Tell Us About Your Garage


February 28, 2014

By: Richard Rawlings



If you haven’t heard of the Burnout Nominations, it’s pretty simple. You do your best burnout and record it, and at the end call someone else out. Then they have to film a burnout and call someone else out. And so on and so on. Well, the guys over at Driftworks in the UK called me out, and I was happy to oblige. Here’s the video of their burnout:

Well, we’re Gas Monkey Garage, so we had to do it up bigger and better! So here’s how we responded:

I called out Big Chris over in the UK, and he responded with this Great Britain inspired burnout in our old Gas Monkey Garage shop truck. He bought it from us in season 1.

Big Chris called out Dennis Collins, assuming Dennis would respond by burning out in his Ferrari. But Dennis decided to change it up.

We’re still waiting for Jared “Jay” Riecke to accept. Until then… I hope that satisfied your burnout craving for a little while! New episodes of Fast N Loud next month!

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