Yes, Aaron The Bearded Wonder Is Leaving Gas Monkey Garage

Richard here. As you may have heard by now, the Bearded Wonder has decided to leave Gas Monkey Garage. I want you all to know that it was not my decision and came completely out of left field. Aaron has been a part of Gas Monkey Garage since day one, and it will be a painstaking process moving forward without his talents. It is a big hit to GMG, but please note that it would be an insult to everyone here at Gas Monkey who has been putting in the work these past few years to say that we can’t do it without him.

Gas Monkey Garage is not one person, it’s not two people, it’s a team. AK helped me build GMG, and he helped build the team here, which is why I’m confident we will continue to crank out killer rides week after week. You know I like to keep the drama away from the cameras, and that’s something I’ll continue to strive for. You won’t see a degenerating team or a bunch of arguing. We are about the cars, brand and family!

To our fans, I want to say thanks for all of the continued support all these years, and keep watching because we aren’t going anywhere! Wishing nothing but good luck to Aaron and all past, current and future monkeys!

And to Aaron, I would like to sincerely express my appreciation for the 13 years you put into GMG. We worked long and hard from the bottom to the top. Not everyday was good, and we had our share of disagreements, but it has been a hell of a ride and I would not change a minute of it. Neither of us could have achieved this without the other. Thank You, Sir.


    • I agree it’s No Bueno ! As with most disagreements in this type of scenario, nobody seems to want to say it, but I suspect it’s a money issue. While Richard has been the front man & obviously has benefited greatly with his salesmanship. Endorsements & mere exposure from the show has allowed Richard to become quite wealthy. I wonder how far he’d of gotten without A.K., yes I’m a mechanic, 30 years experience. A good mechanic is rare, lots of trained wrench turners&part replacers out there, only a small percentage are truly inventive,skilled..aqualades to numerous to mention here. Point being I’m betting good ole Richard didn’t share the rewards do A.K., let’s see how hard the show tries to convince us how easy Aaron’s replaced! Greed & EGO from R.R. Is most likely real issue(my opinion,having seen arrogance, ignorance such as this first hand) you (R.R.) should’ve gave A.K. Whatever it was he asked for, within reason. You’ve no clue how to do the type of work he did for you, yeah you prob got a line of fellas claiming to be “Mechanics” & it’s that view ( A.K. was ultimately just hired help ) lol, as I don’t know for certain it was greed&You believing all the success was do only to your efforts as a salesman. Apologies. My opinion the subsequent success you have with all other endeavors stemmed from that 1 man doing all the backbreaking work on most ALL the vehicles that afforded you opportunity to get where you are. I’ll concede you’re a good salesman, dazzle with brilliance or baffle with BS, end result if A.K’s leaving was over $, & you’re lack of willingness to give him credit due, well, may you fail until you do right by him.

      • AK was just a hired hand and so be it. Somehow it didn’t work out Joe. Get over yourself AK couldn’t be the front man It’s about business savy and Richard has that not Aaron. You are sticking up for AK because your a mechanic with a JOB (Just over Broke). Gas Monkey will be just fine without him. I wish him the best but Business is Business one guy is not going to affect what Richard does. Maybe you should go work with Tom and the misfits.

        • I tend to disagree. AK was the heart of the show. Richard was more like the comic relief. I don’t know what’s the point of watching now. I’m hopeful that Aaron will get his own show. That would be worth watching.




          • COULD BE DIRE !!!!





          • I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED !!!





            ARRON : GREAT , JAY .

          • Richard is what killed the show for me in the first place. That moop his beer in hand and “whooo”…poser. We all watched him take the glory of all the builds, talk smack act it up for the cameras like a class clown. Loosing Aaron was the last nail in the coffin for the show to me. No doubt King Richard took most of the money and royalties hense the exodus of Aaron.

          • Don’t sell Richard short. Aaron’s very creative but without R’s ballsy entrepreneurship there wouldn’t a a Gas Monkey Garage.

        • Aaron was so much more than “just a hired hand”! He had so many great ideas and did his best to make every build look its very best! He is a total professional who added some light hearted comments in there which definitely raised morale amongst the entire shop!!

        • People forget so fast. Foose was once just the hired help. Restoring old cars is not the same as building one off masterpieces. Merchandising makes allot of money as long as you have something to market.

          • I didn’t realize that about Foose, he and Aaron are my favorite car designers/mechanics out there. I always wanted to get nominated for overhaulin, I hope Aaron gets his own show with his own shop. He was after all his own shop owner when RR came calling. AK should have been RR’s partner from the start not his first employee.

          • Foose started in the garage with his father, a renowned custom car designer who stands on his own. Chip did work for Boyd to see a different perspective, but it was his dad that really got Chip his start.

            No one successful is a one man band, Richard wouldn’t be anything without Aaron’s vision, designing and fabricating, and Aaron would of never achieved his success without Richard beating the streets and finding the money. Read the rags, plenty of sweet custom cars from people you never heard of, in shops you never heard of, and after you see them in the mag, you never hear of them again. They just don’t have the self-promotion skills and breaks that Richard found. He didn’t just luck in, he worked his butt off to get there. Same goes for Aaron, he’s a skilled guy, you can see pain in him as he makes decisions on the builds, he gets scaled back by Richard at times, that squelches his artistic visions. A man can only take so much drama and feelings of being held back or not appreciated before he’s had enough. Even if the deal is unbelievable (TV, national exposure, fame), sometimes nothing matters but your integrity and art. I applaud Aaron for his integrity and ability to say I’ve gotta do it my way. Will GMG suffer, maybe, they might just find another designer with talents comparable to Aaron’s, but at this juncture no one on the show fits the bill, great parts installers, acceptable fabricators, but no real vision in any of them, sorry guys.

          • Its a darn shame that your very best friend leaves without saying anything. but is goin to be missed.I wished he would just stay because its not going to be the same without him

        • Wow. I’m a Dallas’ite. Formerly a resident of Ables Lane, the street next to their first shop on Fabens Road, before their second spot …. and wayyyyyy’ before their GMG show. Realistically there have been a few made for tv projects, prior to all that, but I digress. Aaron Kaufmann IS Gas Monkey Garage. Richard is Richard. Who by the way, is the same tool that almost ran me over on Ables, driving a roadstered 52ish F100 with a 460. Burn out boy, ran a stop sign. Anyhoo’. It took two to build the brand, but without a doubt, the blood, sweat, tears, grease, and builds is all AK oriented. Don’t fool yourself.

        • It’s a shame, and a sad end to their relationship, but Aaron isn’t the only idea man/mechanic/fabricator out there. There’s always someone else who can do your job, and sometimes there is someone who can do it better. If Aaron is successful on his own, that’s great. I wish them both success.

        • I love when someone is called a “HIRED HAND” lol.Yes in some cases if you run a walmart or a mcdonalds you hire people to do a job a no pun intended that a “MONKEY” can do!BUT to build a TOP NOTCH CUSTOM SHOP you need a visionary who iscat the top of his game!AARON is what made RICHARD who he is today by the QUALITY of his workmanship!!!ANY IDIOT can buy a BUSINESS if they have MONEY! BUT again in custom building of any type of products is’t you ORIGINALITY and QUALITY of work that sts you a part from the rest!!!!HIW do I know this?I’ve been in a custom installation,fabrication and repairs company and the OWNERS thought WE ALL WERE REPLACEABLE!!!They fail to SHOW incentives to show they APRICIATED our KNOWLEDGE and QUALITY of work as well as and most of ALL our CREATIVITY!The ONES that were true MASTERS at the TRADE (like AARON) went on to open THEIR OWN BUSINESSES and customers came with most of us BECAUSE the OWNERS were just MOUTH PIECES and didn’t MAKE THE PRODUCYLTS they sold BUT BENIFITED by OUR HARD WORK!If ARRON opens his own CUSTOM SHOP watch how may CUSTERS MR.RICHARD loses!

          • Without a Richard finding the cars and managing budgets, promoting the brand, finding the capital to make it all happen, no one would have heard of Aaron. He’s a visionary designer and brilliant automotive engineer but the two of them together were more than the sum of the parts. Too bad they couldn’t work it out.

        • Your a retard. I too was the talent at a place with a loud mouth executive trio of predator “senator’s sons” who thought too much of themselves. Even sued me over patents, instead of REWARDING me for my efforts. They went out of business. The money SHOULD go to those that EARN it, not the “owners” (just legislation by other hell bound thieves, like yourself”. Money is OPTIONS (and power). You should get what you are WORTH! Not what some thief dictates through legislation. Funny they said I was HIRE TO INVENT, though they NEVER told me that, and I was NEVER asked to invent anything. We did NO research, no experiments, NOTHING. What I create is NOT theirs (in total) by DEFAULT. Death to tyrants!

          • I can’t believe all that bitching because you chose to work for an employer. So quit. Do your own thing. You need to learn about risk and reward. You know what happens to my employees if my business goes tits-up? They go find another job. You know what happens to me if my business goes tits-up? The bank takes my house and everything else I own. Then me, my wife and 6 children are now starting from square one again. Risk and reward.

        • This is a case of Steve Jobs (RR) and Steve Wozniak (AK) and Apple but even worse. RR built a big business on the back of AK and did not treat him as a partner, he treated him like the help as the companies got bigger. RR cares about one thing, MONEY and AK was a ways to a mean. Now that he is BIG TIME, he does not need him anymore. AK has the talent and RR has the $$$. At the end of the day AK makes hot cars and RR makes MONEY.

          I will stop watching now. Good luck!!!

        • I have to say I have mixed emotions and the experience in this field to speak on it I grew up raised by a father who owns a shop my father works as main mechanic and as he aged I realized the majority of labor had to be delegated elsewhere it was a huge adjustment and the business did suffer in the automotive industry you have to understand a few things while it’s very true the mind behind a business is a huge asset and can make or brake that business but imagine promoting a business without an experienced and skilled mechanic like AK it’s true there are many mechanics out there but how many have done 13yrs under you has acclimated to both style and functionality of a certain business one key statement said in that episode was about deadlines if your business acumen and your clientele know you as someone that can dish out quality rides at a certain timeframe try telling that clientele you can no longer deliver ? How many GMG’s out there can ? And how many out there would step in and take those clients from you ? So if I’m saying anything here I’m saying this AK was a vital part of GMG and to say such a statement about JOB is a huge underestimated devaluation of what could possibly have been the foundation of GMG while Richard was the advertising and financial logistics specialist

          • Can anyone tell me why fast and loud has stopped half way through. What are Discovery playing ay?

        • No AK and richard go way back so ur comment is by far ( i dont even know what to call it ) off by a mile i may add, so sad some poeople cant even look stuff up online, but yet have the tools in there hand to do so !

      • You just made a whole lot of accusations that you have no idea about. It’s great that you’re an Aaron fan, but the show is much bigger than him. We have seen Aaron fail time and time again with budgets and deadlines; Richard is always having to bail out the builds. There are alot of talented mechanics available, and Richard already has a great team. Replacing Aaron won’t be difficult. Just MY opinion.

        • I seen it coming Richard starting buying expensive cars for himself wearing Gucci and meanwhile he’s putting ak on work payment plans to buy a car smh All designed everything and did all the work from when it was just the two of them Richard never did anything but buy the cars that’s it and he only had money to buy the flip cars because ak built cars that sold for profits people are so dumb Richard would b nothing without Aron because everyone forgets that the only reason they even got any attention in the first place is because of the rat rod and motorcycle ak designed and built and if u think he’s just a hired hand ur dumb as fuck because if it was that easy every certified or non certified mechanic would have their own show lol people are so dumb smfh

          • They kind of go hand in hand. Richard has the money to buy the cars and Aaron has the genus. You have to have both to be a success. Let’s face it Richard has the money for the building, electricity, water, other employees, cars ? and parts. Aaron has the ideas and know how. Know how without money can’t get you anywhere. Money without know how doesn’t get you anywhere. There are plenty of people with ideas and personalities. Sadly Aaron can be replaced .

          • O.g You must not own your own company, Richard has to manage a buisiness and keep everyone happy, and I’m sure AAron done very well being on the program. They both will do very well in the future, however things go! Wish both of them luck

        • Hahahahahahahahahaha, you dummy. The only time AC didn’t get the job done in time or budget was RR’s fault due to either a ridiculous deadline &or the car need way more metal work done because RR likes to bring him huge piles of shit & expect that not to effect time or budget. Seriously did you even watch the show?

          • I totally agree.. I use to watch rediculous reality shows and gas monkey was new and kinda refreshing.. I’m a 70 year old hippie gal..watched guys work on cars and a kid, my dad would have me name type and years of cars passing by. It was very aparent that Aaron was different when he told Richard he was leaving… Somethings stinky in the woodshed people… Aaron was very indifferent that day..he had had it and i suspect he tired of Richards rediculous schedules and flamboyant bull shit. Yeah he’s got his own mojo and experience but I never saw him lend a helping hand except to reach out and bark for a beer. He was not nice to anyone who worked for him. By loosing Aaron, I hope that this will humble Richard. Takes a village dude, more bees with honey…. All assholes stink

        • I agree. What’s his name will be missed But he’s no Richard. Even good friends get jealous over another friends success. No matter how much or how little they contribute. There’s that little demon called money. I hope they both are successful but more importantly find happiness in what they are doing. Good Luck All.

          • I have to say this and then I’ll leave this be but I’ve read so many posts speaking to Richard being the brains of GMG
            Here’s my examples of why I think that’s a bad statement
            1: NBA,NFL,MLB,NHL etc all these organizations know they have to lock up their prized horse if your franchise has a wild Stallion you never deny that prized horse cash because that’s stupid business
            2: homeowners know one thing they never not pay that’s the insurance same thing
            3: hospitals I know back in the day UCLA had a team of doctors under them and they were rated number one hospital in CA if not the country then those doctors moved to Cedars Sinai guess what cedars became number one now ucla has metal detectors to get in and is like a county jail

            Have I made my point yet ?

