Behind The Scenes At Scotty’s Automotive | Garage Rehab

Gas Monkey Garage, Garage Rehab

This weeks episode brought the Garage Rehab crew not too far from Gas Monkey Garage in Roanoke, Texas near Richard’s hometown of Fort Worth. There Richard, Russell and Chris set out to help Scotty, whose automotive shop of the same name, had seen better days. Get your behind the scenes look at what went down on and off camera below.

[Photography by Handover Photography.]


  1. Would just like to say after watching this show my husband has been decluttering our shop. We enjoy watching the garages coming together I personally love what you do to the offices. We own Lee’s Summit Transmission in Missouri. It has been interesting to see what you do in the shops actually for the owners some times thing just get into a rut and think it will get better. We have been in business for 19 years not asking for anything just want to say THANK YOU for helping the small businesses like us. Good to see people still care!! Cant wait til you go back and see how the owners have done.

  2. what you guys do to help turn around shops is awesome. Big fan of your work. I’m praying for the shop I work at, here in San Antonio. Wish you could do something to help my boss, help the shop turn around. Back to money making shop it used to be.

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