Behind The Scenes At Fast Lane | Garage Rehab

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Fast Lane presented a new challenge for the guys… An owner that was willing to be quiet and take direction. Sure he wasn’t entirely up front about his finances, but pride is a hard thing to overcome. And at the end of the day everything came together, from temperments to the build and Fast Lane garage is back on track to make something awesome happen. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for them, but until then you can check out what all happened BTS in Nashville, TN.

[Photography by Handover Photography.]


  1. Last night I watched your show about the shop in Nashville Tenn. this morning I got to thinking since you are interested in building up this guys shop why not buy a rollback or wrecker and advertise that if you can’t get too us we will come and get you. don’t know where the thought came from it just popped into my head. I enjoy your show and hope you get to read this email.JOKE: Two guys in a bar arguing about how rich they were. One guy was from Texas and the other from Georgia, the Texan said he was so rich he could build a gold wall 3 ft. high around Ga. and the Georgian said “well go ahead and when you finish I just might buy it”

  2. All I know is that from some of these episodes I’ve watched your gonna own a lot of shops around the country after all this is done

  3. hi love the show and all in it , is there any way we could see and meet the guys at gas monkey garage or is that a no no , cant understand aaron leaving tho cheers phil elly

  4. I love the show, but you guys got to know by now John Ferguson is one of the biggest jerks in Nashville. Hell, most of his friends can’t even stand him anymore. He came on the scene as a nice guy, but turned into an A$$hole real fast.

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