Cruisin’ With The Monkey | GMGkhana [Video]

You can take the Monkey out of the garage, but you can’t take the garage out of the Monkey; which is why a chance to take dune buggies off-roading in Cozumel, Mexico was not passed up. Not having to be back on the cruise ship until 10:30pm crowd favorites Tony and Mater, along with some of their lesser known co-workers, took the opportunity to explore Cozumel via dune buggy.

When the crew finally met their steeds for the afternoon there was some hesitation. And rightfully so as the buggies were bare bones with the occasional upside down steering wheel, missing gas pedal and interesting camber, to say the least. It also didn’t help that the local guide laughingly handicapped the odds of survival at 1/1000. Though none of this discouraged the Monkeys who promptly paid an additional $20 to cover ALL the damage that they may cause.

In route to what can best be described as a quarry the crew stopped off to sample, and learn about, tequila and with some liquid courage in them it was time to go off-road. Stopping for a photo after hooning for a good 30 minutes one of the engines began smoking. A quick review of the problem and the guide turned “mechanic” figured it to be an alternator issue and fired the dune buggy back up. Thirty minutes and more smoke later the engine was locked up for good. It was determined at this time the fan belt was missing… and after looking at photo evidence from earlier it had been missing since the earlier mishap.

With the seized up buggy left at the side of the road cars were combined and all returned to the city with a proper adrenaline fix and happy to have bought the $20 warranty.

[Editor’s Note: Group B rally car effects added to video for cool factor.]


  1. Gentlemen,

    Other than the irritating whining from the 405 bitches (aka big chicken not crow), it was a great show (Mega Race), I don’t think 1/10 of the people understand just how difficult it is to build, tune, and race a car like what you guys did in such a short period. Hats off guys! Man, it did not turned out the way you or I hoped but GMG was by far the more professional looking and acting group and the fastest ET. Chief and Shawn’s bitching, it really turned me off on the Street Outlaw guys. Sorry about Aaron leaving, but looking forward to Fast and Loud’s new adventure, post Aaron Kaufman.

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