      • Don’t stir the do-do. The job is demanding. Aaron may need time to himself. If Richard didn’t give Aaron his due, he did give him a stage. Aaron won’t have a problem moving up or on. They both gave to one another. Sometimes little birdies gotta fly. What’s wrong with that. Richard and Aaron, don’t bite the gossip. Support one another. We, your true fans, would like that better.

      • dude,aaron is worth millions like most blue collar workers who do their laborious jobs on discovery,history REALITY,not,television,just like ol Tom Smith,he’s not even 30 yrs. old yet.Plus,you will see him for years oncountless reruns of the show.

      • Your assumptions are probably the stupidest. Money..really? You think Richard is holding out on Aaron.

        I don’t even know them I don’t even get that vibe from them. You just wasted a lot of characters describing your radical theory.

      • Totally agree with you here. I think the show wont be as good as was with aron. I think he will regret not having him around when the qaulity of cars start goin downhill. But all the best to aron i hope he gets his own show now that would be badass

      • Excellent comment, I think it’s a big mistake to let him go. I watch the show for ARRON, I’m a retired mechanic and there’s more to it then a overbearing shit throwing around money. ARRON gas done projects that have impressed me beyond words. We will probably never know what the issue is to why he’s leaving but anyone with any common sense knows. It reminds me of American Chopper, and it probably won’t be long until Gas Monkey is over. It’s just like American Chopper, bar & grill, Gas Monkey Liquor, they will market it until the steam runs out which won’t be long. God Bless you ARRON, from one mechanic to another you rock, I hope you have a TV opportunity or your own business because you have the talent for both.

      • Jon smith wake up and do your research before you open your mouth. You sound like a liberal dems who lost. Aaron is a millionaire. He did not get that from a Mom and pop shop. RR may have more but Aaron did not risk everything on a project. So take your poor sad story and move on. Besides Aaron has a shop he has been running on the side while on the show.
        Aaron is a great mechanic but i supposed his talent would have been limited if he was spending his money, huh?

      • This is funny. He says there’s a lot of wrench turners and part replacers but good mechanics are rare. And what do you know the guy who wrote this is one of those rare “Good Mechanics”. Who would have guessed it?! What are the odds?! And here’s another shocker for you. He thinks SUPER Mechanics like himself don’t get paid enough, and he doesn’t think the boss/owner can get by without Mr Good Mechanic.

        Jesus dude you don’t think he can find another lead mechanic just as good as Aaron. Even though you wanna believe there’s only a rare few diamonds in Grease doesn’t make the true. There’s 10’s of thousands of great Mechanics in this country, and just bc he was the Lead Mechanic on a TV show doesn’t mean he’s one of the best. It just means he has a very charismatic boss who knows how to promote and run a business. Gas Monkey will be just fine. Fast N’ Loud will never be the same, but it will go on. Hey maybe even Richard will find someone who doesn’t act like he hates life and his job and isn’t miserable 95% of the time. A guy who doesn’t crap on every project you wanna do or act like every car or truck you bring him sucks. Someone who appreciates that his boss is so good at what he does that he not only pays you your salary every week, but he also makes it possible for you to get a per episode pay from a TV station. While at the same time making you famous to the point that you could get any automotive job you want or even your own TV show.

        No nevermind, he won’t maybe find a guy who won’t be miserable. With all those perks? He’ll find a guy who’s down right chipper.

      • Well I watched the show from day 1. Really enjoyed it for a few years – then it became tedious watching RR boasting, bragging, bs’ing.
        The cars were fabulous. But Rawlings head just swelled so much I couldn’t watch it anymore.

        AK really is a automotive genius. I would certainly like to see a series showcasing his talents.

        Gas Monkey may well survive losing ‘one’ team member, but it will continue to feed the massive ego of Rawlings – a ‘Legend in His Own Mind’.





        BEARD ASSISTANT !!!!

      • Richard can find someone else that doesn’t want to make all the cars a damn low rider I’m going to get Richard build me a old hot rod but I DON’T want Aaron to be part of it and besides that Aaron is a a__hole to the other monkeys he’s not any better than them

      • Some people need to get over themselves. Areon was just apart of the tv show. He’s had his own shop since 2010 after working for gas monkey. I guess people don’t know how to use the internet

      • I concur my man RR had better dig deep to get the bearded wonder back or better yet make him a 50% partner with back pay to prove his commitment

      • So RR took the risk and used his cash to start GM, he hired AK, through RR’s business sense GM grew. Now some of you are claiming RR is at fault? If my employer does well because of me, I don’t go off in a sulk!

        The episodes without AK have always been better, the team dynamic is better and you can see the respect they have for RR.

    • Tune out…..
      Aaron starts new show… I’m there…
      GMG isn’t the show it what was at the start…unfortunately it’s become marketing, brand building….
      Lost its way…??

    • Richard would be nothing without Ak an he’s buddy Dennis who backed a lot of the deals to get Richard to were he is so I say without both of them Richard an gas monkey would never made it this long so if Richard treated ak like I watched on the show you can see it coming just watch the shows where Richard starts taking the other guys to get a car but you don’t take the guy who can tell you if the cars worth the money if I don’t give a shit I would take my sisters son where did he go what happened to him Richard did he take the camera off you lol grow up ak was supposed to be your friend but maybe he was just a stepping stone for you

      • That’s what good business men do. They find talent who can’t do what they do and pay them. And they make connections, and develop a reputation for themselves of always coming through, so in the future when they have a big opportunity, they can trade on that reputation to really make things happen.

        That’s nothing to be ashamed of or something people should run him down for. That’s something to be proud of. A skill to be envied.

        Every billionaire in the world used connections, networking, credit, and there reputation to get to that position. That’s how you stop acquiring money at a pay check or a sale at a time, and start compounding money at big leaps and jumps. Its why they say the First million is the hardest. Because you gotta earn that reputation and network which entails a lot of hard work but once you prove yourself that’s when things really get moving.

    • Well Richard never give arron chance to make money on deals only dennis his best friend good arron I hope he’s started his own show ..Richard should balance and compensate arron no dennis hes all ready good in life

    • In 2011, Kaufman, age 34 years-old, opened his own classic car garage named The Main Street Shop. He also kept his foot in Gas Monkey’s door leading to a starring role in Fast N’ Loud. Arron Kaufman’s Net Worth is over $5 million as his popularity on the Show continues to rise.

    • You guys need to read RR’s book. He readily admits his flaws and heaps praise on Aaron. Google Aaron and Richard’s net worth and you will see that Aaron at $8mil was no ‘hired hand’. Kasey left to do his own thing, this should be no different.

    • Once I hearn Arons out of there I shut the T V off.
      When I here he’s got his own show.
      Ill be in front of this TV to root for him and check it out his show.
      RR got an ego bigger than his bank account.
      Arons much more down home..

      Enuff said..

      I would have loved it if Aaron picked up a microphone looked into the camera and said I’m out an did a mike drop and left the garage.

    • The only thing that started to grind on me with GM was AK, glad he’s leaving and I personally think it’s going to be good for the show…






    • The thing is is AK believes for some reason he should blow up same way as RR but what reality says is you were both there with the same exact opportunity one of you took advantage of it the other one just worked! Don’t take away from what RR has gone thru to reach the level he reached. When people see a rich and famous person they only see the public glories never the private sacrifices made to get there!

      • True RR drank beer walks out and says how’s it going, then reminds AK he only has two days left turns and goes home, while AK stays all night and works, just turning wrenches like hired help does. Repeat day after day till project done. Then RR worries he’s not gonna make 150.000 on the car he has 35,000 in it sales for 100,000 and he complains he lost money.

    • Same thing happened with occ when Paul snr claimed it wasn’t a one man show and occ will do alright without Jnr, discovery soon dropped the show

      Im a big fan of RR and everyone else at GMG but I believe with A.k leaving GMG will not do as good
      It’s the discovery channel curse

    • It don’t really matter, it was an interesting show, great ideas, funny things happened that made you laugh, people became wealthier due to the notoriety of the show, it was a team thing, it all worked well but now things change, it’s just a relationship that’s ran its course and no doubt the truth will be twisted by many but it should not affect us as people because we have lost a member of a show we watched as that makes us selfish.
      It’s like Charlie when he left Boyd’s, talented guy but the show must go on..

      Wish them well, wish them success and maybe we’ll see good things to come…

  1. Hi, it’s sad read this but I wish all the best to Aaron and GMG’s guys! Keep doing that great and awesome work.

    I’m sure that wasn’t an easy decision to Aaron and if he chose it was by a good and important decision.

    I hope you come back soon to TV and I could watch your new builds and aventures.

    My best wishes, merry christmas and happy new year.

    Greetings from Spain.

  2. I have followed GM since you and A were on Chips Overhaulin’. Keep rocking’, I live right here in North Dallas and will continue to stay Monkey Strong !

  3. It will be a different GMG w/o AK,but the show must go on!!! He hopefully will pop in every now & then. I’m sad he is leaving & I wish him all the Best!!! Good luck AK in all you do.

  4. Richard, I love the show and everyone and everything within GMG. The best part of it all was that you took time off your busy schedule to meet me and my Boxer puppy. I know Aaron was a key player in the whole operation but I am confident that you will continue to be successful. If I could sit and knock some sense into Aaron believe me I would and convince him to return to GMG. It sucks he’s no longer there but I will continue to be a big fan of the show. I hope to see you, GMG, and GMBG real soon.

  5. Well that sucks. I think you guys made a great team . I liked the difference between you two , kinda like frick and frack. Good luck to you Aaron. A man is gotta do what a mans gotta do. I wish I had more talent to even try and fill Aaron’s shoes and be a part of GMG. Maybe in my next life. Good luck in your search for the next dinamic Duo Rich

  6. No one finds this odd that literally days/hours before the new season this is being released?

    Well, i have the strange suspicion Aaron Kaufman will be opening Gas Monkey II, which we will be notified about by the 3rd or 4th episode of GMG. As we all know, Discovery Communications pays way too well for these guys to build 5 cars a year.

    Welcome to the “Bearded Wonder Customs” Coming soon to a Discovery Channel partner soon!

  7. Sorry to see you go Aaron. RICHARD and crew, I have faith in you. You all have good taste and craftsmanship. Keep up the good work.

  8. So is Mr Aaron starting off on his own or is he just stepping back for awhile? I see he’s always coming back to Colorado(live in Pueblo), so I hope he decides to come back. Sucks though.

  9. Nope it won’t be the same. but I think it’ll be hard for a while but like you said you have a great team and I honestly hope that you will move forward with bigger and better things. I think it’ll be great to change it up and make some different types of rides bikes along with Badass car’s and trucks. maybe even bigger trucks. just keep putting together great shows and I’ll be watching! !

  10. very sorry to hear this….you guys were good for each other…good luck in your endeavors..aaron…good luck GMG in the future…

  11. Wishing you goodluck with your future ventures Aaron, will sure miss you on the telly! Keep us glued to the tv Richard! Love your show! I live in Thailand and it is not on our cable tv but watch it when i am in Dubai with my daughter.

  12. Hate to here that Aaron left but you have a talented team their. Y’all are goofy has hell and make me laugh and at the same time put out some bitching rides. Look foward to seeing next season. So.. Let a rip tator chip. WOOO!

    • GMG with Richard leadership is going to do well. Richard you are the brain you don’t need luck. You need to keep doing what you do best continue expanding your business. Take care.

  13. Wow!!! Can’t believe it!!! He will be truly missed. I liked his ideas and his passion for the builds. But things happen for a reason and I believe GMG will keep on truckin. Best of luck Aaron.

  14. Couldn’t be worse news I mean you and the bearded wonder arr fast n loud the show just won’t be the same without him to be honest over the latest few episodes I could tell he wasn’t happy I will keep watching but the show is definitely going to suffer very sad.

  15. Well,it was a very sad news for me as a big fans of GMG,since both of You are Trademark,Legend and Awesome Duos.i hope Both of You have a very successfully in the future…Warm regard from me in,Surabaya,Indonesia

  16. I know the show is edited but it seemed there were some issues before the last episode. Aaron seemed less involved mentally and more arrogant in some of his actions. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show and watching Aaron, but I’m not surprised. At some point, it was bound to happen with Richard’s run away success. Who knows what the revenue split was but I’m sure it bothered Aaron more than a little to see Richard buying 200K+ cars (i.e. the green GT3) and he not living that large (at least from what the viewers see). In the end, Richard is the one throwing down the cash and taking all the risks….

  17. Wow.. Thanks for letting your fans in on such a big bombshell .I know that was hard to write a great guy in everything single thing u do ..I try to to b more like that

    • That’s ridiculous.
      Richard nailed the color on that econline build.
      IMO Blue/purple would’ve been a disaster .
      I would’ve like to see a deep Red gold metalflake but in the end, It’s his shop!
      Aron was beyond talented for the build and concept side of things but he lacks a hell of a lot of descriptive talent. Look at kindigit design . They always have at least a picture of the build to go on. So there’s never any confusion. Aron needs to work on that.
      Anyways good luck to both Aron and Richard!

  18. Sad to see him go. Would have liked knowing why and what his future plans are. He will be hard to replace, but I know the team is good and will persevere on. Keep on bangin out awesome rides. Love the show, Woooo!

  19. Well thats shit!! AK is the face of GMG and why alot of fans watch the the program! Take batman out of batman and robin, what you got left??

  20. Aron is huge shoes to try to fill. Wishing you the best in moving forward.
    To AK, sure going to miss seeing your creations come to life. Hope to see you in the future doing something great as you have done in the past. Good luck my friends.

