Daily Monkey | 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle

Pro Touring cars aren’t particularly a new trend as people have been building high performing old school cars for years. However, in recent years it has gained traction finally as a defined movement with cars inundating SEMA and magazines. In fact, this 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle is a former cover car itself having graced the front of the inaugural Pro Touring magazine.

The Chevelle was first made available in 1964 and this 1967 would just sneak in within the final year of the first generations four-year run. In ’67 the Chevelle’s power would peak with a 375hp 396-cubic-inch V8 option, but would be produced in a limited run with a little north of 500 actually seeing the streets. Though this Pro Touring Chevelle built by the famed Roadster Shop is not lacking power with a big block LSX 454 and nearly every aspect upgraded from engine to the custom leather interior to the JL Audio in the trunk. Now with the Pro Touring style of cars well defined the bar has been set for future full builds of this caliber.

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  1. Boa tarde, assisto sempre os programas de vocês, é muito legal a recuperação feita nos automóveis, abraço

  2. I am wondering if you are interested in buying any old classics. Definitely fixer uppers but beautiful cars. One is a 1957 CHEVY Bel air 2 door hard top. The other is a 1962 CHEVY IMPALA CONVERTIBLE. Both have the original motor. As far as my knowledge the 57 CHEVY runs. And the impala ran until the motor got stuck a few years ago. Have always wanted to restore these beauties but unfortunately don’t have the time or money. Please let me know how to sell these to someone who will appreciate these classic cars and bring them back to their full potential.

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