BIG NEWS! Gas Monkey Garage to Take Over the Live Build Off!

To say we had a kick ass time competing in last year’s ‘Chopper Live: The Revenge’ is an understatement. We couldn’t be more proud of the bike we built (FRED) or the fact that we came in second place against the best of the best bike builders. Shout out to all of you who voted for us! But this year is going to be even more exciting… because WE’RE TAKING OVER!

Chopper Live is out. Fast ‘N Live is in.

Here’s the blurb from Discovery Communications Blog:

FAST N’ LIVE – FAST N’ LOUD’s Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman put their building skills to the test on last year’s CHOPPER LIVE: THE BUILD OFF, and now the runners up are stepping up, grabbing the reigns and taking over the live build off!! FAST ‘N LIVE will pit build teams against each other in the ultimate high stakes live build off. Some of America’s junkiest cars will be restored into classic rides and fans will once again have the opportunity to vote for their favorite team.

That’s all we can tell you for now. Who are you hoping we compete against?


  1. Love your show you guys are so awesome…….You build some really sweet rides keep up the good work cannot wait for this show and your show to come back on……Keep on building, and driving…..

  2. There are a few great builders out there that I would love to see you all compete against. One of course would be Chip Foose, the other would be let’s see if Jesse James can make a car and keep it on schedule, besides them I would like to see more unknown garages compete. With the lesser known Garages this would give them a media blitz and hopefully increase their business and recognition in the beautiful and wonderful automotive industry. One Love, Car Love! 🙂

  3. I vote gas monkey I have a 53 plymouth or 39 plymouth that needs built now that im a parapalegic and cant move from. Waste down I been a mechanic the last 10 years now gotta learn new things oh well I love the show hope to here back.

  4. If you run up against Jesse, you’re done. Both of you were lucky he had better things to do last year than worry about this bike. He’d outbuild you and OCC in an eyeblink. Especially since you didn’t BUILD a bike, you refurbished one. You came in last. I love your show, but you got shit in this arena, no chance. Done.

  5. Good to see this… The whole GMG Team is a fresh inspiration to the little guys who tinker in their garages aspiring to greatness while enjoying a cold one and watching Discovery Channel – Congrats GMG Team! We’re on your side! 🙂

  6. Art busche in irving tx, complete customs of mckinney tx, drops r us in houston. Siscos fabriction in cali or built to drag in houston. Infamous in tx all great shops. But all in gas monkey catagory

  7. i think you need to get Danny “The Count” Koker from Counting Cars in on this! both are in the restoration business and it’d be a great little competition between Discovery channel and History Channel.

  8. You guys are looking for car builders? We have a shop in Wisconsin building some of the best one off cars out there, would be very interested in showing the rest of the world how its done here in Wisco …

  9. Do NOT invite that douchebag Jesse James back and whatever you do, do not freakin show TWEETS during the show. If I want to watch Twitter I’ll whip out my phone, don’t need to see it on TV!

    ~COM (Cranky old man)

  10. Compete against Jesse James… i’d like to seeyou guys “Annihilate him” in the Build-Off…

    That would be way to Freaking cool !!

    Out with the Old and In with the “NEW”/Gas Monkey Green !!

    Light Green with Metallic Flakes for the Color of the Car that You guys “build for Fast N’ Live !!

    LIGHT Shade of Green !!

  11. I would love to see you guys kick Jessie to the curb again….Danny of Kounting Cars (tho imo you guys out class him) would be a must watch for me as well…

  12. @GasMonkeyGarage that is badass, I have been hooked on the show since it started now I gotta start getting some gear!!!!!

  13. whatever you guys do is cool! you have no attitudes & no issues, & who can hold it against a guy who likes to drink beer? you guys are normal with no drama

  14. I hope you guys kick ass this year once again and I’d love to see this live as well , if there is anyway to let me know how I can get tickets I would really appreciate it !

  15. Go Gas Monkey. You had a bike you could ride. I think it should be like the old biker build off shows. You guys build them meet some where an ride them a few hundred miles to Vegas.

  16. Austin Speed Shop, So-Cal Speed Shop, Poor Boys Hot Rods, Pinkee’s Rod Shop, Fastlane Rod Shop — those are a few ideas, that puts shops from California, Texas, and the Midwest all into the same competition

  17. I have multiple years of bike building. Would love to help. I think “Fred” kicked ass. Then again you didn’t need a theme! PJD BLOWS!

  18. Great show. Keep up the good work. When we get out that way we’re going to stop by and shout at you.
    Keep up the good shows.

  19. Wow, lets bring in the bad boy himself, Jesse James, and then the third team should be Chip Foose. If everyone built the same make and model car, can you imagine the compitition. Simply AMAZING.!!!

    Got to be the best 3 in the business.

  20. I felt this way for the biker build off and same goes for cars,
    Keep it real, actual teams building actual cars.. Take the time
    to cover the builds right… Limit the “drama”.. I know it sells air
    time but when the first build offs aired, they were real! Indian Larry,
    Billy lane, Chica and a host of other builders.. That gets me fired up!
    That’s all I got to say. Thanks for ask’n


  21. o man thats really exciteing,I would like to see chip foose and his crew and crazy Jack at Plum crazy,s auto from passiac nj,they won the 71 cuda build off on car warriors,and you guys would be killer,cant wait

  22. Sounds interesting! Who will Gas Monkey Garage be competing against? Outlaw Garage? Anyone else? I’d like to see more than just two.

