Devel Sixteen Said To Be Reality At Over 5,000HP

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The Devel Sixteen debuted as a concept years ago and has remained a myth ever since. However, that may soon change next week if Road & Track reports are correct.

Word is that the Dubai-based manufacturer will reveal the Devel Sixteen at the Dubai Motor Show on November, 14th. Appropriately named, the Sixteen will have a V16 engine which was recently displayed by engine builder Steve Morris Engines puts out over 5,000hp and features quad-turbos. Meaning that when the Sixteen is released it will bring an immediate challenge to the Hennessy Venom F5 for production car superiority at over 300mph.


  1. I love fast cars but 5,000 HP might be a little much for the high way. That’s Top Fuel territory. Where the hell do you drive it?

  2. Hi ? excellent cars wish I could get one instead of a Toyota vvti maybe you could swap me Toyota for any muscle car 69 camaro in rhd be the coolist car I’d like it with gas monkey on the side but dreams never come true love the show wish I could work in the shop for a day to

  3. Sitting there it looks like it’s doing 100 fantastic concept the engine is a work of powerful knowledge this is today’s tomarrow I’m all for change and new but we’re do we stop and come back to reality it makes a kid and goes to a mechanical tech school see s and hears about this and knocks the wind out of his sales there he is doin oil changes I understand it should give him the want to be that good but facts are not chances are not I feel bad for those kids I was there when I was young but it does make you think

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