An Entire Porsche Replica Factory Can Be Yours In A Click

gas monkey garage

“Come with me / and you’ll be / in a world of pure imagination,” is what you could be singing to friends, family and clients as they visit you in your own car factory. Within the click of a “buy it now” button on eBay (and 250K, but cross that bridge later) you could be the proud owner of molds and jigs for numerous Porsche replicas including the 550 Spyder, Speedster and Super 90, to name a few. The poster of the auction gives an extensive list of all the various molds on the posting, but notes it is a complete set of molds, jigs and plans and are “known to build the best 550 Spyder replicas in the market since 1987.”

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  1. Hire back Aaron, the show won’t be the same without him. Your other guys can build a car, but they aren’t cool like Aaron

  2. heres to another season of wild ,wolly, fun at gas monkey garage . by the way richard do you still have that pinto at your yard ? coming back to dallas in june will also go enjoy my 2nd meal at gas monkey grill . when you giong to replace arron hard person to replace i know . how about a give away to one lucky veiwer of any car or truck they want you to build for them ? have a great year super fan .

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