  23. Build off idea – how about an Aaron favorite (sarcasm) a tribute to a mustang motorcycle with a Gas Monkey Twist! Keep rockin it! Love the show

  24. Congratulations! The entire cast and crew of FastNLoud and the guys at Gas Monkey Garage deserve this. The show is great and can only continue to Rock On!

  25. PLEASE, build some rat rods !!!!!!! THATS WHY YOU GUYS ARE SO POPULAR !!!!!!!!! you guys build great cars with some “rust” to keep the cars real!!!!!!!! thanks JOHN KEETCH

  26. I want to see GMG compete against Autstin Speed Shop and watch them kick Jesse Jame’s punk azz all the way back to California where he and his ego belong!

  27. I challenge yall in a car build off …me myself and I against u and ur team ..I’m a local small town hot rod builder and hot rod restorer .I also do custom painting and pretty much everything but interior ….

  28. Love your guys show, I truly believe after watching every biking build off that you guys had a better bike than JR. And SR. But Jesse is one of the best with Indian Larry and billy Lane in my book. But it’s a popularity contest which I don’t think is fair to some of the great real talent out there in the bike building world:) wish you guys luck and ill be watching

  29. I would Love to see Danny and the Boys from Counts Customs jump over to Discovery and go up against the Fast and Loud guys. Bring Jesse James back after standing toe to toe with Richard.

  30. What is Fast ‘N Live????/ New show????

    From the blog post above…..

    lol ….. I know its just a typo but I had to bust their chops anyways 😀

  31. This sounds so awesome. The bike builds were sweet but I like old car builds more. The Fast N’ Loud guys are great dont get me wrong. However they should compete against Danny and his crew from Counts Kustoms in Las Vegas. He has his own show on the History Channel. Some others could be the crews from a previous show in discovery. The guys from Texas Car Wars. That show was cool I’d like to see it come back. I can’t wait for this it sounds awesome. Thanks…. Hayden

  32. I can’t wait!!! This is going to be #EPIC!!! #TeamFastNLoud all the way! I hope to see Overhaulin and Grave Yard Cars compete. Both are good, but Gas Monkey has what it takes to win the crown!

  33. Richard and Aaron are like a breath of fresh air after watching the many car and bike build show for the last several years. No fake timeline but still enough pressure to complete a project to create a little drama. Best build show since Boyd passes away.

  34. I think you gas monkey garage should compete against Danny Koker and the team of count’s kustoms in Las Vegas and show them how we do it in Texas

  35. We would like to see u build against Counts Customs from Counting Cars!! Good Luck guys!! Love your show!! Awesome idea!!

  36. Here’s an idea: Maybe Chip Foose, Danny Koker (Count’s Kustoms), GMG, etc… a few teams like that, maybe 3 or 4.

    The kicker is this: The teams don’t pick their own cars.

    The teams first shop around for the nastiest, junky ratted-out ride they can find, that ANOTHER team will have to restore. The cars would be picked up and taken away in AS-IS condition by the producers.

    Each car would then be randomly paired with a team, and then provided to them in a locked trailer, so none of the teams have any idea what they’ll be restoring or what to expect. That way every team can “find out” what they’ll be restoring at exactly the same time (maybe on live TV). Should level the playing field quite a bit. A team specializing in low-riders might have to adapt to a Ford Bronco, or a team focused on muscle cars might end up with a Nash Metropolitan. (This is sort of the same approach they use on Iron Chef.)

    The cool thing about this idea is that you’d want to get something that’s a complete piece of crap to start with, the most obscure, weird car they can find. (Sort of like the rat-infested Rambler on FnL.)

    I think that approach would really be conducive to the “Chopper Live” style of production, but still throw a lot of really cool twists in that would keep a lot of people watching, especially when some really obscure, oddball cars like that Rambler wagon get thrown in the mix and turned into a bad ass fully functional hot rod.

    Jason Patterson
    [email protected]

  37. R U going to see if Chip Foose is up for it ? I have some great car Ideas for U’s guys maybe Three ! I even like to help ? Go Gas Monkey……….& oh Yea…., Stop bringing Sue Junk …she keeps calling here, breaking my balls Y Gas Monkey always bring me Junk ? SUE I don’t Know ? I Just don’t know ?

  38. This excellent news, can’t wait……make really interesting, have at least 6 teams competing…….this could be 12 one hour shows with a 2-3 hour finale…..and a 1 hour voter result show……16 hour total now that’s reality TV viewing……….

  39. You should come up to colorado and see some of our builders. Krazy Kreations, Cash Daddy Customs, Newstalgia… Just to name a few. Hell throw out a challenge to a bunch of us hobby builders and we will be game. The Colorado chapter of the H.A.M.B. has a hell of a lot of talent!

  40. I think it would be great if you guys picked “lesser” known people who have amazing skills.. A great builder in Traverse City, Michigan is Kip Watkins who owns Watkins Boyz. speed and Kustom…Pics are online, Kips bikes have been featured in many mags…Just thought it would be cool to get lesser know, great bike builders some love..

