Family’s Beloved Mach 1 Mustang Torched By Vandals [UPDATED]

Ford, Mustang, Mach 1

It’s not uncommon to see Lamborghinis burning these days, but to be woken up to your cherished family car burning in your driveway is a completely different story. Yet, it’s now the story Brett Welcome has to tell as it was family’s 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 that succumbed to a string of fireworks being tossed in the car. Though cars can be replaced this particular car carried with it sentimental value for Welcome’s 7-year old son, Nino, who struggles with a disability and sought refuge in the Mach 1. Taking it better than most adults little Nino said, “those idiots being in big trouble,” via his father’s Facebook post.

UPDATE: Looks like Nino and the Welcome family got themselves a new Mustang and we here at GMG couldn’t be happier for them!

[Photography via Brett Welcome.]


  1. I would love to see this mustang fixed by Gas Monkey Garage. It would be nice if they can fix my Mustang right along with it.

  2. I love Gas Monkey Garage, but Richard likes to be profitable, so I say give this project to Overhauling and Chip Ffoose

  3. I hope they catch the wankers that did this. To do something to a survivor car let alone one that has as much significance as this one did to it’s family is wrong.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I originally just made the post in anger, hoping to get some leads about who did it. The way the story has spread is unbelievable!

  5. its sad thing to happen to this little boy. Maybe Gas Monkey would donate their time and suppliers donate parts, Could make a little boy happy that loves cars.

  6. Richard, Do the right thing..Fix it for free..You are won’t hurt your pocket book…And it would make a huge impact on your business…..Be a proud American and step up!

  7. Fix it Gas Monkey? Is Richard Santa Clause now?? Insurance will fix it or replace it people.. holy crap…Why don’t all of you ‘Wanna spend others money” throw a bag of cash in for the repairs… Get a grip people, please..

  8. I hope someone with the means to do it can help restore the car but the vandals need to reimburse them in total for the restoration. Insurance should be icing on the cake for the kid.

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