Behind The Scenes At Mega Race

Mega Race

“It was close; but that’s the way it is in war. You win or lose, live or die — and the difference is just an eyelash.” – General Douglas MacArthur

Well, there you have it. The outcome to Mega Race wasn’t what we hoped for, but they were some fast dudes. Congratulations to Big Chief and Street Outlaws and thanks for challenging us to take on a build like none before. Man, “just an eyelash.” We’d love to get this car back on the track soon.

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  1. The Gas Monkey car was plenty fast enough to beat the Outlaws. It was your driver who wasn’t up to the task. Maybe Richard should have driven.

    • No doubt, the GMG car had the power to win it. My guess is that that Alex is used to leaving off of a clutch, not a transbrake. Some of it was tire shake. The car and the driver just needed a few more hits to get it dialed in.

      • Sir I think they both won ! Gas Monkey builds cars and showed up with a SICK looking race car which was the better build … The Street Non-Outlaws race and so they won the race ! Scripted Television . The Crow build was hinted end of last season by Chief .

      • 57_RestoMod. We all get it that the Challenger was not dialed in for the race. Unfortunately there is huge hype and money at stake in big media events. By being unprepared , Rawlings soured his own image on national TV and more importantly that of his major sponsor Fiat-Chrysler. All of us know that when we are going into a big challenge, “coulda, woulda, shouda” does not cut it when we fall flat and come up woefully short.

  2. Good job Richard I’m still with GMG you guys build the most sick machines and who cares you guys lost a race against 405 I’m sure they’d lose a build off against GMG lol plus their show is always the same crap . Keep it up man sick car by the way ????

    • Well their show is about street racing, so yeah it would be the same every week. That’s what they do, race. No need to call it crap. GMG on the other hand does a different build every week, so yeah it would be different. Two really badass cars and the real driver / car won and rightfully so. Just too bad they didn’t take RR’s $$$$ , he got lucky there. Could’ve been $50 k lighter on the way home.

          • Do you watch the show . Nothing Outlaw about it . State and city police close off highways to allow filming of the show . All the trailers ,cars and lights the cops would be all over them . If you think it is real I suggest waiting up to see the Easter Bunny

      • Well Jon did you watch Chief build his car? Some guy in AZ sold him a race car and Jeff Lutz build the rest. Chief and sean sat on their butts and did nothing. The rules said they must build it All the guys that worked for GMG . GM and Chief started at about the same time and Chief had a bigger garage. RR did not sit on his butt and 4 years after he started he hired AAron. RR made a lot of money and Chief and sean sat around and talked. Chief is a liar and a cheat and a lazy Indian living off the Govt. I will always watch GMG.

        • That’s a pretty stupid thing to say! You believe everything you read? You there filming? Call someone a lazy Indian? Tells a lot about yourself right there.

        • Lazy Indian wow this coming from some ass that probably can’t even change his own fuckin tire
          How much is ur AAA bill

        • oh, Gomer Hammerhead you mean the government that took their land,starved them and destroyed their culture all by design. I am a fan of both shows….i.e.Alex Laughlin and big chief in 405.. You speak with forked tounge Paleface…I see how you see the Native Americans…Care to give you opinion on the African American racers too?
          Joseph “Crazy ” Wolf
          Cherokee Nation

  3. I’m just a backwood WV. Country carcrazy boy if I had to I would watch your show all the time it makes me want to keep working on my project It’s a 1975 j10 Jeep truck but I try to stay up dated through YouTube and I don’t care what people say about the race I support what you do

  4. Well there you have it GMG gets schooled by the 405. All the money in world does not equal a win but it sure doesn’t hurt. The 405 crew live to race and race to live. I hope that Richard Rawlings realizes just how serious the 405 crew is and what they bring to the table each and every time they race. Better luck next time Daddy Long Dollar…………….

    • Why would Richard or GMG give a rats ass about what 405 crew does? they lost a race big woop! its not like they race for a living….haha

      • Danny, the Gas Monkey organization gives a giant “rats ass” about any challenges of Mopar based equipment. Fiat-Chrysler has unfortunately put themselves in the poor position of having Rawlings as poster boy / representative. This was a very bad idea: mark my words.

      • Bottom line is Richard is a punk like Trump and most business owners he can not get his own hands dirty and honesty means nothing to him because that would get in the way of making the all mighty buck!

