watching your show on the other side of the pond!! Hopefully we’ll get to meet you and the guys when I come to get me car 😉
    Keep up the good work!!

  45. put me in for the drawing on the 69 SS , just had to sell my 1940 ford pu my id was stolen now i’m broke .. nice car would be nice. about your show get rid of the best friend and you save your self a lot of money. the was nothing wrong with that boxed frame under that 32 coupe you lost 8700.00 on thanks to your dum ass mecanic get rid of him. sorry aron you suck and it is all about you, such an ass wipe… quit hey richard next time your in florida call me if your like gulf fishing . own stilt house 2 miles off the coast , great for fishing and private. c-ya

  46. Looking forward to winning this bad ass ride! It will look great next to my 2011 Camaro! I love your show, especially the COPO Camaro episode. What a fantastic opportunity! Can we have a COPO giveaway?? Keep up the awesome work! I need to get me some of that Camaro!

  47. Can’t believe you did not make the camaro sweepstakes open to everyone !!!!
    An awesome ride like that should not be limited to “Facebook” members only.
    Very Disappointing————

  48. My family loves muscle cars. My wife, 8 year old son and my 4 year old daughter keep telling me to get one. We love them down to the old car smell and unfiltered emissions. Fingers crossed for a win

  49. I love that car its my dream car I had some money save to get one and start to do a restoration on but have had some bad times some had to spend to take care of bills so I said lets try to win this one thank you do a great job on all your cars

  50. Hmmm, if I were to win I wouldn’t keep it.
    I’d give it to my Dad. He’s 75 and a car guy. He has over the years bought cars with the hopes of fixin’ it up but for one reason or another usually (mostly his age now) doesn’t quite get it finished. I wish I were in the position to buy something for him already finished and ready to drive before his age finally keeps him from getting behind the wheel.
    Good luck to all & God bless!

  51. Wow Richard is really gonna part with his 69 Camaro, hard to believe.
    If won I would so give it to my son Keigan. Man better start drinking some beer cause ur car is on the way out bro. Actually watching the show now thx for the best show on Discovey channel.

  52. Know I got goodnews chemo is working faster then exspected I would love to win my dream car (69 Camaro) and a perk built by the amazing GMG crew #epic build.Plus bonus get to goto Texas because last time I was in Texas was to deply to Iraq so I didnt get to enjoy stay.

  53. This is a car I’ve been looking for. My father had a red 67 convertible in the 70’s and he still talks about it, and tells me he should have kept it. I wish I had the funds to do it myself, but I couldn’t think of a better shop to build this ride. Congrats on the success of the show!

  54. I remember driving free when I was younger with the wind blowing through my hair I have multiple sclerosis now. I can still drive and I know I just want to feel that way again.

  55. I went to your shop and bought some tee shirts and i got to see the camaro its so cool everyone in elpaso texas thought your tee shirts were so cool very nice car

  56. Hi guys , how is it on the other side of the big pond?

    I live in Strasbourg France. Yes Sir. There is a Camro ss neraby I might purchase, but yours, a convertible, would be better although the colour appears funny, I still like it sure.

    Please guys continue the good works and the good fun. Gas.
    And if zou come to Alsace, send a message before. I’ll show you around.

  57. Hola, soy seguidor de sus programas por tv – discovery, me gustan mucho los vehículos que ustedes transforman y también la capacidad de negocio, algún día iré a dallas Texas y los buscare,chao

  58. Nice to win, if only there was a link that worked to sign up for the give away. No links. Wow your something else. Oh, it’s just the internet. NO, it must be my computer. LOL. Far Out man.

  59. when I was 29 I had a 1967 Ford Ranchero had a 351 Cleveland bored in the factory with 400 heads it would do around 130 was the sweetest ride ever had then the worst thing for the best thing I met the love of my life she got pregnant az Richard would say you can’t keep your race car in the garage and your wife in the house so I made a judgement believing that I loved her so much and thought she loved me the same so I sold my race car I turned it into tools open my own vinyl siding company I was probably one of the top three in Mobile Alabama 10 years then I hurt my back from then everything was lost within a week who took my 2 kids alienated them for me I had bought her a house me heart got stuck with the bill on disability no race car no kids Mother’s in bad health fixing to lose everything I can’t say I Drive a fast car a shitty little 97 Ford Taurus let my daughter gave back to me after school never met nobody famous call of doing his work myself to the bone successful for 10 years and now I got nothing to drive that car down the street in front of her would not be revenge it would just be glorious because then I could be back in the one thing that I used to love NFS racing at the racetrack up here in Mobile Alabama now I know you hear substories from everywhere but I wouldn’t dare tell you the whole story cuz it wouldn’t be a dry eye in house hell telling you the story now is not a drive here but if you consider me I would be grateful and I’d love to come see your garage I don’t think my shitty little Taurus would make it but I would damn sure try so please think of me when you think of that car cuz that’s probably the only other car I ever wanted to own to me it’s probably the baddest car on this planet

