Facebook Fan Q&A with Richard

Richard took a break from wheeling and dealing to answer a Facebook fan’s question on camera. This is the first of many fan Q&As with Richard, and we hope to do some with Aaron soon, too. Keep up with our “Facebook Fan Q&A Playlist” on YouTube to see if your question gets answered.


  1. Richard I have a nice Blown 27 T roadster for sale cheap it’s a 20,000. For 12,000. It’s worth U taking a look at I can send you some on my I phone are you can come byelook for your self I live in Rockwall so I’m close thanks

  2. My dad has an 52 Ford truck he has been trying to restore but last year he had a stroke and no longer able to drive. My wish for him would to see if the truck can be restored and completed before his health delcines. He lives in Dallas but I live in Houston. I am sorry I dont have pictures to send. From what I understand the truck has all fenders, hood, cab, bed, motor, transmission, wood for the bed, and most if not all major parts but not together… can you please help. Maybe just taking a look at it and telling me how much to finish…
    island girl long way home from big “D”
    LOVE, LOVE the show. Can’t wait for new season!!

  3. Hi Richard I am 14 years old and i am building a 1988 mustang gt 5.0 with t-tops and i was wondering is your 1968 shelby convertable a real shelby? and what do you think of my build

  4. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for being my inspiration, I just got started into buying and selling cars. I do make trips down into the Dallas area which is a 16 hour drive from where I’m located but its worth it. Hoping to make another trip down soon and visit the Gas Monkey garage sometime. Very awesome show. Thanks again!

  5. Hi Richard my husband has a 1984 white Riviera that he’s not doing anything with and since we watch your show all the time we were wondering if you would be interested in taking a look at it he wanted to fix it up but I think he’s lost interest in doing so. If interested can you please take it off our hands cause it’s just sitting here.

  6. Hey, Richard,
    was wondering on why you don’t purchase more 5 window trucks/pickups, I have been watching Fast N Loud since day one, and lost count on how many of the different 5 window pickups that you have walked by,?? maybe you go back later, but would really like to see you do some of those, as that is something I am wanting to do one day before the days run out on me, am trying to get a deal going on a dodge 5 window but he doesn’t want to seem giving up a price or truck? don’t know what shipping would be I live in ND,58554 alot of states in between, maybe you might be able to run across one and do it up for me cheap of course,? well was just wondering seems as if you don’t even see them, ?? but I do think you do, or you should anyway, well thanks again for your time, a rat rod would always be appericated as well, or both, hell you just missed my birthday, damn,, later,,, ThBear

  7. Richard, i’m a big fan of the show and the work you guys do, but While watching the episode of the 64 Galaxie and the 83 Lincoln I noticed during the spring cutting of the 64 Galaxie springs for the lowering up on your shop wall was the American flag being displayed incorrectly. When the Flag is being displayed in a vertical position like the way you guys have it, the Blue union and stars should be in the upper left corner not to the right like you have it. Thanks and keep up with the great show.

  8. Hi Richard

    I live in Georgia and my husband and I watched your show we wanted to know if you may be interested in a 1963 Chevy Nova SS it has been restored has plenty of power if you are interested or know someone that is please get back with me and we will give you all the specs on it and send you pictures, Hope to hear from you soon .


  9. Hey Dave! Im a huge fan and love all of yalls work! I seen the episode on the 68′ ford and was wondering where u found the gas tank relocation kit or did u just find one that was a close fit? My 70′ ford needs one Bad!

  10. If you would wanna see a 1968 firebird pretty good condtion need moter work does not have the first engion in it only has a 350 willing to sell maybe have to talk to people would be great if you reply.


  12. Awesome show guys. Great for my boys and I to watch together ! One question: when’s discovery channel gonna start the new season ?! We’re having fastnloud withdrawals man ! Thx

  13. Me and my friends are taking a big trip if u guys don’t mind were goin th rd and wanted to stop in and hang out. I’m ganna try and take my chevelle but we will see. Thanks. Ps. Great show can’t wait for the next new episode

  14. Hi Richard,
    Love your show & watch regularly.I am
    Mechanic at salvation army and we have cars donated
    for public auction.Saturday the 11th we will be selling a 88
    Mercedes 560sl hardtop convertible.Thought
    maybe you would possibly be interested. Also other nice cars will be
    Sold al unbelievable low prices.Hope to see you Saturday.
    Sincerely. Joel
    Ps-auction starts 9am

  15. I know y’all are out of Dallas but I know i saw a Louisiana inspection sticker on one of your rides on the show it was just for a split second showing some love for the boot I like it, keep up the good work and if I ever find myself up that way ill pass by and leave some rubber as a souvenir

  16. Hey Richard, have a friend who wants to sell a 1965 Mercury Marauder, I’ve only seen pictures but looks pretty descent and it’s only $5,000, not too far away, in El Paso, TX.

    you can contact me via email or phone (915) 487-8090

  17. Hi Richard, my name is Myra and I had a question for you. Hopefully you have an answer. My Dad has an 83 El Camino, pretty good condition but still needs work on it. He resently had one of my uncles work on it. As in painted it and re did the engine and my Dad is devistated with the poor work done to it. I would love to send you pictures of it so you can see it, maybe you can make my Dads day. Your response will be extremely appreciated. Thanks, Myra.

    • Sorry Myra, we’re completely backed up with projects right now. Good luck with the El Camino thoug, I’m sure it has lots of potential.

  18. Hey Richard.
    My son bought a 49 ford coupe, its rusty been sittin in weeds for yr’s, had a flat head v-8 in it he’s going to chop and lower it put 454 in it but having trouble finding hood for it check e-bay and other places but no luck thought maybe you had other places he could check. Thanks Regina

  19. hi richard i was wondering if i could buy one of your project cars from you the highest price i am going to spend would be is 60grand because i have always wanted a car made by you and aaron

  20. Hey Mark my name is Rick and i live in denton and i have been looking for a shop to rebuild old cars, i have built 5 cars in my days and would love to do it forever. Im stuck in a shop in Denton and would love to drive to dallas everyday
    i’ve been working on cars professionaly for 25 years and i have all the tools. If you are looking for help then u have my email address

  21. love the show. was watching and you guys were doing the gasser….and i think if you would have put on a front sump pan from a early mustang you would have saved more time and money and not have a hacked up pan

  22. Richard Rawlings…crusin Bowie. I had a 67 Beetle that Lyle Cherry overhauled for me back in high school. I used to sneek my uncle’s Model A out and race it at Millers, You probably know my uncle he has a wire harness busines . Great show. Love it!