  41. I think this is great, it’s about time that we get another true non scripted build-off bringing some of the unheard of builders into the main stream. Good job Ass Monkey as Sue would say Good job…

  42. I watch Fast N’ Loud and I think you guys are badass and what you do to your rides are amazing buuuuut I would love to see how you guys in a competition against the

  43. I think Richard, Aaron and Sue should do a road trip together across america and find classic cars and hot rods show’s. Can you imagine Richard and Sue in the same car while Aaron is driveing?

  44. I watch Fast N’ Loud and I think you guys are badass and what you do to your rides are amazing buuuuut I would love to see you guys in a competition against the One And Only, Jesse James himself! Dooooo it!

  45. The 66olds are just badass the lines the flared out fenders the iterior. plus the bigblock 455 frontwheel drive they’re are jus kickass cars. wen my dad passsed my older brother sold my dads 66 i pissed me off! but its still in thee calera durant ok. area I’m just not wher. wish yall could find it and make it baddass.

  46. Those guys that own the junk yard in Arizona, (Desert Car Kings) Count Kustoms, (Counting Cars) Chip Foose (Over Haulin), Fast and Loud, Jessie (for a little drama maybe?)

  47. Very cool… looking forward to a CAR build off with the Fast n Loud boys, against whoever. To be honest the whole American Chopper thing was WAY past played out and I was fairly tired of seeing that dog and pony show. Not especially looking forward to seeing Jesse James again, but I have no doubt that he’ll be a part of the show, I’m just hoping that you bring in some other interesting talent to go against F-n-L. You know what would be REALLY cool? Fast and Loud – Jesse James – Chip Foose, and maybe Barry White(Barry’s Speed Shop)? I think that line-up(or something similar) would generate a ton of interest and put the ratings through the roof, and it would actually be extremely exciting and interesting for us viewers. And maybe… maybe we could actually focus MORE on the actual builds and less on the tired, played out, and ridiculous fabricated drama and insult exchanges. Granted there are more than a few “WWE” types of viewers, but don’t discount the fact that there are just as many(or more) CAR ENTHUSIASTS that LOVE seeing anything automotive. Give us what we want, and we will come… literally and figuratively. 😉

  48. WHAT?!! OMFG!! Suh-wheat bread man!! Your the best who ya gonna go against?! You’ll have to like ask who would even try man,you know everyone wants to go against ya for their 15 minutes,try to turn that into a show and a lifetime of awesome,thats koo though can’t hate ya know. It’s gonna be Jesse James,respect and all but thats “T.V.”. Maybe Junior(wouldn’t that suck yer whole life yer known as “Junior”,I could go on and on but someone might actually read this so your spared,lol) and prolly whatever other team thats been on any of these programs n such, but man DREAM COME TRUE we knew this was gonna go down man!! Bikes are awesome man but I’m sorry CARS RULE!!! Ok rant over your welcome,damn i’m on disability but can I do some commentary for free?? Just expenses maybe?? C’moon man my kids are cute and they’ll work for “free*” too!! lol “*”~ Nova Green/Flannel Ritchie

  49. Please add WATKINS BOYZ in Traverse City Michigan to this.
    Kip does some really cool shit, hotrods and motorcycles.
    You wont be disappointed!!!

  50. What’s up gas monkeys? I’m Jeb McKenna from Cambridge Ontario canada. I’ve been watching your show religiously, my favorite has to be the rambler wagon. I think gas monkey should take on counts customs. Well if your ever in southern Ontario looking for a place to drink look me up.

    Cheers Jeb

  51. And I’m still looking for a job, Richard… (computer specialist, car wrangler/finder/tower/driver, general maintenance, custodian, all of the above) I F`n LOVE cars, love the show(but don’t want to be “on” or “in” it), and love what GMG is all about. Get me out of the “D”(Detroit) and into the “D”(Dallas!), where I’ll never have to see snow again…

  52. Excellent. I think the cars will apeal to more people. Hope they do not invite JJ. He would write his own rules anyway.

  53. Well its about time someone did something to show them them yAnkees a thing or two on how we do it in the south or should I say Tx style.

  54. who cares who the other guys are Richard you find it Aaron will biuld the bad ass ride ive never seen him miss the mark you guys rock P.S. the F 40 hope it brings you that 6 fig pay day you deserve cant wait till we get to see it done

  55. Kick Ass!!! Can’t wait to see this.

    I love to see West coast customs get their poser asses kicked. All they do is throw on some shiny rims, add 10,000 subs and paint!

    Jesse James is still a strong contender. Could turn into a damn good grudge match between you two.

    But most of all, I’d like to see the guys from HotRod mag. Roadkill series in on this contest. I think they’d give ya a good run for the money. They know their stuff and given the chance, I think they’d build a killer car.

  56. That is one of the best ideas that I have heard in awhile guys that is gonna be awesome would love to see it and vote. I’ve been around cars since I was a kid my dad is a body man so I’ve seen lots of really nice cars and helped on quite a few of them. Can’t wait to see this all come full turn sounds great guys I’m a big fan of the show watch all the time your guys rock!!!