  60. Hi Richard I am a big fan. I like all the car’s you do with the monkeys. I am 12 years old and I can’t wait in till I drive my grampow has a 1969 z28 he said he would give it to me and I am saving up so you can customized it

  61. hey monkeys love the show n more so love the work u guys do restoring vehicles 2 keep them alive, would absolutely be awesome if i won that camaro, i have a 1970 gmc truck n 1975 nova that need restored i would trade both for that 69 camaro its my favourite car, im disabled or i would be still doing restorations that i love myself,

  62. Hope this car is still available.I have been dreaming of a moment like this maybe it to good to be true.i have told my self i will someday own a camaro but thing like this dont hapen to people like me.i work at cervinis auto design in vineland nj and see the cars that get built Here.not in a million year will i own a car that will fit my job.maybe when i win the lotto i will then own one but for now ill keep dreaming.

  63. Hi Richard love watching your show would love to win the car but hey I work for a guy that has a lot of old cars for sale so if you are ever in WV or close by stop in and see what we have thanks

  64. Would settle for one of your t shirts! Not greedy… but not totally crazy…would love the camaro! Im visiting from england and educating everyone in menasha wisconsin who have not heard of you. Your show is fantastic…totally addicted. P.s. where do I get an authentic t shirt. Seems like there are a lot of cheap copies about. Thanks. Julie

  65. Hi, it’s a bit sad, becourse i cant get to the site whit the contest, i’m a big fan of your programs, so if i go to Texas, can i come by and say hallo? if i could afford it, you should builda car for me 🙂
    Regards Tonny from Denmark

  66. Waiting till January to get a lisence and I’ll be 18 never owned anything nice but always wanted to. Ending up with a camaro/ my dream car for my first car would be the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my family.

  67. I wish I had this car I’m 25 I take care of my dad and work a part time job I’m unable to travel or do things for my self do to my dad dialysis schedule If I had that car it would be a joy To set in a nice car and admiring It cool car

  68. I am handicapped about to turn fifty. I could only hope to make all previous dreams of owing a 68 or 69 camaro come true. It would truly turn some heads to see me in this and I would cheer up greatly.

  69. Hay Richard I just wanted to say love the show and my son would really love a nice car for high school he is a freshman and in drivers Ed he has been begging me for a 69 camera but the prices are to high for me and it is his wish to own one keep up the good car builds love the show

  70. Hey Richard my son wants a 69 camera and has been begging me but to expensive he is a freshman and would love his dream car to be real hope I win the car for him love the show

  71. Would love to win a car from the awsome guys at gas monkey garage. Never won a car before i ve always have to buuld my own well we will see all i can do is try thz guys

  72. Brother had one red with white top was going to get it but my sister in law gave it to her brother. I Watch your show. Awesome builds. Liked the show about you your dad delivering new papers. When you where young. Love the old car style with new technology under the hood.

  73. My dad and I always wanted to be able to share a car like this. It’s my dream car. I’ve wanted one my whole life. I’ve been a fan of ur show ever since it started. I’ve watched every episode. It would mean so much to win this car. Now my dads gone so I can’t drive with him but he can still smile down and listen. To it roar.

  74. Hey Gas Monkeys! You guys are awesome! I would love to win that Camaro but I’m having trouble trying to enter the contest! I had a ’97 Z28 convertible Camaro, Hunter Greenit was. But your Camaro would be a dream come true! How about hooking a Marine Corps Veteran up brothers! Keep up the good work and I hope I win or get a chance to meet you guys! Semper Fi!

  75. 1969 camaro, cool
    Built by Gas Monkey. Awesome
    Love to have it!!
    Had to sell a 1969 project couple of years ago
    No time or money
    Wish I would have kept
    After a long day I love to catch the show!

  76. My wife and I are headed to Midland Tx to mive my son there. On our way home my wife told me she was gonna surprise with visiting GMG!! Im so excited. I cant wait!! GYSOT!

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