  23. I have to say you guys are awesome and remind me of my days back in Jersey with my ex husband. He is a wrench and was always buying, rebuilding and selling and man you could pick up some great rods any day of the week back then! I just wanted to give you the heads up on availability through the Jersey Shore area! I love your show and as a chick who can relate I have a new favorite show to add to my list….Thanks Guys~

  24. Hey Richard,

    I know it’s sacrilege to ask a magician for his secrets but…any ideas on how to find hobby cars on the cheap?

    your fellow North Texas citizen,


  25. Dunno if you go outside of TX, but there is a 60’s 4door Ford Falcon (tuquoise/white top) that’s been sitting along a road for quite some time on the way from Bloomfield IN to Bloomington IN, (where I grew up, I’m in MPLS now) and I’ve always thought it would be an excellent restoration project. Seems not to be rusted out too badly and the paint is still there.
    keep up the great work – – – – – – –

  26. Hi Richard, just watched the july 18 show with the 1968 ford f-100. was wondering what color green you painted the truck? looked great, i am in the process of hot rodding my dads 1930 model A and love that color green…..

    thanks arnie

  27. I would love to come work with u monkeys on the best prodjecti have ever seen i like the fact its not a bunch of bull hit drama like these am choppers and other shows its about maken safe reliable cars that real people love from michigan and would give my left nut to have a chance to work with u guys if interested give me a call would love to just hear from u guys even for a couple mins if u cant juat send me some gasmonkey stickers and ill keep dreamen of meaten u guys b safe and cool

  28. Richard, we are having a charity event “Rock for the Troops” at the Dallas Hard Rock Cafe September 29h from 7:00 to 10:00 and there will be a lot of soldiers there that are big fans. We would like t see if you would be our guests? There will be several unique vehicles there to, military vehicles, have you ever driven in a military Humvee?

  29. Gotta 76 stingray with 5000 in brand new in the box restoration parts from Corvette America with reciepts, This is the last year stingray…A beautiful car and money in the bank but because of my health I just dont think im gonna get to it but would love to see it done. i have pics at facebook and NM is alot closer than some of the places youve gone to. some of the work is done the rest would be on you. 7,500 rock solid. check it out

  30. Hey Richard

    Just wanted to say congrats with the show, I never miss an episode! I just turned 21, from Ohio. In search of a 77-81 Trans Am. Any tips for finding a diamond in the rough?

    Thanks guys keep up the awesome work!

  31. Hey just wanted to know about the black 64 Galaxie . Would like to purchase it. My dad had one when he was younger. Unfortunately he passed away and we never got the chance. Please give me a call. 402.321.5492 Ryan

  32. I have a mint 1897 pontiac firebird one owner with 2 miles on it. It used to be Spocks from Star Trek. Yes thats right an 1897 Firebird. Would you be interested in buying it?? It has no rust and good tires. Seems like a project you guys could make a buck on………I am asking a buck 2 80 fot it. Let me know……….James T Kirk

  33. hi i have a 1972 impala conv.i was wondering would you be interested in buying it,its in good condition,runs 60% finish just missing interior and top,new paint,motor has a few spec,s you can reach me at 770 865-9255 in atlanta ga.

  34. Guys, I’m over from the UK for my first trip to the US for a few weeks with work. I’m in the bike trade though but saw your show for the first time tonight with the Rambler… Show was quality and I’m hooked! Going to try and make it to Texas now – keep it up!

  35. Hey Richard,

    I’m a good ol’ yankee boy from CT with a modified ’05 silver stang . I really appreciate your show. Where did you come up with such a cool name as “Gas Monkey” for your garage/show? I wanted to start a new business in CT and was thinking of a catchy name and knowing the “market” around here and how they vote I was considering the name: “Ass/Donkey”. Please let me know if you think this would be a successful name for my new venture. Thank you for your guidance.


  36. Richard and Aaron I know you guys are slammed with projects but was wondering who you would recommend that could do work half as good as what you guys do. I live about 40 miles north of Houston and could go north or south. I’ve got a bone stock 73 Bronco, with uncut fenders. Needs floor pans, minor body work, paint, and powertrain upgrade. Any suggestion would be gladly appreciated. Keep up the awesome work.

  37. Hello
    Is There ANY Way I Can Get Richard’s Or Arron’s Email Address? I am a 15 year old kid from California, and I own myself a 1976 Buick Skylark. It has the durable V6 made by GM, however it is a 4 door. I would very much like to know if I could contact Richard or Arron about my car, see what they have to tell me a bout restoring a classic car.
    Please, if you can, get back to me. My email is: [email protected]
    can you either have them email me or can I get their email address?
    Thanks in advance

  38. I’ve watched most of the car/garage reality programs on TV. What I saw last night, was the last time I’ll watch your program. Fixing cars and selling them for a profit is fine, but ripping off the buyers especially the way you did when you sold the Willys and that pile of crap rambler wagon. That was the final straw. Here’s a fellow hot rod guy that you knew having a shop in the same city and asking if you would take any less, and you telling him that you couldn’t do it. That was terrible. I understand people pay for what they think something is worth, but for you to take those prices for those cars was terrible. My hat’s off to you for making that kind of money selling those cars with a straight face. I hope that guy watches the show and sees you made 18k on a car you had to get 25k for.

    • That’s all part of the game Brian, this show is as much about negotiating as it is rebuilding the cars, and lord knows Richard has lost money on a fair share of rides.

  39. Guys, Absoultley love your show. I work in a autobody shop on the Jersey shore, we do dealer , insurance, marine, and classic resoration work. We put them back together but nothing like you. Your show and all its reruns are on my dvr. Big fan of Aaron. Sorry Richard…theres just something to be said for the quiet guy.

  40. …hi guys…got a resto shop out here in New England,RI to be axact…gotta say you guys rock and do some killer work…if your heading to SEMA this year maybe we’ll cross paths…i’ll buy the first round!!

  41. Hello fellas’ really like your show… Y’all should buy my 68 Super Bee (all #’s matching) that my dad purchased New. Its been stored in the boat shed for 25yrs… Dad gave me the car in 1975 when I turned 15yrs old… Now, I need to buy my Daughter a Car… LOL.. I will send photos if you are interested.. Thanks, Cliff’ Lake Greenwood, SC

  42. Love watching your show. You guys are awsome.
    I have an 86 Dodge D 250 318 motor, with 440 cam and lifters, 727 trans, truck is 95% dont know how to change the bed structure and bed panel behind wheel well. I have had the truck for 18 years first thing I ever worked for. Would like to know how to fix this.
    Ardmore, Ok

  43. Hey Richard and Aron
    I am a Marine in NC moving to California and have a 1964 Mercury Comet 404, four door have about 3 and a half G’s in it but wanted to know should I stop restoring it before I spend to much and have to sell it for less????