  21. Sad to see him leave, he was a hoot to watch and you guys did some awesome things together, but sometimes in life we have to break away and go separate ways. You never know, 1, 10, heck maybe even 20 years from now you could be working on a new and exciting project together. Best of luck to all of you! Keep on keeping on.

  22. Wow !!! I’m in shock.. I’m sure you guys will still do good, but some of the off the wall idea’s he came up with and made work were priceless, and fun to watch. Best of luck to all of you. Wish I could afford the cruise.. sounds like it will be a blast..

  23. Like with all relationships sometimes you need to have time out. maybe as a separate venture Aaron could team up with the great English eccentric guy martin 2 weird and wonderful Minds from opposite sides of the pond should be quite interesting.
    Both master mechanics and both totally out there (somewhere)

    • Look what happend to top gear in the uk the three host left and the show went to shit. They team up and make the grande tour and its the dogs dangglies. Its not the show people follow its qaulity in it. Pay the man (aron) what he deserves. Cant wait if he does a show il be tuning in. Good luck azza!!!

  24. Sad News this morning Richard, Like you I hope GMG goes on to still achieve the high standards that the ream have delivered. I love the show and it will be sad not to see or hear Aaron’s words of wisdom on the project you work on. Keep up the great work and look forward to more shows in 2017. All the best from the other side of the Pond.

  25. I want to start off by saying that I am a devoted fan of GMG. But, due to service in the Navy I haven’t been able to watch the shows for the past few seasons. Richard, I read your book cover to cover found some relation and solace in it; there are parts of it that I have highlighted and look too at times when I need to refocus myself on my goals. You guys hooked me with season 1. I saw more than just an average car show, you guys love the cars and your builds show it. They’re great. You made me remember why I love cars, fabrication and mechanics. I understand that some people just aren’t made for TV, but loosing Aaron proves to me one thing that I could see coming. You’re loosing focus on what made you and your shop YOU. I’m sure that there are other reasons, but my first thoughts are that he left out of the show, the fame just getting too big, and that now it’s more about “how big can we get” instead of “how cool can we make this car.” I can go on and on and I’m sure this won’t go anywhere, but know that sometimes it’s OK to STOP, take a deep breath, and remember why and how you got where you are where first place!

  26. Wont be the same without the bearded wonder an thats no disrespect to the rest of the team just that hes been there from the beginning and has a unique vision when it comes to cars good luvk to him an Gas Monkey moving forward

  27. Really sorry to see him go. I for one has seen is ways at doing things and visions of cars, trucks and bikes. I wish him well. Hope to see him again.
    Onwards and upwards for GM. You have some great guys there who will step up to the plate.
    As you say Richard, there’s no I in Team and together everyone advices more.


  28. That’s was very nice but Richard all you care about is money and drinking beer! God bless you and the guys but Aaron was the heart beat behind the body

    • Hi Richard, I am a very very big fan but isn’t there anything that you could have offered The Bearded Wonder to make him stay? I really liked Arron on the show. He was corky and weird but kool as hell. 90% of his ideas were awesome, visionary, and great. He will be sadly missed. ???

  29. So sorry to hear this, but wish you the best to both of you guys. Life goes on, a good advice to both of you and the team of GMG, look at life like poking through a windshield of a vehicle, not the rear view mirror, is good to glance back once in a while, but if you stare to long, you are going to miss was right in front of you. Take care guys.

  30. Wishing Arron a lot of luck and going to miss watching his magic. Sorry to see him go. Wishing GMG merry Christmas an will be watching the show.

  31. Hopefully Aaron will start his own show just about cars and not Richards ego, but without Aaron Richard will not have the expertise to build cars anyway..!!!

  32. I think the show needs the bearded wonder, he’s been on since the beginning. He’s a car fixing, genius, artists, that made the show with his visions of what GMG puts out sorry but I think you guys should work it out.

  33. Man Richard that really stinks. I hope You guys can still do good without him. Hopefully this family at Gas Monkey can keep alive

  34. well just damn…… I am a big fan of the show ever sense its insception. With all the rad cars /trucks ya’ll put out. The bearded wonder will be missed by me for sure. But, I am sure he is not without reservations on leaving your shop. Where one chapter ends, another begins. I hope to one day get to roll out to Dallas Texas and visit all of your accomplishments, shop, bar, etc. Its hard to get away from my job because of what I do, but I can see a long weekend in the forcast of 2017.
    So to you Mr Rawlings and all your team:
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, GOD Bless Gas Monkey Garage and

    Ret AF Vet
    Brian “Dirty” Moate

  35. Richard has yet again gained my respect. As a service department manager I feel for the shop. I know what it is like losing a key player and the affect it can have on the overall moral in the shop. Many tend to think the other guys working in that shop are just Aaron’s assistants, but the truth is they’re all technicians too. Pretty sure GMG doesn’t just hire any chump off the street there. Initially, when I first read of the Aaron leaving I’ll admit I thought the show might not continue. Richard’s blog here put this worries to rest. Looking forward to the future guys.

  36. Es muy triste ver a un grupo tan genial separarse, pero como dice Richard hay que seguir adelante. La audiencia necesita de sus talentos, son inspiración para muchos. Esperamos verlos pronto, tanto GMG como a AK. Saludos a todos desde Venezuela..

  37. Best of luck to Aaron in his future endeavors. GMG will continue to crank out amazing work, I have no doubts about that. Keep em comin’ Richard.

  38. Very Nicely Said Richard. I will always talk-up GMG to all my friends. I visited your shop this past September, saw Aaron leaving in a Diesel Turbo Truck, and he waved back. However, It would have also made my trip if I saw you and the rest of the GMG. Aaron will be sorely missed by many American & International fans. GMG March’s On” Thank you for a great show and all the hard work. Now buy my pristine 1970 Chevy C10 so I can buy my 1967 Chevy Nova II. 🙂

  39. Sorry to hear this, this was a business before TV and will be afterwards. Don’t know what Aaron’s goals are going forward but sure he will do well. Just remember that it’s all about the custom cars, not the restaurant, not the branding. Yes it helps make money but for me it is about watching the process of turning a vehicle in to a work of art and safe enough to drive and profitable.

  40. Ya may be a little wild… ya may be a little crazy, but you’re a class act, Richard. Kind words for Aaron and the best of luck to him.

  41. You have got to get Him back .. I am in no way saying you can not do the show without him … But I will say you two are like Cheech and chong … This is going to be a big hit to GMG .. It will never be the same .. Any Monkey can build cars but you two are the Original .. Richard the show would suck without you and your personality and the same goes for Aaron.. Sorry but that is coming from a big fan that knows ..

  42. Sad, but life goes on. I am sure Aaron will turn up somewhere…Quite the pair of guys running this thing, not likely to be the same for sure, but new opportunities and a change of pace are always good for all! I still believe!

  43. At the end of the day Arron was a employee.. he does not reap the profits of the cars that are sold .. Richard is the money guy Arron has the knowledge.. money guy wins.. I wonder if Richard took care of Arron for his dedication tot GMG and Richard ? But in the end Arron was a replaceable employee… like most of us and not a partner… good luck Arron ..

  44. Well that’s a shame!! Anybody who builds hot rods,Buys and sells knows it comes in spirts,There is a lot of fun and stressful times..Keep representing Mopar and keep the dream alive!!Sorry to see him go and it was a nice blog.

  45. Richard
    It’s so sad that Aaron is leaving, but to be honest i can see why, F&L in the beginning was amazing, a couple of guys working their butts off to turn out the best rides they could from a small garage, gambling it all every time they took on a new project on and defying the odds to turn out some jaw-dropping cars. These days though, it’s all about Richard and his ever increasing cheque book, Richard seems to have distanced himself from the monkeys and to me he thinks he’s some kind of demi god now !! The original format of the show was what made it great, do or die, all or nothing, not Richard and his ever growing ego, to be honest, I’m surprised Aaron stuck it out this long, get back to where you started Richard, before you lose the fans for good m8
    Johnnie Hamill ( Scotland )

  46. GMG is still awesome, I’m glad you keep the drama out of the show, its such a fun showto watch.. I guess there’s a job opening that would be a dream job, I hope he’ll still make some guest appearances..

  47. Hello everyone I can’t believe that Aaron is leaving gmg that’s awful. sorry Richard you’re wrong Gmg is you and Aaron sorry for the others
    K C leave and now Aaron oh my God what we are going to watch next???????????

  48. Well the show won’t last now that he’s gone .sorry Rich,but your to self centered.which a lot of people don’t like.What a shame. Good Luck aaron and all you that you wanna build cars the right way and not half your own boss you can do it.

  49. Will miss him but show must go on won’t be the same but still amazing to watch wish I could come see u all have a merry Crimbo you all and keep up the mint work

  50. Can’t believe he’s leaving ???
    This is most probs the best show ever on tv and the highlight of my night when it’s on. Really feel for the gas monkey family and he will Deffo be missed. Just hope the misfits are not hiring him ??.

    Jason chidgey.
    South Wales GB

  51. Good luck to you Aaron. I have enjoyed your shenanigans and you expertise. I hope you have continued success in all of your endeavors. You will be missed. I was looking forward to swinging by there and saying hello to all of you as I am in DFW quite frequently, however it has not been conducive as of yet. But I will get by there eventually. It’s a shame that I will not get to met you though. Anyways, all the best to you Aaron and the team at GMG.

  52. Fuck man.. his vision n skills are legendary- not t mention he is a major part of the GMG brand – he is 50 % of the reason we watch Fast n Loud.. mate- get him back -at any cost bro-or your Gunna plank it-many can replicate his skills- but his personality is what drives the building of killer cars.. he is the heart of GMG and Richard the face.. sort this shit out…

  53. WOW! Well Good Luck Aaron and God Speed with your next adventure.. Thank you for the great entertainment during each GSM build. Mr. Rollins I can not wait to see what your first build is going to be with out Aaron.. I look forward to seeing your team nock it out of the park. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  54. I watch your show every chance I can. I have a 1964 Ford xlt Galaxie conv 352 automatic Daughter passed away 12 June 2016 from cancer wanting to sell to help son in law with bills $15,800 invested wanting $12,500.You and Aaron make a great team. Thank You Richard Thomas [email protected]. 856 261 3882.

  55. I never leave comments but this one hits hard. Played like a gentleman RR, Aaron is incredibly talented and so is the rest of your crew. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors and GMG as they find their new identity. It’s been fun to watch you guys build this business!

  56. Very classy and tasteful report on a parting of ways. If all people would learn that splitting paths can be done without drama or trashing a person who has mentioned so much to your life, the world would be a better place! KUDOS Richard , Aaron , and all the GMG crew.

  57. As a fan in San Antonio of GMG,I will miss AK but I wish him all the best in his plans.
    Many others have “Exited” GMG over the years & the show has continued strong.
    RRR & GMG will rebound from this.
    Bitter/ Sweet !!!

  58. Dude I love watching the I have learned a lot by watching the show it won’t be the same without Aaron there but I know u guys will knock the cars out …Good luck Aaron at what ever ur going to do. Maybe one day u guys can get back together

  59. A bar/restaurant. A dragster. A NASCAR car. Each of these would not have been possible without Aaron. Aaron was a genius and I wish him well. It’s not often you see a true professional on a reality TV show but Aaron’s knowledge and passion made the show. I know he will continue to build great cars and I applaud him for following his heart.
    Jeff Schrembs

  60. Awww, that is so sad to read but I wish all he luck in the World to Aaron. I will miss seeing him on my TV as he is a real nice bloke and has some clever ideas when fixing cars, he is able to look out of the box. Good luck lad xxxx

  61. Richard,

    I’ve enjoyed the show since it’s inception. I enjoyed my visit to GMG, your restaurant, and seeing you and Dennis around SEMA.

    I’ve found over the years that the show goes on. It may tank, you’ll hear a lot of “Aaron wouldn’t have done that”, but it cold blow up bigger and better so stand by. We’ll all know in time but I, for one, am along for the ride.

    Best of luck and the very best to Aaron as well.

    If you get into VA stop bye and say “Hi”….we’ve got lots of Lite.

    Jon Burnham
    General Manager
    Key Parts, Inc.
    Lynchburg, VA

  62. It sucks really liked Aaron a very talented monkey,hope the best for him.Will continue to watch huge fan,hope the show keeps on keeping on gmg rocks.Big Boston fan.Merry Christmas Monkeys

  63. He seems to be working with KC he is on his instagram and at his shop
    Is that where he went? I know you want to stay away from drama, but
    In this case just plain honesty will serve everyone best. I have read lots of articles stating with authority why he left (no time to work, too much stress, no consideration for your workers. ). If these are true, then it’s something you need to consider with regard to the rest of your team, you can only push so hard. Basically those in the know site the dart car and that race as his breaking point. You are about your brand. Unfortunately Aaron may be a causality of looking at the finish line without looking at where you are and the cost. Gas monkey will be fine, your team is very talented. I believe this is a cautionary tale, what loss is worth the prize.
    So stick with the truth, put it out there first, don’t get behind the people in the know… or whatever they are called.
    But do look at KC’s page, and ask yourself who else is disposable. Like I said you will be
    fine, but please learn from this…

  64. It’s been a great program and I will continue watching you have turned out some excellent machines and as for Aaron the perfectionist I really hope he gets his wish and gets a bike business going in bikes, I ride a harley and Ide like to see what he can build with them. best wishes to you all.

  65. It mite not have been your decision but it is your fault you should have let aaron build the hippo hauler without you interfering with the paint I saw it that was the last straw u cheated with the drag race with the internet idiots and it seems u r only about your brand (monster truck funny car nascar end energy drink are u kidin me) i wont watch any more

  66. Going to miss Aaron. Always be a huge fan of this car show which out of all of them on tv now, this is still the best show,good luck Aaron….