  57. this is awesome we seen car rebuilding show’s but a car build off is awesome maybe Jessise James can show the world again he is yesterdays news his attitude sucks but you GMG its cool to watch a good groupd people joking laughing even through their tough times

  58. You ought to get Chip Foose and his pals from Overhaulin up in this mofo! I’d put in a vote for Ed China too, that tea guzzling spanner monkey from Wheeler Dealers…but that one horse pony would need some backup!! Look forward to seeing whomever you end up with though…wooooooo!

  59. Richard I love the show you guys seem like a really cool bunch of people to work for and with just wish i had the chance to hang with you guys and work on a project it would be something I would remember for ever maybe you should do something like a internship every now and then to help promote the love for restoring old classic cars just saying

  60. I would like to see Gas Monkey Garage go against Chip Foose, Jessie James and West Coast Customs.
    That’s some tough competition!

  61. get rodregise ( spelling ) rod and cycle from the show texas car wars…. He has a great personality and would be a great builder… his cars were sweet… his buddies are his crew…and quality build in backyard garage

  62. You need to bring Jesse James and his crew, wipe the floor with them!!! Love the show, you need more episodes.

  63. lonestar collision in cleburne texas builds some of the best cars around , and i think the show would be real great with all the cars we built in the past and some of the crazy builds that we are doing right now

  64. Fuck Jesse James. I hope none of those channels show anything from him. He’s a punk and a bitch and I been watching him for too many years act like his shit doesn’t stink and he’s a disrespectful cock.

  65. This is amazing!!!!! Richard & Aaron are a blast to watch! Make sure to put some sue in there to round things out….my girl loves the show cuz of sue so keep givin her clips so i can keep watchin F&L whenever i want!!!!!!!!!

  66. Since you guys are more known to us for building cars, and you built a bike against the best of the best bike builders, maybe you should go against Paul Jr and Paul Sr. Jr built that camaro, and Sr loves cars, what better way to face off

  67. I want to apply to be the fan announcer. To be the voice of the fans in the crowd and on the world wide web……

  68. Kip, Watkins Boyz in Traverse City Mi. will give you a run for Biker Build off! Great show and entertainment guys, keep changing up so does not grow old and into soap opera

  69. I love the idea and think it will be great TV. I realize it is a different channel but I would like to see you guys go up against Count’s Kustoms and Rick’s Restorations. If some how the two channels could merge together I think it would make a great contest and maybe you could throw the Overhaulin team in also. Thanks—

  70. You guys should look into getting Kip Watkins (owner of WATKINS BOYZ rod & customs ) On a show.. Kip & Donny (His Father) has been building bikes & cars their entire life..He started to go places with his work but his father passed and the economy took a huge dive leaving him in a slump! After losing it all – home,shop father, Kip has been trying to piece his life back together and do what he does best ; using his hands to build some beautiful work! Of all people who deserves a second chance , Kip has to be at the top! Please consider WATKINS BOYZ rod & customs as a serious option for the future.. Thankyou

  71. My votes are Foose Designs, West Coast Customs, and Barry’s Speed Shop. Ring Brothers, and Rad Rides by Troy, are probably the best out there, but don’t have the TV recognition. Recommend having an expert Pro builder judge that carries some of the voting weight so it’s not just a popularity contest. Give them 3 months too, so people have time to craft something truly nice that shows off their fabrication skills.

  72. I just wanted to say I love you guys you show is awsome and I was wondering what was going on with the facebook fan shirt. I ordered one.everything went through the bank but still no shirt.

  73. Yes I can not wait for it. I have been working on cars for 36 years and enjoy it. Would like to work for you but my wife will not move for here. We live in Candler N.C.

  74. like to see Jesse James,chip foose , or even Matt hotch because he likes steppig out of the box and like to see Cole foster the selenas boy has heart for nice old cars and motorcycles

  75. THAT’S AWESOME!! I think that’s way more interesting than how chopper live was. I didn’t care for watching already rich and famous guys just down each other and get richer. I think you guys will do an awesome job this year I’m looking forward to it.

  76. challenge – Foose – he can rebuild a car to look mean – as close as to perfection as perfection can be. Forget Jesse ” The Greatest” reminds how my cousins think .. hell their great at everything
    their s that 4×4 dude who’s real good, but I can t think of the name. I know discovery will want to Hollywood it up – have Paul or Jessie in there ( skip that shit)
    Get Foose and another at his level ..compete – keep real – and may the best man win.
    And Hopefully is Gas Monkey … yeee haw !!!

  77. austin speed shop, squeeg’s customs,hollywood hotrods, purevision design, cris holstrom concepts, kounts customs, rodriguez rod and cycle, skotty chops, to name a few!!

  78. If you need a vehicle to use in the competition, I have a 1963 Chey Nova SS. It would be perfect for the show. 🙂

  79. Were a little shop in the middle of all the oil boom taking cars to the next level .Were to my understanding the only guys here not scared to tackle an old car resto many people have driffted away from it .Were ready for the next level and a challenge just keeps us on our toes.Exotic Suspensions odessa’s only authorized suspension dealer 3888 s county rd west odessa tx.79766 phone 432-664-2104

  80. It does not mater y’all kick ass and when I find my dream car I am going to bring it to y’all you rock. Not to mention I am not to far from you.