  44. Hey Richard,
    I was just watching your show and noticed that you got excited about a Green Comet. That one was trashed mine needs help. Mine is a 1972 Comet. I was wondering if you would be interested in buying it. It is all original with 41000 miles. Orange and black. Email if interested. Hope to here from you soon.


  45. I have an original 1969 mini cooper right hand drive that I use to drive around.

    A few years ago i decided to restore the entire car but ran out of money.

    The body is complete but need work. I have evry par of this car in boxes including the original engine that is still sound.

    Any interest in this car?

  46. i have a 1967 ford f-100 with original 352 3 speed on the column that i’m willing to part with due to other projects i’m working on. The engine, transmission have been rebuilt, brand knew clutch put in & other accessories to go along with the truck like door panels, exhaust pipe tips etc. if interested please feel free to email me back or call (386) 624-7962 i’m located in central florida. i watch your show alot & noticed aaron driving one similar. truck is 60% to 70% restored, would be a nice project for you guys to finish i just don’t have the time.

  47. Hey just wanted to say great show and wish you could find some 67 chevelles.. that was my car from my childhood.. and now into byilding a harley with a friend of mine.. wish soon you could show off your guys bikes in a show.. keep building badass rides.. ill be watching!!

  48. Fast & Loud I really like the show but i really could not believe 2 “hot rod guys” stood over the rat fink and did not know who or what the rat fink represented. is Texas in a another solar system or what?

  49. Hi Richard. Great show. I really enjoy watching it. I live in Tracy, MN and was wondering if you would be interested in a 1986 Iroc Camaro. It has a 355 with the Edelbrock performer rpm intake, cam and heads. Crane billet alum. roller tip rockers and stud girdles. Topped with a 650 Holley double pumper carb. The motor was assembled by Otto Performance of Watertown, SD. I purchased the car about 2 1/2 years ago. Was told by them that it has all forgered internals. Also has a new 700r4 overdrive with a B&M ratchet shifter. Was about 500 miles on the drive train when I purchesed the car. I think I have put less then 3000 miles since. Was painted before I bought it. Looking to get $6500 or best offer. Can be reached @ 507-626-1753 for more details. Thanks

  50. Hi guys, you two are the reason I turn on the tv. I’m wondering how your making out with the new pipe bender. I own a custom exhaust shop in ohio and i have been turning out killer exhaust systems for most of my life, everybody around knows if they want a kick-ass custom exhaust i’m the man 4 it

  51. Do you ever post what vehicles you have for sale? In January time frame, I would like to get a older truck or chevelle in the 10K range. Currently have restored a 53 chevy truck and would like start with one already done.

  52. Richard,my dad and I are working on a 1970 Chevy C/10 pickup and are trying to get it to look better than it is and attempt to take to the GoodGuy’s Show at TMS this year,hope you and Aaron will be there to check it out…laterz.

    -Ryan Moonen

  53. Richard, I see you guys also have some bad ass bobbers. Any chance of you guys building one on the show? I built my first bike over last winter and it is the same style as the ones on the show. Look forward to watching every week.

  54. Would you be interested in a 1965 F100, 6 cyl. 3 on the tree. It was a daily driver up until 10 years ago. Needs work. Breaks my heart to sell it, it was my dream project. It has alot of potential and I would love to see someone do something wonderful with it. Thank You πŸ™‚

  55. Hey man love the show watch it every week..me and my dad have a 62 Chevy ll convertible only thing needs is floor patched few spots and trunk. It has oridgnal motor ,trans and rearend. nice car but don’t have time to finish it just wounded if u interested in it ….

  56. I love your show. You guys rock. My mom had a ’64 Chevy Impala that she bought in September of ’64 at a year end sale.She paid $2700 for that car new, It was amazing what you guys did to restore that car to better than new shape.Keep up the great work Richard,and Aaron you have to be the greatest mechanic anywhere. Sue makes me laugh every time with her one liners,and the job she does on her interiors is incredible,especially in the time alotted to her.Great job everyone,I’ll keep watching. Thanks.
    Steve Neiger

  57. hey man i love the 66 bonnille convert. i wanted to know if you could get one or have one that is road ready, working, drive all around but not a show car, love the style with fender skrits, something thats depemdebale and can ride from fla to la. what would you say the price might be or where i might could find one, use to have one and loved it, also love the show, the bikes are cool in the back ground also, any help would be cool, thanks , Blair, e-mail if you can at [email protected] thanks man, hope the best for yall’s show

  58. GREAT SHOW!!!! I have a 62 olds. dynamic 88 that sat in a garage for over 30 years. I got it about 6 years ago, put in necessaries ( battery, tires, rubber lines, ect. ) to make it run. Than new paint. Really nice car- all original with NO bondo, but the engine smokes. Now with disibility can’t afford to rebuild the motor. I know your shop would do wonders with it and wondering if you’d be interested in buying it? I have it for sale for $8900. or best. waiting for your responce. Thank you.

  59. Hi Richard,

    First of all love the show man πŸ™‚ makes me want to move to Texas and flip some classics to, it’s almost if they grow on trees there. Here in the Netherlands you rearly see any driving let alone left in someones front yard to rot. Awsome way to make a living, i guess u worked plenty hard to get that far.

    Also any plans for the 2013 Gumball rally? I would love to shake your hand in person.

    Best Regards Randy

  60. Hi Richard! Here’s a different message…I am curious what kind of jeans you wear? I really would like to see my husband in a pair of those! Anxiously awaiting your reply.


  61. Great show! I’m a huge fan! I know you guys are always looking for old cars to build. Out here in west Texas there is a guy that has acres of old cars. I know he will sell them, he has tried to sell me several of them. If interested, let me know. Thanks, and again, great show!

  62. Hello Richard I watch your show and I really enjoy it. I have a 1989 Olds. Station Wagon that was convertedd into a funeral car very low milliage under fifty thousand that I would like to sale. If instrested call (832) 884-4632. Located in the Houston area.