  67. I’m watching the show as I right this, and he will be greatly missed, but life goes on and I wish the best for him and the whole Gas Monkey Team, My nephew John Laird had the privilege of being part of the team of graduates that made the trophy that y’all gave away at the car show last year and I got to come see this place y’all are awesome. Love the TV show also.

  68. Wow it’s hard to say I will watch your show anymore he was the tallent your the buyer and it’s not and will never be the same the show will be more like jacked up garage !!
    He was why I watched.

  69. I’m ok with it. Change is good. Going to miss how simple he made it for me to understand the mechanics of a car.

    We can all agree that change is good and it provides challenges that make us stronger- plus it allows us to continue to explore this thing called life. If we don’t continue to explore then we get stuck in a rut. Ruts aren’t necessarily bad, but the truth is these days people can only do “routine” for so long until we want another challenge again. Heck it’s a great thing-look at how much we’ve created and invented these days.

    Yes it’s hard, but I would argue that it’s necessary. Aaron will grow, Richard and his monkeys will grow too.

    Wish you guys all the best!

  70. Let him go! Doesn´t matter! Is not the only one good mechanic in the world, there are a lo more around!

    Is a shame becuase I had plans to visit you at GMG and interview you, but, what the hell! Aaron wants to go…. Ok! Go!

    best regards….. Ramon

  71. Well Aron Happy B-Day since your Days the same as mine And you will be miss hope you get your own show would like to see you in the future so long buddy.

  72. Richard!!!, Come on man!!!!! You kidding me??? I know this shits just for TV ,you’ve been around the real deal enough to know you can hire a wanna be world class fabricator with a beard all day long!!! Ha! Ha! My kid cracks up watching arrons errors episode after episode, well, he grew up in my shops, concourse restoration, NASCAR, IMSA, NHRA, bla,bla,bla! Currently I work were your gas monket viper was out of, Riley technology s , kudos man you’ve figured out how to market this shit!!!!! Be cool Mike!!!

  73. Hey my dad has a 1970 boss 302 and it’s in excellent condition. I wonder if there is any more we can do to the car lol …. if your interested I’ll send some pictures. Thanks for your time

  74. Great Show…If I had the money I’d have y’all do over my Honda GL1500….Blessings to all on the show and to Aaron….always look forward….to bigger and better things….

  75. Richard takes the fame. sitting behind the desk.
    NO FAMILY members leaves unless they are getting screwed.
    take your FAMILY show and shove it up your ass

  76. Shit….. change is a bitch, but at the end of the day, it’s what keeps the engines firing. Love all of you guys, your passion is inspirational, and CONTAGIOUS. peace, love, and grease

  77. Well may good fortunes follow you both, and many thanks for the enjoyment yall have given. I have built cars and trucks for 2 decades plus and enjoyed your show. God bless and Merry Christmas.

    • I agree to me he acted like the money it takes to build these Hot Rods was his money the sky’s the limit. Bottom line is Richards a business man his show his money. I think AK was just a little jelous of him. We’ll move on NEXT in line

  78. Well. Anything is guaranteed at the moment in this world. Good luck to Aaron whatever he decided to do. Richard, we met briefly last october in Lahti Finland. It has been interesting to watch tv GMG-program. We are proud here that you purchased the “Made in Finland” HotRod car and some other stuf. “Keep movin´forward”. We watch the program.

  79. Hey to all you monkeys i have only just heard about Aaron leaving after all these years he is swinging off to pastures new i have really enjoyed watching Aaron work his magic on all of the awesome rides that came in to the garage limping. & after the bearded wonder put his mind in to over drive & the finished rides came out of the garage sprinting & chomping at the bit to get out on the open road to light the fires & smoke the Tyre”s.
    Any way i would like to wish Aaron all the BREAST in his new adventure where ever he ends up we all know he will succeed & the best thing is all the monkeys have his back…

  80. Really sorry to hear that he is leaving I think you all are a great team and love watching your programs , it’s not going to be the same , as said I think you guys are quite capable of moving on and produce so stunning cars , shame I’m in the uk or I would be there Tommorow to take his place as that job would be a dream for me all the best guys keep up the great work and all the best to Arron too

  81. Hello to Monkey Men,

    Last night I watched a couple re-treads of your show and it caused me to wonder if the show is fact or fiction.
    Richard Bought a 1981 Rolls-Royce which anyone in the car business knows is the kiss of death, puts on the ugliest wheels of all time, does not tint the windows, and pulls a fake $20.00 hubcap off and hangs it on his wall?
    Everyone knows not to mess with an 80’s Rolls shocks and brakes.

    Plus you insulted those of us who have owned a Rolls or 2 in the past, with your opening comments.

    The Question is, should I watch again or is this make believe like Alaskan Bush People?

    Ed Doran in Florida, 35 years owning exotic and luxury cars and bikes

  82. Thank you AK for the awesome rides and entertaining me and my family. Richard, suck it up butter cup, everything will be fine keep moving forward.

  83. Aaron you will be missed but Richard make surd you and the monkeys keep going it’s a great show and you all do some amazing stuff

    Good luck in what ever you are going to next Aaron your one clever man

  84. Hate to see A-Ron go, but wish he and Richard the best going forward. Hope it is an amicable parting. . . . . . .ugly divorces are so hard on Monkey kids! Merry Christmas Monkeys!

  85. Shaking thinks up for sure….
    I know you can’t replace Aaron … but if you to try to have someone with his same mind set….?
    Alec Carter moved to Iowa Park , Texas , still has his Alien Custom Works & Body Shop …

    Years ago y’all bought one of his creations … a 1940 Ford pickup RAT ROD I referred to as SHARKY
    Polished metal cab, WWII bomber theme !

    And if Mr Ricky is looking for another Pontiac , how about a 1969 Custom S , pre Judge concept. Convertible
    Or if someone needs a 5 window Hi Poker hauler , have a few different dreams and wishes tucked away..

  86. Please Richard do not let him go, you don’t know me but GMG is the best show on TV over here in the UK, Aaron makes GMG what it is today, if its money make him a partner, do anything you can but don’t let him go, the guy is a tenuous,. Lots of luck in the future, because if he does go you’re going to need it.

  87. It is big lost to let Aaron leave the team but as you said Richard it is a team work, hop Aaron change his mind, i am sure you can so far even with this big lost, wish you all the best

    Big fan of GMG

  88. Just my opinion but Aaron is an artist, maybe he wants to create his own art and GMG projects are not always his vision of the art he wants to create. Maybe I’m wrong, but either way Aaron and GMG are going to still be creating amazing automotive art!

  89. My artistic vision would be a Buick GN or T-Type, pro-touring, LS motor and huge Twin Turbos to piss off the Buick Purests while leaving them in my rear view mirror! What do you think RR?

  90. yes it’s gonna be hard to get used watching F&L without the Master Mechenic, however being a Gas Monkey fan will watch it but hoping for an Arron & Loud in the future, all the best for the future Arron the great Monkey live!

  91. Sorry but when things start changing…it normally SUCK’S!!!!! Aaron is half if not more of your team…BOO!!!!! He is a model any ways!!! Congrats Aaron!!! Sucks for gas monkey’s!!!!! Bye Bye!!!!! I

  92. When there is a marriage of two people, and there is conflict, it usually ends up in a divorce. And that is what has happened between Aaron and Richard. Aaron always wanted to take things to the future……to do what others said can’t be done, and he pulled it off. Richard on the other hand has more or less forgotten about his best friend, and the other half of what made Gas Monkey what it is. But in the end, Richard owns the venues, he owns the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, and is starting up another Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Florida. He is doing this on the Gas Monkey name and fame. But Aaron is left in the dust. It comes as no surprise that he is leaving. Will he make a name for himself without Gas Monkey? All we can do is wait and see. He may do very well without Richard, but we will never know unless there is a TV spot for him. Hopefully there is, and it’s not produced by Richard like is done with MisFit Garage.

    Aaron… have done well and have made a name for yourself. Hopefully things will go great for you, and we will see you on TV with your own show before long. And if that comes to fruition, don’t cave in to the drama bullshit that the show producers like to see so much. Good Luck in your future endeavors!!!

  93. I’m not going to pretend like I know the why’s or what exactly happened. I will say based off of experience and logic that it can be tough for friends to be business partners. Or for friends to end up having one being the manager/boss of the other. What makes friends great friends doesn’t mean vision for business will be the same. You two obviously have been friends for a very long time, and have done a lot of things together as close buds. Sometimes Batman’s Robin no longer wants to be seen as a sidekick. OR to be the sidekick. I wish nothing but the best for GMG and Aaron, he’s a stand-up dude. I also hope you guys find a way to stay REAL friends and not just “we are cool” kind of friends for the camera’s/media. Wish all you guys the best.

  94. AK is a very talented guy and will be hugely missed by Richard as well as all the fans. Yes you can get another master mechanic as good or even better but what price to you place on trust and friendship. It’s a shame Richard didn’t make Aaron a partner in the garage to keep him.

  95. Well said Richard in 1994 I was faced with the same thing had a big truck body company 35 employees 3 painters we could make your dreams come true but it just doesn’t work you part ways and move on so many years later we are both doing fine .ToAaron I did what you are doing when you start seeing a long black hole time to go.

  96. It is what it is I guess, on the bright side this is going to open up some
    different doors, I do predict! There are tons of overqualified, visionary,
    artistically minded, business orientated mechanics
    out there, that I am sure, will be knocking on your doors, soon.

    Keep On Keepin’ On……………….

    NEXT! (Beer assistant, get Richard a beer…)

  97. Some trying to blame Mr. Rollins. I truly don’t believe someone who wrote a nice tribute to Mr. Kaufman would be so out of line for him to leave. Just cannot believe that. Maybe Aaron was in a bad place…or maybe he is going to do what was mentioned by a poster. Open another GMG. I could see Rollins messing with the fan base. Although he did fire Tom….and Tom was a major draw back in the day, yet GMG forged on. If it’s true you are gone Aaron, I hope you find what you are looking for. Thanks for the great classroom lessions, for the great entertainment. Have fun sir.

  98. I have been a fan of the show from the beginning. I even got to meet Aaron once. Super nice guy. If the rumors of him leaving for his own motor-adventure type show are true, I wish him nothing but the best. I am however pessimistic that he has the charisma to pull it off. That is why Fast and Loud was successful. Richard and Aaron each had their own talent. Together it was a perfect partnership. I am more optimistic that Gas Monkey can move forward without AK.

  99. I’m just hearing of the sad news today. I love the show & have seen everyone numerous times. Honestly I like early episodes better than most recent ones. I feel the shows been slowly loosing its luster since Tom & Jordan were fired. It took another hit when KC left & shortly after that took Kiki with him. Dustin is gone now & all though they’re still building beautiful rides it’s been going south slowly. I feel like AK leaving is going to be the final nail in the coffin,( no disrespect intended). All builds were Aaron’s creations, that’s not going to be easy to replace if even possible. I wish GMG the best but it won’t be long before the shows finished, the seasons seem to be getting shorter & shorter, soon there’ll be none. I hope misfit garage continues to air, I enjoy watching those idiots. I’d love to hear the honest reason why Aaron decided to leave.

  100. I’m a loyal fan of GMG and I want to see both talents continue to be successful. A couple things come to mind though….at the end of the day it’s all about the benjamins. The last couple of episodes there was obvious tension between Richard and Aaron, when he didn’t deliver the Pantera on time to Barrett-Jackson and Richard had to put the Ford 40 up and it took a hundred grand beating, that was the beginning of the end for these two. You take the loss of money, (Richard), and unrealistic projects with huge demands on time(Aaron) it was a recipe for a break up.

    This is just an observation and not a dig at either of these guys. I have followed them since Overhaulin days and will continue to follow them. Continued success in the coming new yar for these guys!

  101. Big Bummer…. Aaron is a class A builder and driver. I’m a big fan of GMG, wish Aaron could work it out with staying on the team. Too many reality show successes that end like this. Best of luck to GMG and Aaron.

  102. Such a shame to see him go. He was the lead of the mechanics and had such great ideas I wish him well in his journeys and GMG in there’s.
    Best wishes

  103. I heard he is moving to Vancouver to concentrate on his own brand of Super Bud. The coughing Kaufman. He is also looking to get involved in some Craft Beer Company, this is common for people that visit our city and realize the grass is greener on the other side. Apparently the final nail in the Kaufman was president elect Donald Trump being elected unlike most people he’s actually following through with moving to Canada eh!

  104. It was obvious that Richard and Aaron had a special chemistry, and it will be interesting to see how GMG goes without Aaron’s insight and knowledge going into the builds. And he’s self taught, too!
    What attracted me to Fast n’ Loud, and kept me watching, was the fact that you didn’t just build hot rods and customs, you guys thought outside the box 99% of the time. There are many spectacular builds but the one that stands out in my mind is the Rambler station wagon with the patina finish that you sold to that guy and his kid.
    Richard, I can’t wait to read your book. You have a fascinating sense for business and seeing those next steps, whether it’s building a big restaurant or sponsoring NHRA race cars. Ever think about politics? 🙂
    Wishing everyone at GMG, and Aaron, the very best.

  105. You know what really sucks? I would bet you, if you guys never got the notoriety that you gained, I bet you a “hundie” that Richard and Aaron, the team would still exist. Money and fame don’t ALWAYS bring happiness. To be honest, the show lost something over the years, it became to contrived and formulated. I guess “reality” in the TV world is different to real…Good luck guys.

