If you haven’t heard of the Burnout Nominations, it’s pretty simple. You do your best burnout and record it, and at the end call someone else out. Then they have to film a burnout and call someone else out. And so on and so on. Well, the guys over at Driftworks in the UK called me out, and I was happy to oblige. Here’s the video of their burnout:

Well, we’re Gas Monkey Garage, so we had to do it up bigger and better! So here’s how we responded:

I called out Big Chris over in the UK, and he responded with this Great Britain inspired burnout in our old Gas Monkey Garage shop truck. He bought it from us in season 1.

Big Chris called out Dennis Collins, assuming Dennis would respond by burning out in his Ferrari. But Dennis decided to change it up.

We’re still waiting for Jared “Jay” Riecke to accept. Until then… I hope that satisfied your burnout craving for a little while! New episodes of Fast N Loud next month!


  1. The Mighty Monkeys do it the best! Big boss was ridiculous awesome! Kc has always the coolest burn outs! He’s an expert. And Dennis well he hangs with the best, must ride like the best! Much love my sweet awesome Monkeys! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. I cracked up watching those videos, but if you actually read these Richard I just thought I would tell you my father has a 1974 Jeep cj5 it’s hemi orange and it has a 360 v8 in it with a 4-speed transmission runs and drive and is loud because of the straight headers and cherry bombs its big fats and loud more your speed if your interested or know someone who is you can contact me at my email: [email protected]

  3. hi my name Mankiw gas Danilo and I’m a fan of your program I just mechanic and I live in Brazil aq mechanic has vc ñ ñ valo have a job for me I need I do Esto canbio and differential motor car and prepares to know painting calls me [011] 942 508 770

  4. Gas Monkey clearly won that. Anyone can fill a garage up with smoke like the first car and what made that first one lame was those cars are made to drive in burn out. Their great selector should read, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Burn Out. Why not take it to the drift track and let it do what it does? But GMG did outside and and became the newest Global Warming myth. Even the Polar bears saw that smoke cloud. Al Gore just figured out a new way to add a tire tax for his Carbon Foot print scheme LMAO!

    KC burning around in a circle while filming RR’s car in it’s break stand was f*cking priceless LOL.

    Dennis throttling down on that 014 Jeep LMAO Damn! I gotta agree the shop trucks burn out was a bit weak. I expected a little more out of it but it was fun to see none the less.

    Great Videos.

  5. So you guys claim to like”big Smokey burnouts, hot women and beer”soo much but I’m afraid I don’t believe you. You see Down here in Australia we men and women love to come to a little auto festival known as the power cruise and aprechiate and prove ourselves in the fine art of horsepower fueled burnouts.i challenge you Richard to work with your very capable team ,build a power cruiser get your big Texan ass in the land down under and prove yourself to your no 1 fans…big fan

  6. What about Christy? Dude I wanna see Christy do a burnout. I bet if she really wanted to she could put you boys to shame!!! Just saying… So please. Please .. please. please.. please.. please.. please.. please. Please.. please. Please…. Let Christy or ask her if she would do a huge break stand one time for all of the Christy fans.. thanks have a great day

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