  63. O have a 78 monte carlo im looking for tailight lenses been lookin everwere and on the net cant find any maybe u can help me with this problem i have thanks if u can help

  64. Just wondering why your buddy who bought your Woodill Wildfire said his Nash Healy was worth 7 figures. Also is that the same white and black Wildfire that recently sold at auction for 60k.


  66. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up and
    let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a
    linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.

  67. How are things over in Dallas?? Just watched last weeks episode with the mustang wreck and I was wondering if you guys was going to part it out or not?

  68. Hay Richard I watch your show every week and I was wondering I have a 86 firebird with a 2.8l and I have been having problems with surging power I have tried almost everything but rewire the whole car do u have any ideas on what I should do please get back to me thanks. And again i love ur show

  69. I absolutely love your show. My only problem with it is I have to switch channels when Richard sends a car to the auction. I’ll get sooo pissed off with how he gets completely screwed at these auctions because people wouldn’t know a good piece of machinery if it slapped them in the face. If I get that worked up over a car that’s not even mine, I can’t imagine how he feels after that. I think people can’t get past the fact that your cars are custom instead of original.

  70. Jesse James is a JOKE he needs to hire Burt Reynolds as a shop Supervisor they are both loosers. … I get ill looking at his face, let alone the crap that comes out of his mouth , 10 min is all i can handle. Gas Monkey would be better off , not even dealing with that shop in Austin, it will just drag you down. If GMG was up to a challange i think the gang from from Rodriguize Rod and Cycle would be very interesting. .. Also Keep Sue as doing your interiors they look great.

  71. gas monkey – I notice that you deal with Australians from time to time-I have some kangaroo skins (3) and a digger hat. My moms an aussie and we’ve been there many times. Also have a large painting from a painter who did murals in pubs -If nothing else have them bring you a bottle of Bundaberg rum OP (overproof). Thought you may be interested – if not, I love your show – used to have all kinds of cars- jag, allard etc – that was in high school, can’t even afford them now.

  72. Love your show Richard, huge fan, had a question about your shades which I love since I wear alot of RayBan or similar, what kind of shades do you were do you get em.

  73. Hey GMG, quick question. I was just wondering what you used for an exhaust on the 64 dodge. Preferably what muffler was used. Ive got the same motor in my truck and i would love if it sounded like that. Thank you.

  74. I’m looking for a first car but I want something that’s affordable and that I can fix up and have fun with it. Any ideas?

  75. Hey Richard – Love the show ! Just a quick question – do you pay finder’s fees for tips on a car that results in a sale? I don’t have the resources to collect or restore cars, but have run across a few I thought would be great project cars.


  76. Richard I live in oklahoma and I’m having issues with company’s taking like 4 weeks with parts to arrive I hope u could help me with a good website or something to order parts quick such as drop kits and wheels

  77. Please please tell me the brand of silver aviators Richard wears on the show. My husband is obsessed with getting them but I can’t find anywhere. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Btw…love the show!!!

  78. Richard –
    My roommate and I watch your show regularly and agree its the best show on discovery. We are currently at Altus AFB, Oklahoma for some training and we were wondering what the chances of coming down to see the shop and meet you and the team would be. A response would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • Y’all are more than welcome to come down to the shop, but we film all day every day. During filming breaks, we try to come up front and say hi to all of the fans, take pictures, autographs and all that jazz.

  79. Cool show, never miss it. I had the same pedal car as you when I was 2 years old, only mine was red. My brother had one too. He used to crash into me with his like Fireball Roberts style, today is still a mechanic like Aaron .Keep on flipping, I love it.

  80. Enjoy the show !!!! Get a kick out of Tom !!! got one like him in my shop to !! You have to make sure that he’s got his alumimium foil on every nite so the aliens can’t penatrate his thoughts !! There very smart, but just about a half bubble off of center!! Glad to have them around just to keep everyone else on an even keel !! keep up the good work and don’t forget the Beer!!!! We were started back in 1951 and a little proud of our longevity Thank you very much!!!

  81. Hey Richard, Arron, and Dennis
    I am building a sportster bobber and i love the tank you guys used on fred anyway I could get a heads up on where to find one. And by the way we are planning a trip to Dallas to have a drink at The Gas Monkey Bar and Grill and hang out at the shop maybe I can bring the bike and we can go for a ride

  82. Hey Richard, would love to know where you got the bracelets and rings from. I truly dig your style and I am a huge bracelet and watch collector and I think the bracelets and skull rings you wear are insane. If you can please let me know cause I want them!! Thanks brotha. By the way, huge fan of the show. Currently looking for a 71-72 Chevelle to rebuild and Fast N Loud has lit a fire under my ass to go out and find something and make it Gas Monkey style. Please email me at [email protected] with any info that could help with the car and the jewelry. If I find the car will you do the work? Im from Chicago and will have no problem sending it to you, money is not a factor either!! Thanx.

  83. Names frank henderson out of abq nm.. first off your show is not only educating on many different levels but its funny and cool as [email protected]#@!! I buy and sell cars off craigslist personally for a living and I sold 202 cars last year by just buyin of cl and postin them right back up for more.. I use my negotiating skills and sales skills to buy cheap and sell high!!! Seeing you and your master mechnic bud arron run your business gives me ideas and motivation to one day have a shop so I can not only sell regular cars and trucks but also buy classics and desirables and fix and restore and sell.. I am early twentys with 4 kids and wife… I love wheelin and dealin or as its better know as flippen cars…. congratulations to you, your buddy, and crew on creating such a cool business and show for me and my family to watch…. my wife thinks I’m crazy because I’m such a gear head… I told her the correct term is a ” gas monkey ” p.s. you guys come out to albuquerque new mexico and surrounding cities.. we are the land of desert and are cars out here are solid and rust free and plentiful

  84. These guys are gettin it!!!! All u haters I don’t understand… oh wait he’s worth 8 mill and still made it!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  85. Hi Richard,

    My boyfriend & I were driving home to Houston from Missouri and we took a special trip through Dallas, a little out of our way, but it was worth it. We drove by the garage and you all were taping so unfortunately you didn’t get to meet us =). We bought a couple of t-shirts (love them) and then we headed to your restaraunt and it was great! It was a Saturday around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. We almost decided to get a hotel room and spend the night so we could spend more time listening to the band that was playing, but we opted to go home to our animals since we had been gone 9 days already. We are planning to come up again and spending the weekend and we would love to meet you and Aaron for sure and of course we would love to meet the other guys too and Christy too =). We are big GMG fans and I personally would love to hear your story on how you got the T.V. show. I am a Miller Lite drinker myself =), my bf is a bud light drinker and I just can’t seem to get him converted LOL. God Bless and keep up the great work.