  106. HE’S GOT TO GO!!!
    He’s stressed, and EVERYBODY has breaking points. All those deadlines!! All those DECISIONS!! All that PRESSURE all that RESPONSIBILITY!! All that non-hotrod tomfoolery!!! All that alcohol.

    Did you see the last episode? He’s distracted and out of sorts!! That’s when people get injured on the job. It’s always best to leave on a high note, with ten fingers and all limbs working and accounted for.

    What he needs is a SABBATICAL!! Come back in a year, maybe two. All refreshed and reloaded with some new and innovative ideas. Some good race stories, and pics of his travels. And if he finds another path, well God bless him and fare thee well.

    Plus, its time for him to cast his own shadow. Find his own center.

    That LONG AND WINDING road is calling you home Mr Aaron Kaufmann, You have to answer that call.

  107. I’m a dedicated GM watcher but think the show had become too predictable and focussed too much on the the GMG brand rather than the details of the builds. When the show began I really liked it when Aaron broke down each build and I learned a lot. He’s a terrific teacher. Over the years, those little tutorials became rarer and when they did pop up, they were seriously watered down.

    I really like Richard and the rest of the crew and will keep watching. The branding stuff is interesting, just not as interesting as seeing the details of building really cool cars. However, I hope Velocity (or whoever) gives Aaron his own show and highlights his considerable talents in creating some of the best cars out there.

  108. The show will not be the same with AK not there. Can it survive ? Maybe… RR is good at what he does but thats sales, to find another fab man with talents like AK has will be tough oh I say there’s one out there but to lure that person from where he/her is at will take a boatload of cash, and RR wont pay that much. I wish AK would rethink everything and RR make him a equal partner and life would be sweeter for all…

  109. Wow …. didn’t think it would of ever come to this Ak and rr seemed close but I guess there is a point in life when a person needs a break or even to do there own thing Arron all the best to the near future and gmg it will different without him but il still watch the show all the best to you all from England

  110. I don’t see what the big deal is about AK leaving yea the show will be different but I’ll still watch it .Everyone could see that AK has a little attitude the fame went to his head. That’s just my opinion bottom line is Richards has the final say on what the builds should look like his money his name on the line.

  111. Would Bonanza have worked if Little Joe left? No. Would Gunsmoke have worked w/o Chester or Doc? No. Aaron is much more to GMG than just another team member, he is an equal part of the show. So, this will be the show’s downfall. Aaron is irreplaceable, just as Ricahrd would be. Now, maybe GMG garage can continue w/o Aaron, at least for awhile, but not the show GMG. Richard and Discovery will soon realize the end is coming soon. Once the ratings plunge, it’s all over but the crying. Without the show, and the cameras, and the publicity, the bars and restraunts will be deserted. They will be first to go. Then the garage will be just like any other garage. Them days of selling a rebuilt 65 Chevy for $100,000 will be long gone. Richard may want to start dumping overhead now, sell the bars while they are still sellable. Liquidate before its too late. It will be hard to sell an empty bar that is going down hill and losing money. I guess I’ll start looking to see what is on the other channel that night. Good luck Aaron, Richard and GMG. JohnnyG

  112. A lot of speculation here. Regardless of what the cause was GMG should do fine. In my opinion (albeit only knowledge is what I’ve seen on the show) Aaron was not co-owner and he did have multiple over budget and a few missed goals. So if their was a tiff it looks to be 50/50 at fault. No one person. Aaron is obviously talented so he’ll be fine as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron just wants to be a lead…shall see if he gets his own show. Either way this may actually spark more talent and re-juvinate Fast n loud, and if Aaron gets a show then perhaps we’ll see some more wild Aaron car building.

  113. Far be it for be to tell someone how to run their business, but I have run my own. Some of those builds that they did in two weeks or less that should have taken month(s). That is hard on the body both physically, mentally & on relationships. I hope he gives the Monkey’s time off after the build(s), like long weekends. Some times it is more than the money.
    Hope Mr. Kaufman has good luck in his new adventure, keep on building those awesome vehicles.
    As for Mr. Rawlings we know he can put out a excellent product! Just don’t let those guys at Roadkill push your buttons. Take it easy, you may get an ulcer or worse.

  114. What a shame, Gas Monkey will be nothing without Aaron. Richard is just plain annoying, Aaron is THE talent behind Gas Monkey Garage.
    I hope he starts up a new rival company and we get to see it on TV….

  115. I don’t know why people all over social media post such cruel comments about Aaron leaving. You can’t call yourself a fan posting hateful remarks. No one knows what happened. It’s none of our business. It’s between Richard & Aaron. Aaron was never in it to be rich & famous. He just wanted to build really cool cars. He accomplished that every time. He is the Bearded Wonder. Aaron & the others are real life mechanics, doing their jobs & thrown into TV & losing their anonymity. Long hours, cameras in your face. These guys are not actors, they are very talented mechanics with lives outside of TV Land. Life happens. Priorities change. We all move on. Just as KC pursued his dreams, Aaron has chosen a new path. He has his own dreams. Richard & Aaron made an amiable separation. The door will always be open. Aaron will be fine. Richard is a shrewd businessman. I met Richard & everyone at the garage 2 years ago. Got a personal tour from the Boss Monkey & shared a beer. Aaron is actually shy. He was standing in the background when Christie told him to talk with me & my friends. He just opened up & was the sweetest person. Signing autographs & posing for pix. Richard was a generous host & I’ll never forget the hospitality & time he spent with us. Complete with a Boss Monkey BurnOut!! We all have our moods & bad days but Richard is a good person & doesn’t deserve all the shit being thrown at him all over social media cuz Aaron left on his own accord. People need to put the shoe on the other foot. This is a difficult, emotional reality for everyone involved with GMG & FNL. Richard speaks very highly of Aaron & the entire team at Gas Monkey in his statement. Yes they are a TEAM! He has a GREAT TEAM of talented guys at the garage. They will survive & the show will go on. It’s a New Year, New Beginnings & a New Chapter for everyone. And I will always follow & support them. GYSOT!!

  116. I could see it coming. Arron was getting pissed with Richard. You could hear it in his comments. I think hot wheels grabbed him up. Discovery is going to make a new show. Hot wheels and Arron is going to build the cars. The show will suck without him. Richard is into sports cars and Arron is into good old hot rods. He doesn’t like building foreign cars. The same thing happened with Paul and Paul Jr. if you remember. Look for a new Hot Wheels show with Arron. Best of Luck to you both. I enjoyed all the episodes. He will never go to Misfits BTW Peace Happy New Year. Jerry Erie PA

  117. Josh here from Australia, Sad to see the news about AK but as Mr Rawlings said, the monkey crew are a team and I know it will be still a great show if a new season is made. I have watched nearly every season and bar from the tossers that are at the OTHER garage, You guys have a great bond and a fantastic team and work ethic. I wish GMG a very prosperous 2017 with all your adventures may all the cars be the color green. Love to meet all you guys in person one day with my 2 sons who are also massive fans of GMG and to see the workshop. Have a great New Year.
    Lots of Love your Biggest Australian Fan Josh…..
    I do agree with jerry though it think Hot Wheels have hired him!

  118. If you guys open your eyes and look you will see that Aaron left on his own it wasn’t Richard who drove him away, I mean yeah they argued, but that’s when they were at the top of their game because they came up with a compromise.

  119. I would of fired Aaron long ago for missing build deadlines. In the real business world if you miss your deadlines you will be in the unemployment line.

  120. I have watched this show since its inception. I’ve looked forward to it every week, and especially the marathons!!! Richard was the comic relief, the major ego with the designer uber expensive clothes, the other business ventures, while Aaron worked his ass off doing whatever the “boss” wanted, worked on and raced the pikes peak car, and the motorcycle competition. So, one works his ass off (AK), and one plays, does donuts, and drinks, wow, there’s a role model for my boys. I wish Aaron only the best, do something that will finally make YOU happy. You worked hard enough, you deserve it ?. You’re in our prayers. Your gonna do great!!! I have faith and confidence in you.

  121. I hate it, but I don’t know the facts, so I’ll keep this positive. I had a bromance for both of you right from the start. No matter what you two do in the future, you both will succeed. Things happen for a reason. Time will tell…. Best of luck to both of you. Slim

  122. It will definitely not be the same without AK there. Richards transformation over the years is quite funny. Clothes, jewelry, ego and everything while AK stayed down to earth. Not sure how good it will be without him. Guess we’ll see.

  123. Wow…that’s really a shame. Follows in the footsteps of “other” shows (but hopefully GMG will not follow the same path). Richard, you certainly seem to be a class act and your statement speaks for itself…but I hope you are not underestimating “why” people tune in.

    …having said that…I hope this is more about publicity than a reluctance to “share” in the success of the show with clearly someone that has been key to your success. People have a tendency to want to think it’s “about them” and I sincerely hope that is not the case here.

  124. I’ve been watching since the beginning and I don’t think I can watch GMG without AK. Losing Casey wasn’t a big deal, but I disagree with RR GMG is not GMG without AK. Best wishes to AK and sorry to hear GMG is the next dead end show on Discovery due to losing AK.

  125. Like so many others I’ve been a fan since the first show. Several ways of looking at this situation. Yes, there has been a turnover in personnel since the show began. Yes, the time deadlines seem unreal, which obviously has caused the crews to work a lot of extra hours. Yes, RR has progressed from hot rods and rat rods to some more exotic vehicles. Is that really all that bad? Seems that it should go along with becoming more successful as a business man. And they are still doing some other fantastic builds. Looking back on some of the builds it’s obvious that several times the delays in finishing the builds were due to AK changing his mind at the last minute causing other mechanics a world of grief. Also there were a lot of those times that AK wasn’t even there to help with his changes and then seem to blame the crew for not knowing what he had in mind. Now, I’m a true believer in AK’s masterful work and his very insightful builds, but, he’s the one that walked out without any explanation as to what was going on, just left in the middle of a gigantic build. That would be enough of a reason to not see him on any future shows by itself, regardless of how important he thinks of himself. Now not knowing for sure the reason I can’t truely condemn him, but it would be nice to have both sides of the story. I fail to see why RR should be held fully responsible for this action. If you remember during the twin firebird rebuilds AK made it pretty clear he didn’t want to be a part of those builds. or so it seemed because he wasn’t the center point of the project. I’m still a big fan of the show, I’m still a big fan of Aaron Kaufman and wish him the best. I wonder if he gets his own show and becomes successful if people put him down for becoming wealthy at what he does as they have Richard. Enough, now, just one question left. What ever happened to Buster?

  126. My partner just died in July 2016. We both watched the show together. I hate to see Aaron leave. They worked together but we’re friends. The two make a good team should not leave. Friends are hard to come by. Please don’t leave.

  127. Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets his own show. He’s a pretty special talent. Far beyond just a mechanic. Anybody can be a good mechanic but he is a visionary and there are few of those. Tough break for Gas Money. Hope all goes well for both.

  128. really hate to see him go. I have been an avid fan for a long time. being a mechanic for most of my life, along with being a salesman and sales manager for the last 20 ,then on to running my own shop fixing and flipping cars. this show has keep me watching for along time. so how does one apply for AK’s job?

  129. Seems to me it was a team effort. We all know R R has an arrogant side to him but I believe most of that is for the show. Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t, I’ll miss Aaron and his humor and skills, but there are more-that-qualified men in the GMG to take his place. I wish Aaron all the success in the world at whatever he does next and if he get his own show, I will watch. But I will continue to be a fan of GMG and hope for the best for all involved.

  130. I’m sorry for the negative response but…..
    AARON K. WAS GMG!!! And the only reason most of us real auto fanatics watched. I was over all the bullshit in between the actual car building scenes. The last season had about 10% of car building in each episode. Amazing you can fast forward a 1hr show and be over in 15minutes.
    Good luck to Richard and his crew.

  131. Being a female, but all my life I was around heavy equipment mechanics and married some, and in my younger years I was amazed at what these guys could do. That being said, when someone can fabricate something from nothing because a part is no longer made and this type of talent(like Aaron had) could do that fascinates me !!!! I saw it done right before my eyes. In most situations we did not have the machines to do like Aaron and his guys did right there in the shop, I would take the drawing/specs to a machine shop and come back with that part after a few days. And Aaron did that right there ! Well whatever Aaron’s endeavors I hope he will be happy ! Its sad that money issues play a big roll in business deals. We just went through a scenario in same situation, a dozer business that provided a brother with a job for 20 years any piece of equipment he wanted ,his own hours ,opportunity to bring in more business.
    just ups and quits ,all because of money. As everyone knows the oil business has dropped tremendous but
    with all the tools to have created extra work was there.
    You would have to know a business and its upkeep and expenses to understand. But money is always a downfall.

    • Can you imagine Edd tryin to understand why Richard acts the way he does, it’d be hilarious. Plus, Edd is what, 6’8″ or somethin like that? His size alone at would bring some comic relief for sure. BUT, I will agree with you, Edd China is a master mechanic, as well as a great teacher.

  132. Remember when Family Guy killed off Brian and tried to replace him with the Italian dog? Maybe Richard got a little Italian guy? Hey, I’m a little Italian guy. Yo maybez youz gots a place for me eh

  133. I loved the show in the beginning when it was about fixing and flipping cars but now it is all about the Gas Monkey brand. I would love to see Aaron and KC do a show.

  134. It’s been very evident that aaron has , in a very large way, helped make R.R. a wealthy men. Being a beer loving play boy is all well and good but had he shared the wealth by making aaron a partner, I think he would still be there. His kind of talent will be hard to replace. We have seen others leave and I am very sure he will become successful on his own or with some one else. I am looking forward to seeing him again. Best of luk to you Aaron

  135. Seen AK moving new equipment into his new shop not far from GMG, can’t wait to see him get his own show! Good luck AK, BAS towing, your new neighbor!