  81. There is a 1966 ford truck in my garage I wish gas monkey would restore for me I have the engine and tranny for I just don’t have the time or money. Chip foose is all so a bad ass car builder and I’ve seen him do some trucks to. But gas monkeys style is more my style I think they are the best yet. With any luck I would like to make it to Dallas and meet them someday

  82. Jesse James’ shop, of course! After they mine their own ore and forge an overpriced ride that only a has been chopper ceo could afford, lets watch you spank them with a real world bitchin hot rod. When I sit on my couch and watch youguys work, I actually feel like getting dirty with my Olds. Thank you, its motivating. Dont get lazy ceo syndrome! Keep toolin Aaron.

  83. I think you should challenge Slick’s Garage in Palmetto. He came from TX so communications shouldn’t be a problem 😉

  84. i would like to see some no name guys get on there. why couldnt it be 3 dudes or ladies that have their own shops. it would b cool to see what other people could do with limited resources. im tired of seeing shiny shit! dont get me wrong i like that but i really like to see what the back yard car guy comes up with. the people that build their own parts to save a couple bucks on one part just so they can put it else where on the build. Everyshow on tv anymore shows guys bolting stuff on that they just spent way to much money on or they used a 30k pipe bender to build a a roll cage. thats just not real to most of middle america. where i come from if u want it an dont have the money….u build it!!

  85. I know u guys r better than these guys but what about west coast customs, unique Autosports, and for sure Jesse James again. I would like to see what can those guys vein to the table. Maybe a fish tank or too lol.

  86. Danny Koker of Counting Cars, West Coast Customs,Desert car Kings, Atomic Garage from Round Rock Tx, Rodriguez Rod and Cycle from Manchaca Tx…Wayne Corini from Chasing Classic Cars

    NO to Jesse James ! He’s a jerk and more I M O !

  87. There is a reason you guys got this show! Discovery realized that they needed real people on their channel. Enough with the drama and more of what we watch these shows for….Badass cars trucks, & bikes!!!! Not the DRAMA!!!!

  88. Lets see a real build off. Build the bike in 6 weeks like they used to do and ride them to the competition. No more of this lets build bikes you can’t even ride, mad probs to Gas Monkey for actually doing that on last years build. I totally voted for you guys. Lets take 1st this year guys.

  89. The past build offs have been from very different style and philosophy builders. I would love to see multiple like style builders competing against each other. As an example the past build off we had a NHRA Top Fuel dragster team competing against an Indy car team competing against a NASCAR team. Each team showed incredible skills and imagination from their perspective. How about we have 3-4 shows with competing teams from each specialty.

  90. Yea!!! So excited can’t wait. Love me some Gas Monkeys! Doesn’t matter who you compete against. Gas Monkey Garage ALL the way!!!

  91. PLEASE!!! Don’t include Jesse James!!! To much Drama!!! He is Yesterday’s News!!! How about a team lead by Jimmie Shine, and maybe Vinnie Demartino and Paul Junior?

  92. I hope to god it isnt paul jr or sr. I would like to see jesse james come back and make something not like last years build off, billy lane makes a good bike. And gas monkey made a great bike as well. If i had the money ide like one built for me

  93. The conjecture of many of those who were frequent contributors to many of the formerly active Discovery message boards (multiple shows), seems largely negative when the subject of your show, and some of the others “of recent choice” by the powers that be at the network becomes the topic.

    I would think that the emphasis on quality and desirability of the end product needs to be addressed, more so than the emphasis on speed. On the other side of the coin, the fact that your show actually does show a fair amount of fabrication, when compared to the percentage of drama, is greatly appreciated.

  94. I think you should compete against Tory Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods in Burbank, California. I think you two are the BEST and it will be great ! Good Luck!

  95. A combined team from Texas Car Wars… A Chip Foose/ Overhaulin’ team and the guys from Desert Car Kings… That sound about right?

  96. I think you should compete against chip foose if your goin to claim to be the best you got to beet the best or bring in west coast customs they can bling out a car like paul jr does a bike lol keep up the great work guys yall have my vote

  97. I would like to see Chip Foose n there somewhere he is on hell of a builder but so are the guys from Gas monkey. love the show gas monkey fast n loud is the best man show to come onto tv in a long time never take it off the air .. also i would like to see some 1962-63 Chevy impala ,belair wagons built that would be a dream come true thanks

  98. Lol come on you got too.. Jesse Jame. Austin speed shop. Y’all out did him in a biker build off now school him in a car build off.

    Go get em monkey man

  99. I would like to you monkeys take on some average joe that builds cars in his garage. I have a guy in mind that’s in a wheel chair that has restored some pretty sweet cars and trucks. Email me for some pictures of some of his work.


  100. Anybody except Jesse James, so tired of him . How about taking on The Counting Cars crew, not that anybody holds a candle to your crew.

  101. I hope you go up against Counting Cars and Chip Foose and West Coast Customs. I think you could give them all a beating…..You have already bitch slapped Jesse James.To beat or be on the same playing field as Chip Foose would be great….Big Fan—dave

  102. Chip Foose! Have you got the balls to take on one of the best ??? That would be incredible. Get Chip and Also Ryan from West Coast Customs. Those guys turn rust to gold. Bit of more than you can chew, fellahs, but the Gas Monkees will find a way! Good luck!!!
    ( hey, I still have that ’77 Formula for you to rebuild, wink, wink)

  103. I love the idea guys!! How will you put together to teams? I think you should also do a best viewer bike/ car . And bring those individuals in to build something. I can’t wait to watch!!!