    • RR did not sit on his butt like Chief he went out and made money Chief owes $100m on his first car and his second car I don’t know what he paid the guy in AZ for the race car, As for money Aaron has made more money than Chief. But then the govt doesn’t pay him because he is not an indian

      • They went for a chassis and body with a VIN number that was Highway proven and registered the office of DMV I’m wondering Richard rawlings what is the DPS in Texas and utilized on the state highways or was the car given to them buy Chrysler wait a second didn’t Gas Monkey purchase they’re chassis and not build it I may recall that one of these auto manufacturers had given Gas Monkey Garage a car but it could not be driven or registered for Highway use wait beer assistant where’s my beer assistant personally I’m glad Aaron left why is one enjoy hearing the technical aspects of the car bills unlike Richard Rawlings some of us see that as being important to a show well Like Richard Rollins would say I don’t understand anything Aaron says when he starts speaking all this technical stuff so blah blah blah blah blah blah you guys deal with it beer assistant

      • Hey u got big words for someone u have never met u sound like u mad u need some money damn get off his dick u keyboard punching lame

    • No doubt they all are making money that is for sure. But I don’t understand why the Native American thing has to be brought into the conversation.

    • Didn’t gmg have the faster time? I’d say they did what they were supposed to do. Build the faster car. Their driver got schooled by Chief is what happened. I’m also sure RR goes through 50k in a week np. Lol

    • Agreed. I couldn’t believe he was crying so much. He is a pro driver so why wouldnt he want to go against another Pro?

    • I was a fan of Gas Monkey until I watched little Ricky cheat like a little bitch. The only crying I heard was when little Ricky’s driver was whining “they’re just a bunch of bullies”.

  5. I love watching your show when are you making new episode all we see here in Massachusetts are repeats over and over takes the fun out of it there’s this beautiful I think it’s a 1967 or 68 caddilac convertible up here just sitting at and abandoned house every time I drive by I think of what you and your guy could do with this car it’s beautiful its hear bracking to see it just go to wast if it’s something you would be interested in here’s my email and I’ll see if I can get some information on it

  6. I like the both shows but gas monkey wins with the diversity the different cars and subject matter. Big chief has a big mouth and he’s no rookie he came up with very sweet ride !

  7. So Richard. when are you going to burn the racer? Several million people heard you say you were going to burn it if you lost. Were you just jacking your jaws? Are we going to get to see it burn?

      • Greg And Ron – There isn’t going to be any burning accept the Chrysler corp. alliance with Rawlings. The “I will burn it” comment is a classic example of over confident arrogance. As everyone knows the fall and humiliation is huge. In the case of the TV and auto industries this can translate into many millions of dollars.

  8. At least it wasn’t another “to hell with the rules win” like it was with Road Kill. SO had to know RR was not going to stuck to the rules.


      • Lmfao..Joe I take it you live in California and race a moped? 405 race like we all do ( I’m 417 BTW) shit talking and balls instead of brains. Turn of TV. Build a car.

      • Joe – It was a clear case of Chief viewing himself as been outclassed and hustled by deep pockets sponsers ie. Fiat-Chrysler and obviously far superior equipment. Chief’s confidence was non existent. He was just using the same on the street negotiating / defenses we see all the time on the racing challenges at Street Outlaws. The thing that Chief’s group did not even consider is that Rawlings would bring out a basicly unproven race car and team to a major race! Chief dodged a bullet and walked away as a hero giant killer.

      • Wow another one do u know how ta change a tire?? RIGHT!!!! O u must b the new director an u know that they let BIG Chief win So they said let’s let Chief win an make dumb dumb look stupider then he already makes his self look an wit Aaron gone his cars ain’t gonna b shit anymore without AARON

  9. I see both sides to the controversy. Big Chief, damn good driver. Great reaction times. Good show.
    Richard, talks an awful lot, has a great garage, build crew, nice bank roll. Good guy stuck in bling-bling jeans. I think Richard should get to a driving school just in case it comes up again. Better to be ready. Alex did just fine with the race, just a little slower on the reaction time.
    I dig both shows. I wished the bickering didn’t happen, makes them both look bad in that respect. Great win for the Chief and the “Crow-Mod”.