  136. Sorry to see him go… but now there’s a chance to make the show even better with a new face or new master mechanic. Aaron was good, but does not have the charisma to to lead a show… Richard is the main attraction, and will continue to lead the show.

  137. You could see it in AK in his last appearance. He was at the steering column on the last build. Something was wrong. It was in his total persona. He was done. No more interest or totly distracted. Which him the best with what ever he decides to do going forward.

  138. IMO, a lot of Aron’s ideas were lacking, and some were just plain weird! You can’t run a business and survive if auctions bring less than the car cost to build. But, more important, the show is dying, because people tune in to see the builds, not guys sitting on a couch watching other people screw up on home movies – BORING! Get the old venue back or show more of the misfits.

  139. I just want to put my pennies in after 13 years people change some want more in life u all need to check discoveries line up misfits is gone hmmm not in line up hmmm wonder what is coming to take its place just guessing tho some leaving some may return ??? Richard at GMG and guys and gals that work there good luck never no if u would succeed if u don’t try piece

  140. And also if u think AK ideas were bad and Richard’s attuid was going down hill when big bucks were involved u would act the way ur stressed if u say ass or arrogant u try putting 100 grand on a string over 1000 foot cliff with both ends burning see where u would be an ass and I remmber AK ideas would all work out maybe not in ur taste but that’s why u didn’t buy it and wasn’t made with u in mind so be cool these people are human and trying to make a living to just like me write what u want but remmber people have feeling and children read this stuff to so don’t break the spirt build it up people ur part of the human race as well say it with some respect

  141. Seems like a Orange county choppers thing all over again. I was very sick of that show when it finally ended. Money takes over and all the fancy stuff on the shows make it less watchable. I enjoyed the show when they were simple. Seemed more real.

  142. GMG use to be in my top 5 shows, maybe top 3, but it seems every year somebody is give the boot or leaves, for whatever reason. Some didn’t make much difference to me, Tom and Jordan. They both seem to have a bad work ethic, and Tom’s goofy jokess wasn’t funny. KC was a big loss for GMG. But, the Bearded Wonder? Richard or Discovery might not admit it right now, but, I’d say it’s one of two real reasons Aaron has left: money( the green stuff Richard likes so much), or Discovery plans on another ” spin-off” and Aaron would be the main man, have his own show. I hope it’s the later, but I think by not announcing it Discovery could actually hurt GMG ratings now. It would have to be more successful than Fired Up Garage, in my book anyway, that show is a total failure. If not a spin-off, it’s bad news for GMG. But, I’d have to think that Richard is smart enough to know the gravy train could derail faster than a Gas Monkey burnout, and he has stashed plenty of the green stuff in case he has to come back to the real world. Surely Tricky-Ricky wouldn’t throw his main man under the bus, and do a burn out on him, would he?

  143. Although GMG may still be able to produce some bad rides it will not be the same with out Aaron. I hope Aaron explains why he left sooner then later. Both men made alot of money from this show. Obviously Richard made the chunk of the money but thats how it works. When R.R. is the one paying for everything and A.K. is spending it and then earning a paycheck while doing so (spending it on some sick rides) it only stands that the guys name signed at the bottom of the check is the one whos worth the most. Run the new worth on either person and you’ll see as a lead mechanic he did pretty well for himself. Either way in the end this show will not be the same. Still going to watch because there are plenty of talented men in that shop. Best of luck gentleman.

  144. Aaron’s one talented individual, don’t care what anybody says, it’s gonna be difficult to replace him. And thinkin back, Aaron and Richard haven’t been gettin along as well as they did just a couple of years ago. Oh well, it is what it is, I sincerely hope Aaron pops in on the Fired Up boys and lends a hand on a build or two. Come to think of it, haven’t heard anything about the new season of Misfit Garage, I sure as hell hope that show wasn’t cancelled.

  145. damn!!! get me some o datttttt!!!!… life is live and cannot be rehearsed. . . so make them power moves both of you venture out and venture big… and i say this sitting in Bloemfontein South Africa watching ya’ll special on the fans ya’ll chilling, maxin out on the beach answering questions… as you say “Double R” …TEAM WORK!!!!

  146. It’s been a good run, but I see Gas Monkey going the way of Orange County Choppers. I saw the direction Richard, the show and the shop was headed on the bike build show when Richard went off on Aaron threatening his job with his last paycheck. You don’t do that to people…much less your partner. I have a feeling that AK simply had enough of King Richard. I’ve enjoyed the show up until that point in last season’s episode when RR did that to Aaron…ON AIR. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but I see the end in sight.

  147. Well, it was bound to happen: a showman and a master mechanic are worlds apart, though this tension was obviously what made the show. Two different visions, which needed constant mitigation and at some point the one who was more dependent on the other for funding (i.e. Aaron dependent on RR for investing in especially the workforce, equipment, material and premises) leaves, this is the way things go. It’s a shame and probably could have been avoided, but people with sudden wealth like RR loose touch of reality soon and expect everything to go to their own taste. That’s not teamwork, it’s ego. In the end RR is not a bad person, he just can’t help that he forgets that being human and doing good for others instead of only yourself is more important than having a wallet as fat as possible. But he’s still young, he still has time to realize, though the process will be long and painful. Though honestly after seeing episodes where he behaves like a kid while being drunk does not give much hope of his ever growing up.
    Aaron will do all right, it’s just a shame he had to put up so long with the gambling attitude of RR.
    I disagree with those who clai Aaron would not have had the opportunity to shine without RR: true enough it was major support to give room for his visions, but they didn’t start out big anyway. And the constant penny-wise-pound-foolish attitude of RR often led to financial loss, so if Aaron teams up with a smart sales guy with a budget, the only thing that will change for him is the show. Which, let’s be honest, was not his thing anyway: it was Richard’s stardom aspirations.
    Anyway, I enjoyed the shows and wish both guys best of luck in the future. It is not about personal preference or liking, they both worked on what they believed was best for them and may they get out of it what they deserve.

  148. Things happen and we part , Good Luck to both party’s. They’re gonna need it.
    Still a good show we’ll still tune in to GMG all the the support staff are talented people

  149. It’s sooooooooooooooooooo good to see him go. Richard is better off without him. As Richard said sometimes on the show, “I wonder who is running this shop?”…………..well Aaron the “A”ron thought he was.

  150. AK was the soul of gmg.
    It s like the end of pop rock music group…
    AK will probably make solo sound, RR will try to find a new AK for the show… maybe Dennis ?
    Whatever, thanks for this fantastic show !
    RR is a singer who lost the guy who wrote success songs during years…

  151. It probably did come down to money, without the talents, engineering and support from Aaron, the garage would not have been able to afford Richard to go further with the Rollins brand. Hopefully he was made a partner in his other ventures but most likely not, good show, but its starting to become a sellout of a show.

  152. All That Watch Deffently Will MISS You Aaron!!! I’m So Sorry You Are Leaving,But It’s Probably For A Better Job.All That Watch Will Miss Seeing Your Face On Gas Monkeys.Just Have A Great Time With What Ever You Go In To!!!

  153. AK will be sadly missed! Out of all the car building shows F&L was the best, because of Aaron. I watched because he was quirky and fun, loved watching the vignettes! That’s what made the show for me. RR was brilliant at advancing himself and the brand, but it was AK’s designs behind GMG. Now the show is less about the build and more about Richard and his $$$. Aaron, I pray you get your own show, make it down to earth for us regular guys. AK made the right choice to leave for whatever reasons, he’s the one who has to live with himself, he doesn’t have to live with RR. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  154. Regardless of some might say about AC, he made the show. True, any one person can be replaced, but there one thing you can’t replace … is awesome personality. I honestly think the show will tank after this.

    Best of luck to AC, there is no point of watch GMG after this.

    Discovery, its time to change the channel.

  155. I think most of these comments are foolish. Those that think GMG the show and GMG the shop are the same thing are not too bright. No one is indispensable, certainly not a mechanic. I for one find Aaron completely arrogant and annoying. There is more than 1 GOOD way to skin a cat yet AK believes HIS way was the ONLY way. His builds were great….but not my type AT ALL!!! I find RR, the character we see, funny and self depreciating about his mechanical skills. He knows his strengths AND weaknesses. He appears to be a great buisness man from how they do the show. Aaron on the other hand is annoying and I don’t think understands buisness and finances as well as he does. Either way, he’s annoying and glad to see him go.

  156. Hi all!
    To speculate by looking at things that will be nowhere and it’s just ridiculous. you do not know so stop saying one bad about the other and vice versa. Wishing both Richard and Aaron the absolute best out of what ever comes out off how this decision came about. And the rest of you should do the same if you sincerely like what you have seen and see.

    With all due courtesy and respect

    Mr. Christian Engström / Sweden

  157. The good builds will continue as AK had a great team that was talented prior to GMG. Issue is balance. AK balanced RR and RR balanced AK. If the profits or sponsorships were not shared AK then that’s a huge problem and obviously there was some broken promises or he would’ve left earlier. Shame that money and fame continues to split solid bonds but it’s an issue I would love to have! Maybe Richard and Jesse James will hook up, LOL

  158. This is last season of F&L I will watch. RR is in need of attention and publicity and place to put his name on. That is fine. In my opinion, Aaron kept the show alive for me because he was not extorting money from naive car buyers, yet he was integral part of car craft. I am sad that relationship deteriorated but I knew this would happen as a result of television fame. Not all characters are in it for BIG money. I think GMG will not look to replace Aaron, instead they will use Mr Jason Aker. I have been watching Wheeler Dealers for long time now and those guys never changed their mantra. Their profits are reasonable and modest yet they MANAGED to be on air since 2003 !!! I admit I’ve been a big fan of F&L, right up until RR branched out into live music venue, unnecessary sponsorship’s, poor product placement and GMG tequila. Bah.

  159. Sad news to hear that Aaron is leaving Gas Monkey, he will be a huge miss but I wish him the very best of luck. Gas Monkey will be different without Aarons character and his experience in car building but it will still be an awesome show, and hey I think everyone has overlooked that possibly there might become 2 great shows to watch if Aaron gets his own show aswell. I hope everyone parts on good terms and continue to be friends after they have accomplished so much together. Their great partnership provided us all with great entertainment to watch on tv and it shows us all if you try hard enough and believe in yourself then getting your dream is possible, all the best to everyone at Gas monkey and good luck in your new ventures Aaron

  160. To Both Richard and Aron
    I live in Dubai and have been a fan from the beginning. In the start there were 2 guys who had the idea to create something that entertained us made us laugh and made the coolest cars neither of you seemed to have grown up which is what we all wish[Also deep down we wanted to play with the toys you created and I am sure will both continue to create]
    Stay lucky as we say in England dont fall out even if your not on the same show, that really would be stupid after 13 years and I am sure like most of us we all wish you both the best for the future

  161. Big Fan of GMG.I Wish the Best for Aaron.Maybe We will see him over at KC’s Shop..Friday Saturday and Sunday off..You Deserve it..

  162. After KC left Arron was featured less and less. The producers own the show. Not what it was and gets less and less interesting each season. It’s more how rich am I than let’s find sheds and build great cars

  163. I never thought of Aaron as a master mechanic,I always thought that his ideas were pretty dumb! He always wanted to lower the cars down to the ground and put huge hideous wheels on with those ugly rubber band tires on them! Maybe that’s the style in their neck of the woods,but I’m old school and my car has fat tires and 15″ wheels out back and 14 inches up front with (oh.horrors!) drum brakes all around! Add stock suspension to the mix and my car is the polar opposite of a Aaron Kaufman style car! While his ideas may have been stylish,they were outrageously expensive also and didn’t really help the average hot rodder like me! All of his ideas seemed to have a huge price tag attached to them which makes me wonder if that wasn’t part of the reason for his departure? Maybe Richard decided that he was losing too much money on the resale of these overdone cars? Just a thought…

  164. Richard your cool but I think that fame and fortune went to your head Aaron is who made you who you are today he was not given credit and no doubt got fed up hopefully he will gain his own show good luck Aaron . Richard hope your show doesn’t loose it’s rateings and die out as all shows do good luck

  165. Everyone’s pretending this isn’t a calculated move. They give Aaron his own show, then the two shows face off against each other. Ratings go up.

    Then when that angle gets boring.. boom.. Aaron comes back to gas monkey!!!

  166. Most of you have no idea what it takes to run a business, Aaron would have never had the opportunity to work on such nice builds if it wasn’t for Richard Rawlings. At the end of the day, you can always find another mechanic but it takes a salesman to sell those jobs. It also takes balls to gamble like Richard. Not taking anything away from Aaron, but he obviously never had the balls to start it himself. Now Richard Rawlings has made him a millionaire he thinks he could put his big boy britches on now

  167. My take 1/2 million dollar race cars, bars ..more jewelry that Liz Taylor he got tired of paying for Richards dreams…no doubt he got payed well but the show started going away from the building to focus on how many times he can rub his hair… soory to see him go… chicks like this show too but it’s getting to off focus from where it started… and I like Richard but dude you got to big for your diamond studded britches …

  168. All you people don’t follow the actual truth to what s going on. AK has had his own shop since 2011 10 years in after starting with RR. There were contracts for the show set in place for years once the contracts were up it was time for AK to focus on his own shop which has been doing extremely well. I know the two personally and they act the way they do cause it makes for good tv. AK is doing just fine well worth over 3 million dollars and has a booming business. Btw he is receiving a spin off show just like the misfits garage that will be produced by RR. Think about this for a sec. They are still very close friends. But now you can add 3 shows to 1 network that pay them each 50,000 dollars per episode that is a no brainer to me. Little fun fact too AKs pikes peak car was actually built in his own shop but again for good tv the producers pad 4,000.00 every weekend to ship the car back and forth to make it look as if it was being built in the GMG
    So to all you big fans out there don’t worry you will still see all them on television and they will reunite in a future season it’s already been written. Now I must go hide for telling you all this.