  104. Gotta compete against Jesse James again……Chip Foose would be bad ass also!

    Lou Santiago from Hot Rod TV

    Stacey David from Gearz

  105. You guys need to compete against The Count from Counting Cars out of Las Vegas, if Rich Evans ain’t too stuck up he would be a good competitor, maybe get Chip Foose ; Jimmy Shine (So. Cal) and or Ryan Friedlinghaus (West Coast Customs) to judge that would be awesome! Maybe even get Chris Jacob’s from (Overhaulin’) to host. YES! that would be a show

  106. Rock on boys, hopefully this time you wont get screwed over by shennanigans like what Jesse pulled last year. Awesome bike builder but what a douche!
    It’s tough for you guys to compete with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in custom machinery these guys have to play with so like last year do your worst and build us another kick ass bike like what rolled out of the old Monkey shop. At least it was a true to the build bike!
    Show us more of your mad skills and let the games begin!
    Fast n Loud…..FTW

  107. Awesome. Just hoping you don’t see fit to include the unpleasant J James again. He is all about himself and there just have to be some better individuals who could bring the same level of talent and fun to the project that Gas Monkey always does. Can’t wait!!

  108. That would be cool to have a build off of cars, what would be also cool is if Bedrock Custom , s in Rowlett TX, would be apart of it. Check out or page on facebook @ berockcustoms.thanks. Keep up the good work.

  109. ‘Bout time! Y’all did the best bike anyway because Aaron rode it all the way. I loved Jr’s bike, but I doubt if it would stand up to daily use like Fred di! Kick Ass!!

  110. Got a 55 panel truck that belonged to my father who passed 5 years ago. He was a huge antique bike builder and our family is highly capable in every aspect to complete a build. Or ya’ll can do it…lol.

  111. I think the Gas Monkees should go up against Jimmie Shine,Danny Koker (The Count),and Jesse James. Keep the drama low keyed.The only reason I didn’t include Chip Foose is that I believe he and his crew is so far above them,it wouldn’t be fair! BUT Chip should be the Judge! They should have to drive the cars from a designated place to wherever they are to be Judged.(Maybe at SEMA?)

  112. Hey you guys should find one the old Barris customs like from the munsters and build something like that.
    great show but since you are moving to a bigger garage dont lose sight of your roots. Thats what makes your show fun to watch.
    look at what happen to OCC when they got big,nobody watches them anymore cause they are boring.

  113. On vacation in Daytona Beach, time for TV, caught Fast n Loud. … IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!. I don’t watch TV ‘Show’ but could not stop watching yours. Cancelled plans so I could watch em all back to back. When can I buy DVDs??? You guys are so funny and I love to see all the mechanic tricks and way cool ATTITUDE!!!!! Clear coat a 39′ for coup? You’re killin me! Messerschmidt?? STOP!!!!! 67 427 Stingray donuts … inside the garage???? ARE YOU NUTS????? How about a BK Butler audio sound install like as in Billy Gibbons ’61 caddy? Man, thanks for the show…. I’m addicted…..I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun as watching your show, walking around doing the ‘monkey walk’ lookin for someone with a rear wheel drive car to spin around n round. More shows more cars more big wads of cash!!!!!!!!

  114. Here’s a short list – lou santiago & jered zimmerman of ‘car fix’, stacey david (gearz), josh rodriguez of rodriguez rod & cycle. Just a few of the good guys that build some cool stuff.

  115. Well i want to be in the contest im a “tryin to make it” car builder from indiana, home town of james dean. I do think you should have unknown shops cause once your on tv more then once you dont need much more help to make it. So call me let me know when you want me there.

    Paul-Back Alley Customs
    [email protected]

  116. Yeah, lesser know guys would be cool to see. Jim Spiece out of Gilbertsville, Pa. does late ’60’s early ’70’s muscle cars.

  117. Jessie James is a pretty good builder, self centered, egotistical, so full of himself it irritates me to no end. IF the network wants some big time drama…invite Jessie. If I were the network I would give the viewers the best possible show of craftsmanship by inviting Chip Foose, Danny Koker and Richard Rawlings with their crews. The show needs to be about the cars and how the builders create the ultimate ride. I watched the last one only because of Gas Monkey and Junior, I was gunning for Gas Monkey but all in all it was a good show…except for Jessie. Jessie James is history, only good to those who still think he is “cool”. He came in third in the last one, In my opinion he is washed out and his performance, or lack there of, in the last show showed the fans that he has no true spirit of competition.

  118. It don’t matter who you build against…..but there DOES need to be a limit on the amount of money spent. That’s how you see real talent.

  119. here’s how to do it so it’s not a popularity contest, like the chopper build-offs were…PJD won because he is the most popular, not the best builder. each shop is limited to the same budget, time limit, number of builders….they build the car while being filmed, and the cars are either auctioned in a blind auction so the buyers don’t know which shop built it and the car that sells for the most is the winner OR the cars are scored by a group of professional judges, again not knowing which shop built which car, and the car with the best score is the winner but if Jesse James is involved there should be a point penalty for not completing your car in the allotted time. NOW THAT WOULD BE A GREAT SHOW or even a series………..