    • Steve – I really respect your comment: you get it. You mentioned ” bickering” between the big egos. This is just another reminder that that kind of behavior runs totally against the principals of good sportsmanship and professionalism. It makes for great TV drama, but consequently makes the figures look very juvenile and small. It is always the best to be gentlemen to come back another day for good competition, right? How many fine racers and athletes can you name that fit the description of “class”?

    • It wasn’t the crowd mod. They built it off of a steel bodied Vin numbered car. The crowd mod wasn’t either of those. It was a built pro mod.

  10. Well done Richard , and the monkeys ?, they did a great job on the race car, especially since they mainly build hot rods. The next time you will beat him. Brian from Ireland.

  11. Hey since ya smack talked the paint job on the winning car and you kept the 50k , the least ya coulda done is offered to paint the car for them……….

    • Larry, I do not know what being from CA has do do with anything but furthering images of “snow flakes” here. I am from California and I think the Gas Monkeys botched up just about everything and made well deserved fools of themselves. We all make our own beds to lie in right?

  12. No way Richard should have gotten in that car, he is the money man, He would win doing donuts in his parking lot !!! I blame Discovery for even putting them up to it. Just like the Biker Build with West Coast Chopper, they don’t build bikes they build custom cars, They are damn good at doing that, They aren’t racers, if they had a custom car build off they would win every time. That’s what they do. I like both show’s don’t get me wrong, have chief build a custom car and see how that turns out.

  13. Richard should start laying off all the bling!!!! Stop flashing his cash around.. No body needs to see it all the time. Stop being a little bitch and start being a mans man Get your hands dirty or hang a tampon string off the back of your flashy jeans.

  14. Lot of driving comments from a lot of mouths that have never drove anything near that fast. Seat time is everything. I like both shows but the whining last night turned me off Big time.

  15. Great race! I watch both shows, both are great. I wish that RR would have offered a congratulatory hand shake to Big Chief!

    • i though RR was willing. RR shook hands with some of Chief’s crew and then was watching Chief’s body language to see if Chief wanted to shake. Chief ignores RR after the race then it becomes very awkward.

  16. Great show i think Richard Rawlings was the better man, he told Big Chief from the get go he wasn’t a driver or driving his car, at the end Big Chief shook everyone’s hands but Richards, WHAT A GUY!
    i kinda wish Aaron would come back one last time and build a car and drive it and beat Chief senseless.
    i’m 67 years old and have been around cars all my life, i have a 1956 Porsche Speedster Kit sitting on a 91 frame, very beautiful car!

  17. Just a shame that “little chief” acted like such bonehead on the show. I can’t believe that he could
    rationalize racing a totally inexperience driver was ever a good idea.*Also given the facts of smashing up the car and the main man in the mix quitting should not make anyone think about what was happening. Also TV was giving “little chief” this opportunity to basically live his dream. His temper tantrum and actions definitely took some of the enjoyment out of the show. Also knowing how he treated Doc for not wanting to race on his show because he was unwilling to race first and how Doc acted and how “little chief’ took offense was surprising. Given the weeks of buildup and investments it was extremely disappointing. I am no longer going to be a fan and watch the street racing show.

  18. I’m sure this is all planned in advance. Richard was never going to drive that car he would have killed himself. This was all to get the focus off of chiefs Crow mod and back onto the crow.

  19. Love both shows & this one was entertaining as hell, which is the object of the network’s game anyway but, still wish the “Street Cars” were really that, with license plates, registration etc. Ditching the Crow-Mod & going back to steel roof & quarters was a move in the right direction but…..

    • Fully Agree! If he’s going to pay for a car and not put a drop of sweat into it himself, might as well have the real racers build it for him.

  20. Aaron gone…RR cheating in my opinion against 405. Ever be it slight, cheating is cheating in my book. I’m done watching GMG. Nothing to see really but long dollar make monkeys jump..if Aaron has a show..I’m in. Creative building that’s what I want. GMG lost there artist. Now its just a shop. Best of luck

    • RR has built gas monkey from nothing, he has never done the racing on the show, that was always going to be AK. Richard is right he isn’t a pro racing driver so would have been made to look totally foolish trying to drive a 3000bhp+ car. That’s what “big” chief wanted which just goes to show what a total dickhead he is.