    O and Rich you still owe me 75.00’bucks for the poker game

  169. I purchased the building from Richard that was on his show with the green Chevy c10 truck. I have become neighbors with the Gas Monkey Guys and have had the opportunity to talk to Richard and Aaron both from time to time regarding car stuff. I’m sure this was a shock Richard considering he was at my shop couple of months ago, and I also picked Aaron’s brain about doing a Chevy conversion to my Porsche 911 like the one that he did. I did not see or hear or feel that Aaron was planning on leaving. For all you guys posting hatred towards either of these guys y’all are all wrong . Bottom line neither one of the guys could have came this far without one another. Aaron is definently a very talented real deal fabricator /mechanic. Richard in the other hand is an very good businessman and good face for the show. I’m going to close this with wishing Aaron and Richard both the best of luck on their ventures . I’m a fan of the show and also a car guy.

  170. It’s about chemistry and if your the one with the bucks and don’t support the one with the vision the frustration will soon be unbearable. RR should have made AK a partner. Good luck it won’t be the same.

  171. I believe that GMG will be all right. AK was the master mind in garage RR is the money man. I’ve have worked in the same condition. That being said I wish AK the best cause after all he has a lot of skills he will be just fine and might start his own garage, who’s to know? RR needs to hire someone that has an open mind and good skills cause the ones he has now are just monkeys!!! My opinion only. Cause I just saw the program with the yellow and white 55 Chevy that’s now yellow and black. They want to put a cross member under the transmission that might add strength to the c.vehicle but if they knew anything about the 55 the rear motor mounts are on the BELL HOUSING !!! I had many old vehicles growing up and one of those was a 55 and that’s why I KNOW THAT! ! But l’m not the one that’s paying the bills there at GMG so maybe RR is paying more attention on who he leaves in charge. Just saying! !! Good luck to all of you.

  172. Aaron Kaufman is the brains on the Fast N Loud Show when inside the Gas Monkey Garage. When it comes to the finest details building a Certified Gas Monkey Garage Fast and Loud Classic Hot Rods, nothing leaves the door without Kaufman’s approval first. Aaron started working for Gas Monkey shortly after Rawlings opened for business in 2001. In 2011, Kaufman, age 34 years-old, opened his own classic car garage named The Main Street Shop. He also kept his foot in Gas Monkey’s door leading to a starring role in Fast N’ Loud. Arron Kaufman’s Net Worth is over $5 million as his popularity on the Show continues to rise. 1 monkey don’t stop no show.

  173. I am a Mechanic and have been since I was 16 years old and I am sorry to say I never got into it to make me rich. I got into it to give back to those who taught me, without that I wouldn’t have brought my two children up and I taught them how to repair Cars and Trucks and my oldest child a boy was a engineer on GM’s Hybrid Cars and Trucks. I have taught 100’s of men and women to repair and restore Cars and Trucks and put them back the way they was built and most of those Cars and Trucks where built right here in Flint, Michigan or within 6o miles around Flint. Yes I am very proud of my past and what I have done in my Life. I just never got rich off doing it!!! God Bless America and each and every American who is any place in this Wonderful World We Live in!!!

  174. I was very upset when I heard Aaron was leaving but I still love Richard. Get you some of that. Now you will need to find a new partner in crime

  175. Loved the stuff Aaron did on the show. Very talented. But to think the place cant survive without him is a slap in the face to the other guys there.

  176. Aaron Kaufman was a simple mechanic when hired by Richard. Now he is a multi-millionaire. He did not do that on a simple mechanic’s wage. So Richard was appreciative. Aaron however turned out to be a baby and left because he didn’t get his color. Moreover, he tried to stick it to Richard by leaving before the build was finished so Richard would fail to complete on time. Richard is a saavy business man who will find a good replacement for the bearded flounder.

  177. Sincerely AK is one of kind.his knowledge of all make and models are impressive.but being a master mechanic like himself I’m sure he won’t have a problem paying his bills.and as far as Richard he is one hell of a salesmen,good product do sent sell itself it needs the right person to move it

  178. AK was definitely the innovator of GMG and will miss his builds and knowledge of cars. RR on the other hand was the clown prince, little knowledge, but marketed wisely for his brands benefit. Not sure how the show will flow without AK. Now Casey is a concourse certified restoration mechanic which bodes well for cars that are being restored as originals. But as far as resto-mods, not sure how innovative he will be. he’s going to feel the heat from RR much like Aaron did, so will see how he deals with the tight budgets, short time lines and big egos

  179. Someone mentioned Foose, and I’m glad they did. RR and AK worked for him and they left and built something, yes?

    Perhaps KA got an offer. Perhaps he wants to race more often. Perhaps it was money. The two things I know for sure is that many will miss him and that none of you know why he left.

    Patience. All, or some, will be revealed.

    Move along

  180. Richard bought the vehicles, but Aaron knew what to do with them. He was the vision along with expertise to bring it to reality. But he was more than that – he was really good on camera. Even if you find that kind of car genie again, will he have that personality that works on TV? Easier to find the personality and pretend he’s got the chops to build a top-notch car. Aaron was the package. Honestly, the show lost a lot of appeal for me when Richard began incorporating his brand-building efforts. Part of the show was dedicated to marketing the other money-making stuff, and I got tired of the sales pitch. A little bit of Richard is enough – keeps him interesting.

  181. Richard will fill AK’S shoes quicker than his time in the gumball. ( record time ) great, genious mechanics are all over the states and Richard will find one, maybe even with a personality this time. AK is a great mechanic but he has just made the biggest mistake of his career. ( unless he enjoys being a broke dirty handed mechanic ) Richard is a millionaire with a thriving empire. AK is looking for a job. Do the math………stick with the winners people. Good luck Ak. Richard see you at the top.

  182. Funny things about Aaron was his arrogance I can see that his arrogance cost a lot of money to the Gas Monkeys. The way I see it with all the money that was lost because of him you should have gotten fired long time ago. and yes I understand he didn’t get fired. I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen. Aaron is going to get his own garage and now he’s going to start competing against his boss. just like the OCC show this is so he can make two shows and make more money for the producers. Plain and simple watch Erin very soon come to the door garage and start competing in their starts the drama. The way I see it Gas Monkey can do well without him. And Richard can make his own decisions how he wants the cars but without losing any more money. Aaron was too arrogant because he was in using easel money he was using Richards money I didn’t understand that

  183. This is kind of like when Chip Foose left Boyd Coddington to go off on his own. Boyd was not happy about it. Now Chip is very successful.

  184. I think Aaron can do much better. I see Richard always saying I, I, I it’s always I with the guy. Question, have anyone ever seen him do anything to any vehicle in that garage? It will be interesting to see if the show survives with Aaron leaves. I have a suggestion for Richard……pay Aaron more money

  185. It’s always the same play out . Once a person or company that makes it big . The money man always gets the big head. And always messes everything up . Just like the Paul tutuells or how ever you spell their last name. I personally don’t know Aaron ,but I feel he doesn’t play no stupid childish crap. I didn’t know Aaron has his own shop .I sure Aaron will do just fine in business. I wish Aaron the best Keep on building killer rides . Love your work.

  186. AK is a master craftsman hands down ! Ak personality makes him cool and likeable ! He will do great things going forward and I hope its on TV because I will surely watch ! Best of luck AK we all will be rooting for you ! That being said, from the business point of view AK was an employee with benefits ! Great benefits ! ( $ 35,000.00 ) per episode ! With a great creative eye for design and looks of what a hotrod should be , he was never a partner in the business… He got paid both by RR and the show . AK didnt share in the losses ! When RR took losses on the sales side, All the monkeys were paid in full ! When RR expanded the business moved to a bigger building and built up the brand AK didn’t share the risk ! Most likely its a personality ( Both are alpha males ) and creative difference of opinion ! They are both aces in my book !

  187. I won’t watch an AK show. I respect his talent, but he always takes classic cars and turns them into something they never were–low and wide every time. I’d like to see RR go with someone who will rebuild classic cars built to how there were when brand new, using modern parts. I wish AK well, but with the right mechanic, GMG can do quite well.

  188. I have bought resold cars since I was 27, 52 now. Always fly under the radar by myself. Rather pay $1500 for a car or truck, sell for $4000. Cant see risking $44,000 to make $6000. But I never have that much cash anyway. I like the Richard way, wash it throw some hub caps on it, git it on the innerweb!
    Maybe the “Bearded Dude” could have a show on the fruit network, where they flip cars then all take naked showers throwing shit and frolicking with each other.

  189. The show will survive without AK. There are people with vision and qualified out there to do what he does. His ideas stayed the same. And for the rest just being hired hand, it is a tv show as well so he cannot outboss RR. You do not know what he got paid behind the cameras etc.
    I know someone that will be able to fill more than just AK’s shoes and RR will even make more money where everything will be done inhouse and not sourced out cause there are thigs that AK could not even do.

  190. Sorry to hear that Aaron is leaving. Myself and my good mate first met Richard & Aaron back in 2013 when they helped to revamp our clapped out ’73 Cadillac for our first USA road trip. Since then we have visited them both many times and been part of some awesome GMG adventures. Many miles have been traveled, many beers consumed (many many hangovers!) and many laughs have been had. Aaron is great bloke with unbelievable talent.
    Thanks for the good times Aaron. Keep in touch mate.
    Anthony Dean (Deano)

  191. Lots to say, but a Partnership in business aways seem to end up as “UNFAIR & UNEQUAL”. Could be unequal work, pay, assets, treatment, bliss, etc…..

    This show and business may end up a train wreck, or just continue… You will never know…We just have to see…. Just know AK will be missed and it take both a body and a brain to run a business….

  192. RR blows $500k on an Indy race then complains that Purple and Blue doesn’t sell, I guess that was the final nail in the coffin, think the writing has been on wall for a while now, I’m sure GMG will carry on but not sure about the show don’t think it’ll be the same.

  193. Wow all of these comments on what a genius AK is and what a douche RR is….Stop and think really its the other way around…This is a made for TV show that shows you what they want you to believe, you all believe that AK comes up with all the car builds on his own, which by the way happens everyday all over the world with much more talented people than AK….what have you ever seen him do? Cant fabricate…weld…body work…paint…wire…tune, and without alot of behind the scenes stuff that no one sees, he doesnt really know cars that well.. but in the background of the show someone is doing all of this and its not him. Without the show RR would probably still be making a very good living as he is the one with the checkbook and the charisma to make it all come together…Richard can very easily find a more talented builder/fabricator that AK…but let AK find another RR.

      • I completely agree..never saw Aaron do anything but criticize the other employees..Nothing anyone did was the correct always had to be his way…personally I’m glad he’s gone..he always tried to dazzel everyone reading the meaningless psycho babble from a teleprompter to make him appear like a genius..GMC will survive without the bearded wonder…without the show Aaron is just another wrench…he owes Rawlings for his fortune…

  194. Honestly I didn’t really think he was that great to begin with. All he did was tell everyone else what to do. Never really showed his “awesome mechanical abilities” as far as I could tell. They can and will easily replace him. Bearded wonder is correct always wondered what made him think he was so talented lol.

  195. Whilst it’s a shame AK has decided to leave, especially in that fashion, we always preferred watching RR and the rest of the team. The bond and energy they all have really shows, hopefully the creative juices will continue to flow!

    Here’s to hopefully more seasons, and eventually some in UHD!!

  196. all shops change, gas monkey will do fine as will AK, Richard get you some of that dirt track, or give (smoke) a call like too see gas monkey on some oval track, and every Sunday on nascar lots of eyes watching love that green color scheme, its like arctic cat eltigre green

  197. Everyone should watch what there saying r/r and a/k are freinds and they will always be freinds. Stop trying the put them against each other. R/r will always have his fans and put out great cars and a/k will have great ideas and I hope they stay together and put out great tots

  198. AK is the one that looks like a fool and the little person for just walking out like this! He just threw 15 years out the window and burned a bridge! If there is anything I have learned being in the automotive business it’s don’t burn bridges! I know RR has an ego the size of Texas but we already knew that! AK is a fool for quitting like a lil bitch! I have lost all respect for him. I hope Karma has her way with him! RR is Gas Monkey, AK will be replaced just like a quarterback can be replaced. I’m looking forward to see what the next guy does! Sorry AK you can and will be replaced?

  199. Sometimes when I’m building hot rods I take a fart break. But seriously AK is the fucking man he’s the best at what he does. Richard is good at what he does. They made a good team but it’s time for AK to move on and be he’s own boss. Have you ever took a fart and trapped it in a mason jar then smelled it later? That’s all I’m saying.

  200. why the heck does Richard think he is a “mathematical wiz” ? he says it often, but one show he said it when he bought like 9 cars for like $15,000 and went around saying he got a great deal, “i paid only like $1,400 each”. so totally lame, and clearly wrong.

    if he had bought 10 cars for that price, they’d be 1,500 each, so getting only cars, clearly makes each car more than $1,500. not much of a math wiz….

  201. well you so called mechanics don’t really se what is going on here. aron is a backyard mechanic riding the gravy train. i watch his work, can’t even tune a common engine! makes me sick, yeah he welds has good ideas but not a real certified master mechanic!, i have been a mechanic all my life, built and sold cars, raced, never make any money. tv payes for all that! have you seen his net worth? 3 mill? don’t blame him for leaving, take cash and run probably going to try his own show. good luck! fits in with the retards at misfit! think gas monkey will do just fine. just my opinion!

  202. Build more RICE! yeah Demoe! Go baby Go. GMG is going to build more of those furrin’ cars and call in the tuners with farrt can exhaust pipes!