  120. I agree with Josh Hakemack, you need to get Josh Rodriguez, from Rodriguez’s Rod and Cycle . he is just down the street in Austin. Come on Guys Danny Koker ? maybe he could bring his side kick the animal guy, i would only last 5min, although he would be a good looser . or better yet AAron could dress up as (Marvin the Martian?) GMG is great keep, it real

  121. I think Jesse is an ass. No one I would ever aspire too. No better than some lame dog in heat and his ego is the only huge thing he has. Should be known is the in-law instead of outlaw cause he looks a little in-bred as well. Put him on and I will tune out, only thing I liked about last time was that he got schooled.

  122. We have only just seen the bike build off with Fred this evening here in the UK
    I was with you all the way, wishing for Fred to take the number one spot. Old news I no but well done for getting second place over OCC and Jesse. I watch every one of your shows and hope they keep on coming.

  123. Gasmonkey is the best car/ bike show ever made !,, it’s real no bullshit win some lose the lot tv show that we need more of thanks for making the show looking forward to season 2 . Keep driving man never stop
    Peace Micky

  124. jesse james ??? really??? G-D aren’t you tired of hearing this asshole whine about how everyone hated him, he was a a bad guy, blah blah blah. grown up m-fer, everybody has a sob story. dam, same old crybaby shit from this guy. i can’t believe people still wanna listen to this egotistical asswipe.

  125. You lot build some mint cars and do one of the best rebuilds and referbishment jobs ive seen.
    Personally I also think you should have won that biker build off as the other bikes where more like a work of art rarther than a practical “use every day” type of bike like yours was.
    It looked fantastic and the paint job was excellent. Nice and simple, the others where ott and far to complex and I imagine them to be horrible rides. Especially juniours.
    If the voting had been done here in the uk live you guys would have breezed a win.
    Anyway keep up the good work and great shows.
    Big shout from Nottingham UK

  126. Like to see you consider Russ and Summer Eggleston of Eggleston Kustoms in Randolph, Iowa. This husband and wife team will kick ass.

  127. Lose Jesse James and Senoir, bring in Chip Foose, and some of the guys who used to work for Boyd Cottington…and Juniour of course….

    You guys did great for a bike you rode to the build off. Very good showing, and only more good yet to come…

    All the Best,
    Anderson Prototypes.

  128. Aw, this was an extremely nice post. Finding the time
    and actual effort to create a great article… but what can I say… I
    hesitate a whole lot and never manage to get nearly anything done.

  129. I’d love to see you guys go up against Edd China from the UK (Wheeler Dealers). Actually, I’d love to see Aaron and Edd work on a car together …. come on Discovery Channel, MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Loving the show in the UK!


  131. Richard And Aaron, Who cares about Senior cry baby , and Jessie the washed up Ex , Foose is the man , But you boys need to build a real car , A 70 Buick GSX Stage one 455 The true worlds fastest muscle car , Saturn yellow or Apollo white with black stripes , Stage two heads and aluminum block , It would be the killer car ! Never had a BOW TIE boy ever beat my STAGE ONE ! Had to say it LOL GREAT SHOW LOVE YOU GUYS!

  132. You might be biting off more than you can chew with Foose. However Jessie James has got to do it. Just agree ahead of time to give him a 6 week head start- the man’s an artist- it’s his way. It should be about the product and not so much a race. Love your show.

  133. would like to see kounts customs. bring in a shop not nationally known for a underdog and give them a chance. Shop like 5th dimension out of Champaign il. seen some of their cars at car shows and they build some really badass stuff.

  134. 1. Danny & Kevin, from History Channel’s Counting Cars.

    2. Chip Foose would be another good one.

    3. Some of Spike TV’s Powerblock guys

    * would enjoy seeing everyone build some VW Bugs, or Buses!!!

  135. i know this is way late, butt,, THAT MARK DUDE, who said jesse (i got better things to do , like pay off my bunnyranch bill) would out build you in a “eyeblink” is obviously a austin idiot…Iwould love too see you guy’s kick his dumb ass ,and make him cry again… Go monkey’s..

  136. Gas Monkey Garage has true style and knows how to make a classic classy and badass. Some of the cars you flip for fast cash, I wish I could see you guys fully GMG’em and customize them to all their glory. Love the air rides, the cool rims on wide rear rubber and sweet paintjobs. Tho you know when a car needs to keep originality and the oldies with keeping the patina is smart and looks killer. I’d like to see some classic truck builds too in the future. Love the show and keep making those rides Fast & Loud!

  137. Personally I’m tired of hearing how great JR Tuttle is from his own mouth, How creative he is, How great he is… He’s always bragging on himself… Arrogant has all heck… Even his logo is that of a kings crown… No thanks.

    I like Gas Monkey garage, they just do what they do, and much of that is very impressive without being arrogant about it..

  138. Count’s Customs in Las Vegas. Danny Coker and the gang would be great competition for the Gas Monkey’s. It would make for a great show.

  139. Yea Jimmy Shine, Brian Mackey or Cole Foster would be cool. Some west coast style forsure and not this Texas junk or Midwest flat black red wheels and white walls. Get a shop that has skills and can use a TIG welder and lead. Gas monkey is fake, my uncle works on the show.