  86. My husband recently finished restoring a 1948 Crosley S/W. Still needs paint and a few other things. Runs fine. Lots of fun. Are you interested. You could use it for transportation in your shop.
    Also, are you married??????????????????????????????????

  87. did you know in 1972 the chevelle ss 400 was faster than the 454 the 400 had a top speed of 130 mph and the 454 speed was 112 mph.the 454 could do 0 to 60 faster that about it,

  88. Hello Richard,
    you always talk about having a beer asst, I my friend would take that job and be the best BA you will ever want or need and that goes for your bestest buddy DC wow he is so HOT.
    Love Tina G
    Stamford C.T.

  89. man I thought that was killer that you guys prayed in Jesus name An wasn’t Afraid what people mite would think. yall brother of mine in Christ. keep Up the killer jobs killa

  90. What year is that almost dune buggy-ish shelby? It looks like a ’67 or so, but I’m not sure. And would you ever be interested in selling it?

  91. Richard,
    I like the show but have an unrelated question. What is the deal with the skull rings you and your wealthy friends wear? It is obvious that you and the others wearing them want them seen. Is there a connection with a club or cult? Curious in Georgia. Thanks

  92. I was wondering if yall did work on cars without buying or selling them. Say i have some scratched up panels and a dented bumper or door, would yall be able to fix that stuff up? Or do you only do work on cars that you buy? Just wondering, Brandon

    • Sorry Brandon, unfortunately with our tight filming schedule we do not have time to take on any customer cars or builds. Thanks for thinking of us though!

  93. Hey there RR,
    What brand are those sunglasses you had on the earlier shows Aviator style w/black transision lenses.

    Hooked on the show
    Vic from Los Angeles

  94. Hi Richard I just turned 16 and I am looking for my first car! What do you have in mind,or do you have any cars for sale ?? I watch each show and I live in mineral wells about and hour and a half away from GMG!

  95. Hello Gas Monkey Garage. I just learned you Richard and Christie will be coming to an event near our home this weekend. My son Westin is a huge fan of your show. We often watch it together and he dreams to be able to do what you do when he grows up. Well, that and be a chef. πŸ™‚ We plan to come to the event but I learned that there is an opportunity for a meet and greet. I would absolutely love to give that opportunity to my son but I’m a single mom on a very limited income. Just the $15 entry to get into the show is stretching my budget. I understand the tickets for that meet and greet are $80. I’m just not able to swing that. I was wondering if there is any possibility that you may have a way of discounting that fee. It would mean the world to him to meet Richard. He is a great kid and I want to give him every opportunity I possibly can to make his dreams come true. This is one of them. If you can help me at all I would appreciate it so very much. Thank you for your time and consideration

    • Hope we get to meet you this weekend, Sherri! The $15 dollars gets you in the door and we’ll be available to sign autographs and say hi, shake hands, kiss babies, all that good stuff. The $80 is just for the private meet and greet where you’ll get to hang out with Christie and me for longer in a more private setting.

  96. Was wondering what happen, if anything when “Ralph sells” tried stealing your bracelet from your wrist while handshaking after the sell of the rusty pick up truck in Dallas??
    Leake auction

  97. hi Richard I just sent you an email today about a 1947 coup 3 windows and a 1936 sedan and you need to hurry up and check them out before they’re gone I hope you like thanks a lot biggestΒ fan tina boone.

  98. Wud up monkeys!!! I just bought a Chevy 72 pick up how do I check if it’s a c20 or c10?it’s a long bed. Any ideas on making it big monkey nasty?

  99. Hello Richard –

    My sons and I are big fans of you and your show. My sons asked me what your daily driver is. I know you cruise the F150 during the car hunts – but we’re wondering what else you drive.

    Thanks and keep it up!


  100. I have a 1995 Chevy 1500 p/u. Our transmission (auto) is not shifting into third gear. We have changed the fluids, O2 sensor, and torque converter. It is still not working well. One of the codes says that something is draining the energy from the transmission. What could it possibly be? Were stumped.
    -Bear at car!

  101. Hey love the show don’t miss any you guys do amazing cars and trucks I absolutely love the f100 shop truck if you need more vehicles to do in your shop el paso tx is where they are at there are so many out here and about 80% are solid builders if you ever get a chance you should definitely take a trip down here a pick a couple up for a few grand would love to see one from down here on your show just let go of my 64 c10 fleet side w/SBC 350 and turbo350 for 2,000.

  102. Hey,
    I like your hairstyle and it flips back into place after you go through it with your hands most of the time. I, and i think thousands of others would like to know what product (maybe some pomade? what kind) you put in your hair. Do you mind sharing it with us?

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  103. Hello Richard, my birthday is this month the 16th. Have never been to Gas Monkey Bar n Grill. Thinking of going this Saturday to celebrate my birthday. Can you tell me is there a cover charge and what type of music y’all play. Thank you!

  104. Saludos desde Venezuela, gran fan de su show…. rayos necesito una cerveza!!…

    Greetings from Venezuela, big fan of your show… rays need a beer!

  105. Hello I have 5 collector cars that I want to sell My husband just passed away and I need to sell them I have a 67 442/ 72 Cutlass Supreme 442 convertible/72 442 coupe/ 62 Impala /40 ford
    If by chance you would be interested please inbox me or email me also if you could help me decide how much they r worth thank you so much

    uch they are worth they are a
    ll re furbished

  106. Hey this question is for richard i am one of ur biggest fans can u tell me where i can get the scull ring with the large green eyes and the other one with red eyes what website i can get them from thank you very much i have been writting but no answer yet

    • The ones I wear are custom and we don’t sell them on the site. But you can find similar rings at Bill Wall Leather. BillWallLeather.com

  107. Hey Richard,

    My boy’s all love the show and never miss an episode. My son-in-law also really really likes your watch! My daughter bought him a Deisel that was similar and way overpriced. The 1st words out of his mouth was ‘it’s not the same’. We’ve tried to find it online but no luck. Would you be willing to share with us what brand it is?