  203. Richard Rawlings is the P.T. Barnum of Auto world and AK was where the rubber met the road. A really great pair and I feel for both men but the show must go on!

  204. I’m very sorry for that new.
    AK, for the love of heaven, come back to workf for GMG. I’m en engineer in electromechanice, but you, you’re a mechanical Genius and everybody know it.
    Richard knows how to move business.
    A collegial action is better than individual ans isolated actions.

  205. RR and AK were a great team, like 2 strong horses pulling together. RR business and PR, AK vision and labor. But seems RR started pulling differently.

    RR got his copper color. Guess RR will have any color he wants for now on since he indirectly told AK how to do his job and indirectly told him his choice of color was wrong. My guess is broke the camel’s back. Genius.

    Shame on those people on tv who congratulated only RR for the 100 episode, already forgetting AK.

  206. Good Riddance. As far as I know R.R is the owner of the business. So if it doesn’t work out for him with certain workers then he has the right to do what ever he feels like doing. Ask yourself WHO WRITES THE CHEQUES? Aaron is not a business man . So for him to leave so be it. R.R has the makings of a good business man and the makings of a great entertainer.

  207. Friends, Don’t swallow the Bait!
    This is only Marketing 101
    They prey upon your feelings as if you have relationships with these people?
    We (don’t really know them) ? They are primarily (characters) on the screen ?
    With Aaron leaving, “Now Aaron can have his own show too”?
    Watch for it.
    They call this medium of television “Reality” ? I think they should just call it “Bad Acting” and be done with it?

  208. Are you efin kidding me? Sorry Richard, you make a great show but Aaron was the brains behind the dollar. Good luck buddy. Next time you’re in San Diego I’ll buy you a tequila shot to snort.

  209. Let him go. He’s a prima donna anyway. Made a fool of himself at Pike’s Peak. He’s like 1/10th of the show. What his plans are is vague but I hope he doesn’t try to do his own show because he just doesn’t have any charisma and his talent is overrated. You had to call in the experts enough times. I know half a dozen guys that are the real thing and have a sense of humor.

  210. OK, this is my 2 cents. I think Aaron was a dick for taking 3 weeks off, then walking in and quitting. If I were Richard, I would have hit the ceiling and told Aaron to get the f^#% out.

    Now, if Aaron was not trying to stick it to Richard, he would have come in and said he would help with the drag car build, but then he was moving on.

    People that go on vacation, then walk in and quit are trying to screw the owner, period.

  211. Well, you guys finally aired the Aaron leaving segment. It sounds like after 14 years of impossible deadlines, he just got burnt out. It already happened to K.C. and Keenan, it will happen to others at GMG too.
    I think a lot of people are being too hard on Aaron, they may decry his talent, but I believe most of the car build problems were solved okay and within the schedule. You can probably count the few times the “experts were called in” on one hand, one of them being the ShartCat build where GMG did something no one else in the country had tried. Oh yeah, the F40 rebuild, where Ferrari themselves said the car was unfixable.
    Like I said earlier, he and Richard had a chemistry that will be hard to replicate. And I think Aaron had a talent for thinking “outside the box”. However, I also think you have a lot of talented guys at GMG and life goes on…the Comet build turned out nice.
    Good luck to both camps!
    Can’t wait to see how GMG vs. the 405 goes.

  212. i have been in big bussinesss all my life, one warm body won’t take gas monkey down, his tools are like every one elses. a little pracktice, alot of experience, monkeys willl be fine, i know this from past expereince. sure it will be tough, if they have willpower, drive, and the balls, no problems, just a let bit of resurce, and vidios watched, questions asked. dont be to prode to investige the situation, find the answer. its all good. if the monkeys need some help i am willing to lend a hand, im a class a machinist, master mechinic. al around problem solver. richird yall will make it, might take one or two tries, but companies over come this situation every day its not a problem, just a bump in the road.

  213. Aaron will be back. This was a ratings ploy. He’s doing the same things, just at his house. This is TV kids, not reality. If he really wanted out he would have left the damn TV show too.

  214. Who cares he was a parts changer. Like all “mechanics” anymore since you can buy any aftermarket part for any car and just bolt it on. They don’t even build their own engines. Every build is the same lower car add wilwood brakes big wheels maybe paint if paint guy can do better than what’s on it.

  215. After all is said and done. Aaron was the beating heart of Gas Monkey. Gas monkey has no heart anymore. The life blood running through its veins is no more. Sad sad sad times.

  216. It”s actually quite simple. Aaron couldn’t express and realize his vision(s) on builds with the time pressure he was working under to deliver cars for sale.
    Remember, Richard is a businessman. He has the responsability to pay the bills and write the cheques (earnings for living) for the people working for him. He’s the commercial guy for GMG and boss by the way.
    Aaron is an artist who likes to do things in a less fast environment, i think that’s the main reason Aaron is going away.
    I don’t believe for ONE second that Richard is getting “rich” over the backs of his employees. I do believe that Aaron -and the rest- profited as well as Richard does, in good and bad times.
    My thoughts on this.
    Richard and crew keep going on, you’re doing just fine in this hectic car business world.
    Aaron be the artist, express yourself in the things YOU create, chosse and make, take your time.
    I have the greatest and deepest admiration for ALL of you!

  217. I’d dare say that over the years Aaron probably had an opportunity to be a partner in GMG. Maybe. Maybe not. However RR is taking all the risk on the projects financially. Aaron would have to have a financial stake in every build if he were a partner. If it looses RR takes it on the chin and moves on. Aaron probably elected to remain in his role as master mechanic. The 2 roles played well against and for each other and made for great TV. I personally tired of Jesse James and OCC drama and liked that GMG was less of that. Bitchin Rides is even less of the drama and makes for great TV watching and cool builds while everyone is respectful of each other. I tend to like their show best. I remember when Dennis Collins was a pop collared douche in the early shows and eventually turned into a pretty cool humble knowledgable guy. The show definitely got better over the years and it was sad to see KC go. Tom was a colorful bumbling fool but knowledgable and a tribute to the show. Richard has become less arrogant as well and he is owed his credit for forming an entertaining car show for us enthusiasts. It will never be the same without Aaron. The personalities are just not there with the current crew, skilled mechanics as they are. Everything runs its course and RR has capitalized on his 15 mins for certain and good on him for it! It will be difficult for them to re-invent themselves season after season. Tough for any show to do. They have had a great run and I thoroughly enjoyed the show as it inspired me for my personal builds and what a great time they have been with my father and son.

  218. For the most parti think aron just got tierd of working with RR after 14 year its time to move on . if you ask me its going to be hard to replace aron. Aron was the one that made gas monkey sucessful. good luck aron. And good luck RR racing the 405.

  219. When my son told Arron was leaving GMG i did not believe him at first until i googled it. What is GNG going to do now tat the brains behind GMG.
    I have followed GMG since day one on virtually every Arron build and even the numerous repeats. I know Richard is the partner with the other business
    interests but i dont know what the future holds but i doubt whether GMG will continue after the star Arron has gone. From your number one U.K. fan.

    • Hi Jonathan – Thanks for your comment we appreciate it. While losing Aaron is a big loss, the Gas Monkeys have been doing great and have stepped up their game. Our latest builds have been going great and the Monkey’s have not only provided solid input, but have overruled Richard recently to ensure the car looked amazing when finished (Comet front bumper). All is well at GMG.

  220. Thanks Rory, thank goodness GMG will continue in a slightly different format
    and my sincere thanks to all the monkey crew and National geographic for continuing to keep GMG alive.

  221. Of course, Aaron wasn’t just a mechanic. His design sense and his refined sense of style was highly developed and uncommon among gearheads, in my opinion. The incredible product that Aaron constantly delivered under absolutely ridiculous time constraints, was amazing. If after a few years of working together and Richard could see his value and didn’t offer Aaron a piece of equity in the business, I am shocked that Aaron stayed as long as he did. You can’t work that long and hard, with such emotion, and be satisfied with just a paycheck. Although, I’m going to assume that Richard must have distributed bonuses when he made some of his big scores, to the guys that worked their butts off. I could be wrong, but I have to believe that finding someone to truly replace him is going to be very, very difficult.

    To be honest, I really liked the show, but it’s not going to be the same with just Richard prancing around yelling Whoooo, and a bunch of no name mechanics going through the motions. I hope it stays interesting.

  222. AK should have his own show. He was the visionary. Rawlings acts like a 14 yo. With his got to have a beer. Oh WOW. AK can find another USED CAR SALESMAN anywhere.

  223. Seems a net worth of 5 million dollars for a mechanic that he was fairly compensated.

    Remember what happened to ORange County Chopper when Jr and Vinny thought they could do it on their own. Didn’t end well for them.

    Adios Arron.

  224. Have been following the show since day one and since Im not the biggest social media fan, I only just found out about Aaron leaving on tonight’s episode!
    It’s going to be really strange. A bit like Robin walking out on Batman!

    I know a lot of what we see is just for TV and there is no way to say for sure that AK was really the huge mastermind behind every build that they made out, but still, even if GMG chugs along nicely in his absence, I’m really going to miss dynamic between him and RR. The big mouth business man and his cerebral sidekick was a great bit of TV which Ive grown to love over the last 5 years.

    As for the why, It seems to me that this is KC mark 2. The requirement from RR to keep upping the ante and increasing the number and quality of builds is fine when you’re sitting in an office waiting for auction day. No disrespect to him, he owns the gaff and writes all the cheques. But I doubt any mechanic working in GMG has much of a life outside of it. It’s probably very full on, most of the time. And as main man in shop, AK had all that on him. So, who would blame him for wanting to work normal hours and slow the pace.

    Anyways, will always follow the show and hope they go on to more success.

  225. John and Paul came back from the dead and broke up again ?

    Both great at what they do and I wish them all the best 🙂

    (I think RR will miss AK more than he will ever admit)

  226. Only just had the episode in the UK on Discovery channel – it wont be the without AK, a very clever chap and like others have said brings his personality to the show as well as the builds.

  227. The show lost at least half of it’s talent, entertainment and appeal.

    I hope it works out, but shows come and go all the time.

    I remember when American Choppers was the craze, then Junior left and the show quickly faded to black…

  228. RR takes the risks
    He spends his own money
    He has vision and drive

    I love it when people that don’t take a risk want to share in the reward like they are owed a chunk of the upside

    RR will find another Aaron

    Aaron will either start his own thing or get hired by another RR

    This is the way of the world

    I love them both

    • “John Carver March 28, 2017 at 10:46 pm
      RR takes the risks
      He spends his own money
      He has vision and drive

      I love it when people that don’t take a risk want to share in the reward like they are owed a chunk of the upside

      RR will find another Aaron”

      I guess it didn’t quite work out like you thought?

      That’s what happens when people to value people’s talents and respect their skills.

      Looks like the ‘ol RR is off fixing building instead of cars.

  229. None of know how much Aaron was getting paid, and it’s none of our business. I believe Richard and Aaron had an agreement on the salary at their start and more each year. I will miss Aaron but everyone needs to do what they want to.

  230. They could just have started a side show. AK as a partner of RR and working on a season long megabuild – something really special. If AK would do that under the GMGs roof, he’d be able to consult or design the GMG builds. Win win.

  231. It’s always painful when any relationship ends… But the fact is, most partnerships/relationships/friendships end as those involved evolve in their own personal ways.

    Believe or not, I rely on the words of Dr. Seuss when I find myself in situations like that:
    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

    It’s likely both Aaron and Richard will become better people for the experience, and there is little doubt that both of these talented fellas will continue to find great success.

  232. Gidday from Australia,
    Look guys its pretty simple GMG is a TV show that is edited, scripted and directed. Partnerships come and go AKA Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope etc etc. They all go on to make money, have fun and make people laugh and giggle.
    Both these guys are smart blokes, with one a strong on screen persona and the other his able side kick making sense of it all. RRR will move on make more money and continue to be larger than life. AK will do the same build more cars and do crazy things to them.

    All I know is that if you believe what they get for the cars, what the spend on the cars and how cheap they can buy & fix them, then fair dinkum you blokes are thick as two short planks.

  233. Michael,
    Youre right onto it. Its just a show, it aint real. Its a great show but ya gotta take it for what it is, take a pinch of salt if ya know what I mean.
    Car SOS (from UK) kills that show anyhow.

  234. Desde México un gran saludo cuando me entere de la salida de Kaufman me entristesio, como dice Richard el taller no se compone solo de dos si no de un equipo pero si da temor porque Aaron forma una parte esencial como pilar del taller ademas de ser cofundador de Gas Monkey, espero que el taller siga un buen camino y que los monos que se quedan cumplan el cometido porque Kaufman deja unos zapatos muy grandes que llenar, uno de mis autos favoritos es el Ford GT pero solo uno de mis favoritos porque en realidad hay muchos buenos autos como el pantera o el Porche con el motor LS3 es una bomba este auto.


  235. I have never met anyone as much a Jerk and FUCKING drama Queen. I am no longer going to watch a show that is no better than any daytime soap. I wish they would bring back the show, Trick My Truck. Now that was a cool show. Good Luck to Aaron and I hope the Bearded one does get a show of his own he has earned it.

  236. all those people….all that bull….
    rr is nothing with ak and vise versa…bull
    are yall serious
    makes me wonder how stupid people are that watch this show
    claiming to stop to watch the show but take the time to say it here …rediculous
    haha turn your tv off no1 cares
    i watch for the amazing cars
    rr and ak being cool and fun is just a nice bonus

    that being said
    sad to see you2 going apart
    i really liked your show
    i will still be watching
    i will watch ak’s show to
    best of luck to the both of you
    thnx for the entertainment
    greetz from Holland

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