Aston Martin DB4GT Continuation Car Impresses On The Track [VIDEO]

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No, you’re not looking at a screenshot from a classic movie, but rather a “new” Aston Martin DB4GT on the track.

Debuting in London in 1959 the DB4 was an instant hit off the track and the lighter track built DB4GT on the track. Today the DB4 remains a favorite of collectors, due to the fact only 100 of all DB4 variations were produced, and regularly bring in upwards of $1.3 million at auction. And if you’re more of a “new” car millionaire then rest easy as Aston Martin is bringing 25 DB4GT continuation cars to market for nearly $2 million.

The continuation cars will pick up where the lightweight DB4GT run left off and continue with the next serial numbers in the original run. The continuation DB4s will feature original four-speed manual transmission with rear-wheel drive and limited-slip differential, as well as a straight-six engine with two spark plugs per cylinder. As it appears that Aston Martin is just now getting to turn some laps in it there is no word yet on its performance numbers, but one would assume it would be in line with the original’s 153mph top speed and 6.1-second 0-60mph time.

Those lucky enough to scoop up one of these beauties will have ample opportunity to let ’em rip on the track and see how it performs, as they are not being built to be driven anywhere else.

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