  108. A big shout out to GMG from nipple in England.. you legends! Richard I feel your missing the ultimate big monkey status symbol for around the gaff but don’t panic because I have an idea…. ‘the king monkey beer throne’! Completely mobile with extra beer storage for those stressful journeys around the garage, would look trick sitting at your desk!
    2nd idea… for a thrill seeking monkey…. ‘the GMG burnout & beer throne’. Bolt it to a ‘gas monkey burnoutmobile’ & see if the partaking monkey can drink beer on the roof in the throne whilst a driver is doing donuts & burnouts, of course with all the safety straps & stuff!
    Top show thanks for all the greatness you all do!

  109. What transmission did you guys use in the 67 galaxie 500. I have the same car but the c4 transmission is not doing the job. Please let me know something. I been rebuilding this car for two years and I just need a little advice.

  110. Thanks anyways. What kind of transmission would you use in the 67 galaxie 500. It has a 289 motor with a small cam in the motor.

  111. The episode where you buy that that red mustang for 60 grand from that older lady… what kind of black boots are you wearing???

  112. I love your show, like everyone else in the comments before mine of course, im 16 and in high school. While in school I pretty much am wishing I am home watching your show… That’s all I did all summer…oops. Most of my friends think I’m crazy for loving the show so much, especially because I’m a 16 year old girl, grow up In a family of racers and that whatcha get. My family loves the show as we love our cars, my dad even has an old gasser. I was just wondering if you guys ever send out overstocked merch for fundraisers? At school I am in a business class where we must send out letters and try to receive ,from what I guess you could call a sponsor, merch and/or supplies. The class is a competition and we receive points for our responses and so on. I know it’s weird but worth a shot. Thanks! My email is [email protected] just incase !

  113. Richard

    I have been watching your shows as they are now here in the UK but we are only on season 2 πŸ™
    In the episode “Double-Trouble Galaxy” you are wearing a black and gold watch. Would you happen to remember what make it was? I have been looking for a watch and that one looks wicked!

    Love the show and a big hello from the UK!!!


  114. Hey Richard! This question is absolutely not car-related. I love the show and I think you’re really cute! Have you ever been married? Kisses from Italy πŸ˜‰ (sorry for my English)

  115. Hi you all cant wait to visit youre shop and bar 6 th of oktober i lieve holland and 12 ours later i will be landing in austin tx i hope to meet you in the next coming days!

  116. Just wanted to,see. How new you would go on a car you might be interested in. I know they are not sports cars buy i have a 93 escort and a 95 blazer just wanted to know your thoughts.

  117. i juat got my deam 1984 camaro z28 im told itis the first of the iroc edition, but she takes forever to warm up with the mechanical fan. me and my wife was hoping that maybe i could get some pointers or even the guys at he shop would give a good shot at her

  118. Hi Richard,
    I love that Pikes Peak C10 you built. Is it for sale?
    Thank you!

    PS…Love the show! Following it since day one, or two!

  119. Hello Richard, I too have loved cars since I could crawl, lol. I have to say I have been watching your show for sometime and I have to say you have done well, I love the big shop (and the cars in it) especially since it now has a/c. I used to live in Dallas (outside Plano, which we had to drive to if we wanted to buy beer, since my county was dry, went to school in the Richardson School district) back in the late 70’s – early 80’s and have been back though Big D several times since but have not been able to drop by the garage and or the restaurant, yet. I did check out your long sleeve t-shirt to order but 2XL still may just be a hair to small, oh well. Well I just wanted to tell you that you seem to have a great crew working for you and I really don’t have any complaints on any of them although I worry one day Mr. ZZ Top is gonna get that beard caught in a moving engine part and have issues after and Christie (w/those awesome tat sleeves) would even look better if she grew her hair out longer since the pixie, bob, chop or whatever you call it just does not fit her. I have to say this so please don’t be mad but I am glad as hell you got rid of Tom. Even though he seemed to be knowledgeable mechanic I could not stand listening to his gibberish, then annoying voice plus is childish acts trying to give an intellectual conversation about nothing. But the main issue was him that rubbed me the wrong way was him always being late and unreliable (which the company I have worked for 19 yrs and never been late). I would be honored to have a job like he did at the Gas Monkey Garage! Now he has his co-own show ‘Misfits Garage’ which I watched part of one episode and changed the channel quickly. Sometime I will tell you about my 1967 1/2 Mustang mishap that will make yours (from the episode where yours was wrecked by that uninsured A-hole) look like child’s play. Oh and by the way if you still have that ugly 1982 baby blue Caddy Seville that you got for free, I will give you $500 for it! Mr. Rollins Keep the shows comin’…chat w/you later.

  120. in so cal seems to be on average low riders which i enjoy since see these cars in of high school in the late sixties, question—-how /great are those cars popular in Texas as the amount vehicles that are produced in the gasmonkey garage of all the airbags placed on most of what is built, best liked is the ratrod of the firat build between Richard and Aaron. build on fellas

  121. Hey Richard! I love you’re show I watch it all the time. Aaron and you are my favorite. You guys inspire me. I have always wanted to open my own shop and rebuild old cars. My dad and I always talked about having a shop together since I was like 10. Unfortunately I won’t get to do that with my old man since he passed away 2 years ago, but you guys have made me wanna fallow my dreams and make my father proud. I don’t work in a shop now but I have. I’m a welder and I know my way around a car. I feel good for only being 23 and knowing so much! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  122. Richard, Just wanted to drop you a note, me and the wife really like your show.Keep up the good work! Also if we ever get down your way do you or someone give tours of the garage? Maybe autographs?
    PS Cold Wisconsin sucks, Dave…Sheboygan, WI.

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc.

  123. Richard,
    My twin boys and I have watched your show since the very first episode. Just curious why you hang a cowboy hat on the crucifix in your office. Is the Discovery channel giving you heat about displaying it so you have to call it hat rack? Just wondering.

  124. hi gmg,

    series 5 and still lovin the show :)……been watching since day 1 and just wondered if u have saved up enough $$$$$ for postage to the uk as i was 1 of the 1st lot(1000 likes i think) to like your facebook page which we got rewarded with gmg t-shirt until gmg said no to overseas :(.

    if i make it to dallas one day i will gmsot πŸ™‚

  125. I have a 1965 GMC Ive been doing research on the value I’ve only found 3 in the U.S. sold including in auctions and they weren’t stock would you be interested in it? it’s in very very good condition and incredibly rare just over 1000miles on the motor new 350 with work done to it flowmasters headers and much more it’s a custom edition with chrome too the wood beds even in good condition you can reach me at [email protected]
    thank you for you’re time

  126. Hey Richard,

    Love the show. Favorite build was the early Bronco you guys did for Twin Peaks but I have a 72 bronco so I might be a little bias. Haha I’ve been working on cars since I was big enough to pick up a wrench so a lot of times it is hard for me to watch these car building show cause they throw in a bunch of bull and drama that it’s easy to call out. Your show seems pretty straight forward so I like that. I just had one question: Out of all the episodes I have never seen you guys rebuild an engine in shop.. Do Aaron and the other guys not know how to do an engine rebuild? I know you are all about just flipping cars but it seems like there has been a few times where rebuilding the original engine would have been a better choice then an expensive crate engine. I’ve seen a few episodes where you had engines rebuilt from a local shop but they seem to do really shady work. Guess I am just one of those guys that hates seeing someone pull out an original engine just to drop in some 350 crate motor.