  21. Just like Fast N Loud changed car auctions and builds, the 405 has changed racing. It’s relevant again. If you listen to The Chief and Shawn Show, they are the real deal. Richard is a great business man, but GMG did not build that car. The Laughlins could’ve won with more tuning and testing.

  22. SELL the car at auction, don’t burn it. Donate the proceeds to a Policeman’s benevolence charity, such as The Backstoppers, that we have here, in Missouri.

  23. What a bunch Whining cry babies the 405 are. Little Squaw was using every excuse he could before the race because he knew he was way out classed. Talk about loss of respect, you lost all of mine towards you with your mouth. Little Squaws car was exactly the same as the one he has been racing for years or probably even the Crow Mod with new/old skin attached so there is no getting familiar with the car as Alex had to do. With a little more test and tune and let Alex get used to the car this would have been an completely different result. RR great show and one awesome car. Alex, you are a true class act and you and your team have a new fan.

  24. I am not one to judge because I sure ain’t perfect when things go sideways, but I liked the two story lines that were portrayed, the big bad boys vs the nice guys out to have fun. Aaron C. Farmtruck and aszn stole the show. I would have preferred to just see that side of the episode. We all need more laughs and inspiration from these shows. What’s with all this negative drama? We’re all trying to set good examples for our kids and this episode was the perfect opportunity to teach my boys the difference between right and wrong. I’m just glad aszn wasn’t killed in that stunt. I forgive all those who lost character points for the sake of tv ratings, let’s get it right next time for the kids who are following in our path. Call me old fashioned, but I’m not old or sheltered, I just have high standards for adults and that’s thanks to my pops and his friends who raised me and put the passion for cars and people in me. Farmageddon for me?

  25. I can’t believe this mega race story line was completely spontaneous. Like many reality shows, there’s a script. Did you really think Big Chief would pull out of a race that has been hyped up for weeks and simply drive off in the sunset? I sat there waiting from him to change his mind and turn around, and sure enough, he turned around, just like it was written in the script.

    And how about Aaron quitting the GMG to pursue other interests, just to show up building his own car under an impossible deadline. Isn’t that the reason he left the GMG?

    You watch, the producers are seeing if Aaron can handle his own show. If not, I hope he ends up back at the GMG.

    If Aaron leaving the GMG is really true, instead of dreaming up the parallel story line of Farmtruck and AZN challenging Aaron to their own race, I would have liked to see Aaron finish building and driving the GMG race car and then quit.

    These shows are fun and entertaining to watch, but remember, they are fake, fake, fake.

    Was the race rigged? I personally don’t think so, but what do you think?

  26. The ending when RR went to shake Chief’s hand was pretty telling. I understand why Chief was pissed that he felt the bet had been changed . . . cause it had. Now this change may have been an edit done on purpose to create conflict by the producers, who knows. Conflict that was still pretty believable. RR was willing to shake hands and Chief basically ignores him at the end, that was poor sportsman ship (on Chief.) I side with RR and GMG on this one. 1) RR is now a business man and has lot’s of responsibility. If I had as many businesses to run I wouldn’t make time to learn to drag race either. RR has too many employees to think about feeding. 2) RR should have told Chief AR wasn’t going to be driving. This way Chief as all the information up front before racing.

    FYI, as I am native Alaskan, Chief doesn’t represent all natives, just himself.

  27. Both cars were really fast just that OKC got the jump on Richards driver but car for car it would be a dead heat I think OKC’s driver Chief is more or less a professional driver with great reflexes and Richard since he doesn’t race drag cars for a living I can see why he didn’t want to race Chief smart move but the driver for Richard got nervous after seeing the car for OKC an tried to tweek it some for more power and that was a bad choice. I would like to see another REACE BUT THIS TIME ON THE STREET AND LET AN ANONYMOUS PERSON PICK THE STREET NOT BIAS AND THEN LET THEM RACE AGAIN BUT THIS TIME FOR SOME BUCKS (y)

  28. The $50k bet should have been Richard and Chief driving their cars to the nearest drive thru, placing an order and making it back to the track. Better yet, walk in and order, someones car is a little more difficult to start.