  140. Get PJD in there so they have to build a real car instead of trying to make a motorcycle think it’s one.

    Seriously with all the lying about the engine with the V-8 badge and the wanna be v-8 exhaust that looked like they took it off a snap tight model, couldn’t they have at least done the decent thing and dropped an actual Ford v-8 in it? I don’t know how many Harleys I have seen that some one got bored and decided to take their old Camaro that was rusting away in their front yard apart and put the 350 in their bike and drove it around every day like it was a factory option and here’s PJD putting a fake logo and exhaust on a twin cylinder when they should have at least taken the time they took advantage of, after Jessie blew passed the time limit to help his friend Sr. out knowing he would for sure take the extra time, and they could have had a Ford Flat head sitting pretty in there and made it at least true.

    I think it’s time PJD gets forced to put their big boy pants on and put their hands in the real grease and play a big boys game. Until they at least prove they can get dirty as the cylinder gods intended they will NEVER be true vehicle builders of any kind.


  141. I predict this,

    1: GMG will take a clunker, lower the crap out of it, add 1000 horse power, make fun of the others for a bit, Richard will be pissed about money, Aron will tell him to kiss his [email protected]# and get the money anyway, they will make the car look like perfect, go 200 miles per hour, drink a ton of beer and then still make their deadline.

    2: Jr will slap a bunch of Harley stickers on his Buick, talk trash on everyone else and then take the perfect 455 Wildcat out and drop in a V-Twin bragging about it’s 50 horse power and then put on a bunch of stupid lights that look awful and 156 mirrors that say Schwinn on the back, then he will paint McDonalds on it and make the gas tank look like a Cheese Burger and call it a theme car.

    3: Sr. will do the exact same thing Jessie will do while they both think their cool making sports car bikes, only he’ll drop the body on a motorcycle frame using a Mazda Z thinking it’s original to have a 2 wheel car with an old Atari Joy Stick he found in a dumpster where until he gets in the thing and it falls over.

    4: Jessie James will cut the frame out of a Camaro, hold it together with bailing wire, call it unibody and claim it as his idea but instead of a motorcycle frame he’ll just glue the nose clip of the car on the front and use bubble gum to stick the rear fenders onto a couple of braces he duct taped to an old Indian motor he found some where, Make a brace for the two inline tires using his belt to hold those on, and say he’s improvising and tell everyone that, that is the trademark of a great builder and no one has the skill set he does as he misses his deadline so Paul Sr. can catch up because secretly they where discussing how Sr. was running behind and he couldn’t look bad because of 2011 when he made that creepy crawler thing and everyone booed him off stage.

    Mean while Richard and Aron will have finished on time and they don’t take advantage of the extra time to get more done they wanted to do because unlike all the worthless idiots in the competition they believe a deadline is a deadline and if you can’t make that deadline you should be ousted as it states in the rule book, like a true COMPETITOR!

  142. I have a 1969 oldsmobile ninety eight fully load and all orginal with a v8 455 7.5 liter big block that needs restoring. Contact me at (919)579-9441 if you can help me out with this project. And you guys should have a build off with west coast customs and kounts kars the guys from wheeler and dealer the guys from turn and burn or even the guys from overhauling or desert car kings. it dont matter who you guys build against you will win


  144. @Matt MEANS … O just love how all you trolls either work at these places or have a relative or knows a guy that knows a guy. Your uncle don’t work on that show and you don’t know anything.

    Ok wait, Yeah I’m the guy that runs camera 1 so I know it’s real for a fact, and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you in the Mohave dessert.

    I’ll sell it to you cheap 😉

  145. Ok! The one big reason I enjoy the crap outa watching Fast N Loud, is because of all the good natured fun the Monkey crew are having on my TV!! I realize its a scripted entertainment show, and so do Richard and the boys as you can plainly see it as the twinkle in their eyes (plus the smirks on the faces) Its just so wicked to watch them have fun and entertain all at the same time and It really doesn’t matter they can’t act because its there work and honesty I tune in for . So this time for Live, please NO fake pissing contest between Jessie n Richard!! It pulls you out of the fun and excitement of watching the builds.

    One thing that makes Fast N Loud one of the better Automotive show out there to me is the realistic prices Richard pays n sells the cars for! Sure the sales may be staged but the prices are true! First show I’ve ever seen have the balls to get that right.

  146. Build a true MILE FLAT TRACKER BIKE and actually race it between the builders -THAT”S REAL! You need a set of balls to slide a flat track bike around the corners at 90mph! 110 down the straights.

  147. This was announced over a year ago. What’s the latest? I heard rumors that a lot of shops turned down the offer to be on this.

  148. You are a very busy boy these days …..please explain something to me …whats the deal with just clear coating over crap ??? I don’t get it you have an awesome painter and facilities they could look much better { your projects}
    thanks for taking the time to read this……..

  149. I think your the best show on TV I did 12 years and federal prison and didn’t miss an episode. Now I’m out and still watch it religiously. Keep up the good work I hope to make it down there sometime.

  150. Yall have to go against Counts Kustoms. Because i love yall both an this would be the best car build off competion yall can find!

  151. You have to build against your bestest buds at Fired Up or Misfits I know y’all want that! Plus they really need some A/C Tom is gonna shrink away to nothing.

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