  127. Hey Richard and Aaron
    and the rest of the Crew

    Just a Massive HELLO from your South African Fans
    awesome show myself and my Bird ( girlfriend ) are hooked on the show.

    funniest moment was you sniffing tequila. LOL

    Keep up the awesome show and great work.

    keep it real

  128. Hey Richard and Aaron and the rest of the GMonkeys crew
    A massive Hello form your South African Fans!
    Awesome show awesome cars awesome Crew
    Keep it Real

  129. What type (brand) of paint does KC (Casey?) use? I am sure that for different quality projects he would surely use different grades (good, better, best) but does he use a particular brand?

  130. Hey Richard I just wanted to tell you that I am a really big fan of yours me and my wife have seen every episode that you have made keep up the amazing work I went to school for auto collision and I ended up going to state contests and I got second place out of 380 people and I love what I do I restored my own car it is a71 Ford maverick grabber it would be awsome to meet you one day well hope to hear from you keep up the bad ads work

  131. I was just wondering where did yall come up with the name gas monkey? And I also have a 1968 jensen interceptor like off of fast&furious 6 that leddy drives and for you guys itd be an honor to sell it to u and sure we could make a good deal call me 252-531-8644

  132. I was just wondering where u came up with the name gas monkey? And also I have a 1968 jensen interceptor like off fast 6 that leddy drives and I would be honored to sell it to yall and im sure we could make a good deal as long as u throw in a shirt and a cold one!

  133. Hey Richard!
    I’m a Hungarian boy, and I’m 14 years old. You inspire me! I want to build a cheap Hot Rod.
    What do you recommend?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hell yeah, man! Always awesome to hear about the next generation of up and coming mechanics doing their thing. Any old American car shouldn’t be too challenging to work on, mid-70s or older.

  134. Hey my name is Jimmy Johnson. I just got a 57 Chevy step side to redo and was wondering if you could help out with a problem I’m having. I want to do a front end swap for disc brakes and power steering, however I don’t want to do one that will lower the truck. All the swaps I see online also lower the truck. Any advice would help. Thank you

  135. looking for tips as I build, yes I know it is not one of Aaron’s fav. but I have a true 1964.5 mustang
    that is gonna be my last build, health wise, i think i only got one left in me. It has org. motor, 170 6cly., not enough push for the last hurrah. For donors i have two Vehc. to work with, both are a 1969, Ford F100 with a 302, and a Mercury Montego with a 302, would like to know before i get into ripping every thing out if it would be a do-able project, but as we know have gas wrench will fab. what do you guys think. yes and by the way love the show takes me back to the years when I was the Junkyard Dawg.

  136. Richard, I love the show, You seem to have a diverse taste on the vehicles that you personally like, as you have mentioned different model trucks and muscle cars on episodes. I would like to know your absolute favorite vehicle. If you could pick from any pickup truck or muscle car of your dreams and money wasn’t a factor!

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,


  137. Rich, i got this 88 Toyota Land Cruiser named MONEY PIT. Ive obsessed with this truck since my mom handed it down to me after 20 years. All the extra weight and larger tires massacred the tranny.. looking to throw something dangerous into it. Besides that, i guess let me know if you wanna be part of the EXTRA famous train ride…. its goin places. Kiddy part right now but SIX FLAGS to come.. promise that

  138. Richard, now it’s question and answer time πŸ™‚ Or? What could I want to know? πŸ™‚ Already mentioned everything in the letters, sorry your “Fanmail” πŸ™‚ This is really embarrassing me πŸ™‚ No,,, haha..

  139. So with you in Dallas now it is 6 o’clock in the mornin. With me in Germany it’s 2 in the afternoon. Just for comparison πŸ™‚ Richard, do you like Motocross? But icehockey is great. I’m sorry, you’re fucking hot, and maybe you turn me on a little……….. πŸ™‚ ;P ohhhhhhhhhhhh..Nope, it does not.. πŸ™‚ Why are not guys like you here in germany? Because you are unique ;*

  140. Richard where did the name ” gas monkey garage” come from? I know you’re a busy man I would really like to know I’ve been hooked on your show since day one religiously I watch your show and your reruns sincerely brad

  141. Hey there Richard, I was wondering if you could rebuild a Dodge truck transmission for me and for how many $’s. Durant OK. If u head down this way soon.

  142. Hello Richard it’s Art from california…just wondering how you come across your car buys? I have a 1986 Chevy el camino for sale,it has unique look to it.More of a hot rod look,something similar to a few cars I seen on your show,if interested,ill be more then welcome to send you more info and pics…Thanks for your time

  143. Hi Richard, huge fan from Philadelphia. ever think about creating your own line of hair products or a how-to video for your hairstyle?! PLEASE do it haha I’ve been trying for months but cannot seem to figure it out.

  144. I have a ’73 DJ5 Postal Jeep I’d like to restore and am interested in your services. 1st ever car project so not real sure how to go about it all. Advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and In Good Health
    Ben Botello


  146. Hello, my friend in NY has 22 cars that are in excelent condition and he is 60 yrs old, these cars have been barned so still in great shape,give him a call to see if there is anything you might be interested in. James Powell, Beaverkill Landscaping, Lew beach NY,,,845-439-5119

  147. Need some help on a build . 1963 c10 truck !! Checked out some over the counter lowering kits from different vendors , and I was wondering if you and Arrondissement have a bender that has lowering kits that you can recommend to my son and I ? Thanks Nick and Mike …

  148. Heya @RR just wondering what kind of super hero school the bearded wonder went to? Did he do automotive engineering or the like?

    I’d love to see you do something nuts to a british commuter like a morris minor or classic mini haha!