  29. This was a horribly expensive lesson Richard. You said “At least we did not lose any money”. You have potentially lost millions. The indications of unlimited budget projects have been very clear ie. the use of Chrysler cars and parts / chopping up new Challengers, cannibalizing expensive motors, and like”$30,000″ shocks” on Gas Monkey Pro Mod. Fiat-Chrysler has taken a gamble on your organization and I know being humiliated on national TV by you guys is a poison pill for them. Sadly, all the goofing around backfired in this case, as taking out a basically unproven car and racing team to a big show was doomed.
    The demise of the Richard – Aaron alliance in my opinion is no big deal. The Kaufman “mad scientist” morphadite / Frankenstein type cars become pretty much boring and expensive experiments (not classic). Don’t get me wrong dude, as I like you guys a lot, but the Gas Monkey Garage show will probably be a dead issue and off the air soon.

  30. Chief won because he’s a veteran at staging and treed the living daylights out of the kid. He did everything to mess with Alex’s head. The first race he hit the second staging light before Alex. Usually turbo cars need to build boost at takes longer to stage and that’s probably what Alex was waiting for. On the second race he popped back out of the box then jumped back in.
    I watch both shows and kudos to both teams. They both built badass cars and if the Laughlin’s had more time with the car, I’m sure they would have won.

  31. Here is how I see what happened with the Mega Race. The SO guys built a carbon copy of The Crow. By doing so, they had an immediate and huge advantage, because they were able to plug in a known and proven tune up from their laptop. That’s why they got their car to run near peak performance after just two hits. On the other hand, GMG was working with a brand new combination, and therefore needed many hits to get it dialed in. That’s just the way it is with a brand new car, especially a Pro Mod type car. In addition, Alex is a Pro Stock driver, and used to leaving off of a clutch, not a transbrake. So, he needed a few more laps to get more comfortable. I am confident that with a few more hits under its belt, the GMG car could have won.

    • VERY VERY well said Mr Mod nailed it on the head . Also Gas Monkey are car builders and built a sick car . Street NON Outlaws are racers and race cars . Story lines and program ratings dictated the win . I told my buddy that Chief would win from the get go

  32. Watch both shows and cheif did kinda act like a baby. Fist race was close and gmg actually had the faster time, then they messed with the blower shoulda just left it alone. And chuck is the biggest shit talker and has he even been in the top 5? They call themselves street racers and get all mad about track cars but yet u have parachutes? Take ur car to the grocery store then cheif and shawn. And sandals and striped socks aint a good look for someone who claims to be a bad ass and hags on jingles haha. And gmg started season 1 with 2 bay garage and 3 mechanics and look at them now. Maybe cheif and shawn should put money into their shop and buisness instead of a “street car” they drive once a week.

  33. Love both the shows, but let’s be serious folks. Richard made enough excuses for everyone. He proved that a big mouth and bigger wallet don’t mean a thing.

    • Sean is nothing short of a tool . Everyone else works on his car . Murder Nova is to Big Chief what Barney Fife was to Andy Griffith

      • Bill- Interesting that you bring up the idea of ratings of 405 racers. For my money that “Monza” is a darn straight up kind of guy. He has been a good sportsman (no attitude-ego trip) and seems to be a good family man as well. I wish Monza could come up with some good sponsors and be a dominant figure in the show. They can use the class. Also, I though Dominator, Andrade, Kamikaze, Shane and the Varleys were good guys.

  34. The one thing that bummed me out was when Arron put out the SOS for help . I wish I would had heard . I would had been on a plane and there with bells on just to work along side of Mr Faufmann .

  35. I think the 405 just lost a lot of respect as far as I’m concerned, cause all that cryin and BS was unnecessary. Everybody knows Richard don’t drive his cars and even though 405 agreed to someone else driving, they (chief) acted like a bunch of clowns. I won’t watch Outlaws anymore. I’ve spent my share of time Street racing, and they acted like they got the wrong script. Lmao

  36. Richard did his normal and got called on it wrong year car, he admitted one of them was supposed to drive but Arron quit, brought in people to tell them what to do next to build it, and then tune it. Wasn’t gas monkey against Midwest . Don’t know if the track was prepped,chief drove his thru the bumps not Laughlin, there is video of both Shawn and chief driving their cars around town Shawn even took his boy to school in the Nova. Chief hasn’t always had his nhra license they even pulled em when he first got em. Monkey’s got stomped by some guys that have always played with cars. The whopping would of been worse on the street. Street outlaws has increased drag racing attendance exponentially that’s why NHRA asked them to come back.monkeys just need to stick to what they know even with help they were out of their league

  37. Hey Richard! If you ever read this, you might want to consider actually wrenching on your show once in a while. Fans might actually think you’re a car guy, and not a professional hair groomer. Also kinda the reason actual “street car” builders dont respect you. P.S. Cheating doesn’t help. Food for thought.

    • Rick, you couldn’t be more wrong. NHRA Pro Stocks use Liberty 5 speed manual transmissions. While they don’t use the clutch to change gears, they use the clutch to launch the car.

  38. Everyone rags on gas monkey garage, GMG seems always willing to participate in a competition where they have to meet the standards of their competitors, when will we see another group have a build off against gas monkey garage, how about big chief and Richard Rawlings each get $100,000 buy and sell cars & the first one to make another $100,000 wins ?

  39. So how much did Richard spend to build that thing? Love to see $ receipt $ totals for both cars. And did he say he was “Gonna burn that Bitch down” if he lost? C’mon Richard Nut Up……

  40. Bottom line…. It was about a drag race…. all hype aside… Gas Monkey lost the race…. Oh did I say Gas Monkey LOST the race…It’s hard to eat crown when the Crow won…..

  41. I think RR should build a team around his car. They should fine tune the car and their skills. Then RR should set them up in OKC and let them go for the list. That would be a Hoot!

  42. Lost what respect I had for you guys. Sleeves and Mike were mouthy. And that turd you hired during the concourse build,what a biatch!
    Losing AK is what you don’t need. He was why lots a guys watched your show.
    Alec Laughlin and HIS crew put that car together. RR and Denis the menace are in such a bromine makes me puke. GMG started off as a good show but the more RR wants to emulate DENISE is sinking the show.
    Tho I’m across the ocean out here in beautiful Hawaii I love my cars. Just so damn expensive to ship parts,etc. ALOHA

  43. If all you people had looked real close you would have seen that Richards driver knew he was going to lose by the way he was ACTING his body language gave him away he said when in the trial run that he has never hit a wall yet he did and it looked like it was on purpose not the car then as the big race came close he said he was wooied about wheel shake all race drivers know how to fix it he did not and cost him the race, it’s all about the money.

  44. Big Chief just used his same engine out of his Pro Mod and put it in the pre-built chassis just like Gas Monkey Garage did only difference was that Gas Monkey Garage had to build their car and Street Outlaws just put together the same one they already had.

  45. Gas Monkey or Richard Rawlings should have been disqualified.
    Granted the car was put together by a professional team, but that wasn’t the bet.
    GAS MONKEY GARAGE was supposed to put the car together and it was supposed to be a car, not a ProMd racer. Either Richard or Aaron were supposed to race the car, not a professional racer. GMG failed on almost every point. Richard did not follow hardly ANY of the rules of the race. In real competition, RR would have been disqualified before he even started the engine.
    Alex’s comment about the Street Team being Bulleys was total BS. I only give him an edge because I am pretty sure he was not aware of the rules that were agreed to.
    This was the way RR works even on the show.
    I am now waiting to see RR of GMG keep his word. HE SAID IF THE CAR LOST HE WOULD BURN IT TO THE GROUND…… Lets see if he can man up and keep that promise.

  46. I didn’t like the fact big chief tries to play off that he’s a street racer, he’s not hes a pro racer and doesn’t race on the streets. His show is fake, one of the worst I’ve seen from discovery, they close of the streets, get emergency services, have stands and massive teams if mechanics/crew it would be like a f1 driver saying there a street racer cause theres a street circuit in f1. He gets someone else to build a race carr then races them on closed streets, that’s not street racing.

  47. Guys, please stop arguing, Richard is the King of cars and although he and his team lost R50k to the 405’s, that R50k was pocket change for a guy that goes out to by a car and end up bying the property also that the car is sat on, can the 405’s do this in seconds of negotiating a deal, A BIG FAT NO. Yo rock Richard.

  48. GMG and RR are nothing but total f’ing POS! He treated K like shit who made him a lot of money. RR is just an idiot with money and no f’ing clue what it actually takes to get shit right. Seriously, he actually thought he could out spend the other guy and win. Total ignorance and no engineering experience.

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