  149. Hey guys, big fan of the show. I see you love air ride kits. Can you advise me on one for a 2011 Avalanche? Kelderman did make one, GMT900, but discontinued it. I’ve seen universal ones but not one specific for an Avalanche. Thanks, any information is very much appreciated.

  150. My tranny went out in my “99 honda oddesey , I hired a mobile mechanic off of Craigs List 6 months ago & I haven’t got it back. I paid him $1600 cash .He keeps putting me off lying constantly ;ex. lost his phone ,broke his phone , has 4th stage cancer,wrong part delivered etc.what can I do ???

  151. we have a 1957 sportsman firedome all original great shape minor problems. all numbers match..my husband is sick and I am in need of a better car so I can continue tovwork my 2 jobs..we have been married 40 yrs in 2016 this is killing me its the only thing I have ever given him after all these years but comon sense has to come into play. my number is 719-473-3295 we live in colorado springs co..call if interested..it could be a beauty..

  152. Hey Richard, just wanted to know what kind of sunglasses you were wearing in the Hot wheels episode. They were all black wayfarers with 4 dots on the side on the frames. Thanks

  153. We are from St. Charles MO. and we are heading down to Gas Monkey Garage. 12/27/2015. I hope it is as fun as it looks. We LOVE hotrods, and I have one, his name is Rod! β™₯


  154. Hi Richard,

    I’d just like to say thank you and all the monkeys so much for putting on the greatest show on TV and to let you guys know how heroic I truly believe you all are! I’m making it my goal for 2016 to make one of my dreams come true, to visit Gas Monkey Garage from the UK! the pieces of art that come out of the doors of gas monkey never fail to blow me away! Very well done to you all and happy new year!

    From a huge fan from across the pond,

  155. Hey Richard. Love the show!! Just wanted to know what kind of dog-tag necklace (all black) you are wearing in your most recent episode. I love your fashion look. You rock!!!!!


  157. Hey. I have been working on a 62 International Harvester C100, but as the age old story goes when I got a job to get the money to work on it, I lost all my time. I was wondering if there’s any way that the gas monkeys might restore my truck for me. I really just want it done and done right hopefully before I leave for college. I’m located about 45 minutes from you guys and just wanted to know if there was a chance y’all could help me out. I got her running since I bought her, but she still needs lots of love. I love the work y’all do and I’d like to have a piece of it. Richard, you’ll be glad to know she’s gonna be green.

  158. I have a 1973 Chevy Nova. Just curious do you guys restore cars for out of state people if I were to come out to Texas? Far fetched question, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

  159. I am a fan of the show, and I’m not trying to put it down. I like the Gas Monkey name itself, but the logo imagine for Gas Monkey has an inaccuracy. It depicts what appears to be a chimpanzee’s face, and a chimpanzee is in the great ape or hominid family. This family also include gorillas, bonobos, orangutans, and humans; but it does not include monkeys. Monkeys are smaller, have tails, and are in a different taxonomic classification than hominids or apes. So solutions to achieve an accurate logo could be to change the name to “Gas Ape” or to change the animal face on the logo to that of a true monkey.

  160. Hiya, me and my partner have just watched the show where you auction off the bikes. We live in the uk so maybe a bit behind. We noticed that you have a folded american flag outside your office door and just wondered what it was for. Thanks, Kelly x

  161. Hi I just wanted to let you guys know that while looking on CL for a car I read a couple of ads for really old cars a 63 Chevy short bed and a 46 Plymouth and an 83 Eldorado I know the guy is legit cause I met him a while back anyways it might be worth checking out but you will probably want to move on it cause from what it sounds like he needs them gone fast. there are a couple of pics I will try to send them but in case I can’t figure out how to you can check out Phoenix CL under autos. If you ever need help over there I would love to learn how to paint cars I’ve done body work before but just small stuff my dad was a body man his dad (my grandpa) owned a body shop and I really LOVE cars. Anyways that is not why I wrote I just thought you guys might be interested in one of those cars. Thanks guys for entertaining me and making the world a better looking world one car at a time. BTW Sue is a flipping riot

  162. hey guys my fathers birthday is coming up and he’s a big fan of yours and ive been planning this trip for a while now, I just wanna know if you guys celebrate birthdays.

    please respond to me as soon as possible, thanks!

  163. I was wondering if anyone knew what size tire did gas monkey garage use for their 78 cutlass low rider? I know it was a 14 inch rim but was it 175/70r14 or bigger tire size? I ask because I’m doing the same thing for my 84 cutlass.

  164. RICHARD, my husband and I are from Georgia and we are planning a road trip to Dallas, TX the last week in July, 2016 and I wanted to know if by chance we could meet you and the crew. He loves the show, Gas Monkey Garage and Fast ‘N Loud. His birthday(#67) and our anniversary(#45) is that week and I would like to surprise him and have him meet ya’ll. We will also plan to eat at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill while we are there. Hope to hear from you soon as to what day will be appropriate. Thanks.

    • The front of the shop (retail area) is always open to visitors. We film all day every day, so we can’t give tours. But when we have filming breaks, we try to go up front and meet the fans, sign autographs, take pics, etc. But we can’t make any promises.

  165. I am fixing up a 77 f100 custom sigle cab pickup and I would like to know how I would go about making the 302(cid) v8 into a 351 stroker. and would it be wise to rebuild the original c6 trans to keep it a numbers matching truck

  166. Who do yall use for car washes and detailing? My husband saw a carwash used on your show that he wanted to check out…i want to surprise him with a gift certificate there for his 95 impala

  167. I have a 1983 buick lasabra four door limited need some repair almost mintcondiction give me offer my name is gosby colbert i Live in Denver co co 80205 ph720_8299887 give me a call.

  168. I and my husband do have Cute babies Male & Female Capuchin & Marmoset Monkeys for sale to any pet loving and caring home no matter where ever they might be.Our babies monkeys are home raised, babies are diaper trained, litter trained , use clothes and likes to lay around, watch TV and take snaps with you. Please contact for more information if interested in any of our monkeys. they are vaccinated, obedient, intelligent, acrobatic, very healthy and loves the company of children and other pets. Monkeys will be coming with all their papers, supplies, playing toys and food manual. Contact for fast respond back with more info and pics of our monkeys, call or text (302) 583-3575 or ([email protected]
    ). thanks and waiting

  169. Currently the soften goes to the metering component, where the screw height
    remains consistent. In the cross over or
    perhaps soften step, the main width within the attach heightens even though the peak on the flight journey will reduce.
    The barrier screw in designed to counter this problem.

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